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Found 500 results

  1. Hi, i wouldn’t say my acne is bad bad but it’s persistent bad. I’ve had tiny skin bumps in mid 2017 after my overseas trip to a tropical country which I don’t think is the cause of it cause I always travel there. Back story: I don’t have acne before that other than one or two pimples when I’m on my period. I’ve also went for facials after the trip which honestly only made it worse. The beautician says it’s normal that my face is abnormally red (it’s my first facial so
  2. I have redness around the creases of my nose and under my mouth. There are also tiny bumps with no head, however sometimes it forms into acne?! I don’t know what this condition is and what the treatment is?! Please help, thankyou!!
  3. Hello everybody, Thanks a lot for having clicking on this topic! I really need your help! Like many of us, I am struggling with acne: Everyday, I have a new pimple growing on my forehead/temple area only (almost nowhere else)! I will insert a picture to show you what these pimples look like but from what I see, they are inflamed, a little bit painful, but don’t necessary have pus, they look like papules. It started exactly an year ago (December 2018) because of very high leve
  4. Is it normal on day two, that my red spots is getting a head? im about to give up. I can't figure out if it's new acne, or old coming to surface? help me!!!!!!
  5. hey guys i have been on accutane 2 times in my life and this year i started to break out again its not as bad as before but i hate acne so much anyways when i take accutane i break out on my chest and the last time i took the medice i broke out really bad and i still have the scars and well i dont want more ! has anyone experienced this? is it posible to avoid? the wierd thing is that my face clears really fast when taking accutane thats the only bad side effect i get
  6. Hello I need you guy's help on this. So before you continue look at the picture. I had acne for around 10 years and now that its reached it's 10th year im happy to say that my acne is slowly going away. However ever since 3 years ago. I have been getting these WHITEHEADS back and forth only around my mouth and along the foldings on my nose. ON some days i would gets as much as 30 around my mouth. I did alot of research and made changes to my diet to stop eating dairy, cutting back on greasy food
  7. Hey, so I've a question. What's the best way to deal with underground pimples? Just wait it out or is there anything I can do to make it shrink and eventually go away? Any product recommendations with 90% success rate? Your replies will be greatly appreciated! I don't usually get underground pimples but when I do, they're always at my forehead area. I'm 21, I usually sleep by 12am and don't usually get stressed. I don't know if the information is significant but I'm just throwing it out he
  8. I have used hydroquinone cream for my forehead blackspot but the problem is my skin becomes more white than normal skin tone. So my forehead looks white but rest is not. What can i use to turn that white into normal skin tone
  9. Hi friends! I'm at my wits end with my skin right now... Just wanted to pick your brains about what products I can use/ what I can do to tackle my SUPER acne prone skin. A little bit about my skin: I was on Diane 35 for about 1 year because I was breaking out severely on my forehead and cheeks. It got better with the BC as well as a regimin consisting of the Cosrx Good Morning Cleanser, Sunday Riley Lactic Acid and pure Argan Oil. Then I got off Diane 35 about a year ago and it wasn't
  10. Now, it is week 11 of my treatment (and technically week 7 of using adapalene and clindamycin). There hasn't been any major changes. The large pimples I mentioned last time have mostly gone down. There's only one large pimple now and my right cheek has become a bit smoother. Other than that, there's nothing interesting. Also, I forgot to mentioned in the last entry, but I am Asian with medium skin tone that can tan fairly easy. I don't each much junk food as I use to (a bag of chips every
  11. I noticed a small pimple on my cheek and I put some clesrisil rapid action cream on it, later on that night it started itching and I woke up this morning to 5 little pimples on my cheek. I NEVER have had acne here before *touches wood* so I’m assuming It is a reaction so I hope it’ll go away after a while. But if any of you guys think it could be acne spreading to my cheeks pls mention ASAP by I’ll need to sort it bc I’m so scared of getting acne on my cheeks like it’s the scariest thing I could
  12. Hello! So, I know the title of this blog post is Week 10, even though this is my first ever post about using adapalene and clindamycin, but I wanted to name Week 8 b/c it's the 8th week of me going through my treatment. I was just too lazy to start a blog back in week 1 haha Skin Type: Little oily, had mainly closed comedones, not many cysts, acne mainly on my cheeks, moderate acne Background Info: Up to the age of 16, my skin was clear and good. I would be able to eat junk
  13. Hey everyone so I know its been awhile but I have been super busy! So here is an update: I went to my dermatologist two weeks ago and she decided to up my dosage to 60mg. while I was there she said everything seemed to be going good and that I should be done with getting an initial breakout (lets hope). Last week I had three cystic bumps on my left cheek but those went away like all the other ones have. It sucks having them in the moment, but once they go down things always look up. I don't h
  14. Acne is traditionally a teenage problem, but adults can also get breakouts. Here are seven causes of adult acne that may surprise you, with tips to prevent breakouts. Acne: Not Just for Teens Did you think your breakout woes were over when you became an adult? That you left your pimples behind with your learner's permit and first crush? Think again. While acne traditionally plagues teenagers, it can also affect adults. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 50
  15. Hey guys, here is my blog post on my 2 week-progress. I cleared my acne through a specific acne-diet. Tell me what you think! Cheers https://acnedetected.com/2018/11/01/2-weeks-progress/
  16. Hi guys! I'm trying to solve one big acne mystery. I've been suffering from acne almost 10 years now (I am 23 years old now) and I have tried many things but nothing has helped. Over those years I have eliminated foods that are breaking me out like dairy, sugar(chocolate, sodas, sweets etc.), fried foods, potato chips, nuts, citrus fruit and processed meat (ham, salami...). These are foods that definitely worsen my skin condition. I have even tried for some time vegeterian diet as well as glut
  17. Day 10 First 5 days: Hey everyone so today is day 10 of being on 40mg everyday. The first 5 days I didn't notice any significant changes, however I did get a cluster of 4 big whiteheads around my chin/jawline. I was unsure if this was because of the Accutane or because I was about to start my period in a few days? I am going to assume the acne was a result of both the Accutane and my hormones because I usually never get such bad acne on my jawline. Day 6-10: On day 6 is when I started to not
  18. Please help me. My skin is oily for the most part. How do I get rid of these bumps and prevent them from growing back??? Any help is appreciated
  19. I N T R O Hello! I am a 14 year old girl and I have these small colourless bumps on my forehead. I never really cared about my appearance or what people thought about me, until high school came along and then that’s when people’s thoughts really got to me. 1 2 Y E A R S O L D When I was 12 I had clear skin, I never really washed my face just put on moisturiser as I thought that I was too young to invest in skin products that I didn’t actually need. Towards the end of year 7 I noticed
  20. About 5 days ago, I began using a benzoyl peroxide face wash from Kasier Permanente at the advice of my dermatologist. Other reviews say that bp face washes cleared up their skin almost within a week but I don't see any results yet (although, I will keep using it for a few more weeks since everyone has different skin types). I've only been using washing with it for 30 seconds a day and using a lotion (Johnson&Johnson) or sunscreen after, but it seems that it might be worsening my acne. I mai
  21. I’ve been using African black soap for a month now too. When can I expect to see results if it works?
  22. I started breaking out about two years ago and ever since I've been trying to clear my skin. I know it's mostly hormones but I just want to find out how I can clear it. I have spots on my forehead, some acne scars on my cheek, spots on my chin, blackheads on my chin, nose, forehead and some on my cheek and no whiteheads. I use african black soap, tried witch hazel, benzoyl peroxide, doing NOTHING, vitamin E oil and so much more. All they did was make it worse. African black soap is kind of helpi
  23. So here’s the history of my skin : when I moved up to secondary school my skin was clear all through year 7&8. I started my period in y7 so I expected some form of pimples to show up so I bought some clearisil incase I got any. I didn’t and I felt happy Then at the beginning of y9 (aged 13) i started to get very bad breakouts on my forehead, but I didn’t care untill. My so called ’friends’ used to call me “Braille head” or “isabraille” i thought it was just banter because I loved
  24. Hey, I'm on here as a last resort really. I've had bumpy skin for almost 5 years now with minor pimples here and there with the occasional cyst. I honestly have no idea what these bumps are. I've tried facials, microdermabrasion, exfoliation, topical cream from my dermatologist and even recently nizoral because I heard it could be yeast related. And no change. Here and there they get smaller but nothing really changes. The bumps are really noticeable in lighting and really hurts my self estee