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Found 39 results

  1. Okay so I had a little bit of what I think is an IB. What happened was I got a bunch of little pimples all around my mouth area. And then I still had some of the bigger ones I had before taking Accutane. So all in all I probably had a total of 15 pimples all along my chin/jawline and like I said most of them were little but anyways my chin mouth looks like a minefield on my face so of course I had to mess with them. :/ Yes, I tried popping them ALL. they look red now and some of them didn't even
  2. Fairlie

    Day 5

    So last night while I was working (5 HOURS LATER THAN I WAS SUPPOSED TO) I got anxious and annoyed so I picked at my face, horrible I know but I won't anymore. There were just so many pop-able ones. Anyways, oddly enough my face looks better today kinda and I've had a bunch of little baby pimples pop up on my checks, nose, and chin. No dryness yet other than potentially inside my nose. Also, my mouth tastes a little weird/different right when I wake up. I wonder if that is related to accutane.
  3. Hello! I had a nasty zit a couple days ago which I popped before it was ready. Then trying to fix the issue yesterday I tried picking at it just a bit, which of course made it much worse. I have been using polysporin triple and Lamaisl as a treatment so far but no improvements. Really need some help guys!! I have attached photos of the progression. Any tips or tricks are welcomed. Thank you!!
  4. I squeezed a whitehead that wasn't ready (I know I shouldn't have and I usually wouldn't but I was feeling super anxious). The skin broke and now it is fairly raw and red, equivalent to a shallow wound. Currently, I have a hydrocolloid bandage on it (since I think there might be a little pus left) with a thin layer of lanolin over the wound itself to protect it from the adhesive. As long as I don't remove the bandage too prematurely, I'm hoping this will speed up healing. Any other ideas? Specif
  5. I used to pop my pimples a lot (yes, I know, biggest acne sin) but only if it was a big, bright whitehead. I would use a needle just like recommended. But, I was told that seeing blood and clear liquid were actually good things, because it meant all pieces of infection and bacteria were oozing out. Now I just learned from acne.org that blood and clear liquid are bad signs. So, two questions: What is the clear liquid? Why is seeing blood and this clear liquid a bad thing when popping z
  6. Hello I just wanted to start a thread on no picking. I've tried for a couple years now and I feel that I am finally determined to do it after seeing all my scars. I only break out in big pimples on my forehead. That's the only spot I pick. I do occasionally get breakouts around my nose but not really. My big goal is 23 days. IDK why but if I make it that far I feel that I won't turn back! Right now, pretty bad breakout on forehead with a couple tiny red ones on my cheek. Picked like CRAZY to
  7. Probably there had been topic like this but here's my story Ever since freaking pubirty my skin gets speckled by tones of pimples:blackheads on nose cheeks,chin ,tiny ones,white heads..name it i have it.i can have them on upper back,sholders,breasts..oily skin -.- my face can go from 1 zit to 100 over night and getting them off is nighmare. Even when it looks like i have none feeling my skin i know there are 10 i can pop & i'm "addicted" to it.how do i get rid off blackheads or tiny one
  8. Okay so I've had a cystic pimple on my chin for a few days, and I was getting sick of it. I've been putting tea tree oil on it and it wasn't working. Neither was my trust BP cream. It was hard, and hurt and only a little red. But I was dumb and decided to mess with it. Last night I tried lancing it with a needle and squeezed really hard, and only a little oil and blood came out. I knew I messed up so I put bacitracin on it and a band aid. The next day, it HURT soooo badly! It was red and infl
  9. Alright so I've had this constant cycle of ALMOST having completely clear skin with the small exception of a tiny pimple (not even a white head) then I screw it all up. I pop it whether stuff comes out or not it becomes red and inflamed. Bottomline GROSS. Can't cover it with makeup, it scabs up, and falls off. Then my skin clears up within a couple days (maybe 4 or 5) and my face is back to 'normal' then I will pick at another one and find myself again with the popped pimple problem. Yesterd
  10. Well, basically everyones story. I started off with blackheads towards the end of 8th grade and eventually ended up here. Now my face is scared and just disgusting to me. I am the only one in my highschool with acne and it makes me extremely sad. Im in 10th grade now and never had a girlfriend before and these things have consumed my life. My ego is so low I dont like hanging out with my friends anymore and dont talk to girls. Im pretty sure you all didnt come here to read my sob story so Ill ju
  11. Hi, i'm following the acne.org regimen since 7 weeks now and i still breaking out, this gonna do 2 weeks i add AHA+ to my regimen and i wanted to know if i have to pop my pimples if i'm following the regimen or have to don't touch it ?
  12. i always use a heated up washcloth then cover my target area and always wash my hands before and after i hope they do the washing thing on the videos im fairly sure however most do not use the heat up a washcloth method first the link is a video of a bout i have with a blackhead cluster it was driving me crazy if you have had any simlar experiences pls do tell me about it
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW-ejYIoKxs i love popping videos and make them does anyone else do this
  14. Long story short... I think its a nodule pimple ? Accidentally scratched what felt like a small scab off in my sleep a few days ago and I had a small scab for the last few days. Just cleaned my face and felt liquid under the scab and felt allot of pressure so I got a clean needle and make a small opening next to the scab and with tissues squeezed some runny but sticky gunk out and a bit of runny blood. It looked like just an open hole at the end... No puss or oozing so I've put some clearasil
  15. I've been getting these blackheads/zits around nose and near the crease on my upper lip, they tend to turn red and I squeeze at them, which makes my face look red and then these big red scabs seem to form. It looks disgusting, and I know that when I don't get these, my face for the most part stays clear. Does this happen to anyone else? Please let me know, and also I hate going out in public or being seen by anyone when I have them, it makes me VERY insecure. I usually sit inside while they're
  16. Hello, newbie to this site. I'm currently finishing month 3 of Accutane. I have come to realize that most of my acne is due to me picking at any little blemish but I can not seem to stop! Just a few days ago I had only 2 healing pimples. Last night I spent too much time in front of the mirror and now my face is a war zone. It's bad enough i had my doctor prescribe me a 5 day course of prednisone to heal the inflammation I caused. Ahhh, what did i pick? I was looking great up until then Anyon
  17. NO PICKING CHALLENGE! (for real) I've tried this challenge multiple times, I have failed EVERY, SINGLE TIME. This time, I will succeed! Personally, my acne is not hormonal but most likely has to do with my diet, stress, and POPPING --> spreading bacteria --> more acne! So, I am going to stop popping, picking, and touching my face at all. I've done these things to stay on the challenge: -Ticker app to keep track -Drew on my mirrors so I can't look close -Dim light in bathrooms -Dist
  18. Hello, Ive been looking through these questions for about a week and I decided I needed help. I am 15 years old with combination skin, i dont take birth control, or any other prescriptions. I havent seen a dermatologist and please dont tell me i should because there arent any around where i live. My only goal this summer was to have clear skin before school. And i used korean acne products while i was in another country until this month. about a week an a half ago, i bought the neutrogena
  19. Hey guys I have just recently (within the last few days) gotten a BIG pimple in the gap between my eyebrows (sometimes referred to as the T-zone). I popped it and now it is inflamed and red (not extremely but it's very noticeable). Yes I know I shouldn't have done it but it was hurting so much to the point where I couldn't get to sleep. Anyway I wanted to know how I can get it to form a scab quicker rather than just linger around as a sore and inflamed bump with what seems like an "open" scab.
  20. Hi, I'm an 18-year-old girl and I recently had a weird experience with a pimple. So about 2 weeks ago, a couple of - quite noticeable- pimples started appearing on my face, around the same time. I guess it's probably due to stress since I've just started college and all. One of these pimples formed in my nose. It was a painful one, and it really seemed to be on the inside, and still deep within the skin. It almost felt like a little ball. Of course I touched it and tried popping it, I know
  21. Hey whoever is reading this, i'm 15 and currently a sophomore in high school. i've had ance since about 6th grade and it's gotten worse over the years. i've been on the acne.org regimen for about maybe 4 months now and sadly, my skin isn't clear. However, i do believe my skin would be beautiful by now if only i could stop popping all these pimples. i always tell myself, "DONT PICK!". This usually lasts for a couple days and my skin will start to clear up but then something triggers me and i sta
  22. This is my post where I will be updating on my 15 day picking challenge. Normally, the challenges are around 30 days. I am doing the 15 day challenge with the hopes that after 15 days I won't need to. I have read a ton about picking and popping pimples and I've come to a conclusion. Popping can be helpful for when you have those NASTY DISGUSTING whiteheads that just need to be popped but other than that, nothing else should be popped! Through personal experience, I've noticed that my forehea
  23. Fairlie

    Day 11

    Hey! Hope everyone has had a good day! I woke up in a pretty good mood and then went to work (I'm a dog trainer) and within 5 minutes a dog decided to pee on my legs...so that was fun. ANYWAYS, today has been good. My skin is noticeably dryer and WAY more red. Does anyone know what works well for this? I don't typically wear makeup unless its for a special occasion. My cheeks are getting really red mid-day. Lips are good so far and my eyes haven't been as noticeably dry anymore so thats great! I
  24. Fairlie

    Day 9

    I can't believe I only have one more pill in my 1st pack of 10! AHH, so exciting. I am slightly noticing the drying a bit more. My cheeks have been breaking out the worst but also seem like the most dry areas so far. My lips are slightly chapped as well, but I've been very proactive about chapstick. I'm ready for these annoying blackheads to start pushing themselves out already! They seem darker and they're just so tempting...I just want to squeeze them. I had a nasty whitehead I was doing such