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Found 20 results

  1. stuff i've learnt about acne and some of my thoughts regarding the subject. -researching acne is 100% important when trying to "cure" yourself. there is different types of acne. all have specific treatments. (some skin problems are not even acne) - it important to educate yourself on post acne marks & acne scars + how to treat them. it is easy to mistake post acne/ skin damage for active acne. -sodium lauryl sulfate (aka "SLS" for short) is an ingredient in most acne soaps but shoul
  2. Hello I am writing a research paper regarding Roaccutane for a nursing degree and was hoping I could get some data! As an acne sufferer I have always pondered going on Roaccutane but have never filled my prescription... It would be much appreciated if anyone who has taken Roaccutane before could answer 10 questions regarding their experience on the medication. The main answers I'm looking for are if you were happy with your results and if you noticed side effects.https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X
  3. I'm male and 17 years old. I've been on 40 mg a day for the past 6 months and finish the course next week. Will my skin continue to get better, or is this the best it can be? When my other friends finished their course they had completely clear skin, but I still have lots of red marks (almost looks like spots under skin) although my face is completely smooth. (See photo) If my skin won't improve further naturally, is there anything I can do to improve it?
  4. Hi I have very little acne to no acne at all left on my face after lots of years struggling with quite severe acne. However i am left with some red marks and a little redness of my face. currently I am only moistuerizing my face with either jojoba oil or cetaphil. but is there anyway that I can reduce these red marks and redness of my face ? it is really bothering me so if anyone got some inputs it'll be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hello! For the last 3 years or so I have searched online for answers about why my skin was so red. Could it be from my acne? Could I have rosacea before I was even 30? Would it ever go away? Who else had this kind of redness that I did? I am here to post my progress, and maybe be of some kind of reference or guidance to someone else who is searching for answers, sees my skin, and can relate. I had always had some kind of acne since I was about 11. I never did NOT have some kind of blemish on my
  6. hi,i am from india....about 5 months back i had severe breakout and i had many pimples<no active acne since last 3 months>.....my derma prescribed me adapelene for 1 month and bp for another 1 month....although it cured my acne but left load of red marks which are as dark as hell.......now its been 3 months since those red marks hav'nt faded....they have reduced (about 10%) but still look very shabby......in last three months i have used glycolic acid 12% kojic acid,azelic acid 12% and hyd
  7. Hello! Problems with my face began a year ago. In February, there was the greatest aggravation. After that I started to eat healthy food. In March, the dermatologist appointed ointment with adapalene 0,1% and clindamycin 1%. Now acne is almost gone, sometimes there are new comedones, but it quickly heal. But there are big red spots. How to get rid of them? Sorry for the bad grammar, I'm from Russia. Thanks :3
  8. I am in the first week of my fourth month on Ortho Tri cyclen bcp. My skin has never done this before: I now am covered in post acne red marks. Where once a pimple was I am now left with red marks almost 3 months later. WHY I am struggling a lot I am not sure what to do anymore
  9. I didn't have acne until I was a Junior in high school so I was about 15, now at 18 and in college my acne still hasn't gone away. Unlike most people I went to a dermatologist right away and he gave me topical erythromycin and told me to come back in a year. That cream did nothing. I went back to my next appointment and he gave me pills of erythromycin and again nothing, it did get a bit better though. I went back two months later and he gave me doxycycline it's been about two weeks now and it s
  10. I am 17 years old and been on Accutane twice. The first round I cleared up pretty well for about 6 to 7 months and started to breakout just as bad as before Accutane. During this time I had used over the counter gentle cleansers and moisturizers but nothing to really treat my acne. I just finished my 2nd round of Accutane in May and Ive noticed that Im already starting to breakout again like the 1st time. Everytime I ask my dermatologist she starts me off with the same products and eventually pu
  11. I just finished accutane (so my face is still pretty sensitive) and my face has no raised spots/acne. However, my face is covered in hyperpigmentation scars which actually look like acne. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get rid of these and fast?
  12. Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any advice about treating dark blemishes left behind after spots.The blemishes look worse in low light conditions.i have head them a while.is there anything that my GP could give me to get rid of the blemishes? Cheers
  13. I’ll get a pimple every now and then but I’m no longer having horrible breakouts. I didn’t really pick at my pimples but was still left with scars. I’d like to know what kind these are and how I can treat them. Thank you!!
  14. Hi, I need to know how to get rid of or at least reduce the appearance of pitted acne scarring. My scars are shallow and I've done microdermabrasion in the past, but I see minimal results. I had considered doing Skin Needling and was all set up to do it, when I found out that people prone to keloids should not do it. My family has a history of keloids and I have one on my leg from when I had chicken pox when I was younger. So now that skin needling isn't an option, I need to find some type of
  15. I used to have moderate acne and now ive gotten rid of the active acne and I dont break out anymore. However, I have a couple red marks on my right cheek that seem to be going away but they still bug me. Im currently using a vitamin C serum that seems to be working slowly but surely, but I was wondering if there was anything else I could do or any supplements I could take to get rid of these post-acne marks. Thanks!
  16. Source: Clindamycin Phosphate Gel!post Acne Spots/marks!does It Help In Fading Them?!
  17. I don’t know if this is hyper pigmentation. I don’t think it is because these are bright red and hyper pigmentation spots are usually dark brown spots if I’m correct? There is one spot which is a chemical burn from tea tree oil. In this pic I have aquaphor on. Idk if this will help remove the red spots. Can someone please help me? What do I do. Also the spots all the way on the right are so old. It’s been years. I don’t how to remove it. I used Sunday Riley genes lactic acid and that gave me a c
  18. Hello I'm new to this and I just wanted to receive some help and suggestions. I'm 21 years old I've just cleared up from this severe adult acne breakout. Now I'm left with all these red marks on my cheeks and forehead. I know time is an important factor, and I'm okay with waiting. But I just fear about the fact of potential scarring, and I want to take action to prevent that. My question is how do I fade these red marks? I wash my face every morning twice a day at m
  19. Helloo All .. I ll just directly go with my query. I have suffered with a very bad bad acne for almost 4 1/2 years ib my teenage. Then i was prescribed with accutane. and yes after 6 months i was an acne free girl. But i do get some small bumps occasionally. But whats bothering me now is those brown scars (actually i don't even know what to call it as)!!! After my acne got cleared up my cheeks area is looking like somebody pierced it with needles . i had under gone a microdermabrasion and mil