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Found 1,263 results

  1. I'm currently taking 1 lymecycline capsule a day. Over the years of taking antibiotics I havent really had any side effects, apart from sometimes having a bit of stomach ache 1/2 hour after taking them. I bought a tub of acidophillius probiotics today from a health store, theres 3 billion healthy bacteria in each capsule. Do you think this will help combat my stomach aches through taking antibiotics??? Has any one here had success with it? Its not a major deal as the stomach aches dont last fore
  2. Hey All, Recently my skin has cleared big time, almost instantly when I changed my diet. OK, well, for about 8 months I was following the usual low-carb diet for my acne and because I thought I may have developed candida. It seemed like every day My ace got a little worse and different, I would be fatigued and ghostly, have no energy and weaker - I would have memory loss and just feel very flighty. Thinking with these symptoms that it was just candida I accepted it and just delt. At its best
  3. Maximus Decimus Merideous

    Sad Story

    Im 22 right now, and my acne is under control. Its been a long battle and ive gone through a lot (including an intensive accutane course). Acne runs in my family, but I got it far worse than any of my siblings or parents had it. It started sophmore year in high school. It was severely severe, like the worst i have ever seen. Huge cysts, pustules, papules, blackheads, everything! I had many derm. appointments and tried everything, until I finally gave in and a course of accutane followed by
  4. For those who are interested in the whole leaky gut/intestinal dysbiosis/candida theory of acne, I found some new research that is only a few months old that I find is really interesting http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1862100...Pubmed_RVDocSum This research states that candida become hyphal (pathogenic/bad) when exposed to fragments from bacterial cell walls. Generally, "bad" fermentative bacteria which can occur after a course of antibiotics without proper recolonization from probiotics g
  5. Hello Peoples, Thanks for reading. I would appreciate any responses. Since I was about 15 or 16 years old I have had this painfull acne on my scalp and a mix of what ever is on my scalp and adolescent acne on my face. When I was around 16 I hadent realized that my scalp acne had became infected and for years I was on many many antibiotics. It took my a while to realize even after the infection that I had severe scalp acne and no loger an infection. I thought the infection was acne on my sca
  6. aussiegirl

    My experience

    Just wanted to share my experiences - I first got a case of cystic acne last year, and was prescribed Yasmin to alleviate it, after refusing to take roaccutane, based on friend's experiences of it. Yasmin cleared it up in 2 weeks to the point where my skin was crystal clear. Then, I went off it a few months ago, and in early January, got some mild acne, which flared up into staphlycoccal aureus. I have spent literally thousands of dollars seeing specialists, and trying all sorts of medicine.
  7. After about 4 years of moderate cystic acne, I finally found the best regimen. Dan's BP was the best thing that ever happened, and it remains a permanent piece of my regimen. Antibiotics suck, and I couldn't do Accutane. BP is good, but it's not enough by itself. So my goal was to create a regimen that keeps me about as clear as Accutane would. In other words a combo of things that make a big difference. This is my current regimen... Morning DK's Wash, BP, Lotion Vitamins A, B complex, C, E Zi
  8. Hello everyone. I am a paleo-gut healing type diet right now, and I just wanted to share this for anyone also on the gut-healing road. Wings. I have a costco membership, and I get their only bag that's huge. It costs $20 and has 80-120 wings. The only thing in the ingredients is "chicken". I stick it in the freezer and then take them out and put them right in the oven when I'm hungry. They take around 50-70 minutes depending on your oven and how you like them, but you should just follow the d
  9. Hey, currently I got to decide whether I want to use vitamines or isotretinoin. My parents ordered me highly doses vitamines: Vitamin b5 Zinc Probiotic Bacteria Of course I'd rather would like to take Isotretinoin, but my parents meant, if the vitamines wont work than they will think of the idea to take Isotretinoin. My doctor said I got to talk it with my parents because they also need to set their signature to allow Isotretinoin. What shall I do? What would you prefer? I've got Acne Con
  10. Since I have started taking psyllium and bentonite shakes, I have been breaking out in rashes on lower parts of my body (legs,calf) and my arms (elbows). Now is this detoxing, or do I have an allergy to some vitaming I am taking? What is your opinion, should I continue taking vits and p&B shakes? Thanks PS. Vits I take are mostly like from Antony's regime like MSM,C,A,Zinc, probiotic.
  11. Hi there I will tell you my symptoms and what I am planning to do about them. Could you please give me an idea of whether I am thinking along the right lines? I am 37, and for the past 15 years or more, I have been having progressively worse digestive problems - mainly a feeling of bloating and heaviness after eating that now seems to be triggered by almost any food, even in small amounts, and is with me almost constantly. There is also flatulance and belching quite a lot, and sometimes diar
  12. I am on probiotics, drink tons of water, eat healthy, exercise, blah blah blah and my bowel movements are still out of wack! Any suggestions on what to eat/do???
  13. I've read that enzymes can interfere with probiotics, rendering the probiotics ineffective. How or when should I be taking both to avoid this? I'm using nature's plus Ultra-Zyme tablets. It says take 2 once daily (I figured I was supposed to take one at each meal). The probiotics I have say take with a meal (once again I thought I was supposed to take these 30 mins before a meal). Anyway, any suggestions in terms of timing? Thanks
  14. dontwantacne

    Really furstrated

    I just recently started a more healthy diet to try and combat my acne but instead it seems like my acne has gotten worse in the past couple of days. does this happen to alot of people when they first stop diets? My diet basically consists of : lean meatchickenfish(all sorts)alot of vegetablesfruitswhole grains like whole wheat bread( maybe 1 peice a day)nuts and seeds(almonds,walnuts,sunflower,pumpkin)almond milk And ive been avoiding: all dairyprocessed foodsi never drink soda white bread I a
  15. onefatalgoose

    Dismantling The Food Pyramid

    Whole grains, Dairy, and Meat products are very actively promoted as healthy things to consume in our society, and we can see this in the food pyramid. But is it smart to be getting your nutritional information from the FDA and the pyramid? Many people aren't aware of how corrupt the FDA is. You've got people in the FDA with one foot in the grain industry, and one foot in the livestock/dairy industry telling you these things are what we need to be consuming for our health. And some of the
  16. Hey ladies and gents, I'm new to this forum as I just found out about this today. Just a forewarning, this is going to be a long post because i'm going to run through my medical/acne history, so if you guys can bare with me that would be awesome! I have a good amount of questions as well. Well to start off, i'm a male and 23 years old (going onto 24 next month). Thinking back to middle school and high school, my acne was never really severe, but I did have moderate acne up until freshman year
  17. InquisitiveCreature

    Probiotics in Dairy?...

    If I'm trying to up my intake of probiotics, and probiotics are found in dairy products..what do I do if I cut dairy from my diet? I take PB 8 but would like to get good bacteria from my food as well.
  18. Fred119


    I eliminated milk and cheese from my diet a week ago, but still kept Activia yogurt as a regular part of my diet. I've heard that the probiotic bacteria helps with acne, but wouldn't the presence of IGF-1 in it cancel out any benefits of it? I've seen so much contradicting information when it comes to yogurt, any help would be appreciated.
  19. TammyTrauma

    Please, PLEASE Help.

    I posted here a couple months ago explaining a problem I am having with small inflamed bumps popping up every day, I usually get two lucky if I get 1 and sometimes I can get 3. I have tried sooo many products, I am at my wit's end. I have also tried many natural therapies including ginger infusions, cinnamon infusions, probiotics, yogourt and kefir, green smoothies, I have been taking zinc for about 2 months now and it seems it hasn't made any difference, also getting a bit of sun when I can
  20. This post is for all of you who are currently taking antibiotics for treatment of acne. I am cautioning you on taking these long term, and doing on and off cycles with different types of antibiotics. A couple years ago I was on Doryx, Minocycline, and Keflex (not all at once). Minocycline was one of the long termers for me. I thought they were great at first. Helped clear up my chin/jaw line and things seemed pretty good. I wish I knew then what I know now however (and many thanks to
  21. Miss determined

    Colon cleansing

    I want to do a colon cleanse..but I was wondering if there is a fast way to do it.. because I need to do a liver flush also.. and would like to try to do the colon cleanse and a liver flush before school starts back up.. because it would be rather hard when school is going on..(school starts back up around august 5th or so...). I also don't have a lot of money to spend..I was thinking about doing P&B shakes.. but doesn't taking them take like.. months before your colon is clean? I'm 16.. W
  22. i need some serious help regarding candida and a starting point...long term use of doxycycline is what gave it to me...My symptoms are excema like rash along sides of face and clogged pores/white heads in chin area and occasional cystic bumps on jawline...Ive had major digestive issues for some time now and now understand the full scope of what was going on with me...CANDIDA...About three months ago i started elminating sugar/processed foods/dairy/gluten/bread pasta..Pretty much the whole gammit
  23. OKay so I decided since I want to do a liver flush and its been awhile, Ill do what everyone recommends and do a parasite cleanse just in case [i have no symtoms or anything and Ive done a parasite flush in the past but its been about a year]. Im gonna use paragone because it says it has anti candida properties as well. In the past 6 months or so Ive really been focusing on getting my bowel function back on track. I figured out that for a lot of reasons, I was lacking good bacteria in my dige
  24. Hey, to provide some background info I had sever comedonal acne, hundreds of clogged pores, once in a while inflamed ones. I was prescribed tazorac .05 and clindamlycn and it has been good, except that I have been scarring (about 5-10 scars) due to the HUGE comedones coming out in the initial breakout. I was provided minocycline for a month and a half in order to keep the sweeling down and inflamation Well, I have been taking it for 4 days and it is working like a charm, and my pimples are
  25. I'm a 21 year old male, when i first started getting acne in my early teens I was put on minocyclin which worked for about a couple years before I built an immunity for it. Then they tried putting me on accutane but the side effects were really bad stomach wise. The same thing happened with bactrim, it works, but I get reallly bad stomach symptoms, even when I take a probiotic. My newest derm tried putting me on Doxycyclin but that hasn't done anything in 4 weeks. My face just hurts soooooooo