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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everyone, i'm a 16 year old girl. l've been fighting this battle for going on 5 years. The reason i'm starting this blog is because i've spent hours and hours reading people's stories, and watching Youtube videos. l hope my story will help someone else. SOME HISTORY: My mom never had a problem with her skin. My dad on the other hand had severe cystic acne on his nose, jaw line, arms, chest, and back. ( He still gets huge cysts sometimes from stress.. ) WHEN IT STARTED: l started gett
  2. I started having acne when I was 13, but it was exclusively on my forehead. I tried a lot of products until I started taking Proactive, and for the last five years, it's kept my skin almost perfectly clear. I started going to college and halfway through the semester my mom wanted me to try the Neutrogena oil free wash with salycyclic acid. It kept my acne under control pretty well, but it did break me out a bit more than usual (I just thought it was mostly stress) especially around the time
  3. Trying to decide if my 13 yr old daughter, who has 1 out of 10 scale acne, should start the regimen to help control and stop acne from starting? Or do you have to wait for it to become a problem? Will starting the regimen hurt more than help? Not a topic I've seen before, any help appreciated.
  4. I am 15 years old and i recently found out i have acne vulgaris and alot of zits all over my face, especially on the cheeks to my forehead and chin. In the past i have little acne yet i thought proactiv would heal my acne. It was the worst decision of my life especially when i had decided to stop using it. When i had been using proactiv, my skin was clear but when i had stopped using it my acne just burst. Ever since then i have used everything literally. I've tried coconut oil, natural organics
  5. I just wanted to update anyone interested in holistic methods for acne what I have been doing recently. I learned about Arachidonic Acid (AA) which is highly inflammatory and what Omega 6 is converted to in the body. AA metabolizes into all the inflammatory compounds; especially leukotrienes and prostaglandins. I learned that you need to redirect how your body deals with PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA's) towards the anti-inflammatory compounds. I realize that there is a balance. We already kn
  6. I feel like I'm sabotaging my own skin and am considering quitting all my acne products. I get some hormonal acne but I feel like what I dislike about my skin more is that it seems to be irritated all the time with constant fresh zits. I'm afraid my skin will react badly if I quit using all my products: Morning: Proactive Step 1 Proactive Step 2 Aczone Moisturelle Moisturizer Bareminerals makeup primer bare minerals foundation-beamish remedy Night: proactive steps 1 and 2 epiduo fort
  7. Lets start from the beginning I got acne at a rather young age, I started to get it in fourth grade and I went on Proactiv at around 11 years old. I stayed on Proactiv and used it day and night for 5+ years and it had given me really good results. I got a few breakouts but nothing so bad. I am 16 now and five months ago I decided to go off of it for various reasons,I found that I was getting more breakouts than usual so I thought it may have stopped working as well as it used to, I hear
  8. I can't do it anymore, I've tried everything it has an affect on my acne for about months then my acne just comes back looking worse than ever. Is it time I should see a dermatologist about accutane?
  9. I won't detail my full acne history here and save that for another thread. I started using myo-Inositol from a health food store, and my skin cleared quickly and dramatically. It cleared on my back, my face, and my chest, even most of my blackheads were gone. At the time I was using many other supplements, I was exercising and adhering to my personal acne diet (no soy, low sugar, emphasize vegetables, etc) so I was unsure of how much Inositol really contributed to the improvement. One by one
  10. In this topic, it was explained that on the 7th day of abstaining from masturbation there is a testosterone spike in males of up to 147%: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/241253-testosterone-levels-spike-7-days-after-abstaining-from-masturbation/ Many acne sufferers here confirmed that they always had breakouts sometime around the 7th day of abstaining. But I have a more in depth question for you guys: What if you were to abstain for a long period of time, lets say a mo
  11. Hey all, I am Thomas Rio, I have had acne since I was about 14. I am now 24. I have managed it many different ways, and have seen very clear skin at times for a few months at a time. About six months was the longest stint I have been clear. I have the type of skin where if I did absolutely nothing, including not washing my face, I would probably end up with over 100 pimples at a time, maybe more. Although by now I have sort of lost the acne growth everywhere but my forehead. However, my up
  12. Edit: read the last post if you want to see what has finally worked for me! Link for pictures too. After being in very low spirits about my skin, I researched the Internet for what seems like half the day yesterday. While reading over a post on acne.org, labeled, "The bad list", I realized the natural organic crap I've been using as a face wash, contained 2 comedogenic ingredients, at the top of the ingredients list. smh. What was I thinking?! Instead of sulking, I tried really hard to
  13. Hi everyone, I have been now battling with acne for quite some time. I am 26 and part asian and it took me this long to realize i was allergic/intolerant to most of the things that work. I used to take acutane but had to stop as i was moving to the USA from Europe and couldn't get a prescription here (too expensive!) it was working but i was going blind! not really blind but my eyes used to hurt and currently still do after a year and half (they get dry easily and sensitive to the sun) whi
  14. Can anyone recommend a good toner? I have combination skin that tends to clog easily. I have hormonal acne as well and very irritated skin. I'd like the toner to: 1. have glycolic acid in it. 2. Not clog my pores 3. Not irritate my skin (I've used the proactive toner and it didn't break me out or irritate me. Is there something similar, but better for your skin?)
  15. Hi! I am new to this site so bare with me. I have persistent acne on my face, back, and neck. I, at first, tried Proactive's X-Out, which it did not help, then went to my primary peds doctor and she started me on Epiduo. It has helped a bit, I will not lie. I apply the Epiduo then put a layer of Cetaphil lotion for my face. My doctor told me that I should use Panoxyl for my back, and that also has not helped that much. I want to know what you think my next best action is.....Seeing a dermatol
  16. Lately I been using the Proactive 3-step regimen.... The orange color kind ones that has the Cleanser, Skin balancing toner acid thingy, and the benzyle peroxide cream. About 8 weeks i think my face was getting a lot better, mildly improved, but about 2 weeks later it started to get worse. I suffered about 5 break-outs; pustles and papules. Red zits on mostly the bottom skin under my mouth/lips and chin area. One on the right side of my nose. I felt devastated and don't know how that happene
  17. Please read this previous thread for info before commenting: I am confident, after years of dealing with acne that there is one fundamental difference between acne sufferers and those with clear skin. But this idea doesn't dismiss the fact that acne is multifactorial and I am not dismissing healthy eating, exercise, antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, etc. I believe that all the different manners of treating acne work by affecting one thing but in different ways. I thought at one point that it
  18. Prolactin increases 5-alpha-reductase which is an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT. DHT is known to cause acne. Prolactin levels between acne patients and "healthy" patients did not differ significantly by much in clincal studies but in patients with acne, the level of Prolactin was directly associated with the severity of acne. Zinc is known to lower prolactin which may be why some people find relief with zinc supplements. Masturbation/sex/orgasm also increases Prolactin which may be
  19. Hi everyone, I have had acne since I was an adolescent, and I am 23 now. I am excited about this site because of the positive reviews and a great interactive design. My acne I guess you could say is mild at the moment, and has fluctuated since it began around 10 years ago. I went to dermatologists, I went on differn, tetracyclin, proactive, accutane, you name it. Nothing has ever really worked. Now, I'm trying this regimen. It has been four weeks, and I haven't seen much of an improv
  20. First, I want to share my background. I have never had a problem with acne. I have always had very smooth clear skin, with an occasional outbreak. I started washing with proactive in 2006 when I was 18 for prevention of those minor outbreaks (I don't recommend this because it destroys your skins natural barrier). Two years ago, in 2011, I started getting a cystic pimple every couple months, that I would handle by getting a cortisone injection. Not a big problem. Then Last year, in May 2012, I g
  21. I'm just wondering if there are some people out there who have tried Proactive but did not have success and then find themselves with clear skin when using Ance.org's products. I have tried proactive recently for a little over a month. I stopped because it only made my ance worse. Now thanks to Proactive my ance has spread and I can not get it under control. I am 23, female, and I have bilateral patches of a ance on my checks and oddy on my right side of my lower jaw. --Emily
  22. I have read so many blogs and forums about this, and I even have personal experience dealing with it. Is it because proactive works so well no other systems can compare or is it because your skin gets a damaged and addicted to the product?
  23. Sorry if this is a dumb question...if it worked you'd not likely be on here but just curious, has proactive actually worked at all or reduced acne for anybody?
  24. As a young teenage girl I tried every standard anti-biotic under the sun and moved to taking the contraceptive pill as a means to reduce acne since I was about 15. I also used Proactive Solution for a few years and together they were very successful, with only a few bumps here and there. I am now 19 and decided to give Accutane a go, as the moment I missed a pill, my acne would appear again. Given that my acne was manageable on the contraceptive pill, I decided that the side effects (dry skin