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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, So its almost been 2 years since I last posted on Acne.org and kind of feel that I owe the community something after it helped me so much in my time of need. First off my name is Tim and in January 2010 i started a years course of accutane finishing this January gone (2011). My dosage at first was 20mg which then rose to 60/80mg then gradually back down towards the end of my treatment. I found life on accutane very, very hard. The drug is a BITCH, but at times we need a bitch to put us
  2. So I just finished my second course of Accutane 2 months ago in April 2018 and I'm already starting to breakout again. On my first course the same thing happened; I broke out ~2 months post treatment. Is it viable to go on a third course or should I just look into other options? On both courses of Accutane I was on I reached well above the cumulative dosage for my BW with 180mg/kg for the first course (i was on it for 9 months) and 150mg/kg for the second course (7 months). Another questi
  3. Hi everyone How long should one wait post accutane to consider subcision treatments? I've read many different things on threads within this website, with some people saying to wait 6 months, others 12 months, and others saying it can be done within a couple of months post accutane - with only energy devices (such as lasers) being the thing you have to avoid for a 6+ months post accutane. Any advice would be great. Thanks
  4. So about 6 months ago I squeezed a headless pimple on my cheek too hard and it became red and started bleeding. Ever since then there has been a red outlined mark, it's not bumpy or anything it's just annoying. Is there any way to remove it effectively?
  5. Hi all, I'm just over 4 months post accutane (second round, first was 15 yrs ago) I'm noticing a breakout....nothing major but a few new small spots each day. Is it normal to have a breakout after treatment? If it gets worse I can call the derm nurses who have said we can look at another course (I really hope that's the case and I won't have to go back to gp for a referral etc) just interested in people's opinions/experiences. I'm trying not to stress about it I feel that could make things worse
  6. hey, ive took accutane for 4 months, 40mg, im 62 kg. i currently have 0 acne and havent had since i stopped accutane. got small pimples after but dissapeared after few days. now havent go since a good month. tho, ill get some little red spots on my nose always, they seem to disappear fast but new ones always appear, they barely noticeable. its the same thing with between my eyebrown. i also still got some redmarks from old people, any good way to treat it ? mask or anything ? i sti
  7. Hi guys, It's only been about 6 months that I've been off Accutane but I'm going for a consultation soon and I'd like to get some other people's opinions on my skin. I'm pretty certain I have Post Inflammatory Eytherma but I'm not 100%. Looking at my gross photo (sorry about the quality), what do you think would help the most and how much longer will these take to heal? Also, I've got a semi-hard lump underneith one of the red marks but my face is completely flat and it's been there for ov
  8. Hey guys, Was wondering when your Post Inflammatory Erythema faded? These are the red marks you get after acne/trauma and will disappear when they are pressed and then come back when they aren't being pressed, so annoying man! (Victims of PIH are normally people with darker complexions and the marks are usually brown and PIE is red/purple) Just wanted some more information, there's a dude on here called 'bio_nerd' and he has loads of information about it on his profile but he hasn't been a
  9. So I stopped taking Accutane 41 days ago and since stopping Id say Ive only had about 2 zits since then. Thats amazing considering how bad it was before. I am still using the Trader Joes Nourish face wash, the Earth Sciences moisturizer, and the Bio oil. I still have some hyperpigmentation but it had significantly gotten much better. If I ever get a zit I just use a little bit of Daniel Kerns 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide gel and the zit disappears overnight. I strongly reccomend anybody who is con
  10. Hi, everyone!!!This is my second course of accutane and I will be ending it in october or november.. depending I may even go on a year but I've completed 4 months. I'm looking for some recommendations on acne scarring treatments. I have no idea what type of scarring mine is/ grade. I think it's moderate but at times I feel it's severe. I can't cover my skin texture with makeup but my derm says that they might not bother me later after treatment on accutane. I will be waiting approximately 6mths
  11. I'll be taking my 'last' pill on Wednesday 24th Feb. The apostrophes on last are because after my main course of accutane, I will be taking a "maintenance dose". My derm told me to take 3 pill a week after finishing my 16th box of isotretinoin. By the time I finish the last pill of this box I will have taken a cumulative dosage of around 175 mg/kg. He also said that this low of a dosage wouldn't produce any side effects that my current dosage is, so it would be as if I weren't taking the pill at
  12. I just wanted to give a quick update as I pass the 18-months post-Accutane mark! My skin is still VERY clear - I probably get about one very small pimple every month or 2, and it goes away COMPLETELY within 2 days. Again, it's very small - usually doesn't even develop to the stage of being a whitehead, and it's gone before I even really notice it. Here is a before and after pic: ALSO, I wanted to address some of the side effects that other users had/have been experiencing. I basica
  13. Hello, My name is Garrick. Back in 2012/2013 I started to experience very bad acne, while I had dealt with acne before it was never something that was a huge issue in my life. I would get the occasional spot and they would go away. In my last year of high school though that changed for me, and I started getting more and more acne that didn't seem t go away no matter what drug store products I was using. So once my face was completely covered and nothing was working I went to the dermatologist,
  14. Hi all, I've read up a lot about PIH in the past. I have a lot of scars from a break out last year that are still here. They are mostly reddish/dark spots, some of them have a very slight indentation, some are smooth. Almost all on the sides of my cheek, though a handful on my forehead as well. Recently I learned about post inflammatory erythema (PIE), and I think I may actually have that, not PIH. So quite possibly, I've been treating the spots wrong since I have used methods to treat PIH,
  15. Okay so prior to taking Accutane I'd only have one or two really stubborn pimples and that was it. After finishing Accutane my face looks like this. I know it's nasty, that's why I'm hoping for some advice or someone else this has happened to or what anyone even thinks this is? It's like a gazillion bumps with a few big ones. You can really only notice it in sunlight and at certain angles. I went to my derm and he prescribed me stuff but it isn't working at all. Help!?
  16. Hey guys! So it's been a while since I post anything on this website, but here I am once more. So I finished my accutane journey 3 weeks ago. My dermatologist said that since I had no more acne coming out and I finished 4 and a half months of the treatment, no need to keep going on it. My main problem now are the marks. I'm extremely happy nonetheless since I don't have these nasty cysts and all that crud on my face anymore, but I want these marks to fade a bit quicker. My dermatologisti
  17. Hey everyone, So I was given Tazorac again by my dermatologist to avoid acne from forming and to help with my red marks (PIH). I got a 25% TCA peel around 2-3 weeks ago and my next session is on August 5th. I began using the Tazorac yesterday because I had used it twice 2 weeks ago and it irritated the heck out of my skin, so I washed off and waited for my skin to properly heal. It's been a day and I did notice my face a bit more red, and some really small pimples I had are forming tiny
  18. I am currently on Differin gel to help clear clogged pores, tiny zits, inflammations etc. but I still do have moderate acne scarring from past acne. I have a question does differin gel help fade PIH or would I need to exfoliate myself? Can someone please help me...
  19. Owain1122


    I've been on antibiotics for over a month now and I've been using Duac. Most of my spots have gone but I have tons and tons of PIH. Is there anything I can do to reduce them or at least improve the look of the PIH?
  20. Hey guys i need confirmation! Ive literally been on a 12 day period after i upped my dose to 75mg around two weeks ago. Im worried i dont know if this is normal!!??? Pls help. Been on spiro now for 7 months now!
  21. So I have been plagued by acne for almost as long as I can remember. I am now 24 and while I don't break out that much anymore (though I had a spell hit me recently) I still have marks that have been on my face for a long time. Some of them for years. I just have no clue what to do and how to deal with it. Reading up I find hundreds of different opinions and don't really know which way I should go. I am just so tired of it at this point and wish I could be happy about what I see in the mirror.
  22. Hi everyone! So for those of you who is like "whats Vbeam?" I'm going for a Vascular Laser Treatment, that is supposed to work on your redness you get from Acne, on August 7th!! I will post my personal experience on this message board, so please follow if you're interested In the meanwhile, I would love some people who have experience, comment on how exactly their procedure went. Like for example: -did you bruise? -if so, how long did it take for your bruises to go away? -did you see
  23. Hey there, So I just have a few questions. I recently had a pimple maybe a month ago just a simple whitehead on my forehead. Normally I try to pop them but I left this one alone and now almost a month later, I have a small reddish bump where it was and the pore looks to be clogged. So I took a needle and tried opening up the pore but just tons of blood came out. I'm wondering what this is and how to get it to go away. Thanks.