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Found 5,113 results

  1. I've just found out not too long ago that a pimple takes time to form rather than just form in a day.. So yea... any one know?? Because lately I've been paranoid of my actions like what I've been eating and if a pimple shows up the next day I'm thinking that caused it... :\
  2. I finally got my moderate (sometimes cystic) acne under control last year just in time for my wedding! My skin has been excellent for the past 4 months - I only sometimes get the odd, non-cystic pimple on my chin or cheek during 'that time of the month'. HOWEVER, in the last week or so my skin has started to revert back to how it was before lots of acne. I haven't changed my diet, skin care regime, hair care products, washing powder and I don't think I'm any more stressed than I usually a
  3. Hi so I've been using a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash for basically one year now from my derm., and I definitely see a lot of improvement. However my skin is still nowhere near from being completely clear yet. I pretty much never have any big cystic acne, but my skin is just really unsmooth and uneven, with lots of small red pimples and red marks. Also, problem areas are red and flakes, and moisturizer doesn't really help. I'm just scared that the wash is sort of damaging my skin; and it doesn't see
  4. Hey, I tried searching around the forum and couldn't find anything on this topic (although I may have not looked hard enough). I've been doing the BP regimen on and off for a little over a year, sometimes switching cleansers/moisturizers/acne products. I've noticed that although BP does work for me, the results aren't nearly as great as I hoped they would be; even after long periods of following the regimen closely, I would still be getting fairly regular pimples/break-outs and the BP really dri
  5. i got a sudden outbreak of 8 red marks on my chin during the evening. they are not full grown swollen pimples and im guessing they will go away w/o scars... but.. how can i remedy the situation? during the evening after dinner i used baking soda+cetaphil gentle cleanser and after that an egg mask. and i sat in front of the pc for awhile, around 1.5hrs later i looked into the mirror and.. horror! wat could be the things that caused it? past 2 days i was also tryin the method of not drinking an
  6. I began a new routine 3 months ago that kept my face completely clear. In the morning I use Clean & Clear astringent and CeraVe moisturizer, and in the evening, the new part of the routine, I use Purpose gentle cleanser and Sea Breeze astringent. After starting this I was pretty much clear for 3 months, with one occasional pimple every month or so. However, last week, after a long, sleepless night of studying for an exam, I got a pimple on my left cheek. I figured ok, whatever, and dabbe
  7. i am using c&c daily pore cleanser after seeing wonderful reviews...i have been using it for 5 days and yes i m getting one pimple daily....which has never happened to me before:( i get max one pimple which is small weekly but i m getting bigger one daily ( and i m using it twice daily not more than that ...whats wrong why is it doing this to me
  8. Rynie

    Chemical Burn

    A month ago i felt a pimple about to form on my face. I jumped into action using dermawand to zap it, iced it, and then put Dan's bp on it. Same the next night The red spot where the bp was applied started to scab and eventually fell off -- leaving a brown mark where the bp was about the size of a quarter It's been month ++ and the mark has hardly faded... an tips on what may have happened and what i can do to help it fade? Thanks PS: my acne regimen involves dan's glycolic acid applied on th
  9. Sorry to start another thread but mine is somewhat specific. I've had acne on and off for a few years and these last few months it's got particularly bad, so I want to clear it up as much as possible. I get the odd whitehead around my nose, and a lot of red inflammed spots on my jaw and neck. My forehead and cheeks never used to be a problem, but a couple of months back I had an accident which left me with my nose and forehead plastered up, and my skin seemed to react badly, as I'm covered in s
  10. Hey guys. I'm brand new to the forum and I know most of you arent doctors but I wanted to ask you guys for help. So. I'm 18. I first got acne when I was 16 and it was mostly on my forehead. I had never had acne before so i tried Oxy and other cheap things and they only made it worse. Finally I went to derm. and got tazorac. I have been acne free on my forehead ever since starting taz but now have acne EVERY where else. I was put on tazorac and minocycline tablets. This was effective on
  11. Hello After a bad break out during earlier times of this past summer. I tried everything, with little success, or WORSE results even I mean. As of recentley the things that have been working great are:.. Asprin mask. Really smoothes out my skin tone. (can be a little drying--nothing a little moisteriser doesn't fix though) Borage oil& Letchin (THIS ONE IS REALLY GOOD!)--I have been a sufferer of irregular periods. Or lack of. And just because of these past 2 weeks I actually have a per
  12. Hello all, I'm a 23 year old male and for the last 3-4 months my acne has been progressively getting worse. For example, early to late march I began developing small whiteheads on the sides of my foreheads. Not a big deal really, just kept washing my face with cetaphil. However, as time moved on these white heads spread to the middle of my forehead, and eventually these whiteheads turned into pimples. Funny, they all converted from white heads to pimples around the same time. Fast forward
  13. I've noticed, that when I get a pimple, a day or so after it has healed I get another one in nearly the exact same place but on the opposite side of my face. It has happened twice this week already, I got one just above literally sitting on top of my right eyebrow, then a day later another one appeared exactly the same place on my left eyebrow. Then, one on my cheek, then a day later one on my other cheek in the same place. It's like wherever I get a pimple, there is another one that appears
  14. I am going into another year of college in about a month. When I was at college for my freshman year my face was very manageable and I didn't get many new spots. When I came home for the winter, spring break, and summer my face got pretty bad. What I don't understand is that: At home I eat a healthy diet, pay more attention to my skin care routine, have no stress, and exercise more. At college I don't eat so great, I drink heavily, and I forget about my routine some nights, and have stress fro
  15. Ok. So I have grown out of the stage of where acne comes up anywhere on the face.. now its only on the lower face and neck region. It often happens after shaving or where facial hair grows (you can see a hair sticking out of the pimple some times). Is there a way to keep this from happening or something? It is quite annoying.
  16. I was playing basketball in my gym class during my senior year in highschool and i was going up for a layup when i suddenly felt something wet coming down my cheek and i realized that one of my zits had poppped, the worst thing about it was that the girl that i had a crush on was sitting on the baseline and got to see everything fucking acne!!!!!!!
  17. Hi there. I have a lot of blackheads. There are not black blackheads, but it's tiny white simple blackheads as there are thousands of. I have no blackheads on the back, chestor shoulders. Only in the face. The T-zone and nose. There is so much blackheads so I get oily, and in the same way i have a dry face. Should I wash my face and do not moisturize, I get dry and get a lot of blackheads. I will be less oily if I moisturize me after I've washed avsiktet. But the problem is that I stil
  18. I just recently got a great job working in a kitchen as a line cook, but I've noticed that since then I've gotten little pimples on my forehead here and there most likely as a result of wearing a chef's hat in a hot kitchen. Anyone have any recommendations on what to do about this? Should I wipe my forehead more often?
  19. milkncoffee

    White heads suddenly?

    For the last three or four weeks iv been breaking out in white heads around my mouth and chin so bad, my skins all bumpy and gross. I used to get one or two pimples around my mouth. I'm thinking it's hormonal but now all the sudden my skins all bumpy and crazy. What is going on?
  20. I'm on Accutane at the moment and I've had like a group of pustules on the side of my face appear out of nowhere! It looks very gross. It may be partly due to my picking of pimples because my face has been really itchy . *PIC Anyway I'm pretty scared of the whole scarring thing and I'm not sure what the best way to pop them is. Or if i should be popping them at all. thanks in advance
  21. ynote

    My "Cure"

    Hey guys I just want to share with you a success story I have had with my mild acne. About a Year ago I started to break out a lot around my mouth and forehead. WIth no end in sight I turned to over the counter products -- lots of them. I used BP, SA, regular soap, witch hazel, ACV.. and nothing worked. It actually made my acne worse. I got fed up one day and decided to "quit" trying to conquer those nasty spots... And it worked. I started simply washing my face twice a day with warm wat
  22. My cheeks and forehead have been breaking out out of nowhere for the past four months. I use a variety of products now, you can see my regimen below. is it too much? Also, since I have darker skin, no matter if i touch my pimples or not i always get dark spots left behind. I heard lemon and honey help with that so i use the mask at night, and add some egg white. I have sensitive skin so are any of my products making me break out more? Also, does anyone have any ideas how I can make the d
  23. Hi, I'm a 22 year old female. I had mild acne in my younger teen years and very mild acne in my later teens until now. For the past 6 or 7 years, I have felt perfectly comfortable without wearing makeup during the daytime 95% of the time--and just wearing a little to cover small blemishes the other 5% of the time. In February, out of no where, I had an extremely bad breakout my face has not cleared up despite all my efforts. My entire forehead is completely covered with small pimples. They
  24. I have this really sore spot on my face that i starting to come to head. I need to minimize its appearance my tomorrow as much as possible. I don't know whether to pop it. Or i was thinking of trying the aspirin method. But if its not going to make that much of a difference, I see no point. Can someone give me some advice? Thanks
  25. fubbanator

    I <3 Acne

    In two days, I will of been on Differin for ten weeks. In short: Differin turned a very small problem into a bigger problem. My acne, before Differin, was pretty mild. In all honesty, I regret ever taking it in the first place - as it increased my acne 1000%. This is where I stand now, 10 weeks into treatment, 1000x worse. I do use the three step proactive most days in the morning. Anybody have any experience with acne similar to mine? I don't have big pimples.. just a bunch of small, fl