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Found 22 results

  1. I’ve always had very clear skin but for about a year and a half now I’ve developed these red looking bumps on my face, they’re kind of raised, mostly flat, they don’t itch or anything and they don’t seem like pimples. It also seems like it’s undernesth my skin. Someone told me it’s the bacteria that causes acne on my face but they recommened me a $100+ product. I’ve switched my products time and time again, I use home remedies, they won’t go away. People tell me it could be due to stress? But I’
  2. So lately, I've been under extreme levels of stress and anxiety. I stressed out big time over everything, but mostly on my acne returning. Last Sep 2012, i had a horrendous breakout from maybe wrong skin care, body changes(was 23, now 24), poor diet and stopping BP. The breakouts lasted for about a year and eventually subsided but i did have very mild acne which makeup covered beautifully. During March was the time when my acne was the worse...so when March of this year rolled around, i freaked
  3. I have been suffering very badly from severe acne scars for approximately 2.5 years and have been trying to treat these during a time interval of 2 years on and off. Some downtime in treatment due to acne breakouts. Treatment involves usage of 1 to 2 mm dermastamps- and rollers, copper peptide serum, MSM cream and other topicals. No improvement has been observed. Mostly very deep boxcar scars and a large number of icepick scars. See pictures below: http://imgur.com/a/38EoD The lighting may
  4. Hi Guys, I'm not trying to take either side here, I have just been thinking lately with all the risks and negative aspects of Acne Treatment (Side effects of Acne Products and Medication) in the case of Acne in the teen years, is it better to just leave our skin alone and not try to get rid of it, is it better for us in the long run? Believe me, I know why someone would try to get rid of Acne, whether it's severe or very mild, I have put myself in a bad position by trying to treat my acne and I
  5. I have very very very dry skin, it looks really bad, looks like im shedding, i don't want to wipe the dead skin off because i don't want to irritated my acne. Right now my acne is very bad, im afraid the dead skin is clogging my pores more. Any suggestions would be helpful,thank you!
  6. The regimen gave me a ton of problems while I was on it. Though it did help clear up my acne to some degree, I never got to the point that I was completely clear. Before I continue I'd like to say that this was just my personal experience with the regimen- it could very well work great for you, but for me... it was hell. I was on the regimen for around 6 months. It's now been another 6 months since I quit the regimen. I'd also like to add that I was on an oral medication for acne, Solodyn, while
  7. Hello, Sorry if this has been posted but I'm in a bit of a rush. I have been using the moisturiser since i started the regimen, morning and night, and yes it does work, but when I apply it it leave a yellow colour sticky goo on my skin, this affect wears off after half an hour to and hour or so, but I was wondering if anyone has a specific way to apply it to prevent this? I don't know if I'm wired but my skin on my face has light hairs, I think everyone has these, you cant see them on thei
  8. Hello. I have been on the regimen for almost 2 months now. There are some problems I am having, and I would like to talk about them today to see if anyone else also has them, and for advice. 1. I absolutely, positively CANNOT find a good moisturizer. First I tried Dan's moisturizer, which always turned my face ORANGE, as did jojoba oil. I loved how it felt and moisturized my skin, although I HATED walking around with an orange face! Also, I have tried Cetaphil, Olay, and
  9. So the regimen is great, yes, however I started experiencing problems and stopped using it. Basically I was on it for a year or more and it significantly helped. I did not like that my skin was very flakey and would peel when touched (even when using AHA+), or that every time my face would get wet, like from swimming, it would feel awful and super dry afterwords. I may have missed an application or two arond this time, but I did reach a point where I feel like it stopped working as well, so I so
  10. My name is Mariam. I'm 16 years old. I have noticed some discoloring parts in my skin. Mostly in the side areas of my face yet I am not sure if it's a scar. My mom says it's still a pimple but I find it odd. It's been there for months. What do they look like to you? Are they scars? What kind? If they are what can I do to treat it? I am very worry about this
  11. I was on 30mg of isotretinoin daily for one month, then a week and a half ago doubled my dose to 60mg a day. In my first month i had the standard nose bleeds, dry skin, aches, etc but recently ive been extremely fatigued and just noticed the bottom of my eyeballs going yellow, i thought i was seeing things till my dad noticed too. i am wondering could this be jaundice or a problem with my liver as im reading mixed articles on the internet saying its i) poisonous to the liver or ii)a myth that it
  12. Hi all, I'm currently half way through my 4th month of Accutane, and all has been going well so far! Acne is mostly cleared up, and the only side-effects I've experienced up until the start of this week were chapped lips and nose-bleeds. However, I have suffered two side-effects recently which have not gone away: Two weeks ago I developed a strain in my neck, if I turn it say 90 degrees it is very painful, and I cannot turn it any further than that. The problem has persisted and shows no si
  13. I haven't really had the need to return back to Acne.org for a few years when I got over acne. When I was 18, I broke out all over my face and struggled with finding the right skincare products and taking regular trips to the dermatologist. Since then, I've only had mild breakouts and have kept them under control. All of a sudden, I'm experiencing a whole other new kind of breakout: adult cystic acne. For the last 2-3 months, I've been breaking out in cysts. They are large, painful, under-th
  14. Hi everyone, I've done two courses of Accutane in my life time, one long one and then one shorter one a year later to finish it off. (see older posts for details). It's been exactly a year since my last pill and I am noticing some definite side effects just kicking in as of recently. The side effects are annoying but pretty easy to cope with from a day to day basis... Here are the symptoms I've noticed since stopping accutane: Dry eyes Dry skin Tingles (hands, feet, face) Dizziness T
  15. Today as it was new years, I had one can of cider, but before i even finished it, my face got very painful and almost numb. It didnt appear any worse, but it was was very bad particularly around patches of bad acne. I know youre not supposed to drink but i have heard its ok every now and again. Im on 40mg daily for the last 2 months roughly. Is this normal?
  16. Hi all! I suffered from really bad boils and spots on the back of my head around 3 months ago so my GP put me on lymocycline for 3 months. Problem sorted, not! My prescription ended around 3 days ago and the boils have came back twice as bad! I can't sleep at night as it's too painful to put my head on a pillow. My doctor put me back on lymocycline for a month to see how it plays out but I fear it will not clear up :/ any suggestions on how to sleep with acne? Thanks
  17. Is anyone else going through something similar? And how do you deal? I’m 22 now and I suffered with acne a lot in my teens. I would have horrible break outs that would make me insecure as is but I would try to push through and remember I’m more than my acne. And then that would all go to shit when I’d have to visit my moms family. They live in Mexico so we only see them once a year but when we go, I see them staring at my acne and I know they talk about it behind my back but they also like to
  18. This is a long.. Long.. read.. In the mirror, I don't see my reflection, that's not me.// In a world of species that have forgotten what, in the end, "is" - has created a fear in beauty.// Hello, I'm a sad soul that cannot stand seeing the vessel I am one with.. Why am I cursed with these marks on my face? This "acne"? Check this out - - - I've skated since I was 8 years old, did karate, soccer, basketball in middle school and part of high school, wrestling part of high schoo
  19. I have been on the regimen for about a month now and I still can't get past more than a full pump of benzoyl peroxide without my face being really dry and irritated. Is this happening to other people? I feel like my skin should be adjusting by now but I am still really dry. Also I have noticed that every time I wash my face my skin is left with a lot of wet "dry" skin spots. Almost like I didn't wash off the cleanser all the way. It does this even when I just use water to rinse my face. I am jus
  20. So recently my acne has been changing my life. In emotional and physical ways. The past couple of months, getting rid of my acne has been my only goal. I did a bunch of research (internet surfing) and decided to knock out all processed, fake, fatty, etc food, and dairy, wheat, gluten, and sugar. I've literally bean eating those things my entire life, and can think back on when all i ate was fake crap in my childhood years. I thought this makes 100% sense that i have such bad acne now. I also fou
  21. Okay so first of all hi to everyone I am new on this forum (: I am from Brasil and just turned 16 this week, things are not going well..I've been suffering with severe acne since 2009 and my life is going downhill so far because of that.. I know that lot of people here should suffer the same as I do or even more... I can't look at my face in the mirror anymore, people make fun of me at school, and they always see as some kind of monster. I had a girlfriend for half a year and lost her to
  22. Hey guys For a while I have had my mind set on how I want to be prescribed to accutane, because of how it has worked so well for the stories I have read online. Recently this has been changing due to how I have heard more and more stories on how much bad accutane has done for some people. One being my friend, who got prescribed the drug and took it for 2 months until he had to stop, he got depression really bad, IBS, extremely dry skin all around the body and although it did clear his skin,