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Found 21 results

  1. I'm currently on Yaz and was also on Spironolactone for ~5 months and my acne was completely clear. I was then diagnosed with vasculitis and had to get off spironolactone to take prednisone to manage flare-ups. I was on and off Prednisone for about a month and a half. Once I started tapering the second time I was on it (which was for a period of about a month), I began breaking out in mostly small, flesh-colored pimples on my forehead, some on chest, and some on the center of my back. My dermato
  2. Wasup my name is AsianyJ, Ive been feeling pretty down the past month because of my acne and it has gotten so bad where I had to go on accutane. So this is ganna be my story and my process log. My story Ive had pretty clear skin throughout high school. While my friends were breaking out with occasional pimples, I was always thankful that my skin was pretty clear. Lol they would always make fun of each others faces….Anyway, I always took care of my face with face washes and stuff lik
  3. In 6 days I will have been on Accutane for 6 long, hard months. I am a 24 year old girl. I am 5' 7'' and weigh about 125 lbs. I have always had issues with my skin- ever since puberty. For the most part, my main problem was cystic acne that would flare up around the time of my period. I have been on birth control (yaz and then beyaz) since about 15 or 16. After trying retina A and various antibiotics over the years without the results I was looking for, my dermatologist suggested Accutane.
  4. Sorry, I actually started Claravis 13 days ago but i have a WILD story to share with you guys. 40mg a day background: used to be mild acne when i was 14-15 it turned into moderate acne next couple years then into severe acne when i turned 17 I was on antibiotics 4 months prior to taking accutane. My derm told me since i had been on antibiotics my IB wouldn't be so bad....WOW was she wrong....read this horror story below. Days 1-6 - I didn't have any noticable side effects other tha
  5. Hey everyone! 3 weeks ago, I had a 7 hour bone graft surgery done where a piece of bone was taken from my hip and grafted into my jaw. This surgery caused lots of swelling and I was given dexamethasone (decadron) through my IV as well as prednisone. The first week and a half after my surgery, my skin was really clear but just a bit oily. By the second week after my surgery, my skin broke out horribly! I have several pimples all over my chin, neck, cheeks, and the sides of my face. I went to
  6. Or, more accurately, from STOPPING prednisone while on accutane. It helped a lot in the beginning, but now I feel screwed. Has this happened to anyone else and what did you do to make it a bit better? I began getting more breakouts when I went down from 20 to 10mg...I stopped my pills yesterday and today I woke up with two small red zits forming and even worse, a huge cyst in the pores beside my nose [where I used to get very oily]. I've heard of this happening since pred is a strong anti-inflam
  7. Short background story so I don't bore people. I've had acne since I was in 6th grade but it was never severe. I've gone to lots of dermatologist but nothing ever seemed to clear up my skin completely. I always had like 1-3 pimples at a time and during that time of the month is when i had 3-4 pop out. In 2016 my acne got so much worse thats when I went to a new dermatologist and she decided to put me on isotretinoin. I was given 30mg for the first month along with prednisone (20mg pills twice a
  8. Hello, newbie to this site. I'm currently finishing month 3 of Accutane. I have come to realize that most of my acne is due to me picking at any little blemish but I can not seem to stop! Just a few days ago I had only 2 healing pimples. Last night I spent too much time in front of the mirror and now my face is a war zone. It's bad enough i had my doctor prescribe me a 5 day course of prednisone to heal the inflammation I caused. Ahhh, what did i pick? I was looking great up until then Anyon
  9. Hi! Ever since I turned 18 I've been struggling with cystic acne (almost 20 now), and after trying lots of topical medications like Differin and Stieva-A, and also some antibiotics, my dermatologist finally agreed to prescribe me with Accutane. He's also given me some Prednisone, which I'm supposed to take for 4 weeks, to prevent an IB. Today is my third day of it, and I really hope this is what will finally help me (I mean if it doesn't, I am really out of options here). I do know that whil
  10. I've been reading so many posts on this site and finally decided to write my own. I'm not sure if its to share my experience or make me feel any better about everything I've dealt with with acne but its something. I can't remember not having acne. I started getting pimples in the 6th grade. I was eleven. Of course at that time no one cared, and by that I mean the people that surrounded me in my life, which were a bunch of other 11 year olds. When I started middle school I was already heavily inv
  11. Hi I never really get acne, it's not "genetic" in my family and I eat extremely healthy. About a month ago, I went on birth control for the first time (I'm 19) and my face exploded with hormonal acne, not cystic or anything too painful but whiteheads and little flesh-colored bumps and my skin was thick with oil. I stayed on birth control for a week, then stopped. I went back to my doctor to explain what was going on, and she insisted it wasn't acne and that it was an allergic reaction because it
  12. Hey all, I was recently diagnosed with kidney disease last June 2014 and decided to go with prednisone for treatment. That lasted for three months, i couldnt deal with the side effects and see no improvement, so i started to pyramid off which lasted an additional month. I had a few breakouts while on prednisone but nothing serious, until i completly came off and begain to break out drastically around my upper cheeks and temple area, and small areas around my eyebrows and forhead. ive been off
  13. So after being on epiduo gel, clindamycin phosphate lotion, and solodyn for four weeks, I still have two large cysts (my derm referred to them as pockets) on my face that are very inflamed, as well as some other inflamed acne that is drying up and starting to peel off, and is also very red and irritated. I saw my derm today, and he switched me from solodyn to bactrim, and also prescribed a 20 mg dose of prednisone for five days in lieu of injecting the cysts with a steroid, as he said that could
  14. So I just started my last month of 80mg/day and was clear until 2 days ago a whopping cyst appeared on my left side of my neck (towards the back of neck). I am not sure if its a cyst, spider bite, or lymph node, but it hurts whenever I move my neck and is red but not too hard and doesn't stick out much. Little less than diameter of nickel. Derm gave me around 10 predisone pills on month 2 and said to take 6 because of a bad initial breakout and save the rest incase of another flare up. S
  15. Posted yesterday about getting a cortisone shot while on accutane. Got my shot this morning on a red cyst next to my nose and was also given 10 prednisone pills. The doc said to take 2 a day for 3 days and then use the other remaining whenever you get another cyst flare up. My question is that should I follow the advice of taking 2 a day for 3 days, or should I take 3 today, 2 tomorrow, and one the following day? I have read that gradually decreasing dose gives good results. I just do not kn
  16. I just finished a 10 day cycle of Prednisone to treat my Asthma. Within a week my finally calm skin was full blown irritated and my back and neck covered in acne. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, did you find a way to treat it? I'd like to balance out my system but not sure how. Or flush it out maybe? Any tips or ideas appreciated. Thanks
  17. DAY 15 OF TAZORAC (used 4x) + DOXYCYCLINE TWICE A DAY I've been feeling rather hopeless. My skin is so bad that I feel like I'm never going to get clear at this rate. I don't know what to do. I want to be able to live my life again and spend time with my boyfriend again but my acne hurts and it just makes me uncomfortable and self conscious to cuddle with him when my chin, jawline & forehead feel so devastatingly rough and inflamed. I'm so tired of crying everyday. I'm so tired of waking
  18. I just started my second month of accutane: first month-40mg once a day 2nd month-30mg 2x a day. My derm prescribed prednisone today and I was wondering if anybody could share their side effects while taking Prednisone. I am mostly concerned with a change in weight. I have heard mixed reviews about it and I am nervous to start it. If anyone could PLEASE share their side effects, positive or negative, it would be greatly appreciated!
  19. Hi My name is Nina and I am 16 years old and a junior in high school. I used to be the girl with the clear skin until the end of my freshman year, and even then it wasn't that serious. Of course because I had clear skin before then I thought it was the end of the world . I started to use a lot of different products like tea tree oil and zap it! but none of it really worked. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I begged my mom to take me to the dermatologist so she finally made the app
  20. Hello! I have been on accutane for about a month and some days. I had a IB the first 1-2 weeks and then I was getting better but now its going up and down. So my derm told me that I can use prednisone if I want. Its supposed to reduce inflammation and stop further breakouts. But i've heard that a side effect is acne? I'm unsure if I want to go on prednisone or just stick with accutane. Does anybody here have experience with prednisone? And how did it work for you? Regards, Dani
  21. Hello! I've been on accutane 1 month and some days now. I got a really bad intital breakout the first 1-2 weeks and then it started getting better, but now its getting a bit worse again. Anyways, my dermalogist said that if I want, I could start on prednisone. This is some kind of steroid that reduces the inflammation and stop further breakouts. I'm not severe, but on both of my cheeks I have an area with is infected which looks kinda bad. I have like several bumps that keeps "building". A