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Found 31 results

  1. Has any of you tried Perfectil and did you like the effect? I'm commercial addicted))) Don't know if I should try it as my skin has a specific problem - acne. How do you think, will it help in my case?
  2. Hi everyone! So I have mild to moderate acne but it is still very aggravating dealing with this. I get face bumps, shaving bumps, everything but it is mild but dealing with it everyday is just a pain. I used alot of over the counter medication but none worked. I was prescribed I believe tetracycline about an year ago and that worked great! I took one pill daily or every other day and I was 100% acne free and I would get no shaving bumps or anything. This I believe continued for about 8
  3. Hi everyone, thank you now for taking a min to read my first posting on this site. Like everyone else here, I am an hardcore acne sufferer! I do everything that is recommended, eat clean, don't smoke, take acne meds, etc, etc. It has been a long and hard journey, I have done three rounds of Accutane ( can't do anymore due to liver damage) five rounds of Fraxal laser treatment to help reduce the scars and breakouts, mountains of topical creams and retanoids perscribed by doctors all with min
  4. TeenGirl14


    so I've recently gone to the doctors and was put on a medication called isotretinoin 10mg, it's really helped and it also I've changed my skincare routine so it's less drying and more hydrating, it has seemed to work and my skin is clearer than ever before literally, i'm enjoying this and the fact that I can eat almost anything except milk and still have clear skin cause the pill I've been prescribed is amazing. LIst of products: ST.IVES Even & Bright pink lemon & mandarin orange sc
  5. So basically I have a very annoying problem, no matter what tip/trick I seem to try I can't swallow pills. My throat closes up not allowing the pill to be swallowed and sometimes I start gagging. I was on doxycycline for about 3-4 months and I had to crush up the pill (I know not the best idea) but I eventually had to stop because it got very frustrating doing this!! I started getting acne in 4th grade and it got worse as time went on (I'm currently a senior in high school). I've been using reti
  6. 1. Type of Progestin Every birth control uses progestin (a synthetic form of the progesterone hormone). There are many different types of progestin. It is very important that the type of progestin is LOW in androgenic activity, meaning it doesn't send your testosterone into overdrive and create acne. Here is a list to help choose a birth control. Neutral (won't affect acne either way) No hormones. Copper Paraguard IUD Good (can reduce acne) Drospirenone. Anti-androgenic. Used in Yaz, Yas
  7. What is the best acne pills? AcnePril? Pantothen? Anyone use pills?
  8. gi100867

    Ginko Biloba Has Anyone Tried It?

    Hi, I'm having mixed feeling about the ginko biloba supplement. I felt like it helped me the first couple days and suddenly I get multiple cysts. Has anyone tried this with a similar or different experience? Thanks
  9. Hi! I'm performing dermarolling 1mm and TCA cross on my scars with good success although I would like to know if there are some good creams or pills for increasing collagen production which I can find on Ebay. I know there's a lot but I'm wondering if anyone could show me the best out of those. I heard great things about msm cream which I would like to try out. I'm gonna put on the cream when my TCA cross scabs and dermarolling are healing and after. Thanks!
  10. Hey Guys, I am an 18 year old male in college, and I have been on accutane for probably around a month a few weeks. I am on 60mg (30mg 2x a day) I am using Cetaphil at night only, and splashing my face with water in the AM. My face hasn't showed any major signs of improvement and is really really red and splotchy. I also am continuing to get new breakouts at almost the same rate I did before accutane. I have multiple questions that have been in the back of my mind that I haven't had a c
  11. Omnivium

    Every Pill Is Toxic

    They got me. For years, the dietary supplement industry has been tricking me into buying and consuming poison. The poison is not in the nutrients, but in the pills themselves. Fillers, coatings, glazes, lubricants, coloring, preservatives and sweeteners in pills are all most likely toxic. The manufacturers put these ingredients in pills to make it cheaper and easier to produce them, at the expense of your health. They do this with oral prescriptions as well. Here is a list of some common toxi
  12. For the past week or so, I've ben going crazy scouring the entire web for Yaz reviews. Until now, I still don't know whether to take it or not. For the past month or so, I have been suffering from painful cysts on my chin. Those large freaking bumps with no head and take forever to heal. I read that acne on the chin indicates a hormonal problem and that Yaz can help. But the side effects are terrifying. And I'm particularly worried about the initial breakout. Is it possible to take Yaz without t
  13. 3wishes

    My Dermatologist Visit

    So today I went to the dermatologist.I broke down in front of her which is weird because I hate crying in front of people. I talked to her about how my acne is getting worse and how my regimen doesn't seem to be working. I've been on doryx 200mg daily, aczone every morning, epiduo in the night, and birth control ortho tri cyclen lo. I just started the bc 3 weeks ago so I don't expect it to be working yet but I have been on the other medications for about 5 months now and my face is worse than wh
  14. which ones worked the best? which ones do you have to use forever to maintain acne free skin? which ones makes you fat? (i read that doxycycline makes you fat) which ones dont have any sideffects? which have sideffects?
  15. 1 pill is 167 mg of omega 3 (epa 80, dha 50) so i thought ill be taking 3 of them. is this ok? but can i just take them all at once not through the day?
  16. So I got safflower pills to see if taking them helps with my symptoms. Well..they arrived and they are the biggest pills I have ever seen in my life. The hardest pills I've ever managed to take paled in comparison. I very well knew there was 0% chance I'd be able to take these...so I decided to just drink the contents of the pills and see how that works. Do you guys know if that will work or mess with the effect? Is drinking oil less effective than taking pills with the oil in them? Tha
  17. I don't know how many of you heard about the acne no more program(mike Walden). Is it a scam ? Please I want honest reviews about it.
  18. Posted yesterday about getting a cortisone shot while on accutane. Got my shot this morning on a red cyst next to my nose and was also given 10 prednisone pills. The doc said to take 2 a day for 3 days and then use the other remaining whenever you get another cyst flare up. My question is that should I follow the advice of taking 2 a day for 3 days, or should I take 3 today, 2 tomorrow, and one the following day? I have read that gradually decreasing dose gives good results. I just do not kn
  19. Hello, I was wondering if it was okay to take antibiotic pills while on The Regimen? Is it safe, or could it have undesirable effects? Thank you!
  20. hey i went on holiday with a box of accutane pills and i left them in the heat by accident and every pill that i get out, the shape is deformed, obviously they have like semi melted from the heat... will these pills still be effective or should i get onto a new box with fresh pills? I don't want to waste my time eating them if they are not going to do anything for me...
  22. I have tried so many birth control pills! I have side effects on all of them but my worst side effect that I just can't handle is cystic acne. I am 24 years old and have hormonal acne (mostly around my chin, cheeks, mouth). My last pill before going off was yaz (vestura). I had HORRIBLE cystic acne for the first 4 months then it miraculously cleared my face. I know they say stick with it for 4 months. Now my doctor gave me Lo Loestrin fe (Not Loestrin) because it has a low dose of estrogen. I re
  23. isabellaaaap

    Doxycycline Help!!!

    Hi, About two months ago I started taking doxycycline! The only problem I had was I can't swallow pills. I usually just keep it in my mouth until I am finally able to swallow it or take it with food. I know this isn't the correct way but its the only way I can take it!!! No difference in my skin has really shown at all and I wonder if its because of the way I'm taking the pill? Should I just stop taking it? I also will add that I'm currently using retinae as well (which hasn't worked yet eithe
  24. at times i get these sudden reddish areas which itch(slightly or more) and is all raised(over an area) /bumpy. i am told its dermatitis of some kind(by mates here!). although i have kept track of my food and other aspects,i'm yet to figure out the sure-shot cause. it could be anything,really - water,food,stress or i-don't-know-what!! (i've taken cough syrup with chlorphenamine in it along with other cough suppressing ingredients) kindly recommend a good anti-histamine with minimum
  25. pkoyfman

    How I've Been Treating my Acne

    This time last year I went for my first dermatologist consultation from a real adult dermatologist. The first thing she did was prescribe Spironolactone. Of course, I fought her on this, I did everything short of stomping my foot. I knew that this wasn't a medication that has worked for me in the past, so I had reservations about it (also, I am notoriously horrendous at remembering to take pills). She looked me dead in the eyes and said: "In six months you will have reduced your acne to 1-2 brea