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Found 187 results

  1. Chutney

    First Post! - Intro

    Hellu ;P I have battled severe inflamed acne for about 10 years, loading up on Benzoyl Peroxide for half of my life. Now that I just finished the teen years, the infected pimples are less (not extinct, just less) and I am left with HUGE PORES, HYPERPIGMENTATION, and SKIN-COLOURED CLOGGED BUMPS. These seem to be the hardest to treat, but I will not give up! Goal: Clear Skin Time: 3 months Products: Purity cleanser from Philosophy (night + day) Help Me retinol treatment f
  2. cateyyy567

    Jul4 (3)

    From the album: My Acne

    The accutane started to work by drying everything out. My lips, face, hands and joints were lacking moisture. I feel like the redness of the PIH has always been worse than the active acne was. My routine at this point was removing my makeup with olive oil, cleansing with Cetephil, moisturising with Aveeno's anti-redness cream, and either applying SPF 60 in the morning or a thin layer of Vaseline to keep moisture in.
  3. Hey guys, I've been trying to figure out for about a year now what is exactly wrong with my face. I have these red spots/scars all over my cheeks and I still have some actual active acne but I don't know whether these scars are fixable or not. They aren't deep scars, just surface. What are these and what can I use to help? I currently use nip and fab glycolic pads, scrub, and mask. Also African black soap and a salycyclic and glycolic toner.
  4. So I have FINALLY gotten my acne under control, it's not perfect by any means, but definitely manageable. So as expected, I have a new obsession now; my red marks! I hate how they have this special way of looking like acne when I'm clear.. it's awesome. My skin is really fair and I get red marks no matter what, even if I don't touch the pimple! It's not fair. ANYWAYS... I started this cream that I found at Walgreens of all places for $8. It has 2% Hydroquinone which I guess is supposed to be
  5. Blackjaqk

    Pih >2 Years

    Hi guys, I'm 15, and I started getting acne 2 years ago. I have brown PIH on my left cheek that has not faded for nearly 3 years now. When I first got acne, I went on Proactiv, not knowing better. I used BP very intensively, applying it many times a day. I didn't know that it could irritate skin so much. It also didn't help that I would pick and pop pimples a lot. I didn't know better either. Eventually, I got the PIH and I started using sulfur and hydroquinone, both from Proactiv. It hel
  6. Posted January 31, 2014 My name is Angel. I'm an addict. I'm addicted to skin picking. Or perhaps just addicted to picking out my imperfections and focusing on them with diamond-cuttin laser focus. Today I am starting "the regimen". Or should I say... tomorrow i am starting. I've already messed up today. I've only told a few people about my "dirty little secret".. and they all think I'm crazy. The problem is that I never let anyone see me without make up. I'm a young, fairly success

    Guide me [PICS]

    Pics might be a little to graphic since its zoomed in. Please help me, suggest a full regimen please How severe is this Tell me about this Is this active acne or pih or hyperpigmentation How do I get clear again How do I get rid of tthis please help me Please
  8. I have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and I don't know how I can make it go! I also have a lighter patch on my face and I don't want to get my whole face lightened because my face is already lighter than my neck and body! Help...
  9. cloudydreamer

    Day 15 [BP and PIH...ugh]

    Hey again everyone. I'm almost at day 16 now and I thought I'd check in. I don't feel as down in the dumps about the initial breakout anymore, since a ton of it has calmed down and cleared [touch wood...it gives me hope]. I have really crappy PIH marks from the cheek breakout and two small nodules remaining [one near the left corner of my mouth from the hormones, a super tiny one on left cheek that was a comedone but got inflamed ... thanks Spiro!] but it is what it is. They won't scar, and they
  10. To start off, I am going to try and start posting once a month at least, hopefully, more often than that. As for the update on my skin, it hasn't been the best few days. I think that is because I have run out of acidophilus that I pair with spiro, and my skin is not liking that. I forgot to call in the refill before the weekend. As a result of that, I have a few new spots on my cheek that are honestly really bothering me. I can't feel them, but my skin was looking good before this. It might also
  11. Its been nearly 4 months since I stopped taking accutane but I'm left with these marks. How long will they take to fade and is there anything I can do at this point? Any help would be great
  12. My skincare routine doesn't work as efficiently as it used to and now my dark spots won't go away. How can I get rid of them without lightening my face? I don't want to lighten my face because my face is already 100x lighter than my neck and I have even lighter patches on my cheeks which makes it even worse! I'm only 14 so I can't do anything dangerous like lasers and stuff.
  13. So im now 3 months on accutane no more active acne. But, i have my face full of PIH and scars. Some days i feel extremely sad about my appearance so i close my door and cry all the damn day in my room. Before acne my skin was beautiful and i never judged people with acne but now i feel like all the people judge me by my appearance. These give me seriously trust issues , in fact this year two girls wanted to be my girlfriend but i rejected both because im feeling so horrible. The things now
  14. Firstly, hello everyone.. I'm new here (: I've had acne for at least 5 years now (I'm almost 16) mostly only having whiteheads and blackheads, with the occasional pimple. But I went through a stage where I was getting a few cystic pimples on my cheeks, and now they have gone but I'm left with red marks. My acne at the moment is mostly black/white heads.. But with the acne treatments my dermatologist has me on my skin is very weak. Meaning when I do succumb to my urges and pick at a little bl
  15. Does Clindamycin Phosphate Gel help fade red acne marks/inflammatory acne, or is it used for other types of acne? I use Tazorac at nighttime and it works really well to reduce redness overnight, but as SOON as I wash my face and apply Clindamycin, it ruins everything. I will say it DOES work for clearing up whiteheads on my forehead (my forehead is almost 100% clear im so happy ) ...but for my cheeks it just makes it this awful blood-red color, plus this horrendous itching that won't go aw
  16. Sadchadkilla

    Scarring (Pih) After Acne

    Share what you know and what you did to help you with your scarring and or PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) I rarely get pimples now but I have the worst PIH in the world so bad my face chips daily I feel like a snake loosing its old skin
  17. I've been desperate to get help on this forum for the past two months and no one has answered me. I have moderate-severe acne that I believe is hormonal but I honestly have no idea what is going on with my skin or my body, I am losing faith in all of these methods and attempts to figure my skin out and it is worsening my depression. I can't leave the house without makeup and am severely self conscious. My situation: I had been using tretinoin 0.025 and benzo-clin (some sort of benzoyl peroxi
  18. cateyyy567

    Jul1 (2)

    From the album: My Acne

    This is when I started my Accutane Journey. 40 mg. I also learned that my forehead acne was being caused by not properly rinsing the shampoo and conditioner off of my face. I started making sure washing my face was the last thing I did in the shower and everything along my hair line cleared up. This gave my some insight on the kind of acne I have. The acne I have on my cheeks and jawline has always been the most stubborn and its not caused by anything on the outside; it is all hormonal.
  19. cateyyy567

    Jul1 (3)

    From the album: My Acne

    This is when I started my Accutane Journey. 40 mg. I also learned that my forehead acne was being caused by not properly rinsing the shampoo and conditioner off of my face. I started making sure washing my face was the last thing I did in the shower and everything along my hair line cleared up. This gave my some insight on the kind of acne I have. The acne I have on my cheeks and jawline has always been the most stubborn and its not caused by anything on the outside; it is all hormonal.
  20. HarleyZ

    The pain is unbearable

    I went to a beauty salon today to get my whiteheads extracted. I know that with proper equipments, you can do it at home, but I was so worried that I'd make mistakes and make my face look even worse. The lady at the salon really hurt the hell out of me. She managed to get those white heads out of my skin, but afterwards my face is covered with red angry marks that sting like a mofo. She told me that I produce too much oil, and the way to deal with it is to keep it moisturized - like I don't alre
  21. hello mates! it's been about 5 days since i used lemon on my acne spots(PIH) and few bumps i had. after 3 days or so..i broke out in places that i thought was either cured or only a small bump. also,the bumps which were really tiny grew bigger and they are like hard milia now..although am not sure if they are milia at all. i'm certain that it's the lemon juice which has caused this..because i have zits and whiteheads or bumps only in places where i'd put lemon juice for 3 days. i'm
  22. Hi everyone, I've had this red patch next to my nose for as long as I can remember. There is also a spot on my nose that isn't in the picture. I'm honestly not sure what it even is or how to treat it. I've tried derma rolling, aha/bha gel, and other minor solutions but nothing seems to be working :-/ maybe someone else on here is going through the same thing or already went through it and knows what to do. It'd be awesome if anyone can help me out! Thank you!
  23. Depressedwithmyface

    Success Stories

    Anyone who had hyperpigmentation from acne and got results by using some OTC or prescriptions or home remedies , Please share your stories !!!! These stories may help many here and can be encouraging at same time. Please also specify in how much time you got results and what regimen you followed. I myself have horrible brown spots on my face and get occassional pimples on face ( 2 to 3 in a week nearly). I think my acne are diet depedent. I also want help to get rid of these marks. Thanks in