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Found 1,266 results

  1. Hello, The following is something i started 9-24-2008. So its only been 2 weeks, but i need some more help. My regimen Morning and night Wash with acnefree cleanser which contains bp Use 3.7% BP Use Dove Lotion Vitamins - total through the day 2 Shaklee b-complex 1 Shaklee vitamin E Shaklee Omega 3 total for day = 2,000 mg of omega 3. EPA-1090mg DHA-720mg Zinc - 45mg a day Food 2 wheat toast (is wheat bad for acne?) sandwhich for lunch salad with dinner with thousand island dressing chicken for dinner or hamburger or steak No pop, no milk, no cheese, no pizza, no fast food. Anything i should add to my diet, my vitamins, or my morning and night wash? what do you think about Probiotic for acne? would there be an initial breakout? should i increase my omega 3s or zinc? Thanks!
  2. Guess My Problem

    I think I have acne (or do I?)

    I have been suffering from acne since probably around the 7th grade. I am able to keep it somewhat under control by watching what I eat. Cutting out yeasts and sugars significantly reduces puss from forming so I don't wake up with white spots all over my face. Sadly, I cannot totally seem to get rid of it yet because I still have the red bumps etc. One thing I always have wanted to do was grow a beard to cover up my skin but I can't. I am 22 years old and I cannot grow a beard and I believe it has something to do with my acne. I can do side burns and I get stubble and stuff on my chin and under my nose but that is about it. I get a few little hairs that pop up on my cheek but not much which makes me wonder if the acne somehow damaged the roots of my hairs? I also get these little round balls in my ears that usually just go away. I used to get them all the time on my face where I could feel these big lumps under my skin. They were like cysts but never really came to the surface. I haven't had them for awhile but last year I had two just magically appear out of nowhere. One appeared on the left side of my face and one on the right but both were right around my cheekbones. They became so inflamed that I popped one. I had a ton of puss come out. The other I left alone and did my best not to bother it but I did accidentally open it up a bit washing my face. I think it opened because it was just its time to open and washing it was just enough to push it the rest of the way. Both scared really bad. I also have blackheads all around my nose and face. The blackheads and acne also cover my chest and back and even sometimes my arms and legs. I am wondering if I really have acne or something similar? I wonder because when I first developed acne it was after getting chicken pox. I had clear skin (maybe a couple blackheads I can't remember) before getting chicken pox but after getting it it was like my chicken pox just never went away and ever since then I have not had clear skin. Could I really have like a bacteria or fungus infection that mimics acne? No facial hair and chicken pox? Any links here? Anything in this post that make you think it might be something other then acne? I have tried the antibiotics and all the face creams both prescription and all ones you can buy in the store or order. None work. The only thing that seems to help is yeast and sugar free diet with yeast cleanse and Probiotics but even when I am on these I can't seem to completely get rid of it.
  3. So I think I may have finally figured out what is causing my acne. Candida. Allow me to explain. First off, I have been on antibiotics for extended periods during my teens for my usual teen acne. Also, I used to eat alot of sugar and junk food back then. I basically lived off of white bread, cheese sandwhiches and chocolate granola bars. Now, at 22 it has not improved one bit. Two courses of accutane have accomplished nothing. Acne returned each time. My diet is very healthy now a days, and has been for the last 2 or 3 years, yet no change in acne. Fish oil and accutane are the only things that have had any effect on my skin. Anyway, I thought I was allergic to foods and have tried going gluten and milk free. No effect. I had mild improvement, but it was probably due to the decreased calorie intake. When I was in the hospital for a broken leg, I hardly ate since I was so doped up on painkillers that I lost my appetite. My skin miracularsly cleared then. That was the only time it was clear, except for a few months after accutane. I also have a VERY white tongue. I never even realised it until I read the symptoms on a candida website. I checked the rest of my family's tongues and they have a normal pink tongue. I also have some other possible symptoms such as brain fog, depression and a little toenail fungus. But those symptoms carry little weight, since a million things can cause those symptoms. Finally, the biggest piece of evidence was the extreme die off effect I had when I added homemade kefir to my diet. I added some body ecology kefir starter to some SOY milk, let it ferment for a day or so and blended it with some kale and flax seed (not too much flax seed). CAUTION: THIS MIGHT GET A LITTLE GRAPHIC. Later that day, I was a little gassier then usual, no big deal. I drank probably 3 small dixie cups of the stuff everyday. Since starting, I was waking up everyday feeling sick and either spent a half hour in the bathroom either puking or crapping. I felt like crap for the next few days, and couldn't stop feeling the need to crap or puke, even though I wasn't eating much (since I felt miserable). I know there is a possible adjustment period when taking probiotics, but before this I had been consuming commercial yogurt everyday. My best guess is that there isn't much probiotic value in commercial yogurt and I wasn't consuming nearly as much compared to the kefir. I know it wasn't the milk since I often drink soy milk with no problems. I know it wasn't the flax since I only added a little (4 tablespoons in an entire blender of smoothie and it would take at least 2 or 3 days to finish a blender full). I have also recently gotten a hold of some real kefir grains. I added them to some fresh, unpasteurized milk. I had a similar reaction. I decided to reduce the amount I was drinking and my symptoms got better. Anyway, what would cause me to get THAT sick. Probiotics might have some adjustment period for those who don't consume them on a regular basis. But like I said, I eat yogurt everyday. Usually, kefir is reported to settle the stomach and ease bowel problems. Not the case for me. Also note, this happened with both the real kefir grains and the artifical starter culture. To me, this sounds like a die off. I feel better now since I have eased up a bit, but wont quit since kefir is supposed to be really really healthy for you. Anyway, what is your guys take on the situation?
  4. I go in for my bloodwork in two weeks. Im so vervous, but I cant live my life with horible acne always wondering what if?? Either do it or dont think about it. I dont get it here is everything i do for my skin right now. but ive done so muh more naturally and not. DSF - mix of vitamins that boost my adrenals 3pills 2x a day*(alot of vit A in it) Lactenz - enzymes that breakup the pus spanish black radish- clears pus and helps spleen fight the infection clorocal II - bentonite clay- absorbs toxins in colon flushes out the infection vit C and Zinc - immune and skin support mutimmune- vitmins for immune support*(has vit a in it) total para- grapfruit seed extrat, garlic, oregano oil, artichoke - kills bacteria, yeast.*(not suppose to take antibiotics with accutane, guess these count too) totalprobiotics- blend of enzymes and probiotics glutegentics- aloevera, glucosamine, -rebuild the intestinal lining prgestral- progesterone cream day 15 through 30 of cycle to help normalize hormones wash with proactive cleanser and thats it never wear make up always use clean pillow cases and towels take 30 min fast walk 3x a week try not to stress, but seems to be what i do best this all keeps it at bay, but when i skip or get lazy i flare up. I think i will have to stop alot of these when on accutane i * stared the ones that i will have to stop. Im worried that with all ive been taking the past few years that my body is worn out and thats why i get sick so easy and so many infections. I dont know what accutane is gona do with my conditions. what do you all think? My derm said I should be fine but my naturopath says this is a very risky thing to do??/ Who am i suppose to trust and listen to?
  5. Since I am starting to feel like a pill head haha.... I was wondering if we could all work together to sum up the 5 best, most important supplements for our skin. So far what I'm taking: 1. Fish oils 2. Saw palmetto 3. Zinc 4. Probiotic 5. Vitamin e,a,d (in liquid form) I was thinking about starting apple cider vinegar.... What do you all think?
  6. I've read that enzymes can interfere with probiotics, rendering the probiotics ineffective. How or when should I be taking both to avoid this? I'm using nature's plus Ultra-Zyme tablets. It says take 2 once daily (I figured I was supposed to take one at each meal). The probiotics I have say take with a meal (once again I thought I was supposed to take these 30 mins before a meal). Anyway, any suggestions in terms of timing? Thanks
  7. chris666

    the cure

    Never mind the masturbating, i know the real reason we have acne and from what ive just done probally the cure for the most if not all people, Its because we are having digestive problems even though we dont know it some peoples bodies are just not effective and getting rid of waste fast enough or complete enough. This is just one half of the reason the other im afraid is candida our diets cause this to manifests punch holes through our intetinal walls and what do you know toxins enter the blood stream which then come through youre sebum glands bloke pores and allow p acnes to breed and cause inflamation etc.... now in between all this there is like a miny war going on in their remember more than half of youre immune system lies in youre intestines bowel the whole digestive tract, and when we keep bombarding it with junk food and crap the bad bacteria (candida) feed and feed and grow bigger in population so much so that the bad bacteria take control down there and bring youre immune system with other symptoms including acne oily skin my freinds is simply waste and toxins on youre skin which is disgusting i know BUT! Here is the best bit you can fight back and even beat it gone with a weapon that weapon being YOGURT PROBIOTIC WITH LIVE CULTURES Why because it has much good bacteria which is very beneficial to us in many ways being the disposel of waste properly boosting the immune system right up and fighting of bad bacteria and taking back over Now for the love of god please try this eating something like one big tub a day or two small tubs dailly and you should see great benifits , Im talking from Expereince acne almost gone now and i started this a week and half ago, i noticed after two days skin oil wasnt as oily red parts of my face lightining up and then im here now almost free of acne Bottom line Give it a go it is incredible
  8. Well, there's one observation I've made, although obvious. Those of us that have been blessed/cursed with Acne, most have attempted to clear our skin by changing from a regular and/or unhealthy routine to a very strict and healthy hygiene/diet/supplement/exercise routine. Acne or not, we're getting in pretty damn good shape otherwise. We wake up with a breakout and sometimes forget just how great we're doing in many other aspects of our health. -Matt- I was at one point a lazy drug-alcohol addicted person, no good to myself or anyone else. Having painful and psychologically damaging (like all) acne has driven me to a complete turnaround in these aspects, I'll put a star beside the things that have had the biggest effect for myself. I'm male, 24, and manage a strange type of acne, where I can have perfectly flawless skin for weeks, then horribly broken out cysts and papules emerge for weeks. Weeks can be days, or even months on either side. I'm thinking hormonal acne is most likely, as well as a major wheat/dairy allergy. Supplements: Saw Palmetto * (Reduced prostate from size of orange to normal) Garlic B-Complex Omega 3-6-9 * Cod Liver Oil Cayenne Pepper Probiotic Complex DIRECT SUNLIGHT (At least 15 minutes a day, and over entire body if possible) ****** Sensitivities/Allergies that cause me to break out: Wheat * Dairy * Corn Red Meat Saturated-Trans Fats Refined Sugar * Facial Hygiene : (After all these years I keep it simple now) Dove Soap - Wash Urine Therapy - Toner * (Works wonders) Benzoyl Peroxide - Night Application * Exercise : (Every day) * Walking, running. Wii Fit (haha, yes) Light weight training
  9. Hi Everyone, After 4 years of acne, I am finally waking up day after day with NO acne. While Retin-A and Duac have helped in the past, acne always can back with a vegence after a few months or even after a year. After seeing 3 dermatologist, 2 physicians, and after trying laser, Retin-A, Duac, Spiro, tons of topical acne creams, I finally found an integrative doctor that found out what was wrong. She said that she saw many of her patients with acne that also had a gluten intolerance. Sure enough, after a stool test from enterolab, I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant. As hard as it was to give up gluten, 90% of my acne cleared within a week. Now it's 7 months later and my face is now perfectly clear of acne...still have pigmentation from old acne to take care of. If I do have gluten now, I break out worse than I ever had in the past. Overnight I will develop 4-7 cystic ane bumps on my face. I believe that healing my gut/intestines really cleared my face of that last bump. Supplementation to heal my gut that was advised by my dr. includes L-glutamine, probiotics, digestive enzymes before all meals, and HCl before meals. I hope this helps someone that has dealt with acne for a long time. You can get the stool test done from enterlab.com without a dr. prescription. (btw, my cousin was diagnosed as gluten intolerant by the stool test, but the blood test she had done before the stool test did not indicate that she was not allergic to gluten. When she gave up gluten, her acne also stopped.) See a good Doctor (I saw a intergrative dr. If you are in Colorado, you can go to the Helios clinic in Boulder) Good Luck!
  10. Hi there I will tell you my symptoms and what I am planning to do about them. Could you please give me an idea of whether I am thinking along the right lines? I am 37, and for the past 15 years or more, I have been having progressively worse digestive problems - mainly a feeling of bloating and heaviness after eating that now seems to be triggered by almost any food, even in small amounts, and is with me almost constantly. There is also flatulance and belching quite a lot, and sometimes diarriah, but it is the heaviness & queeziness that is the real problem. There was a little heaviness even before this - for example, I remember not being able to drink much beer at the age of 18-19 when everyone around me was drinking a lot, because of fullness in the stomach. In 1993, I studied in France for a year, during which I'm afraid I engaged in a frightening amount of over-eating. Following that year, I travelled in Europe for a few months, and looking back, I did so in a state of prolonged and quite serious exhaustion. I am wondering whether these experiences spurred the deterioration in my digestive health. Since then, the symptoms have been getting steadily worse. I became vegetarian in 1995, gave up gluten around 1998 (gluten still gives me by far the most severe symptoms when I experiment with it) and stopped drinking alcohol in 2001. My diet is mostly home-cooked with little sugar or junkfood. Foods that seem to be consistently a problem are nuts and seeds (even soaked), oil, dried fruit, warm liquid (especially with food) and dairy; but almost any food can trigger a long-lasting feeling of heaviness. Year on year I notice deterioration. I really have to be careful about accepting any food from anybody now. I am no longer able to go for a run, as the heaviness in the gut doesn't seem to let up long enough to allow me to. I feel a general heaviness in the body, and it does feel related to the digestion. It has been worsening gradually for a long time, which makes it less easy to appreciate how bad it is. Only recently have I noticed how serious this condition is, as we have had our first baby and the demands on me are much higher and I feel very sadly unable to meet them as I would like to. I know it's hard to devise your own recovery programme based on internet research and a few books, but I have tried to do so based on what I have found out. This is what I am about to start doing. Does it sound like it is along the right lines? Any comments are very welcome: 1 - Digestive Enzymes (to alleviate pressure on the gut from food) - Having read a book called "Enzymes for Health and Healing", I have chosen "Enzymend" from Rainbow Light, as it seems to contain the right active amounts of all the various enzymes, as well as some gastric soothing herbs. Along with the probiotics and the systemic enzymes, this forms the basic programme of supplementation that the book recommends. 2 - 2 weeks taking Black Walnut, Wormwood and Clove tinctures (and perhaps Goldenseal), to rid the gut of any parasites that might be lurking there. 3 - Glutamine powder (to heal the gut wall) - 15g per day (3x5g) for a month, and then 10g per day (2x5g) for a couple of weeks, and the 5g per day for a couple of weeks. Do these amounts seem reasonable? How long should I go on taking it for? 4 - Systemic Enzymes (to supplement the enzymes the rest of the body needs that are probably currently being diverted to support digestion rather than for circulation, joints, etc) - I have had difficulty choosing a systemic enzyme. In the end, I have ordered Doctor's Best Proteolytic Enzymes as the reviews from other customers seem to suggest that they work. 5 - Probiotics (to address the balance of bacteria in the gut) - I have chosen Culturelle as it seems to be potent (10CFU per capsule) and to have been studied and shown to survive into the bowels. I am planning to take 2 capsules per day for 10 days, then 1 per day for a month, then 2 per week on an ongoing basis. Does that seem reasonable? 6 - Prebiotics (to provide food for the new bacteria) - I am not so up on all the different ones available, but a dietician friend of mine recommended Bimuno. 7 - A multivitamin (to make up for whatever my body has not been getting, and to provide any nutrients that may assist the other supplements). I have ordered Source of Life. I have done a fair amount of research on each of these, and each of the steps alone seem to have transformed people's lives. I don't seem to respond well to such miracle solutions, but this is the most extensive and well-researched programme I have ever tried. I was looking forward to starting it all off with a liver flush, but it seems that this involves colonic irrigation to be safe, so that put me off.... All advice/comments very gratefully received. Guy
  11. Are you supposed to take a probiotic at the same time, so there wouldn't be any damage to your body? If so, What probiotics should I take? Im 20 and I used to be on doxy for two months then I ran out of the product. My skin was controlled for a while but recently the zits are coming back. Today, I took Sprolone and Im afraid my body is in jeopardy.
  12. heyaawhatsupp

    My derm is an idiot

    Well, I just got back from my dermatologist appointment. First of all, she just now asked me why my skin was so oily. She didn't relize that back in November when it was just as oily? My derm is giving me Differin 0.3, an upgrade from Differin 0.5, to help get rid of the oil. -I didn't know retinoids stopped oil production...? Any info on this? Also, she gave me antibiotics..again. I had been on them for around six months and got off of them (minocycline) two months ago. I have been taking probiotics, and I really do not want to go on antibiotics. They'll just make everything worse in the long run. Oh yeah, and she said that salt water (aka the ocean) will not help acne at all- it's 'just a myth.' Ugh, I'm more lost than ever now. And when I told my mom I was refraining from dairy, carbs, and sugar, she simply said, "What, you're trying to be anorexic again?" That made me feel terrible. Anyways, any input?
  13. I'm a 21 year old male, when i first started getting acne in my early teens I was put on minocyclin which worked for about a couple years before I built an immunity for it. Then they tried putting me on accutane but the side effects were really bad stomach wise. The same thing happened with bactrim, it works, but I get reallly bad stomach symptoms, even when I take a probiotic. My newest derm tried putting me on Doxycyclin but that hasn't done anything in 4 weeks. My face just hurts soooooooo bad. It's unbelieavble how much pain I'm in. I'm losing sleep because I wake up in the middle of the night, my many pustules hanging deep around my nose and chin. I really don't know where to turn, is there another antibiotic I should try? Some treatment I havent thought of? Help!!
  14. I was just wondering why some people take vitamins separately instead of just taking a high quality whole food multivitamin. Taking a multivitamin is convenient and ensures that you're getting all the most essential vitamins and minerals, and the one I take (Garden of Life Vitamin Code Men's) covers much more than that (Digestive enzymes, some probiotics, fruit and veggie powders, etc). It is also specifically structured for men (Ladies, there's a women's one too lol). If I feel I need more of something or something not included, I get separate supplements, such as probiotics, omega 3, etc.
  15. Fred119


    I eliminated milk and cheese from my diet a week ago, but still kept Activia yogurt as a regular part of my diet. I've heard that the probiotic bacteria helps with acne, but wouldn't the presence of IGF-1 in it cancel out any benefits of it? I've seen so much contradicting information when it comes to yogurt, any help would be appreciated.
  16. Packerfan785

    College, supplements, etc

    I have a bunch of questions so I will just make one big topic. 1) I am going to be a freshmen in college very soon and I was wondering how people maintained a healthy diet. I don't think I will have anyway to cook for myself besides a microwave and am worried about what I am going to do. 2) What is the best quality probiotic supplement? 3) What is a good fiber supplement? If I take soluble fiber will it absorb nutrients? I am mainly looking for the benefit of cholesterol being absorbed. 4) What are the best quality fish oil capsules/pills?
  17. Hey all, I have been going more and more holistic to try and mitigate my acne, but I have still been unable to divorce myself from topicals (I will soon, hopefully. I am going to try and reduce use to once a day and then stop). Right now I am on Benzaclin (which is a combo clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide), and I read that some may be getting absorbed into the blood stream. Should I take some probiotics similar to if I was on an oral antibiotic? I took oral antibiotics years ago and did not have much success. Thanks!
  18. Packerfan785


    Which brands are the best for probiotics?
  19. Hello everybody! I'm a 20 year old college student. I have had Mild-Moderate acne for the last couple of years. I finally made an appointment to see a dermatologist. I was expecting the visit to be a little more personal, but, she looks at my face for like ten seconds then writes a prescription, then off I go. Anyways, she prescribed me Doxycycline(100 MG). I have noticed after only five days my bacne has started to clear up, and my face is very dry. I haven't experienced any side effects. I take this pill with my thyroid medicine, so I know how important it's to eat beforehand. I have read about probiotics, and have been eating yogurt a couple of times a day. My acne isn't as bad as it used to be. I have some pimples on my jaw line, chin, temples, forehead. My cheeks have cleared up over the last year. But, mostly, I have red marks on my forehead. Just a couple of questions. -How long does it take until this stuff finally gets into the blood stream and kicks in? -Also, should I consult my derm about a topical to treat the outside of my skin? -Is it safe to take my vitamins(B Complex, Fish Oil, MultiVitamin) at night time? --I take Doxy in the morning. -About the resistance to antibiotics. How long will I be able to take this pill before I come resistant to it? Lets say I take the three month course, and it clears my skin, and I get off of it, is there a chance that it will clear up for good? Sorry for all the questions. Fabulous site you guys have here! Thanks in advance
  20. After about 4 years of moderate cystic acne, I finally found the best regimen. Dan's BP was the best thing that ever happened, and it remains a permanent piece of my regimen. Antibiotics suck, and I couldn't do Accutane. BP is good, but it's not enough by itself. So my goal was to create a regimen that keeps me about as clear as Accutane would. In other words a combo of things that make a big difference. This is my current regimen... Morning DK's Wash, BP, Lotion Vitamins A, B complex, C, E Zinc Fish Oil Evening Primrose Oil Night DK's Wash, Retin A Acidophilus Probiotic ACV Fiber GNC Superfoods Supreme (optional) I have done this for almost 3 weeks and the initial breakout stopped completely. Hopefully sticking with this strong regimen I will not just be clear, but stay clear for months. The four main parts are 1. Benzoyl Peroxide 2. Retin A Micro 3. Supplements 4. Exercise Plus I drink lots of water, and get sunlight now and then. I don't really care about my diet, just try to eat junk food sparingly. If you haven't tried BP, Retin A, supplements, or exercise, then by means try them all. They are better done together than alone. Trust me, give this regimen at least 2-3 weeks and you should definitely see results. There isn't really anything more to add to this regimen. Stay away from multivitamins they are bad. Get each supplement by itself, and get a good quality brand like gnc or nature made.
  21. OK, so maybe it's not so new, but it was new to me!! So I'm walking in the store and I see, a vegetable that I generally don't buy, actually, one that I've never bought in my life. I decided to buy it, and that became part of dinner!! Upon research, I found out just how good this vege was for you; and this morning.. WOW!!! Over 2lbs of me went down the toilet, along with hundreds of gallstones!! Magic vegetable?? OKRA.. raw Okra. So, let me go over my dinner with you all: 1) I cooked sour cabbage with some pork strips in a noodle soup. (Chinese style) 2) A plate of Okra (I ate about 20 of them) washed really well, and eaten raw. 3) Kim Chi (yes, as in the smelly Korean pickled cabbage) 4) Washed it all down with drinking Yogurt. Okra is high in bulk fiber, and the sticky stuff, lubes up the colon so as to facilitate the "exodus" out of the colon and into the toilet. The sticky stuff also is like a bacteria's paradise, and helps to facilitate friendly flora growth in a BIG way. Kim Chi has about 4-6x the acidophillous vs Yogurt. So eat your Kim Chi! I probably would have thrown some sea kelp in there for good measure, oh well. Okra also controls blood sugar really well, so all you diabetes people, eat your Okra! Raw is best, otherwise, steam or quick blanch. 1. Further contributing to the health of the intestinal tract, okra fiber (as well as flax and psyllium) has no equal among fibers for feeding the good bacteria (probiotics). 2. To retain most of okra's nutrients and self-digesting enzymes, it should be cooked as little as possible, e.g. with low heat or lightly steamed. Some eat it raw. However, if one is going to fry it (and it is undeniably delicious prepared that way when rolled in cornmeal and salt), only extra virgin olive oil, or UNREFINED coconut butter is recommended . Anyway, 7am this morning, My colon let me know, in no uncertain terms, that it had to go.. (So folks, make sure the bathroom is available, and try this on a weekend, not a weekday like I did!!) 2lbs + 200 Gallstones + 30 minutes later; I walked out of the bathroom bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, feeling my skin glowing all over, and my colon having a clean "I just used some Draino on it" type of feeling.. Okra is fairly safe as far as I know, and probably easy to get and very cheap. Just be fore-warned!! You will pass gas, mucus-plactoid, gallstones, bile juice, and all sorts of other nasty stuff that is really REALLY disgusting, but will make you feel 100x better after you pass all of it out. Winter is coming, and for those who get Winter itch, I highly recommend doing a "Okra" cleanse. Do get some friendly bacteria in with your Okra, the more the better. I feel amazing right now!! Just had my 9th bathroom run in-between typing this. Make sure you drink plenty of water!! You will feel a little tired from the detox process, but after you pass most of it out, you'll feel vibrant! I am not a doctor, so please don't ask me if this is "safe" for you. But thus far, it is difficult for me to imagine that eating Okra would be harmful. Also, it's really bulk fiberous, and you probably can't eat enough to get sick.. I hope people try this and give some feedback!! 2 platefuls of Okra cost me $1!!! I couldn't get this kind of results so cheap!!
  22. I've been eating paleo for the last two months, and my skin has gotten progressively worse. My diet basically consisted of the following: organic eggs, nuts, fruit, veggies and free range chicken, beef and lamb. This diet didn't really work for me, apart from the acne returning, I felt depressed and dissociated from everything. This has lead me to believe that there is some major problem with either my liver / digestion system / parasites. The only three avenues I have not yet exhausted. So my new regimen includes digestive enzymes with each meal, probiotics, prebiotics, a parasite killer, glutamine, aloe vera juice and wheatgrass juice. In future, I will also add gluten-free wholegrains and hope that my depression lifts. May also dabble a bit in liver flushing if the above does not work within two weeks. Anyone tried the above with success?
  23. Morning: Multi Vit for Women B Complex 100 (must use with pantethine) Pantethine aka B5- (acne) Afternoon: Biotin (so my hair wont thin on b5) Magnesium 300mg (Insulin resistance) Night: Pantethine Vit E *Whenever I can during the day 2 tbsp of vinegar (for Insulin Resistance) and a probiotic b/t meals* Should I add Saw Palmetto and Milk thistle (helps to absorb the saw palmetto) at night? I have high testosterone.
  24. Philippa


    Hi I was hoping somebody on here would be able to help me. I want to help control the candida overgrowth but I dont want to go on a dramatic diet to solve it. I was hoping I could do it slowly by taking a high probiotic supplement morning and night and going on a healthy diet which will include foods prohibited byt the candida diet such as fruit. Will a probitoic first thing and at night work? I jut want something to work over time veen if it takes a year
  25. LivesInABox

    Leaky Gut Syndrome

    3 weeks into my new regime and i'm extremely happy, i wasn't gonna post for another couple of weeks but I believe i've finally found and started working on the problem causing my acne! I've spent a while researching and experimenting and now i have a 90 day plan to rid myself of acne once and for all! And if it works, i should feel a whole lot healthier!