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Found 54 results

  1. Hi All, I have been struggling with this acne scaring and post acne marks for more than 8 years now. I am currently on tretiva medicine for three months now and applying Apple cider vinegar for nearly a month now. Though I don’t see much improvement on my skin. Please someone advise if these are actual post acne marks and any suggestions on how to get rid of them please. Thanks Dan
  2. I have blotchy/scarred/pigmented skin esp on my face but generally I feel like my skin is transparent/blotchy and pale everywhere. Would tanning help with this? I don't want to go much darker but just to even out my skin tone and if yes, what would be the best noncomedogenic tanners that can be used on face also? TIA
  3. sal1917

    Drug Free

    Sooo I went to my final derm appointment one month ago and he said I was good to stop taking accutane. This made me very happy!! After 13 months of medication, almost 10 of them being accutane it actually feels like I'm forgetting something in the morning without the need of medication! My face is still extremely pigmented with a few dints.. They are fading but I understand this will take a long time, I have an appointment with a skin specialist for 5 months time to get it looked at once accutan
  4. Hi, please help. I am confused with my pimples. I have mild to moderate pimple and their favorite spot is on my forehead and cheeks, seldom on my chin and nose, never on my jawline. My pimples are mean because they left red spots on my face tho i never pick them nor anything else. I am taking care of my skin I washed my face 2x a day with mild acne cleanser and use AVC 1:2 with water as a toner so i am pretty sure that my regimen is not theain reason why they left red spots on me. So going back,
  5. I have fineslines under my eyes as well as having pigmentation on temple(face) and forehead and nose what treatment is best for curing these stuffs u can see in my photos clearly plz help me
  6. So I am 18 and i still have some active acne but i am wondering if the marks on my face are indented scars or just pigmentation. I started useing differin 5 weeks ago for the acne, will that combat these marks, and if they are scars will differin even them out?
  7. From the album: Some of my pics !

    MONSTER ME This is how you look when you apply Kojiglo Gel..All this whiteness will go in 10 minutes Those who got afraid..I got no intention Lastly please keep smiling..Acne is stressful but life is more beautiful Drink lot of water Coconut Water Just do whatever but please do not take stress due to Acne..At end you will realize it is not worth it..Those who love you will love you with 100 pimples and those who do not love you will hate you even with clear face !!
  8. What tips and advice can you guys give me to prevent scarring and make the journey more tolerable? Please, keep it short and sweet. <3 Thanks
  9. HI ALL! I have been struggeling with my nose since 2 years back and it has only gotten worse and i dont know what to do. I went to a derm that didn't know what it was really and just told me to wait it out. i have gotten deep scars and redness that never seems to fade the list is long. Then i stumbeled over here and now i ask you for advice for what i should do and what "kind" of acne i have and what treatment for scars you reccomend etc. I am a male with asian etnicity and am 19y/o. than
  10. Hi everyone, This is my first post. Im at my wits end. Please ignore my username. I was just so desperate to join the forum i just let the computer generate one. ill get to the point with...ill try to be short. I have sh**ty skin. Mainly on my back and top of arms/shoulders. I had acne in my teens and early 20s. I am olived skin/tan. I have dark pigment from this. Ive been told so many different things. Ill just call it pigmentation. I have these small raised skin colour or white scars. My
  11. I've been using Quinoderm 10 for around 2 weeks and it is helping with my acne, but my face has changed colour all over. It is darker, and orange/red tinted. I want to know if anyone else has experienced this, if it is transient (if so, how long?), whether I should calm down with the twice a day use of 10% strength or just carry on until my skin gets used to it? THANK YOUU!!
  12. K so I'm thinking of lasering the scars off my nose. BUT. I have dark skin. Probably like dark olive??? I'm not too sure. I just know I'm brown. I'm thinking of doing a mild laser like Erbium (my scarring isn't too deep so maybe it will still help) but I'm worried about the negative effects it may leave behind on my skin. I've heard that skin can lighten or darken, but that's about it. I have some questions Is there anything that can be done to lessen the risk of this? Is the darkening/lighte
  13. Will using benzoyl peroxide bleach my skin? Seriously, I have medium toned skin and I applied some benzoyl peroxide to my skin tonight and I am freaking out about if over time will it turn my skin to a lighter colour? Also will I get redness or anything? I am seriously thinking of discontinuing the use of this product already! I'm so scared of getting redness and a light coloured face
  14. Hi all, first post here I believe. I've had bacne for about 3 years now and I've always been pretty depressed and self concious about it, stopped dating girls, swimming etc. However I've just started dating a girl and I'm going to need to become more confident with taking my shirt off etc if we go to the beach, sleep together. This is my bacne at the moment http://imgur.com/a/59p0u#LjeBU there are a lot of red marks around my back which may not be shown in the picture, I also have some sort o
  15. 7 Month Check-In/Progress on Regimen I am now on my 7th month with the acne.org regimen. I have seen HUGE improvements in my skin, but I am still not where I want to be exactly. 1. I have not had a seriously active breakout for probably 5 months now. 2. My biggest issue areas are my pores and scars now 3. My skin is back to being oily now 4. My face looks so much smoother now when I wear makeup as opposed to before when you could see every single bump on my face. 5. I have yet to start
  16. Hello, this is my first post here I have mild acne scarring on my cheeks and its really been getting me down. I have had microdermabrasion in the past when my scarring was much worse ad it worked wonders, all my scarring left. But unfortunately due to stress and a lot happening in my life this year I broke out again and was left with more scars. Because I live in a new city I don't have access to my ex skin specialist so have been looking for other good clinics in my area. I found one the o
  17. I've been using the acne.org regimen for a month now, however my skin is still red from the lingering old spots, how can I make my skin heal faster?
  18. Hello all, I recently finished my 8 month course of accutane 5 days ago where I reached 240 mg/kg cumulative dose. Skin is looking pretty good, no active pimples (some really really small red bumps on eye line and around chin/mouth). Anyways, I have two questions: 1. When do you think I could start using this peel from jack black? Link is here: http://www.getjackblack.com/Products/DIY-Power-Peel-Multi-Acid-Resurfacing-Pads-with-UGL-Complex-and-Niacinamide__2017O.aspx I want to use it to hel
  19. Hello ! I have had the same scars on my face for the better part of the last 6 years and they just won't fade away with time. I have seen a few dermatologist but they all seem to push me into doing expensive laser treaments. I did once try a session of laser (dont remember the name) that lasted 10mins had no effects and cost me 500$. So is there any way to treat what I have with some creams or some dyi medication ? These acne scars really annoy me since they make my face look like its dirt
  20. Hi guys. (Horrific pictures ahead!!!) About a few months back my cheeks started to have these tiny bumps which I initially thought they were acne so I kept putting acne cream on them but to no avail. They don't come to a head no matter what and they are very visible under sunlight. After a month of having them, I went for a basic facial treatment and I was told that they were whiteheads, either from new cosmetic or skincare products allergy or the results of not cleansing my face properly. The
  21. So I'm 16, and I have had a lot of acne. As of now, I don't have any and I've sort of found a routine that works for me, so I think that this should help a lot with my acne. In the past few weeks that I've been using this routine, my skin definitely does look a lot better and I've gotten like one pimple compared to the 6 or 7 that I would normally get before my period. I have no pimples currently, but I do have a lot of hyper pigmentation that looks really bad. I feel terrible because I've
  22. Hello everyone! This is my 2nd time posting here so forgive me if I made a mistake in terms of where I am posting. So I had perfect skin up until I turned 20. I never washed my face or put moisturizer on and I had clear skin that wasn't dry or anything. Then I cut my hair extremely short and I started breaking out. Then I began using olive oil to clean off my make up and I think that's where it all went down hill. I'm left with these red marks. They are a huge cluster of bumps on both s
  23. Hi all, Long story short acne.org regimen broke me out and left me with indented red scars. Before then I was using tazorac and am using it again. How long does it take for this type of hyperpigmentation to fade? Or will it never since it's dented? Please excuse the pink stuff from the kate Somerville eradikate Thanks.
  24. I'm curious. For people who are struggling with hyperpigmentation after acne and have tried either of the methods mentioned (IPL or VBeam), has it worked for you? I'm trying to decide between the two.
  25. Ok, so I'm going to try and fit this all in together. Also, excuse my grammar....I'm just typing my thoughts and they're not all perfectly spelled, or punctuated. Awhile back I had posted that I had burned myself with TCA cross. It's 2 years later and unfortunately I am left with the permanent scars. They're certainly not what they were, but I have permanent red hyper pigmentation, and a few depressed scars. Anyway, at the moment that is the least of my concerns. I had been off of Ac