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Found 5,387 results

  1. I'm currently in high school and I feel very self cautious about my face. The reason is that I have acne scars surrounding the corners of my mouth and it really makes me sad seeing my face in the mirror. My acne problem is not so bad but its spreading from my forehead to my face! I don't want that to happen. I wash my face twice a day and apply clearasil pimple cream every night although I haven't seen any improvements yet. Can you guys recommend any home treatments for my problems?
  2. I was reading the threads about not using any chemicals on your face to fix acne problems. I was skeptical so i decided to do a test. I decided I would only apply my benzaclin (BP) to one side of my forehead. I never applied it to my forehead before because it was very clear. ... that was about a week ago. I have 6 pimples on the side I put the medication on and none on the side I ignored WTF... Not only does the BP not seem to get rid of acne, it seems to cause it I'm thinking about going
  3. i used retin for a year and a half untill 5 days ago where i stopped using it...it helped drastically with my red spots as i believed it was irritating my skin, and after about 5 days my red spots have reduced significantly, but i am still getting pimples...so i am wondering...should i use it at all and tough it out through these pimples? or is there any way i could use the retin A, like every other night or every other 2 nights??? anyone have any advice??? help would be greatly appreciated, tha
  4. Any idea what to do about this? I have had a pimple on my chin for a long time. I accidently cut it 2 weeks ago, i didnt slice it off just knicked it. In any case, it hasn't left yet. Any ideas? Is it a scar? Looks like a papule. Thanks guys
  5. Hey all, So on my forehead, the area above my entire left eyebrow extending to the left towards my left ear, has a weird problem. There are about 15-20 small, itchy, red bumps. At first I thought they were just small pimples when about 3-4 showed up, but they never went away then 3-4 more showed up and they started building up. These bumps never come to a pus filled head, and I've had this steadily growing collection for about a year and a half now. Everywhere else on my forehead loo
  6. I now figured out one of the key components to me breaking out : cetaphil moisterizer. I stopped using it for 1 month and after 2 weeks my face was clearing up, and I wasnt getting any new pimples. I started using it again and am breaking out all over my forehead and cheeks..AGAIN. God damnit! However, my skin is flakey and dry so I NEED a moisterizer. Which one do you recommend? I tried Jojoba oil and I think that broke me out too.
  7. for the times you do get a blemish/zit/boil/cyst/pimple and you want to bring it to a "head" to relieve it, Plantain (Plantango Major; http://en.wikipedia..../Plantago_major), Neem, Salt (sodium cholride, mineral salt) poultice can help. I find the best way to do this is to blend a little plantain and water in a blender. Then to add some neem and water together. Stir to thoroughly to dissolve. Add plantain and salt. Stir or blend. Add a few drops of Lavendar essentail oil. Apply to skin. In a bi
  8. AceMaesta

    Strange zits

    Didn't quite know where to post this. I get these strange fungus crusty things in the corners of my outer nose. I am not a picker but I do scrape these strange things away. They are rare but as of late I have been getting them. Does anyone get this or know what it is? It's not like a pimple its just like a fungus ish booger grew on the outside of my nose and you can just scrape it off.
  9. I visited a derm 5 days back and he suggested acne creams and medicines. please let me know if i am on the right track. I have pimples on my forehead, neck, face, chest. They are most painful on the forehead and look like cyst with pus. CEEDOX capsule - one everyday for 10 days TRETINOIN 0.025% - apply during night Adapalene Gel 0.1% - apply every morning Dermoderm soap bar - use 4 times a day (extreme dryness) Tretin seems to make the pimples red and skin becomes dry and reddish. Adapalene s
  10. Remington

    Aloe Vera gel

    hey i am seeking some instruction on how to use aloe vera gel...i have some red and brown spots i wanted to try and fade...do i just put a thin layer of gel on the problem areas and wait over night or should i wash itoff?? or should i put it on my whole face and wash off? im guessing i just use it like a spot treatment and put a little amount on my marks and just sleep with it on overnight but i want to be sure also i have a few active pimples(2 or 3) and i was wondering if i put it on them wil
  11. Hello. I have had acne for about 2.5 years now. At first, it didn't really bother me because there were just a couple of pimples here and there that went away rather quickly. However, as I entered my sophomore year, the acne started to get really bad. I remember that my acne was fine in the summer before sophomore year, but one week before school began, I had a HUGE breakout on my right and left cheeks and forehead. This was the worst acne I have ever had and I have completely changed my lifesty
  12. kukumalu


    I managed to get my acne pretty much under control using natural methods. The past couple of weeks I am seeing more and more bumps forming under my skin and some of them are coming out as pimples. I know that they will all be pimples soon and my whole face may be covered. I'm starting to panic a little as I thought I had gotten rid of it all and now it's coming back with a vengeance. I'm not sure how to tackle this, is there any way of stopping them from turning into pimples? I have no idea why
  13. I did a bit of research and i guess it means my follicle walls are just very weak? Is there anythign else behind this? Health factors? Everytiem a pimple shoots up, it eventually becomes a pustule. they usually show up on my cheeks but ive had them pretty much all over my face, even though my acne is pretty mild. Is there any medication or antibiotic that is specifically made to target the formation of pustules, because if i could cut down on pustules, my skin would improve dramatically.
  14. Hey guys, I'm 22 never had acne ever until last year suffered from moderate/severe Acne and Cysts I saw a dermatologist 3 months back he prescribed me Minocycline and Retin A creme of 00.25% I saw little clearing after 1 month it got clearer until recently sad.gif I been on the retin a creme for about 2 months or more then saw a doctor where he prescribed me 0.5% creme where it made my skin irritated and more pimples began to form and new cysts I been on that higher dose for about 2-3 weeks I a
  15. Hello, for the past 2 weeks or so I've been using Clean and Clear's Advantage Acne Control Kit and noticing slow, but steady progress with it. About 2 nights ago I ran out of the 2% SA Spot Treatment stuff that comes with it, so I decided to just put the 2% SA cleanser I had left over and use that as a spot treatment, I didn't wash it off or anything. Big Mistake it seems. I wokeup with dry, flakey and cracked skin when I hadn't for about a week and noticed the formation of numerous whitehead
  16. I'm having great success with my new regimen which I've been using for around a month in that my complexion looks much better, my pimples are smaller and heal faster and my red marks are improving. However, it is not all positive, for the past few weeks, I've been getting new pimples everyday - usually around three or four. They're not as big as my usual pimples but I've never had new breakouts everyday before, it's always been about once a week or so. It's frustrating because apart from this is
  17. kdutton66


    hey guys i have this huge( i guess) pimple that the white head wont come up, and if i try to squeeze it im sure nothign will come out, and it will just get bigger... ive had it for 5 days! what should i do to get rid of it...im using clindoxyl
  18. Crystal_21

    Purpleish pimples

    My sister said to me today that my pimples look kinda purple. I agree with her, I thought the same thing. They started out red before accutane and had bigger bumps. Now there purple and have little bumps. I'm on accutane, i've been on it 5 weeks now. I haven't had an active pimple in 7 days. I'm really happy about that. I'm just wondering why my pimples are purple. Is that a sign there healing? Has anyone else had this? let me know, i'm curious why there that colour.
  19. I started using this 2 days ago and It feels great. Luckily no pimples have come up and my face looks better
  20. Michaelangelo

    New Pimples In The Morning

    Seems like a lot of times I can go to bed with a nice looking face and wake up to multiple nasty whiteheads and pustules that formed overnight. Ones that weren't there before. Anyone found a good way to deal with this? I change my bedding and pillow cases regularly....
  21. Heretohelp

    Power of the Mind

    I think the mind plays a much greater role than what we give it credit for. Just the other day, I was thinking why I haven't yet got a zit in a particular spot before (inside a cluster of red marks - faily small area). Bam! This morning a zit appears right in the area of was THINKING about (this has happened numerous other times, has anyone else experienced this??) It reminds me of the saying that if you think your nose is itching, it will begin to itch (And yes, I apologise for comparing ac
  22. i would just like to clarify this. do i leave a huge dab on the active pimple OR do i massage it around and into the pimple very slowly? seems like if i massage it around it seems to get it in a huge area instead of focusing on the pimple this would be at night obviously i would have to work it in during the day so i don't have a blotch on my face thanks in advance
  23. tag300


    I always kinda wondered this...whenever I shave, its always 2-3 days later that I start to get a pimple...never the day after, only when hair starts to grow back. I use an electric shaver, and pre-electric shave (SD alcohol, isopropyl, etc)...its almost like shaving cleans up my face too and kills current pimples.. what i was wondering...if I were to shave everyday, other than every 3-4 days..is their any chance it would just stop altogether..or would it get worse?
  24. I have very bad acne on my forehead. 4 of the pimples turned into a white ball, like they were dead or something. I accidently took the ball of my pimple, but don't know if it's a good sign or bad sign. It looks ugly so my question is: Is the pimple dead, and should i take the ball of the pimples? Peace!
  25. so ive been on proactive for a month or so.. at first it looked like it was working (first couple of weeks) lately tho ive been getting pimples all over my mouth chin area. after reading the other thread about it... it seems noone has had a positive outcome on it... it seems like your face becomes reliant for it and if you dont use it, even after you dont have any acne then you will breakout since your face is so.. like used to it.. so now that its basically not doing anything really for my a