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Found 9 results

  1. Firstly, hello everyone.. I'm new here (: I've had acne for at least 5 years now (I'm almost 16) mostly only having whiteheads and blackheads, with the occasional pimple. But I went through a stage where I was getting a few cystic pimples on my cheeks, and now they have gone but I'm left with red marks. My acne at the moment is mostly black/white heads.. But with the acne treatments my dermatologist has me on my skin is very weak. Meaning when I do succumb to my urges and pick at a little bl
  2. hey, about two weeks ago, i shaved and as always got a few ingrown hairs on my upper lip. ironically, the bad ones have actually dissapeared now and have left no mark. however, there was a small red mark on my upper left moustache area, so i put some toothpaste on it in an attempt to calm redness. i did this for three nights, however by night three it had filled with pus and in the morning it exploded, leaving an open wound. it then scabbed over, and i had to constantly moisten the scab and
  3. I am in the first week of my fourth month on Ortho Tri cyclen bcp. My skin has never done this before: I now am covered in post acne red marks. Where once a pimple was I am now left with red marks almost 3 months later. WHY I am struggling a lot I am not sure what to do anymore
  4. I've had mild to moderate acne for 6 years now (first started appearing at 11, I'm almost 16 now). When I first wanted help I got it from my family doctor who recommended benzac AC wash and prescribed Eryacne. She eventually had me on short antibiotic courses and birth control Levlen. She recently left her practice and recommended me a dermatologist (she was going to anyway, my acne got to the point where it wasn't responding to her treatments). I never had deep, painful cystic acne (I had a fe
  5. Week Sevenish: Wow. I can see an improvement in acne. However, the most dramatic changes are the side-effects. I thought that they were over-exaggerated and would be minor nuisances. I'll start with a frequent one: dry lips. They have become so chapped I can't move them in the . morning without excruciating pain. They cut deeply and no matter how often or how much aquaphor or chapstick you apply, they are very uncomfortable and very noticeable. Next, I get lots of dryness on my face around my n
  6. This has background information in it as well, so its quite long! I apologize for the length! I'm on my 6th year of suffering acne, I'm almost 16. My main problem was always whiteheads. My forehead was covered in pesky little bumps.. You could touch every part of my forehead with the tip of your pinky finger and not find a clear space for it. Anyway, my doctor recommended a benzoyl peroxide wash- benzac AC (non prescription) which I used for a good 4 years and then on and off up untill about 4
  7. Hi guys! I'm S, and I broke out pretty badly this summer, along with a rash from waxing, also an allergic reaction to hydroquinone (...I know.) and am left with some dark spots and some splotchy skin!! So I decided to try microdermabrasion! BTW: I suggest not to use microdermabrasion if you have active pimples. I feel as if they would irritate the acne :/ If you're left with PIH, tho, it seems to be a good option! I had my first one today. I got it done at my local spa with an e
  8. Hey gang, I haven’t updated in a bit and I feel it’s overdue. DRUUUGGGS: I had a dermatologist visit a few weeks ago. My doctor said she definitely notices the change that spiro has had on my acne, but she still wants me to know that Accutane is her #1 recommendation. I told her I know, but I still don’t want it. Maybe I’m being stubborn, but I feel that I would rather live with acne then have potential long-lasting health issues from the side effects. Anywho, my blood
  9. So what is this? 1) The first picture was taken in February 2014, and the second one is taken now in June 2014. It was first a little pimple I guess, that I tried to pop or scratch... I was on accutane and finished my course 2 months ago... So it became a scab and then a brown mark. After that I was growing a beard and hiding it, but I don't like my beard, and now it has become pink skin. You can't really see it very well on the picture, but in real life you can see it from far since it's s