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Found 40 results

  1. Alright. Dan's products come in about a day or two, and I'm ready to start this. I've tried pretty much everything. I've wasted (or not wasted, because at least I know they don't work!) tons of money on products and procedures that have never made my acne go away. It's only been almost a year, but I know that I shouldn't have to wait that long to have clear skin again. I can do this. I just have to be persistent, and stop torturing my skin with new products and treatments. It's insa
  2. How's it going everybody? I'm choosing not to share any personal information, but I am a 21 year old male college student starting what I think will be a five month course of prescription accutane, specifically Myorisan. For a little bit of background: Throughout high school I had very, very light acne. We're talking one or two pimples every now and again. I did absolutely nothing to my face and never even thought about it. Towards the end of my senior year and starting with my freshman
  3. I have been on Accutane for five months now, and I have officially finished my treatment! I started off at 20mg once a day, but progressed to 40 mg a day towards the end of the treatment. Overall, I've had a really good experience with Accutane, the only side effects I experienced were -chapped lips -dry skin -some joint pain I could not be happier with my results, and I am so thankful I don't have to mask on layers and layers of foundation to go out! For those starting, in the pr
  4. Here's an adeeeshional peeeecture (read in a Russian accent) I've been really into Russian stuff lately I dunno.
  5. Hello againSo I finally had an appointment with a Dermatologist and I just feel so overwhelmed. Having a stranger point out scars that I haven't even notice before made me so paranoid and sad. So the appointment felt very rushed and I didn't get all the information I wanted. For my icepick scars on the cheeks he recommened punch excision! He has never done the TCA Cross procedure so that was out of the question. Then for the rest of the scars he said Microneedling...I'm not sure if this is what
  6. Hello Guys, long story short I had really bad acne when I was a teen and now I'm 21 and left with very unsightly acne scars. Im currently stuck in a place where I'm debating whether I should just love myself and accept this as a part of who I am or seek out treatment for it. Sigh it just makes me so sad because I feel so ugly at times because of it. do you guys mind taking a look at my skin and giving me tips/things to try im currently considering dermapen tca cross I have nev
  7. I need help identifying my scars. In some pics look almost none existent idk of its the hyperpigment along with raised scars. And the fact I'm on accutane that makes my face look bumpy and uneven . I do have some scars that are quite evident but would like some insight on my situation any would help
  8. hello all, this is for everyone who have been able to successfully (partially or fully) able to treat there acne scars , have seen many (say infinite) posts people claming they have succesful scar treatment ,, most of them NO PICS ,, so for those people y dont u put pics u say all the long stories disscuss ur success with happy smilies but no pic please put before and after pics side by side atleast after u complete ur treatment ,, some people clam that they had scars since 18 and now they are
  9. Day 26 Hi, I thought to pass the time, I would log my accutane results. I'm starting at Day 26 but I assumed the first few weeks on accutane are similar for everyone. I'm a 22 year old male that weighs 70kg. I have had both cystic and hormonal acne persistently for years. I've tried a few other medications but lately it's been getting a lot worse so I've been prescribed 20mg accutane daily. My dermatologist wants to move me up to 40mg daily but I am going to talk with him to stay on 20mg to
  10. Well, I'm back to posting on the forum after incessant surfing these past 2 months. I recently completed my 10th week on a combination of Solodyn 80 mg, Ziana, and Benzaclin. I had my derm check-up today and I honestly had a mental breakdown and demanded Accutane for some lingering body acne despite the improvement in my face. The dermatologist assured me that my face isn't too bad and told me that the only way she'd prescribe me Accutane is if I visit a psychiatrist and they write me a note say
  11. I've never encountered anyone who has this kind of acne, so I'm hoping to meet some people who've had it and learned what was causing it! Background: I'd had mild acne since I was 12, and had been on Dan's regimen for probably about a year with good results when I broke out in autumn of 2011, age 16. Throughout September it looked like the worst my acne ever used to get, which was odd, because I was still on the regimen; nothing had changed. In October, it became much worse than anything I'd
  12. LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU DON'T LIKE GROSS ACNE PICS! I posted a couple of "after" pics a few days ago. Thank you to everybody for the nice comments. Someone wanted me to post before pictures....and my first thought was....ughh....NO FUCKING WAY! Hahaha. But I thought about it a bit more before I replied and you know what...if this gets you guys to do something about your own acne...then maybe I will. The pics aren't from when I started the regimen, but it will give you an idea at how bad my skin
  13. Hey To anyone else who is suffering with acne and is being treated with Epiduo/tactuo I would love to share my progress and talk I've been on it for a little over one month now and it's hasn't been all bad.. Hasn't been all good. I mean overall it's been way worth it so far, and I'm lucky I'm responding to it in such short time because it takes 12 weeks for proper cell turn over with retinoids. My skin is great on the forehead and chin, it's really my cheeks that are scarred and breaking o
  14. I never had problems with facial redness or acne until about a year ago. My nose and cheeks are constantly pink or red, especially my nose, which is my main problem. My nose is constantly oily with huge pores that are filled with whiteheads and blackheads. There are usually no pimples on my nose. My cheeks have tiny pink bumps on them that are not pimples. There are pink spots on my cheeks that seem to be under the skin, but some spots are slightly raised. I have tried tea tree oil diluted wi
  15. My acne is pretty much under control aside from 2 spots recently due to stress/poor diet in the exam period but anyway I have been left with some pretty bad scaring on my cheek and I'm just wondering what type it is, how severe it is and potential treatments for it. Thanks. http://imgur.com/a/mIxto#7PqkVsq
  16. This is my first post here and I'm not really sure how to do this but here it goes Some info on me: I'm 16 years old. I play soccer so I'm a pretty healthy and fit. My eating habits however are not so great so recently I've been trying to cut out junk food as much as possible. It's almost been 2 months since I started Dan's Regimen. I used to have mild acne until I tried proactive to clean it up but after I stopped because I saw no results, acne exploded all over my face. I'm pretty imp
  17. MY MOISTURIZER CAME! HUZZAH! I'M SAVED! My face feels so much better, and there's no more flakiness. Thank goodness. That's the only good part. Before you look at these photos, I'm just going to point out that indeed, my face is pretty damaged right now. Yesterday I had SO MANY whiteheads, and I caved and went on a popping spree. I might have even went a little overboard, but the good news is that the swelling is down, and now there are just scabs, which means they're healing! The
  18. Hey, I've had acne and marks mainly on my cheeks and chin for a half a year and it's really getting me down. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to make it better? looking for diet tips, products and general things! (I'm 22, female and veggie) any help or tips would be much appreciated! Thanks
  19. Hi! So i started Accutane 4 weeks ago. I was started on 20mg for the first 3.5 weeks alongside 1600mg of E-Mycin (antibiotic). I had the WORST initial breakout just after week 1 and it's still there. Lucky me. I am now on 40mg. I haven't really experienced many side effects other than dry lips and a little back pain. My face is now starting to dry out a little and scab. I'll keep this updated as much as i can. Would really love to hear from anyone, it's been really hard! Especially with th
  20. Hey guys! So my skin's been pretty good for the past little while... after the summer which wasn't so great (I worked at a summer camp and forgot my topical treatment at home for a week!), my skin has been steadily improving. I'm really happy with my skin other than this massive thing that appeared on my forehead this past weekend! I've been eating less fruits/vegetables and drinking less water (like... a lot less) for the past 10 days or so; I went on a vacation and ate out all 3 days, then jus
  21. I have been using retin A micro for almost 2 weeks which will be friday so far I started breaking out the 1 week of my ram routin. I was already breaking out but I had small skin color bumpLOL now I have inflamed pimples I can count about 10 or more. I have under my jaw, on the side of my uppper lip area, forehead about 3, and 3 small bump on top of my lip area which look like cystic and more it doesnt look horrible but they hurt a lil. I removed my paragard this a week ago and I also stop usin
  22. Hi this is my first post but have been a reader on this site for a while now. So here's the thing I'm a 19yr old male and have had acne continuously for the past 4yrs and now I'm out of school and about to start work id like to finally have clear skin. For almost 2 years I've been trying everything, every vitamin, every product...the only thing that works is benzoyl peroxide but I can't continue using that due to my work. I have a extremely healthy lifestyle again due to my work and
  23. Hi, To make it easier for people who wish to skip ahead, I have divided this thread into two sections: (i) MY BACKGROUND (ii) ADVICE I NEED ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (i) MY BACKGROUND I was a long time lurker on this forum before I decided to join in 2018 as part of my new year's resolution to beat acne. I am a 21 year old South Asian male, who has had acne for the better most part
  24. Well, I'm still in the home stretch, and it's so exciting! I just have a few things to report: I slept in my makeup twice this week (oops)...The first time, I broke out on my problem cheek, but it was very minor and is practically gone now. The second time, I didn't break out at all, minus a couple of clogged pores from putting heavy face paint on my upper cheeks. Woo! I actually ended up skipping the Regimen enough this week where some days I was only able to do one application of
  25. So I've had this pretty bad acne/rash since Mid May after doing a juicing cleanse. I'm just trying to determine what this is and how to treat it. I have never had acne like this I follow a organic vegan gluten free diet and don't really eat anything processed on a regular basis. My face is oily in the pics because I've been using coconut oil with tea tree oil and this is just after applying. My face is itchy and sore in certain areas. I am just not sure what to do anymore.