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Found 500 results

  1. I don't know if this is the right section or not, but I'm going to post here anyway. If this isn't the right section, please redirect it. Anyways, is it normal to have pimples on your acne scars? I have scars on both of my cheeks and most of the scarring is redness and PIH (NO indention, their surface scars). But I have quite a few pimples on the scarring areas and I'm wondering if anyone else has this. Some are actually on the surface (noticable) and some are under the surface. It's like when
  2. So, I bought Natural Action Facial cleanser and Natural Action Acne Treatment Serum, I started to use it after I bought it ( at night ) and at that time, there was 3 new pimples came in on my left side of my face. I used it for 4 days and now it looks like the 3 pimples fused together and it left a really dark mark on my face Do I keep using it or just switch back to Cetaphil oil skin cleanser and just use that? I was going to include pictures but it didn't work. I'll try again to upload them
  3. alright so i have had bad acne for the past few weeks, like a lot of hormonal pimples and alot of whiteheads the thing about my pimples is that, once they go, they all leave behind acne scars and marks so, i went to my doctor, and he gave me this treatment: in the morning, take one erythromycin antibiotic capsule, and apply 10% benzoyl peroxide to acne in the night, take one erythromycin antibiotic capsule, and apply 0.025% tretinoin gel to acne its working well and all, for the acne
  4. I am going into another year of college in about a month. When I was at college for my freshman year my face was very manageable and I didn't get many new spots. When I came home for the winter, spring break, and summer my face got pretty bad. What I don't understand is that: At home I eat a healthy diet, pay more attention to my skin care routine, have no stress, and exercise more. At college I don't eat so great, I drink heavily, and I forget about my routine some nights, and have stress fro
  5. I'm 14 with kind of pale skin, but right now it it sunkissed color, anyways I have very mild acne and I only really get it on my chin. I have been using the Neutrogina grape fruit face wash and it works wonders for me, I barely ever brake out anymore. But before I started using it I would get pimples on my chin and once they healed they would leave these small brown spots that looked like birthmarks. I really want to get rid of them before Aug. 31 because that'smy first day of high school. My bu
  6. Okay, so I have 4 days to get rid of this 'horn' on my head!!! I squeezed it and after ages it finally popped, then blood came out followed by a watery blood. I dunno what to do and it still fells swallowed and hurts even to touch!! please help!!! THANKS
  7. I stopped Dan's regimen after about 4 years because my skin became allergic/highly irritated by BP. Immediately after I began taking trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. After about 3 weeks on Septra, I have no major pimples (pustules or cysts). Instead, literally dozens of small papules have appeared in the T-section of my face (high cheek area, forehead, and nose). This is extraordinarily unusual for me. I've never gotten a plethora of small pimples, just get a few large postules or worse. Has
  8. Alright, so I usually just get the garden variety type zits, small and red.. sometimes have a white head, black heads are rare. But... everynow and then I'll get a huge red bump. Extremely painful, whole area around it becomes red and elevated. I think it's cystic acne but I wouldn't consider my acne severe because I only get one of these every once in a while. So, one of those lovely things popped up overnight, and I tried putting a pea sized amount of acne med right on it (my usually response
  9. Hey, i am a female 21 years old. I have been getting red inflamed acne on the side of my cheeks vertically only..and small pimples on my chin. The inflamed acne will have pus then heal within a week or two nicely, to the point where it is completely flat. But will leave a little brown mark. But then it will reoccur at the same spot or near it within the next few days or week. This all started in the middle of March 2011. I had clear skin before this. My derm gave me solodyn but it didnt help,
  10. Hi! First time posting here, sorry if I'm in the wrong section. For the last 3-5 months I have been getting a lot of pimples around my mouth, specifically on the sides of it. They always start small, and then grow big and take some time to go away, and when they do, new ones arrive. Before this started, I was a little red at the edges of my mouth, and if I opened my mouth wide up, I could feel small bumps there. I used to get a lot of toothpaste outside my mouth when brushing my teeth, so I
  11. I have been using an electric razor to shave all my life, it doesnt help or hurt my acne. However, I kind of want to start shaving with a razor, and I was wondering if anybody has had improvement in their acne doing this? My reasoning would be maybe if you stimulate the hair follicles to grow more hair, there would be less of a chance for pores to be blocked? Also, it would probably be a good way to exfoliate. I pretty much have no acne inflamed acne atm, so I wouldn't be worried about irrit
  12. Suddenly I've gotten so many white heads under my chin..it's disgusting. I'm using this "DR.G skin clearing gel" as a cleanser, and then i use a Kiehls moisturizer..or sometimes the SebaMed moisturizing gel. I've been eating a lot recently, and i had a good long cry last night about my skin..i also recently got a haircut. I was wondering if stress and food really does make a difference to skin? Does anyone have any tips to get rid of these disgusting pimples on my chin fast? Thank you so much
  13. Help, I have had roaccutane treatment after years of suffering in acne which started january 2010 until half october 2010 and it cured my acne, now it is coming back worse then ever! 1-2 weeks ago I had after having no pimples/acne for months a horrible breakout, I started differin gel and beeryeast supplementation that time. The acne was put to rest for 1 week and now a few days ago I have had another horrible breakout. I really really really wanted to have a skin treatment (like laser or som
  14. Ok, so for 8 days now I have had a red bump on my face. It is painless, and has not come to a head. I had a cortisone shot on Thursday, and it shrunk it a little bit. But now it is back, and seems to be getting larger. I have not tried to pop it, or play with it at all. Should I go back to the derm or give it some more time? I am freaking out because it is completely unlike any pimple I have ever had!!! GRRR.
  15. Hey guys, A couple of days ago I got this big pimple on my cheek, it's pretty much a big slightly painful pimple, filled with blood, it feels like it could easily be popped accidently and it almost seems to have two heads all squashed up together? Delightful, eh? Anyway, I was wondering if it was simply a deep pimple, or a papule or a nodule, or whatever, and what I should do with it (if anything). Sure, it's ugly, but the last thing I want to do is worsen it or cause permanent damage.
  16. hey everybody. i am hoping for some help/guidance as to what to do with my acne. i have tons of very small pimples all over my face, especially my forehead and the area around my nose, spreading towards my cheeks, and now even my chin and neck. i have bought one of those pimple popper tools to try and get rid of some of them because i don't see any other way, but i can only get maybe 10 out of 50, they're so small. i'm not sure what this is or how to fix it! i've been on minocyclin that worked
  17. Hey everyone, so here's my problem. I have tons of small clogged pores on my forehead that just won't go away! When squeezed, stuff does come out. I'm 13 so I'm pretty sure it's teenage acne, not some other skin issue. Occasionally, a couple of the bumps will swell into larger, red pimples. How can I get rid of these once and for all? I wouldn't mind just a few zits here and there, but I hate all these tiny bumps covering my entire forehead!
  18. This is my first post here... I simply have questions about Isotretinoin, such as Accutain. Aside from the side affects, which I am aware of, how well has it worked on people with moderate acne? I would love to hear from people who have had experiences. A little information about myself... -I am a 16 year old male. -I have extremely oily skin. -My problems are your average pimple and blackheads... a lot of blackheads. I would love feedback from people who have used and/or are on a medicine su
  19. I got this pimple below my lip two day ago. I popped it now it scabbed. I've been putting alcohol on it, but I want it to be gone by Monday cause that is when school starts.
  20. How do I get rid of oily spots on my T-zone & reddish pimples? Picture included!
  21. Ive had this gigantic thing next to my asscrack for 4 days now its driving me insane!. I literally cannot sit or lie down without being in immense pain, and even walking hurts insanely. Ive started putting BP on it since last night and havent noticed a difference yet. BTW i cannot go to a doctor until next tuesday cause of my current situation. should i try and pop it?? Or continue applying BP and wait to see if it subsides? Im scared i will literally pass out from the pain if i try and pop i
  22. Hey guys, so if you don't know milia are those super annoying little flesh colored bumps on your skin. In reality they are clogged pores. I have tons of them and they are all slowly but SURELY turning into pimples! And when I say I have tons, I mean TONS. I wanna get rid of them before they keep turning into zits. Anyone have any ways to get rid of them? I was told to get the Olay Regernerist Microdermabrasion Kit but I am weary of running out and spending over 20 bucks on it if it won't work.
  23. I'm seeing my dermatologist in about 3 month, I want to know what accutane can cure... right now I have very oily skin ( i'm shiny all the time ) I have cysts on my neck and nose and pimples and whiteheads on my cheeks. I'm 18 years old, male and my skin looks like a 30 year olds skin. I have red marks / spots and dark spots on my neck. I really want to look my age... Can accutane help me? My pores are large too...
  24. At the top of my forehead sometimes like once every week or two? I get these two itchy like pimples there small and its really red when I look at it first and it itches. I put some water on it and it went down but the pimples are still there but small. M y question is what could these be?
  25. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone could help me with information about my acne issue. So every March or April of each year for the past 4 years I've been getting really bad breakouts on ONE of my cheeks consisting of 7 to 10 large, red, swollen, painful pimples. It's like clockwork. The bumps usually go away within a couple of months, but the scars stay. It makes the side of my face with the acne look entirely red. The rest of the year I have small breakouts here and there, around my no