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Found 17 results

  1. So week # 8...granted, I was PMS-ing and it's normal for me to break out while PMS-ing...but it was over the top worse than usual. I broke out in strange places...the top of my nose, around my eyebrows. I wanted to spend the week with a bag over my head. Will I continue to break out during my PMS week even after my full course of Accutane? Or does that stop? I'm assuming, since it's hormonal, it will continue...anyone have input? My doctor pushed me up to 80mg 2x a week for now. Based o
  2. A few years ago I started over-exercising and lost a ton of weight which was a possible cause of losing my period. I was also extremely stressed during that time so that could be a reason too. Even though I didn't have my period for 3 years I didn't have a single breakout or health problem during the whole time. Recently I've gained a big of weight and got my period back along with all sorts of skin problems I've never had before. Around Day 21 of my approximately 30 day cycle I usually star
  3. How do you curb your sugar cravings? I get terrible cravings around my period, but otherwise I'm not a sweets person. The problem is sugar is my number one trigger for cysts, and those who get them know how long they last ;(. I know fruit is a better alternative, but if I eat too much fruit in a day, I STILL break out. Any tips?? Men feel free to answer too!!
  4. Hi I really need some help here, I'm at my wits end! I have been suffering with pms since the birth of my first child 21 months ago. It has been getting worse and worse every month since and this month it's actually scaring me. My acne has been the worse its ever been the last three months and that makes me feel low about myself but this week is the run up to my period and i'm feeling extreme mood swings about it - one day I can be feeling positive about how I look and feel then it's like a
  5. Alright, so I'm getting close to the end of the first month and I'm kind of frustrated. I had a pretty big and bad break out on Monday, so bad I had to go have the entire left side of my chin injected so it would go down. I wish that I would just clear up, but it seems like it's going to take a while for me. Oh well, no pain no gain, right? This month, contrary to my last post has FLEW by. I can't believe I've been on this pill for almost a whole month. I'm realizing that I missed a
  6. Hi there, I am a 21 year old girl and I've been struggling with harsh PMS breakouts for the last two years. I have regular periods-to the exact day- but I always experience a cystic chin breakout (only on my chin) about a week before my period starts. After my period ends, I normally get about two weeks of being clear before the cycle starts again. Here is what Ive been taking that has helped a lot but hasn't cured my acne completely: -vitex (2X per day in AM) -evening primrose oil (3 x p
  7. I washed my face every morning and night and found my skin to be very oily causing breakouts. So I did some research and i found that's if you didn't use anything except water on your face the oil production gets back to normal. So I did that for a couple days and it worked, but my skin didn't really start clearing up. I know you're supposed to give things more than a couple days but I cracked and used my differin 0.3% acne cream again. The oiliness has been coming back a bit. And I hate that bu
  8. I'm a 24 year old female. Not on BC. Very healthy, active. Past 6 months or so, my skin clears up right after ovulation until my period starts. My skin is almost perfect during this time, and my skin doesn't produce as much oil during this "luteal phase." After my period starts, I break out horribly until I ovulate again. Has this happened to anyone else? Do you know what could be causing it? Any remedies? Thank you!!!!
  9. Hello! So, I just registered and I hope this works. So, I started taking accutane on the 1st of January 2013. I'm taking 20 mg 5 days a week (Sunday-Thursday). So far, I've taken 5 pills and I'm noticing... side-effects, I guess. Yesterday, I felt pain in my joints. Today, I got chest pain... I know all these are side-effects, I read the informative leaflet. Those are not really what I'm worried out. What I'm stressing over is that my period is due on the 12th... and I usually get PMS sym
  10. So day 2 and it's not a good day. I woke up feeling great, then my pms decided to come and torment me again. Feeling wretched, ugly and in a bad place...so bad I went out for the first time without my 'bandage' (a piece of sterile gauze held over my chin area with sterile surgical tape). I haven't been out much in the last couple of months but when I have no choice I go out with the safety net of my bandage. I had to go out today so going out without it today was a very big deal for me. I jus
  11. I joined this group over 10 years ago when I was suffering from moderate acne in my early 20's. I took a break from it once my skin cleared for the most part since I didn't ever want to look back. I used Dan's regimen back in the day and that helped me A LOT. I also received smoothbeam treatments which helped with some mild scarring. I get the occasional hormonal breakouts now with a killer cyst on my chin or cheek which typically brings me back to this site (like today). Last week, I flew cros
  12. I'm going to start logging my progress, or lack thereof, using Emerita's Pro-gest natural progesterone cream for PMS, and to a lesser extent acne. My acne, after much trial and error, is pretty well under control right now. I still get small, non-inflamed acne quite frequently, but its barely noticeable and goes away very fast. I have a dairy-free, sugar-free, super healthy diet to thank for this, as well a few supplements like DIM, zinc, magnesium plus high doses of vitamin C and D. Recentl
  13. Hello friends! Alright soooo I have oily skin up the wazoo. I can take two oil blotting sheets (the Clean n Clear kind) and fill them completely with my oil. So this regimen I have recently discovered is only fool proof if you have EXTREMELY oily skin. I have also tried the entire spectrum of skin products and brands. From Neutrogena to Cetaphil to Clean 'n Clear to Clearisil to Murad to Clinique. You name it and I've tried it. Nonetheless I STILL battle with awful hormonal acne and day to day b
  14. HELLO! My name is Savannah Coots, I am newly married, living in San Diego, livin that marine wife life! So, this is my first time posting here, so bear with me! My acne has been bad since middle school, and in grade 11 I went on accutane, then went on it again 6 months later due to the fact my skin broke out a day later after my 1st course! (NOT COOL) okay, just breath, inhale, exhale. Ahhhh better! haha so anyways, after accutane failed me a 2nd time , I decided to change my diet c
  15. My skin now is the worst it's been in 6 years. Being as vain as I am it's actually pretty traumatic and I've been finding excuses not to leave the house. Having taken a (9 month?) course of isotretinoin (Roaccutane, Accutane) when I was 14 or so I've been more or less acne-free for a long time, until literally a few months ago when, slowly but surely, they starting cropping up out of nowhere. I suspect that because they're concentrated around my chin and, when I'm PMSing, my jawline, t
  16. I am taking Diane-35 as a birth control to help my skin as well as using the acne.org products. My skin is usually perfect but the past couple months I've been breaking out more during pms than usual. This month I have tiny little bumps all over my forehead and I don't know what happened they just appeared in like 2 days. Very frustrating that this is happening. I don't know if my body is changing or something but I'm wondering if anyone has had this experience before and what they did. Thanks.
  17. Hi I really need help to find out what is going on with me. I been doing a lot of research to try and see what more to avoid to not get acne but I still get it and BAD! I'm going to list alot of factors of my lifestyle so you all can get an idea and possible help me out better. I've been a fruitarian/vegetarian/vegan for about 5 years or so since that time I also had developed anorexia/bulimia for about that long(still struggling). When I lost lots of weight at first as a fruitarian(only eat