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Found 59 results

  1. My chest is almost clear. My back is better with very few spots. My neck is better but still breaking out a bit. My cheeks are clear. The breakouts on my chin were a tiny bit less than usual and less painful this week. I've had a few spots pop up along my jawline which I usually never got so I'm guessing these are hormonal. I've had a few small spots around my mouth. My nose still has blackheads but is really smooth. My chin and around my mouth are still my problem areas.
  2. Hello! I'm an 18 year old girl and I am struggling with constant pimples. I don't have proper acne, but I have regular breakouts. They are stronger one week before my period, but they never seem to go away. The pimples are not that big and they go away after a couple of days, but I always have them and nothing I do seems to work. I've tried EVERYTHING. I've tried every product ever and nothing worked. Now I'm going the natural way and my skin is better, but still not clear. I don't eat dairy or
  3. My OB prescribed me Diane-35 last September 2018 up until February 2019 (6 months), and it really cleared my acne out after the first 4 months. My hormonal acne on my cheeks and forehead cleared so I only had the hyperpigmentation to worry about, which I can also cover with make-up since my skin's not bumpy anymore. So, I started getting small breakouts again after around 2 months of stopping but nothing to worry about much. YET. Now, I've been off Diane-35 for 4 months and I can feel my skin go
  4. I'm a female who has higher than average levels of androgens. I haven't gotten this checked out and confirmed, but I have extremely oily skin, am prone to cysts and in terms of my physique I am naturally lean (build muscle quickly and low body fat, around 12%), so I think it's pretty likely. I've been considering going on the pill to balance out my hormones which I think could help my skin, but I'm concerned about other effects this would have, mostly weight gain. I have little to no active acne
  5. Hi! I just created this log to see how my acne behaves and maybe help other people who have the same doubts about this type of birth control pill. I have moderate acne and I've tried to control it with natural things. I started taking them on April 10, they are called Gynorelle but are almost the same as Belara* and they have 2mg Chlormadidone acetate + 0.02mg Ethynilestradiol. The Chlormadidone Acetate is the antiandrogenic component and there's 24 active pills and 4 placebos. I'll post u
  6. Hello I've not had acne for over 10 years, barely even a hormonal spot and now after coming off the pill in April I've broke out badly. Lots and lots of little skin coloured bumps on my cheeks and pimples! I've tried numerous creams/washes and very reluctant to go back on the pill again. Not been to see a doctor yet however it's starting to really get me down. When I got spots in my teens they never looked like this so really unsure what to do. Any advice? xx
  7. Hej there! Currently I am absolutely clueless about the cause of my acne. Backstory: Around the age of 16/17 I started having breakouts that developed into comedone acne (I think. I had loads of tiny bumps on my forehead and cheeks, as well as on my nose and temples and some whiteheads. Hardly any bigger inflamed spots). When I started taking the pill at 18 my skin quickly cleared and I never had a single pimple. Now at 22 I stopped taking it 6-7 months ago and my acne came back slowly
  8. Hi guys, I need some advice/help/experiences please. Essentially, I want to quit my Yasmin pill for various personal reasons, but I'm concerned my acne is going to come back, and the internet seems to confirm this! But, as I have recently undergone a second course of Roaccutane, I don't know if I need to worry. I started Yasmin in July 2013 and started my second course of Roaccutane in October 2013, so the Yasmin has been with me throughout the healing process. By June 2014 my skin was goo
  9. Hello Girls, I know it's only been a week since I've posted, but I did something magical during this week... I WENT FOR A FACIAL! Can I just say, I was so so nervous going into it, only because I've heard it's common to break out after a facial because the uncleanliness in your skin removing itself from under the skin to which can create the pimples. Though, this was not the case for me, at all. I had a lovely beauty therapist who examined my skin and only used products suitable for my skin. I
  10. Hey Girls, So it's been just over a week since I've last posted. During the time frame from then and now...I did get a little impatient with my skin unfortunately. I decided to go to my GP and maybe get a referral to a dermatologist just to get clarification on what exactly my pimples are. After consulting with my doctor, he informed me that me skin wasn't that terrible to get a referral to a dermatologist (which was quite relieving to hear), but what he did prescribe me was the antibioti
  11. Even though i have some kind of allergy/eczema/atopic dermatitis going on in my face and neck... (My allergist confirmed that to me weeks ago), Diane-35 has helped me A LOT with my acne, so I´m happy to take it. The weight gain is the only side effect i´m having right now! But not other side effects for the moment. Do someone know what to eat/not to eat when you have atopic dermatitis? I´m confused with this disease... Thank you!
  12. Hey guys! I wrote a piece about 2/3 weeks ago and looking back at it makes me so sad. It’s when I first started taking dianette and my skin purged so badly. I was getting spots in places I’d never had spots before and they were red, inflamed and angry. I put BP on one and woke up with an oozing crust the next day over my chin. It was so sad and so intense as I’m 20 now and have been on accutane twice, as well as dianette twice, but have relapsed after both. Accutane worked for the short term but
  13. Hi everyone! I'm 19 years old and suffering from moderate acne. I don't have cystic acne, and I'm not sure if it's hormonal or not, but I only have it on my face, specifically my forehead, cheeks, and my nose. Most of it is really red and blotchy, and only a few have come to a head as whiteheads. I have some blackheads too, but they seem to be the same ones I've had for years, that just haven't gone away. My face started breaking out when I was about 12 and I tried tons of commercial products
  14. Hi! I'm performing dermarolling 1mm and TCA cross on my scars with good success although I would like to know if there are some good creams or pills for increasing collagen production which I can find on Ebay. I know there's a lot but I'm wondering if anyone could show me the best out of those. I heard great things about msm cream which I would like to try out. I'm gonna put on the cream when my TCA cross scabs and dermarolling are healing and after. Thanks!
  15. It seems like these forums are infected by negative accutane stories. I get it, some people want to share their negative side effects and see if others are experiencing the same thing and sometimes they want to warn others of potential side effects. I think people need hope and need to stop focusing and worrying on side effects that could occur. We want to hear about people who have been off this product for a long time and are doing great. Of course these people who are doing great usually do
  16. Hey guys! I've been looking in the forum whether someone has already asked the same question, but I haven't found anything... So, here's my story. I'm 22 years old and I have suffered from mild (I would say normal) acne from when I was 13 till I was 17. Then I had a boyfriend, so I started taking the pill and since my skin wasn't perfect, my gynecologist prescribed Diane 35. I didn't think about it or read about side effects when going off it, I took it and I loved it. I had no negativ
  17. So many people have said that green tea is excellent for the skin. I have suffered from acne that can range from being mild, moderate and moderately severe. Currently my skin has completely cleared up and I'm doing my best to keep it this way. I have come across this pill called "Tegreen 97" by pharmanex. You may want to read this for how green tea impacts acne.. http://www.stopacne.com/herbal-remedies/green-tea-acne-treatment.htm And I am a believer of the statement that green tea defin
  18. Hello! So, I just registered and I hope this works. So, I started taking accutane on the 1st of January 2013. I'm taking 20 mg 5 days a week (Sunday-Thursday). So far, I've taken 5 pills and I'm noticing... side-effects, I guess. Yesterday, I felt pain in my joints. Today, I got chest pain... I know all these are side-effects, I read the informative leaflet. Those are not really what I'm worried out. What I'm stressing over is that my period is due on the 12th... and I usually get PMS sym
  19. This is a warning to any young women who are thinking of taking birth control to help their acne, or birth control in general in my personal opinion, for overall health and vitality. I started taking yazmin because I needed birth control, and I also told my doctor I wanted something for my acne. She said that because yazmin had anti androgen effect, it would help tackle my acne because acne is caused by too many male sex hormones and an over production of oil on the face. Anyway, everythin
  20. Hey Girls, Sorry I haven't posted a blog recently, I've been super busy and stressed with university assignments and exams... but they're over now, time to relax. I've noticed since I've last posted that the stress that comes with university related work creates... yes you guessed it... more pimples! Yay, hooray! Honestly starting to get impatient now, but I'm honestly still clinging onto hope and sticking to my daily and nightly routine/ regime. My skin has somewhat cleared up, but, like
  21. Hey guys, so it's been maybe about a year and a half that I have suffered with acne, before this I had pretty much clear skin. Over the course of this time I have tried multiple over the counter products aimed at acne to help treat, though these only either did nothing, minor difference or in some cases made my acne worse. I've also used other over the counter treatments that were not aimed at acne but I thought or read about that could help, also tried many home remedies. The regime I'm on no
  22. I've been on the pill for a month and two weeks now. It was prescriped to help my very irregular period as well as my moderate to severe acne on my face and also the moderate acne on my back. But it has only worsened my acne so far. I have this huge cyst on my cheek that is like a giant ball of isk what and it hurta so much it even got kinda purple, it has more smaller (but not small) bumps around that are also very painful and my other cheek is exactly the same just without the big ass bump. I
  23. Hi Everyone, I am a 24 year old male. I had bad acne when i was 15-18 years old about a 7 out of 10 (7 meaning, on my cheeks and forehead, nodules, cysts and regular pimples, didnt want to leave my house!). I went on proactive around 19 and started using cliondoxyl gel at about 22 and since then my acne has been a 2/3 out of 10 - meaning I break out here and there, 1 or 2 big pimples, nothing serious, nothing that id complain about. I recently broke out again and its been worse than eve
  24. Hi would really love some reassurance here! I have bad acne around my jaw and lower cheeks and have suffered for 6+ years. I have been on the mini pill called cerazette for 2+ years as take antibiotics as well (lymecycline) for my skin. I have slightly high blood pressure caused by possible white coat syndrome (that's being scared of the doctor! Silly I know) and that's why I was put onto mini pill. ANYWAY, a new doctor I have been seeing is aware of my medical past but has given me Yasmin fo
  25. The day I started Yasmin and Lymecycline.