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Found 29 results

  1. I squeezed a whitehead that wasn't ready (I know I shouldn't have and I usually wouldn't but I was feeling super anxious). The skin broke and now it is fairly raw and red, equivalent to a shallow wound. Currently, I have a hydrocolloid bandage on it (since I think there might be a little pus left) with a thin layer of lanolin over the wound itself to protect it from the adhesive. As long as I don't remove the bandage too prematurely, I'm hoping this will speed up healing. Any other ideas? Specif
  2. My skins a mess, a flare up of my dermotillamania has left me with wounds and scabs everywhere. It's my birthday party in 12 days. I'm telling myself I'll be healed. So today I felt another (_ANOTHER!!) pimple near my mouth/cheek. It was small but pink and tender. I know I shouldn't have but I squeezed. With barely any pressure, pus came out. It looked like a clogged pore, I swore again and some harder stuff came out. Then bloody fluid did, so I left it. And put antiseptic cream on. A few hours
  3. Ok so I had a pimple and I popped like I normally do, and I wasn't sure if I had gotten everything out so I got a needle and started stabbing it looking for a whitehead and could find anything so I figured I got all of it, but in the process of looking I created a pretty big hole in the pimple with ripped skin and I was really hoping I would start bleeding so that I knew for sure it would heal but it never did, I put vitamin e and Neosporin on it and over night it sealed up but it doesn't look l
  4. My skin has been clearing up and I was feeling better about my skin. I went to my derm's aesthetician for microdermabrasion. I had been once before and was shocked when she used a needle to excise pimples and help pop. I've had many facials before and never had that happen, but this was at a dermatologist's office... so I figured it was okay. I went on Monday and she went to town with the needle, poking already popped pimples. Then she went at a cyst that I had for over a month. My derm saw it w
  5. So I had a small cystic pimple on my chin. And stupidly tried to pop it yesterday. We've all been there before. Now it is this massive swollen purple thing weeping clear fluid and scabbed. I am in tears, its the worst thing I've ever had on my face. I have a date tomorrow that I cant cancel. I have no clue what to do, I feel heartbroken. How long do these take to heal? Is there any way to make it look better by tomorrow? Should I wear a bandaid on my face? Ugh Help
  6. So I may or may not have popped a pimple... and I tend to have a really bad habit of picking scabs while it is healing. Due to this, I have now got a raised bump underneath it. I seems quite large and it is very painful and red. Is there any way to get rid of this, what is it and how to stop me from picking at them. xCrissyx
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lW-ejYIoKxs i love popping videos and make them does anyone else do this
  8. So, I felt a cystic pimple coming last week, so I put BP on it, that didn't work because it still developed. I always get cystic pimples on my nose. I decided not to touch it, put anything on it, and a few days later it came to a head and it looked like a giant whitehead. left it alone and it came off in the shower. Pink skin was shown. So, thinking nothing more of it, woke up the next morning and there was a whitehead. It came back. Showered. I noticed dried skin around it and the dry skin peel
  9. Long story short... I think its a nodule pimple ? Accidentally scratched what felt like a small scab off in my sleep a few days ago and I had a small scab for the last few days. Just cleaned my face and felt liquid under the scab and felt allot of pressure so I got a clean needle and make a small opening next to the scab and with tissues squeezed some runny but sticky gunk out and a bit of runny blood. It looked like just an open hole at the end... No puss or oozing so I've put some clearasil
  10. My cyst had come to a head and while I was putting on the treatment it had popped did I just spread all that bacteria around on my face?
  11. Soo ummm i just popped a pimple for the first time on my chin because my boyfriend said it would be fine if i did it... and umm... this is what it looks like (pics attached). It was a cystic bump and I've probably had it for about a week now. I still feel a bump under my skin and its red on the surface, after I popped it I washed my face and disinfected it with diluted salt + water. Will this scar... should I just leave it?
  12. I had a cyst for 2 weeks and I popped it yesterday. I made sure it was all out and now the whole bump has a black or grayish space around it, is this normal? If so, will it be there forever?
  13. Hey! Ok so last night I was being an idiot and decided I would try popping a bump ( it was a kind of purplish bump that was probably an under the skin zit). That resulted in having a huge bloody scab on my chin the next morning. I have done a few hot compresses throughout the day and applied Neosporin. Well, now I look at the scab and it looks like there is a pimple under it! I can see pus inside and I don't want to touch it or mess it up even more!! I just really want it to go away!! Please hel
  14. I was using a warm compress on my cyst thats on my neck, and it started oozing pus. Me being the idiot that I am decided to try get rid of it by squeezing everything out, now I'm left with a hole in the middle of the cyst but its still there and it looks dark red and angry. What can I do to fix this asap? Please help!
  15. Hey guys. I signed up specifically to share this with you as I spent hours researching what was actually on my face. I had a cantankerous sore that started off as a fairly small pimple that I thought had popped on the inside. I left it alone for a while but could still feel a tiny bump underneath my skin, so stupidly I squeezed at it too early and it turned into a quarter sized sore I naturally thought was a cyst. Except this massive red lump was not behaving as a cyst. I tortured it with BP a
  16. So I had a bad cyst/under skin pimple breakout last week and now everythings clearing up, except this one spot on my lower right chin. There was a cyst about the size of dime that was not too aggravating, but highly noticeable. 3 days ago I got a pin and poked what looked to be the head and squeezed alot (which I assumed was all of it) of gunk out. There is no more pain, but the spot is still there, although much less swollen and inflammed. I really don't think theres anything left in there due
  17. So I've had this huge cyst since monday, and the spot is still raised and dry and bumpy It had scabbed a little, and i STUPIDLY thought gently exfoliating my face would make it better, but i knocked the scab off. The spot itself is red and raw, and the skin surrounding it is red and brown, and I'm worried it looks like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation Will it terribly scar? Will the dark mark go away? I have put some palmers cocoa butter with vitamin E on it, and a little bit
  18. I've had this cyst since monday under my nose , and on tuesday night after leaving vicks vapour rub and doing on hot compresses on it, i thought i saw a head, and popped it, but only a little bit of pus came out. I could still feel loads of pus underneath as it was still hard. The next day, it was really large, dry and red, and its still like that today I can't cover it with makeup, and its so noticeable and I can't leave the house I have been using sudocrem on it, and its supposedly g
  19. Hi I had some pretty big pimples on my cheeks like 3 months ago. Back then i popped them when they got a head. Everything came out, the fluid aswell. Since then the spots have healed. Though i can still feel something where i had the spot. The skin is perfectly flat but under it i can feel like a little bump. Its not a cyst because its small compared to a cyst aronud and i dont have hormonal acne i just irritated my skin with a facial cleanser. I wonder what might have happened, why it has ha
  20. Right the thing is about 3 weeks ago I had a big red spot coming and I decided to try and get rid of it early as it was really hurting and irritating but now I have this red bump on my face where it was and its really bothering me as it won't go away and I've tried to clear it but I don't know what to do now plus my skin is quite red around my cheeks and I haven't got really healthy looking skin eve though I wash it everyday and use clean and clear to wash it aswell but if anyone has any suggest
  21. Okay so I had this weird pimple underneath the skin and I popped it( couldn't resist). Puss came out for a while and then there was a little bleeding along the puss. As soon as everything finished there was weirf black spot around it. I applied some ice and also used neosporin. It doesn't seem to form a scab or go! What is it? And please give me some advice to reduce it as I have something coming up next week
  22. Hey All, So yes, I've committed one of the worst skin crimes; I extracted (well attempted to extract) a closed comedone/blackhead type spot. It was really small, uninflamed, under the skin type closed comedone, and it really bugged me because there were a couple and it made the skin texture on my cheek look horrible. Against my better judgement, I got a sterilised needed and attempted to extract it. All it did was make my skin bleed and cause a big swelling where the comedone was. And now 24h
  23. Ok..this all started as a big blackhead that I had under my eye. It had been there for MONTHS, so one day, I tried to squeeze it out. A couple of days later, it turned into a small red bump and then it got bigger and BIGGER and turned into a extremely large cyst. It popped one day while I was washing my face and I squeezed all the puss out. But..an hour later it was RIGHT BACK..the same size and everything. I waited another week and while I was popping my face, it popped AGAIN. I attempted to sq
  24. So I popped this pimple and it was hard before I popped it, but after I popped it, it was still hard? Is there more pus in it, or what? How long until you think it might go away?
  25. So,I'm a 16 year old boy and over the year I have developed pimples that have bothered me and I decided to eliminate them using my hands,of course that was the worst choice I have ever made and I regret It.Those pimples have left me with marks that have been on my face for a really long time and they just wont go.I have recently started applying natural aloe vera but I feel like there are no results.Any ideas?