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Found 500 results

  1. In a bit of a dilemma dealing with skin issues… I might be one of the guys that has to go through an Accutane cycle once a year to remain clear, so 2 weeks ago, started taking 60mg daily, with a 120mg dose one of those days of the week (to accelerate the process—total broscience). In the meantime, trying to figure out how else my flare-ups/irritation/inflammation can be minimized…. Maybe I just have overactive sebaceous glands, which Accutane uniquely treats and is very effective at minimiz
  2. So today I'm having a better day !! hallelujah! !! I decided that the differin -even though it's like ,% may be too strong for me.. I'm very fair skinned & burn easily as is so I decided to cut back on it to every second day I woke up with 4 spots today like the white head on the surface ones and they were small so who cares? ? I think I won't skip it again though .. I'm going to mi it with a moisturiser every second night I also went to clinique I was looking at the anti blemish rang
  3. I just joined this community because I wanted to share my story, and I hope I can help people with my information. My skin type: Olive-medium colored skin, oily, sensitive. My breakouts were on my forehead (after working out), cheeks, jaw line and sometimes reached down to my neck. They ranged from small pus pockets to cystic. I'm female, so they also did flare up even more before my menstrual cycle, so it could have been a hormonal thing as well. Not really sure. I've tried: P
  4. How's it going everybody! Well, I'm new to participating in this community (long time reader and site-surfer) and I need to figure something out. Recently, about 2 weeks ago, I adopted an entirely new diet; one that I hope will assist with finding the real underlying reason for my acne. A little bit of background: I've had acne since I was 13 years old - I'm 18 now and heading into college (I'm a guy by the way). At first it was mild/slightly moderate with occasional inflamed pimples. I went
  5. 3 weeks into my new regime and i'm extremely happy, i wasn't gonna post for another couple of weeks but I believe i've finally found and started working on the problem causing my acne! I've spent a while researching and experimenting and now i have a 90 day plan to rid myself of acne once and for all! And if it works, i should feel a whole lot healthier!
  6. Hey All, Recently my skin has cleared big time, almost instantly when I changed my diet. OK, well, for about 8 months I was following the usual low-carb diet for my acne and because I thought I may have developed candida. It seemed like every day My ace got a little worse and different, I would be fatigued and ghostly, have no energy and weaker - I would have memory loss and just feel very flighty. Thinking with these symptoms that it was just candida I accepted it and just delt. At its best
  7. I continue to research and try to get answers just like any of you, I believe that one day we WILL find the answer to our problem. I truely believe that our solution is NATURAL rememdies. I really feel that chemicals will make our problems worse. Just My Opinion.. I went to a few websites today.. I found one such as www.blessedherbs.com ..It is important that we continue our mission. You guys are great, and this site acne.org is truely a blessing. I dont know what I would do without it.. Keep
  8. i am currently on doxycycline, and i want to go off of them but i am scared scared scared that i will break out like mad (though my acne really wasnt bad before, i am scared it will come back a billion times worse). annyways, i know that with antibiotics people often take probiotics, so i bought a book on probiotics which actualy said that they can help with acne. this brings me to a few questions! 1) whats the deal with going off antibiotics? do you think ill break out like mad 100 times worse
  9. Long time lurker to this board and I've just run out of options when it comes to acne. So I'm offering a $50 Cash Reward via Paypal for anyone who can contribute advice that directly correlates with an improvement in my acne. I'll upload pictures shortly, warning this is a long read but if you want the money, YOU GOTTA WORK FOR IT!!!! Here's a little background on my acne history Started having acne at age 14 currently 20 (soon to be 21) with moderate-severe acne. I have been on accutane
  10. Proponents of vitamins can sometimes be a little overzealous with their claims. At my old job, I used to hear things like, "this will prevent male baldness," or "this will increase fat burn," or even "this will cure your acne!" If I were to believe every anecdote concerning vitamin successes, I would be popping a pill from every bottle in the vitamin aisle. So I'm trying to identify the vitamins and supplements that have been documented for their effect on acne. I am hoping some of you may a
  11. well, i thought i'd write about it since this is the clearest my face has been in a long time. what i think has helped me is the recent addition of Flaxseed Oil supplements to my daily routine. although i am not entirely sure that these are solely what has helped me, i am nearly certain because it is the only thing different i have been doing and as soon as i started taking them my acne seems to have subsided. i'll try to be concise and spare my life story... i take Nature Made organic flaxse
  12. Hey everyone. I keep hearing about kefir and the "kefir grains." I know you can make it in cow's milk, goat's milk, coconut milk, or even coconut water. Those I've heard of.
  13. I have recently added Vitamin D, Magnesium, and Zinc to my daily vitamin pile. Wondering what others are good. Thinking about adding Spirulina for overall health benefits. Also Sam-E because I'm coming off of anxiety meds and am a little irritable... I already take the following: Multivitamin Fish oil Vitamin B-12 Vitamin C Vitamin E Probiotics L-Lysine Calcium
  14. I have some AMAZING products to list that you can use on the face that have worked fabulously for me, but I'm also going to talk about internal problems you might want to pay attention to. I had a bout of horrible cystic/nodule type acne that lasted for six months, despite being on Diane 35 pills for years. I had had clear skin for eight years (now 30) so didn't know why I was suddenly getting horrible acne but now I'm back to perfectly clear skin and can even eat what I want. Dermatologists
  15. well, every time i eat dairy, i break out around my mouth area. Being the dairy love I am, this really sucks. so, i was reading online earlier and found that probiotics may help with dairy digestion. normally, it's hard for the body to digest the lactose sugar in milk, but probiotics have lactase, which somehow makes it easier to digest.. I'm going to start taking the acidopholus and incorporate some dairy into my diet, then tell you guys how it goes.
  16. Alright, it all began here when I came to this board in tears because my cystic acne was getting worse and worse. I then ran into a thread on here about how psyllium husk and how your digestive system plays a crucial role in keeping your skin clear. Well, I then began my experiments and finally tailored designed a cure for my skin that maybe can work for you. Things that I tried and failed: Accutane x 2 Birth control Murad Complete system Spiranolactone All antibiotics Chemical Peels After
  17. Hi all, I really need probiotics...especially lactobacillus. I did a Genova Diagnostics CDSA test, and they found absolutely NO lactobacillus in my sample! Scary. I am intolerant to casein/lactose in milk. Can I still drink kefir? What are other ways I can get lacto bacteria without breaking me out? Is kombucha good? Thanks!
  18. Gut Pathog. 2011 Jan 31;3(1):1. Acne vulgaris, probiotics and the gut-brain-skin axis - back to the future? Bowe WP, Logan AC. Department of Dermatology, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York, 11203, USA. [email protected] ABSTRACT: Over 70 years have passed since dermatologists John H. Stokes and Donald M. Pillsbury first proposed a gastrointestinal mechanism for the overlap between depression, anxiety and skin conditions such as acne. Stokes and Pillsbury
  19. Alright, so I said F*** you to the starving yourself to clear skin and "candida." I believe that if one gets ALL the vitamins and minerals they need than their body can overcome anything. Acne sufferers have been"starving" their bodies of the right and enough of the right nutrients for years, which is why we developed this ailment. So, we need to eat more and more of the healthy foods, until our skin is perfect, and we can handle a little excess. When we eat too much of the bad, we don't eat
  20. I'm a 26 years old male, I have been suffering of bacne for 6 years, also I have acne on my chest and some on my arms, I have tried several antibiotics and several treatments, like isotretinoin aka accutane (I couldn't stand the side effects), antibiotics (Clindamycin, Erythromycin, tetracyclines), Benzoyl peroxide, topical retinoids, salicylic acid, azelaic acid. Well the only thing that actually works for me is bactrim, I used it for a year and when I stopped the acne just came back. However I
  21. Hello, I am about to start my accutane prescription, after reading the FAQ i've accumulated a group of supplements I'm going to take. Please tell me if you think I should add any more or remove any of these supplements from my list. 1. Vitamin E pill 2. Fish Oil Pill (taken with the accutane pill) 3. Acidophilus (probiotic) pill Am I missing anything or should I remove anything? Does the time I take them matter? Should I take a multivitamin? I didn't want to because it would contain vitamin
  22. This year I finally decided to follow through with my derm's recommendation to see an endocronologist because I've had cystic acne for 40 years (I'm 59) and want to understand what's happening and also to make sure there's not some underlying serious problem since I've struggled with this for so long. Full dose antibiotics keep it under control but when I get off it comes back. Tretinoin cream and spiro help keep it under control too but if I did nothing my chin and nose would be red, inflamme
  23. Here's my whole story, If you don't want to read all this just scroll down toward the bottom for my regimen. I'm just looking for some personalized advice to make my regimen more efficient. I'm going to include every detail I can provide into this post so that nothing is overlooked, and I can receive the maximum amount of input from you guys to finally beat this thing, since you are on this website I'm sure you can understand that way of thinking, so I apologize if it's a bit lengthy. MY STOR
  24. im 100% commited to the candida diet. its going to be hard though since i am in china. i will be residing in china for atleast 1-2 years. I have a few questions. 1)whats a good site thats 100% accurate on a strict candida diet? i found many, but some say you can allow some types of food, but other sites would say they dont allow that type of food. 2) Is eating 1/2 cup of Organic Brown Rice a day okay? 3)Is Eating Natto(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natt%C5%8D) okay?It contains Bacillus subti