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Found 500 results

  1. I used to have bad acne, and eventually got sick of it and went on accutane. After my 6 month regiment was done, my physician put me on doxycycline to help contain my acne, and my skin was clear of acne, with perhaps a pimple every so often. Fast forward about a year and my acne had started to come back a little bit, with some small cysts forming on my back, shoulders, and neck, more common pimples on my face, and black heads clogging my pores. I made an appointment with my physician to see if s
  2. im just confused lately .. my skin story is kinda complex . lemme tell it, despite how exhausting it is to tell it over and over again ... my skin was pretty much perfect in january . february, too . but i was stressed and was actually sick of getting the occasional pimple (how daft i was) .. so i decided to change facewashes . i had slightly sensitive skin that kinda got red and itchy after some facewashes so i ended up switching a lot this time around . they were all drying drying drying - an
  3. BLECH!!! As soon as my skin clears up I stop visiting here and say to myself lalala oh i don't need to anymore. But now I SO DO!!! This entire vacation my skin has been great; spotless. AND NOW TWO DAYS BEFORE RETURNING TO SCHOOL A CLUSTER of not just one but 4 PIMPLES comes up. ANd big AND RED:(. Any suggestions for quick drying and reducing redness???
  4. Ive noticed dat wen my skin gets oily my red pimples turn white what should I do aabout this? Also the bp cleanser I'm using makes my skin peel so bad and dry it up so that I have too rub it off with a black shirt but it did a good job at disenfecting which other cleanser would disenfect??
  5. Hey guys, Like many of you, I've suffered from mild acne(whiteheads and pimples) mainly around my mouth area but sometimes on the sides of my face too. I didn't know what exactly was causing it but I thought it was just teenage hormonal things. I am currently 20 years old. Since 2005, I've had at least 2 or 3 little white heads around my mouth every day. They weren't pimples and once popped, they leak out some kind of clear liquid. I also had bigger regular red pimples about once every few
  6. Iv heard loads of success stories on the internet from using head and shoulders on acne Has anyone tried it?did it work? I think it might work well for me as i have alot of pimples in my hairline thanks!
  7. Allow me to explain.. Well, I had really wonderful skin all through high school. This past summer, before beginning my first semester at college, I developed this hard bump on my chin area. It wasn't the kind of bump that has anything in it && will eventually pop by itself. It was just hard and it was just there and I thought it would go away eventually. I really didn't have a regimen. I had been eating junk food for the longest time && never had any troublesome acne before th
  8. So I know we've all read somewhere that applying an icepack to a newly forming zit can stop it in its tracks. I tried it a few times but never gave it much attention. Recently Ive been doing a 10 minute ice pack application to my whole face everyday. After 1 week ive been fairly stunned to say the least. Its fading the red marks, and keeping other pimples at bay. This combined with my special diet has taken my acne down further in 1 week than the last 5 years of expensive creams and lotions.
  9. Dang, this sucks. I was pretty clear from last year up to this August, but all of a sudden, I had a massive break out on my temples and cheek. They eventually stopped and now, my chin is GOING CRAZY. The right side of my chin has 4 red, active pimples, and they're going straight down in a row. The other side is just as bad. Any recommendations? I'm currently using AQUA glycolic cleanser 2x a day, followed by a aqua glycolic toner at night. I'm also using finacea during the day for red marks, but
  10. So I finally got my skin pretty decent with using s sulfur wash from the derm twice a day (morning and night.) I got a few normal pimples here and there, nothing major, but I wanted to throw in a BP wash. I purchased Nuetragena Cleanser/Mask. I've been using the sulfur in the morning, and BP wash at night for about 2 weeks now and I've noticed myself breaking out a bit more. Most of the breakouts, however, are whiteheads. What do you all think? Is this an IB? Should I go back to just the sulfu
  11. for anyone who has had previous experience with popping whiteheads before... i have had a whitehead on the side of my nose that hasn't gone away for about almost 2 weeks now...it's not inflamed or painful...it just looks like a raised white bump, small, but definitely visible... i think i'm getting a similar type of whitehead on the skin area above my lip... is it better to pop these whiteheads or will they eventually go away? will popping them speed the recovery process? i've never popped
  12. Hi! I am 24 years old, and I have had problems with moderate acne for the past 2 years. I know this sounds stupid, but I think it is self induced. No matter what I do, I have severely clogged pores. I would say that 75% of the pores on my face contain blackheads. I also suffer from something else, although I'm not sure what to call it. I get these areas on my face that aren't inflamed, but if you squeeze them you wouldn't believe the crap that comes out. Yes, I know it's disgusting. Anyway, I h
  13. Lately, I've been getting a few big pus filled pimples. After one is gone and I think good riddance, they rear its ugly head and appear in the same spot or somewhere else on my chin! With these pimples, I avoid touching or popping them. The pus turns into a yellow scab, and eventually they fall off, unless by accident whilst patting my face dry with a face towel. However, it leaves behind a red mark. Should I pop them instead?
  14. Hey all a while back I wanted to start the regimen but my face started to clear up a bit with the otc stuff I was using so I delayed it(c&c advanced btw). Now it's been about two months and I feel like my acnes getting worse and new pimples are definently forming. I want to start the regimen because I see all the results and hear the great feedback. I know it won't happen instantly but from what I see, sticking to it really pays off. I wouldn't say sticking to a program is hard for me, I'm
  15. I struggled with acne since i was eleven and was the makeup girl in my class, nothing helped since then, i have moderate acne, usually breaking out on my forehead. I tried BP (it cleared up my skin a little but destroyed it completely), SA, PROACTIVE, tetraciclyne, zineryt and many others so i came up with the idea of using only natural products...take a look at my daily regimen : Morning: wash my face with sea salt scrub (from Sabon) and leave it on for 5 min put on honey and leave it on for 10
  16. My skin has taken a turn for the worse lately, and it affecting my mood badly. My forehead and chin are particularly congested and I feel completely self-conscious when I talk to people. I absolutely HATE it. I have attached a photo, it looks much worse in real life. I used to have near flawless skin over 6 months ago, but after March this year, my skin just went downhill and got worse and worse. I had a few unsurfaced bumps on my chin, and I started trialling Mario Badescu Glycolic Cleanser a
  17. I was completely clear for about 4 months. However, during that 4 months I was injured and could not compete in my sport. Basically, I think I cleared completely up because I was not sweating. Before, I never really had acne but an occassionally a pimple would pop up in random spots. Now that I can play again I am getting pimples again. My question is.... what do you suggest I use to clean my face? I'm looking for a product that I can wash with after my workout (when I can't really take a
  18. Hi! Okay, so now I've been around this page for about 1½ years. I've had acne since... i was about 14 years old, now im 17. It started with oily skin and a pimple now and then - and my mom told me that buying some products could help me get rid of it - but... certainly not. So I started out buying some natural facewash products and went to the shower more frequently ( 2 times a day ) and my skin felt alot cleaner. At this time i still had relative big amount of sugar in my weekly diet (aswe
  19. I'm 17 years old girl and I have combination skin of which is partially dry cheeks and oily T-zone. I use Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser which I think makes my skin a little more oily. It made my cheeks oilier though Anyways, there seems to be a problem with my chin. I don't really have any acne/pimple problem other than my chin. I get pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, underskin(?) acne, and such on my chin very frequently and leaves scars when healed. I don't even try to touch my face with my hands
  20. Hallo guys My pimples tend to pop easily. Even though I'm very gentle. While I'm washing my face if one pops I feel like I'm spreading the bacteria.. even though I'm using cleanser. I know it's continuing to leak clear fluid.. and does so even after drying my face! Then I have to hold a kleenex there waiting forever for it to dry before I apply my BP/moisturizer. Even worse.. is when a pimple pops WHILE I'm applying my medication or moisturizer. I panic.. what do I do?! Wash again? What a
  21. Ok hey guys im currently 19 years old and i first noticed breakouts when I was 14 but it was never bad it was just little pimples on my forehead. but i remember when i got them i really didnt know what they were i just was like oh well it makes my face itch a little so usually before i slept i would keep picking at them and scratching them, and i guess over the months it started to get worse and worse. I know that sounded kind of nasty. So yea then at 16 i actually started to care abiout my acne
  22. Hi, Names Josh. Im not gonna bore you with my acne life story, but I hope this can help me and others. I have had oily skin for about 2 years now. Ive been washing my face twice a day with dead sea salt for about 6 months. It really works, but I still have pimples. (a whole lot less than I used to without the sea salt. Usually they are whiteheads that are under the skin.) I believe it is from the time the sea salt wears off to the next time I wash. When I wash my face with it, it makes my face
  23. Hello everyone, i'm new here and I just need advice on a perpetual problem i've been having. Basically my entire face is clear with the exception of my chin. My chin looks like a battle zone, with red marks from past pimples, and the painful zits that come in daily. I wash my face twice a day with a cleansing bar, ACV toner, and moisturizer. Is there anything im doing wrong? I'm just tired of having 2 or 3 new pimples coming in everyday. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  24. I've noticed, that when I get a pimple, a day or so after it has healed I get another one in nearly the exact same place but on the opposite side of my face. It has happened twice this week already, I got one just above literally sitting on top of my right eyebrow, then a day later another one appeared exactly the same place on my left eyebrow. Then, one on my cheek, then a day later one on my other cheek in the same place. It's like wherever I get a pimple, there is another one that appears
  25. Alright, in just two days I went from a horrible breakout with at leat 6 cysts numerous pimples and many blackheads and whiteheads to perfectly clear skin. To keep it short, Ive been using desitin diaper rash ointment on my jawline (where my breakouts were occurring) and leaving it on at night. Honestly after just two days my skin looks amazing! I just thought I should share something that works so well! Its worth a try! EDIT: I believe this was just an initial clearing, not a miracle cure as I