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Found 86 results

  1. I've found from going to my Integrative Physician that after years of birth control pills and antibiotics to treat my acne that I have gut dysbiosis or commonly known as "Leaky Gut" which is causing undigested food particles, viruses, fungi, and bacteria to leak into my bloodstream. This taxes my liver because all my bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are suppose to stay in my intestinal tract are heading to my liver and my system is overloaded. I am now 47 years old and I have been dealing with acne since my teens. The meds my doctors put me on to help me have actually caused me to have this issue for my whole adult life, which has been a continual source of frustration and embarrassment. I've tried Accutane, antibiotics, Fractional Laser, Retin-A, Benzoyl Peroxide, glycolic acid, oregano oil pills and anything else that promised results with little improvement. Thankfully, I'm following the diet to eliminate all grains and sugars for up to a year to heal my insides and taking probiotics to repopulate with healthy bacteria to keep the bad guys outnumbered. I'm finally on the right track to get a handle on the acne. If you are suffering like I been, and have a history of birth control pills and/or antibiotics, I strongly suggest healing your gut to heal your acne.
  2. Hi everyone, I am slowly starting to see the effect of eating nutrient dense food and sleeping on time waking up early. I am in no way clear. But I get 1-2 spots compared to a warzone my face was about 2 months ago. ven few days of being absolutely clear.. I will be having a surgery tomorrow and the doctors have told me they would have to give me an antibiotic for a week when I am healing to prevent infections. I feel my acne issues started when my gut got weak while on a dose of antibiotics in january this year. I started experiencing mild constipation issues which I am working on even now on clearing--sure it is related to my acne. I am scared to take them again but will have to. I bought the Natren Healthy Trinity probiotic from Wholefoods. My question is would it be sensible to consume it in the coming week while on antibiotics? If so which is an ideal time, like the time between antibiotic and probiotic. What foods should I eat during my course of antibiotics to have the least damage to my gut. Thanks
  3. It's been a while since I was on this! Anyways I'm currently healing heal my leaky gut/ digestive issues/ acne and was wondering if there is anything else I should start doing or incorporating into my diet. My diet looks like this; 2 cups of bone broth per day 2 probiotic capsules (only started a few weeks ago) 1 tablespoon of pysillium husks each morning hlf teasp of triphala and neem after meals 1-2 allicin tablets per day Gluten free sourdough bread Gluten free cereals (ie- Buckwheat, GF muesli etc) Soya/ Coconut milk 1 glass of freshly juiced veg per day (celery/apples/cucumber) Chicken, fish, potatoes for dinner, little processed foods 1 tsp of glutamine powder (only every few days though) I already know that even gluten free grains aren't healthy but I keep eating them because I would lose too much weight otherwise. Do I need to eat more greens, and if so what are the best for acne? I also can't eat homemade gluten free breads, scones etc, I just break out. Might be a grains intolerance? Thanks for any help
  4. The acne regimen is not an effective method in permanently stopping acne. It just masks the symptoms. Here are the causes of acne, and how to permanently stop acne. Hormones - Most of acne is caused by hormones. Certain hormones signal the skin to produce more oil and sebum, which causes acne. The ONLY way to stop acne permanently is to shrink these things permanently. One fact that isn't as known as it should be is that DAIRY PRODUCTS CONTAIN TONS OF HORMONES. You should stay far away from dairy products if you want to permanently clear your acne. Also, Omega 3, Zinc, and Vitamin A (instead of accutane), are healthy ways to get your body to produce less sebum. Fried foods have high amounts of saturated fat, which harm prostaglandins (hormone and inflammation regulators), so they should also be avoided. Liver - Your liver tries to filter out excess hormones, when it's functioning, but even then, it cannot get all hormones out. To function properly, your liver needs a wide range of vitamins and a healthy body from exercise. I suggest a multivitamin. Gut - A bad gut can cause a wide range of problems, not just regarding skin. Taking probiotics worked well for me, but you should also try to get dietary fiber and drink lots of water. Stress - Stress is a cause, although it doesn't usually cause a lot of acne. Vitamin B has been shown to ease the effects of stress. Regarding a skin care regimen, using the regimen would be far too rough on your skin. You don't use it while taking vitamin a for the same reason you don't take it while using accutane (a derivative of vitamin a). Using a chemical exfoliant would also be too rough on your skin. It's best not to touch your skin at all while doing this.
  5. http://bodyecology.com/articles/4-steps-to-say-goodbye-to-acne This should be a decent article for anyone suffering from acne and food intolerances, gut problems. Started making milk kefir recently myself. Im on a GAPS-like diet, starting to eat more sweet potato lately though. Drink lots of bone broth as well as eating and drinking fermented foods, this has helped my clear their skin. Any questions I'd be happy to try answer!
  6. Anat Man

    Gaps For Acne

    Hi All, My names Ash, Well for the last 10 years or so I have suffered from Acne. In my opinion it totally ruined my teenage years. I am 26 now and committed to find a permanent solution to Acne. Like everyone else, I have tried.... EVERYTHING including the infamous "Accutane" aka "Roaccutane". All of these things only ever fixed the issue temporarily, my acne always returned. After extensive research online, I came across a research that indicated allot skin conditions and mental conditions are side effects of a unhealthy digestive system. (Gut problems). This resonated in me, as I do suffer from stomach bloating and cramps on a frequent basis. I have always seemed to have on-going problems with my stomach, sometimes feeling like I was carrying a bowling ball in my belly. The GAPS diet basically aims to fix your digestive system and restore balance in your body. After purchasing & reading the GAPS book (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) by the founder "Natasha Campbell" I was even more convinced that this is the answer to my problems. Thus I attempted the diet by myself, after a few weeks I didn't really notice much improvement and was pretty sure I wasn't making the meals correctly so I went online once again and found a GAPS practitioner. After making an appointment and sitting down with the practitioner I got a better idea of what I needed to do and how to correctly prepare meals (Which I will share later in my blogs). My practitioner sat down with me and went through my health and lifestyle and drafted me a "treatment plan" which outlines what I can and cant eat on this diet. Basically. I cant eat anything ... It is VERY restrictive. My diet currently consists of just bone broths, boiled chicken stock and soup, lots of vegetables, and probiotics. I am not allowed any fruit, nuts, dairy or grain and of course nothing artificial; no preservatives, additives, junk, processed foods etc.. I have been on it for 3 weeks now, and have already started seeing improvement. My skin texture has improved in quality. I still have a few bumps on my face and new ones come up here and there. However in think it will take some time for the treatment to take real effect, so I am optimistic on getting better results as I continue the diet. I've created a Blog to track my progress & upload picture progress etc. and share my results with other sufferers as I really think GAPS is the answer to acne. the blog site is under "ashnand" at Google's Blogspot. Look forward to your comments guys and what you think about GAPs. I suggest doing research into GAPS as its pretty amazing the things that can be cured through the diet.
  7. I have been using Tretinoin microsphere gel 0.1% and Minocycline 100mg (twice a day) for a couple of months now and I was on the acneeinstein.com website and the suggestion of taking zinc/Vitamin D3 pills was suggested. I wanted to ask and see if it was ok that I take these pills along with the medications that have been prescribed to me? thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Everyone! I wanted to share on here to hopefully help some people because throughout the years I have googled over and over to find tips and advice. And i found my cure by way of the internet so hopefully the word spreads and this starts helping people! History: I am 28 year old female, I have had acne since puberty middle school. It started around my entire face, forehead, cheeks, chin. At 23 I took my first 8 month course of Accutane. It was amazing. My side effects were not bad, just the usual. It cleared everything up and my skin was absolutely beautiful for 2 years. I barely even had to wash my face and I never got a zit. After the 2 years, my acne slowly started coming back but more on the lower part of my face on my chin and sides of my mouth. And it was more cystic. So larger nodules under the skin that would not come to a head for a few days. And they were big and red and sore. I tried to ignore it but it got worse and worse. By the time I was 26/27 it was SO bad. And it was all focused on the 2 lower side area of my chin below my mouth. I also was getting big cysts on my jaw line as well. And some times huge ones on my neck or a few clumping on my neck that wouldn't go away for a few weeks. These were all big, underground cystic pimples, red, sore, sometimes they would itch. And they would also leave scars. Sometimes indented scars and always always red hyper pigmentation. Also my acne never totally cleared. Maybe there was one day when a cluster of pimples had finally gone down (but my skin was still completely red & inflamed in the area) and no new ones were rising up, but the next day a new one was forming and I could feel it under my skin. And there were no certain times of the month for me , it was constant. I would cry over it. I had to put tons of make up, I was embarrassed infront of my boyfriends. My skin was bumpy and rippled and I had deep scars. And I couldn't believe at 28 years old i was STILL dealing with this problem. BTW up until this point I had tried everything in my acne history: antibiotics, topical creams, Spironolactone (which made me break out worse the whole 4 months I was on it) all face washes, face brush, retin-a, switched to all natural clean toothpaste, changing pillow cases every couple days, pulling hair away from face, cleaning phone, mixtures of vitamins, eliminated dairy, chocolate from my diet, cleaned up my diet, green diet, gone to facialists, had my hormones tested (which they were all normal and fine) blue light treatments, cortisone shots, peels, accutane EVERYTHING. I had tried everything. I went to demo and all she could offer me was Accutane. I didn't want to but I didn't want to keep living like this. So I tried it again round 2. I was only on for 1 month and towards the second half of the month my hair started falling out right in the front of my head where my part started. I started getting a bald patch. My eyelashes also fell out and I started getting darker skin on my mustache area. I was also feeling very depressed and down. So I stopped the accutane on the last day of the month and I was determined to find another way. So I did a TON of research and found a blog at frivolousgirl.com Super good and lots of info and loved seeing her pictures. Her acne was in a different location than mine, but I still figured I would try her suggestions. At this point I had nothing to lose. It couldn't get much worse and I as not going back to accutane. So I bought Dr. Ohhiras Probiotics I take one pill first thing when I wake up in the morning on an empty stomach. I have a sensitive stomach and this is very gentile and does not upset me at all. I try to wait a little after before I eat breakfast, but sometimes I don't have time, so thats okay too. I have been on for 45 days, (so 45 pills out of the 60) and my skin has cleared up SO MUCH. RESULTS: My skin has never looked so good! My cystic acne has completely cleared up. And the redness can finally calmed down and cleared because there is not constantly new break outs forming as soon as the others go away. The type of my pimples has changed too. If I do get a pimple, it is smaller, and has a little head (more like a zit) and gone in a few days. It doesn't go deep down underneath the skin and hurt like the cysts did. I am SO HAPPY!!!! I literally ask my mom and brother to look and check it out because I cannot believe the results myself and I am so happy and proud to finally have clearing skin. Please do yourself a favor and BUY THE PROBIOTICS. Its totally affordable for a 2 month supply and there is nothing in these that can harm you only help you. So if it doesn't clear your acne, then I'm sure its going to help with your digestion or your daily deification or whatever. I think these can just help your body balance out whatever bad bacteria you have going on inside you that is manifesting itself outside your body and in my case through the lower part of my skin on my face. The girl in the blog said she only did a 2 month supply and then was cleared, but I think I am going to buy another box and do another 2 months because I think these can only help and I really want to cleanse my gut. Anyways hope this helps you all! Blessings!!!
  9. Hello everyone, I test stuff for a living and I decided to take my acne problem into my own hands. Below is a correspondence I'm having with a dermatologist. I'm not sure if anyone is interested but I'll use this forum to let you know about progress with this experiment. If I proceed, I'll be posting photos and graphs. If you have questions please feel free to ask. Thanks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Dr., I've developed a new risky acne therapy. I would like for you to evaluate the ingredients and check for contraindications or promotion of a bacterial infection. The basis of this treatment is based on the following study: http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/17039652 The treatment has 4 phases: 1. Peel: 20% Salycylic Acid 2. Absorption: Bentonite Clay mask is used to absorb and surface dead skins cells, excess sebum and acne promoting bacteria. See related study: http://www.ncbi.nlm..../pubmed/6219137 3. Disenfection: Manukla Honey Mask. I've had a chronic acne infection under my nose. I suspect some variant of staph might be involved. 5 dermatologists have refused to biopsy. I've had this infection/area of breakouts for three years. Among other benefits, manuka honey can kill MRSA. Here is the most relevant study: http://onlinelibrary...4993.x/abstract 4. Colonization: This mask will consist of Streptococcus salivarius and 12 other variants that will proliferate on the surface on my skin and exclude p. acnes and other staphs from forming. Note on sebum production: I've managed to reduce my sebum through diet and the hormonal changes of age. Diet changes (omega ratios in check, antioxidants, low GI) has caused my sebutape (http://www.cuderm.co...ebutape_rd2.php) readings to go from 4 to 2. Click link for visual aid on sebutape readings: https://store03.pros...864a0abc1_l.jpg I hope that you understand that the current route of antibiotics is not sustainable. I've always respond well to antibiotic at first. Then they get so much stronger. All I'm asking a clear evidence that there will be an infection or averse reaction. Not a hunch. If you cannot give evidence, I assume the risk and take full responsibility. Optional Information: Person's Age: 30 Already Tried: Everything: Accutane, metrogel, Retin A, Benzoyl Peroxide and tons of antibiotics Your Expert needs more information From Dr.Sasi Attili Wednesday, April 11, 2012 7:19 PMEST Hi. I will do my best to advice. However, please note that this does not substitute an in-person consultation with a doctor Hi, I can answer your query but would require some time, is that all right with you? If not then you are free to relist the question which can be attempted by another dermatologist. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Do let me know. You replied Wednesday, April 11, 2012 7:34 PMEST Yes that would be great. Here is the list of products for your convenience: 1.AHA: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000PLUZL8/ref=oh_o01_s00_i05_details 2.Bentonite Clay : www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0014P8L9W/ref=oh_o01_s02_i02_details 3.Manuka Honey: www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001DBC8K0/ref=oh_o03_s00_i00_details 4. Probiotics: www.probiotic-lab.com/cysticacnetreatment16/ingredients46.html. The website is unprofessional but its the only topical probiotic product that had supporting anecdotal evidence. http://www.acne.org/...ab-bacteriocin/ Your Expert needs more information From Dr.Sasi Attili Wednesday, April 11, 2012 7:44 PMEST Thank you..I will get back to you at my earliest.
  10. Has anyone found that supplimenting antibiotics with probiotics could help the acne stay away after stopping the use of antibiotics? Just curious if there is ANYONE out there who recieved long term and or perminant clear skin from using antibiotics for their acne and maybe some advice on how to break the cycle of acne returning shortly after antibiotics are done. Im taking minocycline now and I refuse to be on it for more than a month, unless my derm can seriously convince me otherwise, I do not like the idea of long term antibiotics, freaks me out.
  11. Read this PLEASE. It's been a long road, and I feel like I can answer a lot of questions. I'll have a concise conclusion at the end, so don't worry about remembering everything I say that you need to do. The immune system is designed to keep things like viruses and foreign bacteria out of our system. Bacteria's getting in our system, so there's clearly a problem. To first answer the fiends that insist acne is from hormones and oil glands and which can't be changed, they can. You can balance hormones by drinking water (filtered, I'll explain later), getting a decent amount of fiber, stopping masturbating. Masturbating brings some raging hormones along with it. But believe me, hormones aren't the real problem. The hugely ignored problem stems from gut bacteria. The entire gluten-free casein-free industry doesn't realize that a healthy gut can digest those things, and that people with "sensitivies" just haven't taken steps to actively change their gut, just avoided what would make their guts inflame as their guts currently are. So for the love of God let's talk about gut bacteria. It's related to acne because it causes leaky gut, which in turn causes chronic inflammation, which causes acne. It's an easy enough fix if you ask me. 1. Drink filtered water; tap water has chlorine which kills the good bacteria in your gut. 2. Take probiotics (good gut bacteria preferably in food form, they get digested that way, you can buy kefir or fermented saurkraut or pickles, by far the easiest/cheapest way is to buy milk kefir grains and make your own milk kefir everyday, it's much easier than it sounds, it's got the most strains and the highest volume of good bacteria) 3. Take PREbiotics (List of all prebiotics: http://www.prebiotin.com/foods-containing-prebiotics/#.U705kI1dUtU , I take a shot of water with garlic powder twice a day, it's the easiest way I feel. Studies have clearly shown garlic and onion consumption prevent cancer, and people wonder why, prebiotics are food for the good bactera) 4. Avoid refined sugar (food for the bad bacteria) And that's what you have to do to change that. Oh and by the way don't take antibiotics, they are an atomic bomb for the stomach. Now let's move on to diet, which has a big role in the immune system. I'm not gonna make you do any special diet, just no refined sugar, but I just think you should be educated. Milk is slightly bad. Although it has some very healthy nutrients, it's genetically intended for cows. Drinking it is like trying to force a very similar puzzle piece into somewhere it's not meant to go. I would suggest staying away from it, or at least limiting it, but it's not going to kill you. Meat is good. However, you can overdose on meat, and it can become toxic during digestion, but I don't think you'll have to worry about that. Grains (and also legumes/nuts) can hurt, not for the gluten in them, but for the lectin in them, which interferes with healing. After you are healed, it's okay to eat grains every once in a while, but you should avoid them while you are healing. Fruits and Vegetables are utterly amazing, however. They give your body nutrients and alkaline material (fruits/veggies are alkaline, everything else is acidic) that your body needs to be able to heal itself. Make sure that you get plenty of fruits and vegetables, eat a crap ton of them, because you are probably already decently acidic. For the people who say you need to eat only alkaline, you don't because the body simply has the tools to filter out excess acidic/alkaline material and balance the system. Lastly, supplements. Take a good multivitamin that has 100% of pretty much all the vitamins, zinc and whatnot. If it has 50% of a lot of stuff, take twice the daily dosage. Be sure you're getting at least 100% of your vitamin D intake during the winter. I highly suggest vitamin code. Lastly, you need omega 3. You can get this in flax seed, omega 3 supplements, but my favorite during the winter is cod liver oil, because it has vitamin D, and I like to be sure I'm gettin' a little over 100% in that. Sidenote: be sure you have really good oral hygiene, because that's a way for foreign bad bacteria to enter your system too. Floss once a day, brush/use mouthwash twice a day, clean retainer with tap water every day and every once in a while use rubbing alcohol and qtips to starilize it. Also, if you are fat and super unhealthy, that's a reason your immune system might not be working right also, so hop on a treadmill/elliptical. Okay summary time, I'll do my best. I feel it helps if you organize it so where you do a bunch of stuff in the morning, and a bunch of stuff at night, and have some general rules for diet/hygiene, and that's it. I'll tell you how I organize it. General rules: Drink lots of FILTERED water. Eat lots of fruits/veggies. No refined sugar. Limit milk/grains, but they won't kill you. Don't over-masturbate(hormones). Morning: Multivitamin, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Oral hygiene (Brush/mouthwash) Night: Multivitamin, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Omega 3, Oral hygiene (Brush/Mouthwash/floss) That wasn't so hard was it? Oh and the regimen is a huge time consumer and very unnecessary to do twice a day, I suggest doing it once every couple of days, and do it around sunset if you are going to do it, so it'll have plenty of time to go away so you won't get burnt the next day
  12. WishClean

    Diet And Supplements Log

    I haven't updated with pictures in a while, so I wanted to document my progress on this log to motivate me to stay on track with my diet. I am still following the candida diet as best as I can. 10 days ago, I got another high-frequency facial treatment, which really helped calm down redness and irritation. My period messed my face up a bit, but now I'm back on track. My only concern is that I had been spotting for a week (a few brown spots of blood) before my period - has anyone experienced this while on saw palmetto? It seems to be a sign that my hormones are fluctuating, and hopefully in a good way! The other major change I incorporated into my regimen is washing my face twice a day with spring water. I used to use deionized water but even that was too harsh for my face. Spring water makes my face feel calm and smooth, and makeup application is much easier. Ok, here are some pics in chronological order....still a long way to go.
  13. I'm testing something new and while too soon to say for certain, it does seem to help. Doing nothing.. specifically, avoiding soil based bacteria by cooking or thoroughly washing all vegetables, and also not taking probiotics. Here's my long journey... Nearly 40 y/o m, I've been able to clear my skin completely via diet changes stemming from IgE skin prick testing. (The IgG blood testing had tons of false results) All of the most common food allergens and about 10 others were +. So no diary, corn, soy, eggs, spices, preservatives etc etc etc.. wheat was not + but gives me probz. Provided i don't eat those foods, and others i discover to be +, but that weren't tested, i don't break out. Wanting to get to the root cause of my cystic acne, i've tried numerous remedies, some of which worked, but cause problems. The only things that work without diet restriction are accutane/vit a, high dose b5 and high dose green tea (these work individually, not combined) and would clear me 100%. But i now believe accutane & b5 messed with me negatively and permanently. I didn't stay on EGCG very long. Here's what i've tried that doesn't work, many in combination - Diatomaceous earth, zinc, vit D3, low dose ALCAR/Pantetheine, low dose vit A, probiotics, fermented foods, quercetin, digestive enzymes, chelation for heavy metals, amalgam removal (although definitely have a mercury burden, although much removed through ALA chelation – mother had many fillings and i had several), candida cleansing (another issue likely from metals, new tests show low fungal metabolites), everything topical, liver cleansing, milk thistle, burdock root, dandelion, fish oil, tanning. I'm sure i'm missing a few... Another problem i have is even now when testing Vit A, b5, etc, even low dose, it makes my kidneys hurt. For example, the ALCAR/Pantetheine – even at 330mg pantethine daily, my kidneys will start to hurt in the morning, and my urine will be foamy, indicating i'm excreting either protein or candida, and i strongly believe it to be candida. Vit A will make my joints and kidneys hurt. About 1.5 years ago i took a test indicating i still had dysbiosis – i.e., bad gut bacteria.. so this would lead to a leaky gut. I had already been trying to cure leaky gut for 3 years +. Early on a stool test showed 2+ candida, and i went on Nystatin and a future test showed 0 candida. Then, after that the blood/urine test showed low fungus.. About 4 years I thought that if i completely detoxify my body and get good bacteria in, and bad out and seal up my gut, i could eat whatever i wanted. I tried all sorts of probiotics and homemade brews, chelation. Nothing was ever able to cure me and in fact i began becoming senstitive to even more foods. Sometimes i was able to get those foods back, sometimes not. Prior to my mid-twenties, i had taken a large amount of all sorts of antibiotics, some for a few months at a time, for acne, and some 10-day courses for sinusitis that i now know was from a standard American diet. Once i ate healthy and removed intolerances, my sinus probs disappeared completely.. and i also rarely get colds, which i used to ALWAYS get. I believe that, along with the metal, abx is where my issue came from, in addition to genetics. I think my acne is hormonal and possibly gut related as well. Perhaps good bacteria is causing inflammation in the gut by fighting with other bacteria in my gut, and actually making things worse, causing me to lose new foods. So I'm going to kill off any bacteria on my foods and see if that makes a difference, and allows me to eat offending foods again. I post this on here to all those looking for THE cure from a pill or treatment. It's very possible that it just doesn't exist for your type of acne (other than megadosing which causes problems in the long term). Eating healthy/paleo may not be enough. If you have an IgE or IgG type of response, you may also need to remove healthy foods (nuts, seeds, some healthy oils, spices, etc). So far i've never found a way to tolerate the majority of my intolerances.. a few yes.. but not most.. and while losing others. Hopefully instead of putting bacteria in, the reverse will work and give me some foods back. If anyone has suggestions or comments, i'd love to hear them. I would be happy to answer questions as well, although please bear with possible delayed responses as i have a busy December. best of luck, fkBIGpharma
  14. Hello Everyone! I have a question that I am trying to figure out and want to know if anyone has had a similar experience. I recently upgraded my probiotic to one that is 2 billion with 5 strains, has to be refrigerated and is from a health food store. Almost overnight I woke up with TONS of tiny pimples. 3 days on the probiotic and they are covering what was my clear face. I have stopped taking the probiotics now. Has anyone else ever broken out from probiotics? I have three semi-educated theories on why this could have happened, but if you have any additional thoughts please share! 1. The probiotic brand I bought has said it "could have come into contact with dairy products" so it is possible that I am reacting to the dairy in the probiotic. I can't drink milk but I can eat a lot of cheese without any problems so this seems like a strange reaction. 2. I know I have candida and definitely have a gut flora imbalance. Could taking a probiotic for the first time that actually works (My last one was not effective at all and just acidophillus, not refrigerated) have caused a large die off reaction? I know when candida dies it releases endotoxins which would create a large immune response and over-work my whole system. I did feel like CRAP while taking these and attributed it to a die off. How long does a die off usually last? I stopped the probiotic 2 days ago and I'm still breaking out in small spots. 3. I have read that if you have leaky gut and it is not healed that taking probiotics is a bad idea. What happens in theory is that the good bacteria penetrates the intestinal lining and goes into the blood, which would also create a large immune response. Is this true? I am going to wait until my skin is clear once again (hopefully it will eventually clear!) and then try taking a different brand that has no dairy in it. I'm also going to up my L-Glutamine so that I am properly healing my gut. I'm also going to start off way slower and only take a bit of the probiotic capsule a day and see what happens. Any thoughts, ideas, opinions or similar experiences would be greatly appreciated. It really sucks to go from having clear skin all on your own back down to crappy looking skin all in a matter of a week. -Alexis
  15. Literally just started my 40 mg 2x a day accutane course, but I have been on antibiotics for acne for about 2 years. The antibiotics would always work for a bit, then wear off until I got a new kind prescribed, but I have decided to go on accutane for a permanent clear. I hate the idea of taking antibiotics long term, so I feel like this was the best choice to do. But being on antibiotics for 2 years, I definitely lost some of the "good" bacteria (gut flora) so I was wondering if taking probiotics while on the tane would be a good idea? I have no idea if they would react in anyway, if the probiotics might interfere with the tane, or if it may increase a chance for breakouts. If it would be beneficial, what brand would you recommend? I really just wanna clear this acne and avoid taking any supplements at all, but I know I should take some probiotic to reverse the damage from the antibiotics.
  16. 4 months of paleo, 1 month of probiotics. Acne is mostly a digestive inflammatory problem. Please check out White fox's thread if you really want to get clear and dont want an overnight fix. I'd like to to thank him for taking the time to come back and help the community even after he was clear, a very rare trait.
  17. katy22


    I am thinking of going on probiotic suppliments but I am on a dairy free diet. Lactobassillus casei is in my probiotics as well as a bunch of other stuff. Is that stuff safe for dairy free diets?
  18. I'm starting to wean off antibiotics! From what I've researched, antibiotics kill both good (gut flora) and bad (candida) bacteria. While weaning off antibiotics, would it be wise to approach it with an (anti)candida diet (to not allow bad bacteria to flourish, and keep them at bay)? Logically, I assume this would inhibit the bad bacteria's growth, and along with probiotics, keep their levels low and eventually out-numbered! So, SOUND GOOD?
  19. Hi everyone, I am an 18 year old female who stated to develop acne at age 12. I have been taking the oral antibiotic doxycycline for about 4 or 5 years. Recently I have been reading about the importance of gut flora and gut health. This research is what led me to realize antibiotic use, especially in the long term, can be very harmful to your gut. I suspect myself of having a candida overgrowth due to longterm antibiotic use, tinea capitis (a fungal infection of the scalp), and fungal acne. My tinea capitis and fungal acne have both been cured, however I would love to address the root cause to prevent further issues. I am going to attempt the gaps diet hopefully very soon in an effort to help restore my gut and balance gut flora. This diet is fairly similar to paleo, but was specifically created to heal the gut. The problem I am having now is that I am uncertain and extremely apprehensive about stopping my antibiotic. Doxycycline has worked for me all these years, but probably not as effectively as it should. I still use the topicals tretinoin and aczone with the antibiotic and have mild breakouts. However when I stop taking doxycyciline my acne becomes very severe. The last time I missed taking the antibiotic for one day I developed three huge inflamed zits that took weeks to go away. I am very self concious about my acne to the point where I become dysfunctional while having a break out. I would like to do everything in my power to stifle a severe break out while transitioning off of doxycycline. I have also never taken a probiotic before since I only recently earned about them. My question is how I should go about stopping doxycycline. Some thoughts I had would be to start taking a probiotic for a few weeks and then gradually stop taking my antibiotic. Or that I should start the gaps diet and probiotics right away while still taking doxycycline. I think that taking an antibiotic while doing the gaps diet will defeat the purpose of it and maybe I should wait until I stop taking it. Or that maybe starting the diet right away will only help lessen the effects of stopping doxycycline. If anyone has suggestions or experience with a similar issue please let me know, I will be very grateful. Also if anyone has ideas about the gaps diet and it's ability to heal acne and candida overgrowth feel free to write me about it. additionally if you have suggestions for certain probiotics or vitamins that would be most healing please add those. extra information because I'm extensive currently: diet: I eat mostly organic foods but also quite a bit of sugar and carbs, pretty much whatever I please. no fast food and rarely junk food and rarely dairy skin routine am: antibacterial face wash (from dermatologist), thayers toner, aczone, azeliac acid (brand the ordinary), lotion, sunscreen non-comedgenic pm: antibacterial face wash, micellar water, thayers toner, niacinamide 10% + zinc 1% (brand the ordinary), aczone, tretinoin, lotion, spot treat with mario badescu sulfur drying cream. I have mild to moderate acne on my face (and oily skin), chest, and back. I have the least acne on my chest and most on my back. other health issues: hair falling out, insomnia, vitamin d deficiency (I take gummies for this), extreme sun sensitivity, bad anxiety, paranoia, nausea, occasional constipation, very lethargic again I welcome any additional knowledge or advice from people with similar issues or experiences and am grateful to everyone who replies.
  20. RedWombat

    Diet and Probiotics

    I've just started a course of probiotics and vitamin supplements for my acne. Alongside this, I have dramatically changed my diet, cutting out dairy, wheat and sugar, with the advice and guidance of a nutritionist. However, it seems that may acne has become worse breaking out in white pimples over my face and a couple cystic spots. Is the theory that my skin could be 'detoxing' and readjusting to this new diet valid? Will it get worse before it gets better?
  21. Hey all! I don't know about you guys, but I had a lovely three day weekend, for not only did Martin Luther King become the driving force behind the civil rights movement--He also, very deservedly, had a day set aside in his honor, on which my college campus was completely closed. I know, two weeks into the semester isn't a very long time, but trust me, I needed the break. Now....*drumroll* the skin update!! Now last week was the week before mother nature decided to beat up my uterus, so I was breaking out a little bit more, but now it's calmed down a lot. I still don't have any cysts or nodules, I have three small zits on my forehead, one on my left cheek...maybe four on my right cheek, and one little whitehead on my chin. Honestly, this week, my scars have been bothering my more than my actual acne, I get hyperpigmentation something horrible, and it makes my skin look a lot worse than it actually is, but I'm not too keen on trying scar treatments right now in case they break me out. One more thing that's been on my mind is: antibiotics. I am on antibiotics right now, I'm taking septra twice a day, and it causes my no end of guilt. I feel like I'm destroying my digestive system because I've been on antibiotics for so long. I read online that you could take probiotics along with antibiotics and it wouldn't nullify the effects on the antibiotics, so I'm going to start doing that, but I want to start being nicer to my poor tummy. What do you guys think about antibiotics? So many people have told me to get off them, but they really make a great improvement in my acne, and right now I'm not willing to risk massively breaking out again. I just wonder if it's done permanent damage to my body... Ah. The things we do to clear our skin, right? It's crazy. Have a good week you guys! Ari
  22. y0y0ma

    Diet And Acne

    So my acne is cleared up from the regimen, but I'm still dealing with lots of leftover marks on my face. I know to get rid of these, I just have to wait for my skin to heal and these melanin unbalances that make the marks will go away. Now you guys probably believe that these are called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but I think it's the same thing. These marks were recently made worse because I was given vitamin a by a person at a grocery store because they said it'd be good for skin. I thought, "its a vitamin, what harm could it do?". Well it damages skin to promote newer looking skin, which basically reversed my healing. Now I'm trying to figure out what things I actually need to get in my diet for my skin to properly heal itself. So far, I have: Omega 3; for skin repair (MUST get these in diet) Probiotics; to put good bacteria in my skin to cancel out any bad effects that Benzoyl Peroxide might have Essential Amino Acids; for skin health (MUST get these in diet too) (I was losing weight from working out, so I was kinda getting low on these) To prevent me from going insane from frustration, are there any more things that I need to get in my diet for skin health, besides just the basic vitamins?
  23. By Dr. Justin Marchegiani Did you know that the bacteria in your gut has a huge effect on your immune system? Your gut houses 70% of your immune system. Gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) and mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) reside in the gastrointestinal tract, and these lymphoid tissues produce antibodies that fight bacteria, viruses, parasites, and infections. If you don’t have a healthy gut balance, your immune system will be severely affected. There are three main types of bacteria that determine the health of the gut: beneficial, commensal, and pathogenic. Beneficial Bacteria Beneficial bacteria include probiotics, such as Lactobacillus and soil-based probiotics. Beneficial bacteria aid in the following: Nutrient Breakdown Energy Immune Function Detoxification You need certain nutrients and absorption of these nutrients to help run your detoxification pathways. If you don’t have beneficial bacteria, you can produce enzymes known as beta-glucoronidases that can negatively affect how bile conjugates hormones. Beta-glucoronidase and good bacteria levels are an inverse relationship. If you have high beneficial bacteria levels, you’re going to have low beta-glucoronidase. The good bacteria in your gut also produce acids, like lactic acid or CO2, that can lower the pH. When the pH in your gut is lower, it’s harder for bacteria that are bad, or pathogenic, to proliferate. Yeast infections proliferate more in an alkaline urinary tract than in an acidic urinary tract. That’s why things like cranberry extract and resistant starches can be beneficial. Resistant starches feed butyrate (butyric acid), which helps decrease microbes. You need healthy hydrochloric acid (HCl) levels in your stomach. Without it you can’t break down proteins, start protein metabolism, or ionize minerals. If you can’t ionize minerals, you can’t absorb minerals. Protein digestion starts in the stomach, so the first domino falls over in the stomach. If that domino doesn’t fall, then the dominoes in the gallbladder, where fat is emulsified, and pancreas, where lipase and other enzymes and fats are produced, won’t fall. So beneficial bacteria is very important for helping the first domino of digestion fall. Commensal Bacteria Commensal bacteria are switch-hitters that can become either beneficial or pathogenic. Stressors, the factors shared later in this post, can push them to one side or the other. Symptoms of Bad Bacteria Levels If you have any of the following symptoms, there is good chance that your bacteria levels in your gut are tipped more toward the pathogenic side. Unless changes with diet, gut bacteria, infections, and stress are changed, symptoms tend to get worse over time! Bloating Gas GERD or acid reflux Constipation or not having a bowel movement at least once per day Diarrhea Stomach pain Any active gut infection Pathogenic Bacteria Pathogenic bacteria include bacterial infections (e.g., H.pylori), parasites (e.g., C.difficile), and infections. Pathogenic bacteria can produce the following: Toxins—These toxins include mycotoxins, endotoxins, or various biotoxins produced by infections. These infections disrupt peristalsis, which can cause bowel movements to take longer. This can cause the body to reabsorb a lot of toxins from the bowel, causing autointoxication. Malabsorption—If you’re not able to absorb certain nutrients and minerals, it’s going to have an effect on your energy systems, the Krebs cycle, and the electron transport chain. You must have nutrition to run your energy pathways. Leaky gut—Leaky gut drives autoimmune conditions. In a leaky gut, the tight junctions in our bowel start to open up, forming various cracks and allowing food molecules and bacterial infections to slip into the bloodstream. The immune system creates a hate response to these foreign molecules, and because a gluten molecule may look similar to the thyroid tissue or a dairy molecule may look similar to the pancreas, other tissues start to get destroyed by mistaken identity. Factors That Push “Gut Bacteria” There are many factors that push gut bacteria in one direction or the other. All of these tend to be opportunistic, which means we start to see a decrease in HCl, enzymes, and nutrition. Youaren’t what you eat; you are what you eat, break down, absorb, and assimilate. These things push us in the direction of the pathogenic bacteria: Medications—Proton pump inhibitors (PPI), such as Nexium and Prilosec, shut down HCl production, but HCl production is important for the first domino of digestion. When acidity is low, HCl will trigger the esophageal sphincter to close. If it doesn’t close, it’s very easy for the acids to rise up, burning the throat and creating a reflux disorder. Acid breaks down nutrients, and if you don’t get good breakdown, it creates a downward cycle that only gets worse. A good doctor can find the root cause of the issue and pull you off a PPI responsibly. Don’t randomly take yourself off it. Sugar—If you’re eating too much refined and processed sugar, it feeds the bad bacteria in your gut. About one hundred years ago, each person was consuming and average of 3–4 pounds of sugar per year; now it’s about 150 pounds. Too much sugar consumption feeds the funguses and pathogenic bacteria in your gut. Emotional—Emotional stress will increase interleukin 6 (IL-6), which is an immune compound that can throw your immune system out of balance. Your immune system and gut are intimately connected, and you should minimize emotional stress to have a healthy gut balance. Decreased probiotics—Maybe you’re not eating probiotics via fermented foods, like raw milk if you can tolerate dairy. Get natural probiotics from foods you can tolerate. Increased antibiotics—The consumption of antibiotics wipes out everything in the gut and causes rebound overgrowths to occur. If you wipe out everything in a garden, the first thing that grows back, unless you plant seeds, is weeds. If antibiotic use is an issue, you need to consume good seeds (prebiotics and probiotics) for balance. Infections—Infections tend to be opportunistic, which means they happen when someone already has a compromised immunity. A tick bite causing Lyme disease can drive one person into a pathogenic episode while another can be bitten and recover quickly. Everyone is a little different, but the more stressors a person has, the more complicated the infection can be. Those who bounce back quickly may be feeding, and have a greater abundance of, the beneficial bacteria in their gut. An infection can prevent healing even when these stressors are removed, and the infection may need to be addressed for you to fully heal. Some patients can get exposed to a parasite, like Giardia, or pathogenic bacteria, like H.pylori, and not recover from the infection and get sick. Leaky gut—Foods and unwanted bacteria in the intestinal track can slip through the tight junctions into the bloodstream. This can put stress on the immune system and is the main cause of autoimmune disease for most people. Most people who have a digestive problem seem to have a higher amount of bad bacteria as well as a potential active gut infection. These problems tend to be active for many years before symptoms start to even show. Getting the gut fixed is one of the most important codes to crack for any functional-medicine doctor trying to get his or her patient healthy again.
  24. SquirrelMonkey

    Coconut Oil And Probiotics

    I've started upping my intake of coconut oil (ie. eating it off the spoon). I'm not complaining because it tastes scrumptious to me! I heard that it's good for getting rid of bad bacteria and yeast in your body. I've read mixed opinions online as to whether it only kills bad things or both good and bad, so I'm taking a multi-strain probiotic just in case. The main reason I'm dong this is to see if my skin would benefit from helping my digestive system after I was bad with antibiotics. I have a feeling something is wrong because even though I appear perfectly healthy (apart from the disease that is called acne ravaging my face), I started getting 'uncomfortable feelings' -- that is all I will say about it -- near the end of taking trimethoprim. This continued after I stopped taking it, to the point where I had to visit the washroom ten times in the span of two hours once, even though I hadn't eaten in over 36 hours (sorry for that!!). I also started being intolerant to foods like bananas and peanut butter even though I've been eating them my whole life. What's interesting is that foods like these are known in traditional Chinese medicine to cause dampness in your body. And I just happened to read that dampness can present with oozing skin conditions and a thick white-coated tongue, both of which I have (OMG DON'T YOU JUST WANT TO KISS ME RIGHT NOW). Unfortunately, I also read that dampness is extremely hard to get rid of, so I might have to stay on my elimination diet for more than just a few months. Here's to hating my life over Thanksgiving and Halloween yay! After consistently eating coconut oil and taking probiotics I started to feel like I was getting sick: swollen throat with lots of mucus (sorry again!), slightly runny nose, alternating periods of being chilly and feverish. I still feel this way but I haven't actually gotten full-on sick yet, so I'm hoping this is just my immune system being activated by dead thing remnants in my body aka "die-off". I'm not an expert though! I'm also technically violating my diet because the probiotics have corn starch in them, but I'm hoping the benefits outweigh the risks. I don't think anything's really happened skin-wise except maybe a small initial breakout of little pustules. But, I've only been doing this for less than a week so that's not nearly enough time to judge. My chin is gross as usual!
  25. TheeGrace

    Day 1 Curology

    So no matter how much I want things to clear my skin, that I used to be able to use on my skin, they don't work. I prayed and just sucked up my fear of dermatologists. I got an online dermatologist on curology because it's a lot less hassle! I didn't want to have to call my doc to get a referral for dermatology, call the dermatologist, go see the derm, and then go get a prescription. I have insurance but it still costs money and driving. I also don't like taking on the phone for some reason. Anyways, I got my Curology today! As you can see in picture my prescription is: zinc pyrithione 0.25% clindamycin 1% niacinamide 4% Its free for the first month just pay $5 shipping! [link removed] Im also using free and clear liquid cleanser, derma e purifying moisturizer, insta naturals Aloe Vera, and Coola classic sunscreen white tea spf 50. I hardly ever wear a sunscreen but I really need to start! I got sample of Coola sunscreen I'm going to try because it checks out clean on the CosDNA website! Supplements: fish oil 2-4 a day. zinc 1-2 a day turmeric probiotics 1-2x *new Spearmint 2x. I just started taking it yesterday because it is supposed to help reduce androgen hormones/ oiliness.