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Found 19 results

  1. can i wear translucent powder on my moisturizer (dry skin) or will it decrease the effect of moisturizer? my skin is very dry, but when i apply moisturizer i look obviously very oily, my hair sticks to it..i want my skin to be a bit matte, even though it needs to be hydrated.. ive recently started accutane, my already dry skin is flaking like crazy and i cant wear liquid foundation.
  2. Hey there, Since a weeks ago I have started working out in aim to build muscles. When you're pumping iron your body will want extra protein especially just after a session. I did some research about the proteinpowder (whey protein)I had from back in the good days before acne was a problem. Big no no. I am now reading about vegan protein such as brown rice protein, peas protein, hamp protein. Do anyone have experience with any of these vegan proteinpowders? Did it cause acne? If you ha
  3. hello! i'll let know 1st that i've less or no idea about doing make-up. i use a sunscreen that my derma had prescribed.its MELAGARD 50+. It's got ZINC OXIDE alone with few other chemical blocks in it. as zno does,it leaves a slightly pale look. covered look. i have a concealer from AVON. AVON STICK CONCEALER. now,what i want to know is CAN I USE THE SUNSCREEN ALL OVER MY FACE AND THEN PUT THE CONCEALERS JUST ON MY POST-ACNE SPOTS/BLEMISHES ETC?? DO I NEED A POWDER/COMPACT/
  4. Okay so, I have read some articles about what the difference is but I still don't understand properly!! I really want to try using baking soda for a facial scrub because I have heard lots of good reviews about it but I have a problem.. I went to the store today and the only thing I could find was baking powder? Maybe I was not looking in the correct place for it. I went online and was I supposed to look in the cleaners isle? Where all the bleaches and detergents are? Sounds kind of harsh
  5. Hey, Does anyone know of any good facial powders that I could use to help cover facial redness? It has to be not very irritating. At the moment I am using some stuff called Physician's Formula. It is decent, but I am sure there is something better. Thanks for your help!
  6. Hey all, So ever since my acne cleared up and I started using AHA to keep my skin free from the flakes and to clear my giant pores, I noticed that my skin, which used to be dry/combination, is now oily/combination. Because of that, I've started using Make Up For Ever HD Finishing Powder, which is 100% silica and soaks up oil. I use it on top of my foundation, whether it's liquid (Bourjois Healthy Skin, Make Up For Ever HD) or powder (Alima Pure mineral foundation). Despite that thoug
  7. Hello! I don't post in here much, as I don't use much makeup, but that's why I especially want to talk about this brand. When I went through a REALLY awful period of breakouts recently, I looked for ages into makeup. I knew I wanted something natural and high quality that would not break the bank. Bare Minerals works well, but I couldn't stand their advertising. I didn't want to support a company so obnoxious, honestly. Origins are AMAZING, but I didn't have the option of getting t
  8. Hi everyone, I was looking for some good suggestions for powder makeup. I usually wear a liquid foundation which has been working just fine, but I want to achieve a more matte look with my makeup without irritating my skin. So basically, my 2 questions are: What kind of powder makeup is best for avoiding acne? (such as loose powder, pressed powder, brand, etc) Do you apply powder with a makeup brush or powder puff? Thank you so very much for any help!!
  9. Hello, I've been suffereing from hormonal acne for about 6 years. I've tried everything nothing has worked. Until now. I've been researching into sulfur being the miracle cure. I've decided I wanted to make my own paste with coconut oil. The only problem is I have 2 choices on which sulfur to buy and I'd like your help in picking one. 1: Gold Standard Organic Sulfur http://www.h2oairwateramericas.com/Departments/Supplements/Organic-Sulfur.aspx This sulfur states it's never grounded becaus
  10. So, I know I am supposed to be studying for my exams, but of course I am doing skin care research...so i guess if I fail at least my skin will hopefully look nice. Anyway, I just bought some new makeup to try out- covergirl's tru blend mineral pressed powder and Maybelline's super stay 24 hour concealer and was thinking of going out to buy the physicians formula talc free mineral foundation My regular makeup (covergirl's aquasmoothers foundation) does not break me out at all, co
  11. Hey everyone, I have been on the regimen successfully for a few years now, and have added in some new makeup products recently. I started breaking out on my chin in 4-5 zits yesterday and I think it's related to the new makeup. I wanted to know if anyone has suggestions about applying loose or pressed powder? I tried brushes but after a week or so, I started breaking out. Also, I noticed on the acne.org website, it is recommended to use a clean, dry powder puff. So, I have been using a clean,
  12. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone ever tried Clinique's line of makeup before? I want to start wearing powder foundation because my derm told me powder is better than liquid...so, who knows? I never tried powder foundation before, so I'm going to try it out. Which kind did you try and how did it work for you? Side note: I have veryyyy oily skin. Seriously, you could see the droplets of oil on my nose!!! and of course I am acne-prone and I have scarring (both red marks and dented).
  13. What do you like? First I was using Bare Escentuals but I didn't really see a different in my skin after using it for a year. I decided to try Cover Fx Pressed Mineral foundation and the first day I used it my friend said my face looked super good! It doesn't make me oily, it's a little bit more expensive but I think it's worth it. The coverage is buildable and my face is still breathable I use a powder foundation brush to apply it because the sponge dries out my skin.
  14. hey guys! any suggestions on translucent mattifying powders for hardcore oily skin? thanks!
  15. I purchased a whey protein powder for bodybuilding and mass gain. Before, I used a different brand and I had mild to sometimes, no acne. After I purchased a different brand, once or twice, I would breakout in small acne (jaw and cheeks) for about 3-4 days before it calmed down. And the breakout came again 4 days ago when I consumed the shake late at night. Do you think there is any ingredient here that might be causing this? I was thinking it was the B6. http://precisionsupplements.ca/wp-conten
  16. So im looking for a good powder foundation to cover my mild/moderate acne. First, some background: im thirteen and ive had just the occasional breakout with oily skin since i was twelve, but for the past 8 or so months, my acne is pretty bad. I didnt change my skincare or anything, it just happened. On an everyday basis i wear the neutrogena skin clearing foundation and i love it! It covers so well and looks natural and doesnt break me out at all. On really good days, i use the maybeline fit me
  17. Hi, I got to the stage around 6 months ago where I found myself unable to leave the house without some amount of face coverage. Since then until now, I'd only use liquid foundation all over for great coverage, but still encountered some of the expected problems that arise with covering your face with makeup. Just a few days ago I decided to swap my liquid makeup (I'd used Clinique anti-blemish liquid makeup) for seemingly lighter mineral powder foundation (Nude by Nature/Proactiv brand).
  18. I currently use the Jane Iredale primer for oily skin, by cream, and pressed powder. Have any of you used these and had breakouts? I started using them about a month ago...
  19. Hello there. I have been struggling with acne for 4 years now. I am 17 years old, and my skin has been under control for the past two years. All of a sudden, it went crazy! I have been on Retin-A for like 4 months. I have been on Birth Control(Tri-Nessa), Oracea, and Duac for a month. My skin is breaking out! I am not sure if it is just the medicine getting all the bad stuff out from my skin. The pimples do go away quickly just more form. Should I wait it out? Also another factor is my makeup