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Found 197 results

  1. Hi there, The intention of this thread is to create an ongoing list of tips and tricks to help ease the urge to pick! I'm sure many of these tips are things you have already heard of, but I over the course of the last 6 months I have managed to decrease my obsessive skin picking dramatically using a combination of these techniques. This list is not exhaustive, feel free to add any suggestions, and good luck! Mild exfoliation My skin leans towards being quite dry, which means I can suffer fr
  2. luckandlove

    Ugghhh Picked + Junk Food= Breakout

    I'm so mad. I've eaten such greasy, sugary, fatty food the past week and tonight was going good, until i went on a late night bidge... and then decided to pick every pore on my face. my face is completley red and irritated, it hurts too. I can already feel a break out coming. I really want to order dans BP treatment but i still havent gotten the courage to do it im just so awkward and embarrassed....:'( help
  3. OMGmahface

    Day 25

    Day 25 - Didn't pick. eh. i'm nearing my period and i'm so amazed that my chin has managed to be so clear for two months. <3
  4. elliew8

    Testing Times

    Perhaps the bump is finally going...wooohooo! It's stil quite tender if I prod it but facial expressions are now pain-free so I'm not complaining too much. The skin is getting a bit flakey so soon the remaining redness should be gone too, just got to leave it alone to flake off by itself. I did wake up in a bit of a panic this morning though, I saw a red circle in the same place as the bump but above the other eyebrow was highly unamused but only examined the area when I washed my face with
  5. elliew8

    Trying To Stay Optimistic

    Ok so since my last post it's been a bit of a struggle... the boyfriend's been away and my skin hasn't been great, bad combination for not picking! Luckily I have managed to only keep it to a few individuals as opposed to a face full of scabs. That's optimism I suppose - even though I've picked, I can still appreciate that it could always be worse! Although I am slightly worried that I've scarred myself...the 2 spots on my forehead that I messed with are looking much better (not raised or pa
  6. So after being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and OCD, I knew I had to change. With the help of therapy and personal support from my mom, I went from a face full of scabs to almost no picking at all in about one month. YAY! So much improvement. However, I still touch my face several times a day. Very gently, with clean hands only, but I still touch, which can very rarely lead to picking/flaking. This is my last step in my "stop picking" journey. Is anyone else past the more serious picking
  7. LB002

    Red Spot After Scab?

    My acne scab had started to dry around the edges so I thought it was safe to come off. When I pulled it off, I guess one tiny area wasn't ready so it bled slightly. Now there's this dark red mark with a slight indentation where it bled. The indentation has drying scabbish skin in it so I'm assuming it's still healing. What do I do?
  8. Picky Nicki

    Day 3 And 4 - Home Again

    Yesterday I drove to see my sister in Fredericton, and she was shocked to see my face. I was so stressed there that I picked a little bit at my nose. (I hate having red marks on the end of my nose and between my eyebrows, these bug me the most.) I ended up trusting my gut and driving home the same day. Ten hours in the car BLARGH! My legs and back are very sore today. When I got home I washed my face and put on a calomine mask. All I can this morning is .... I FUCKING LOVE CALOMINE!!!!
  9. I'm a terrible picker, I even create spots by picking and squeezing pores that don't need picking! One thing that stops me is by taking all my makeup off when I get home, putting on a face mask and leaving it on til I go to bed. When I can't see the spots I don't pick them, and when I have a face mask on it stops me from touching my face- which is something I do subconsciously whilst sat around at home. Also, it sounds strange but sometimes it's just a nice relief to know that my whole face
  10. I decided to try this out since studying for finals is making my skin crazy. I have been drinking nothing but caffeine and I haven't slept more than 2 hours at a time since last friday, so my poor body is really taking a toll. On top of the extra stress and poor health, the season's change has been hard on my skin too. My lips have been extremely chapped and sore and my hands, arms, and legs are white with layers of dry skin. ick. I think I am going to purchase a humidifier to deal with this wi
  11. nogood4you1

    Frustrating Acne !

    This goes out to everyone struggling with Acne. It is just about the most irritating and frustrating thing; I honestly want to rip my face off sometimes. I used to not let it bother me. But I've tried so much.. And I'm so tired of putting chemicals on my face. I'm so tired of looking in the mirror to see my face covered in disgusting skin. My skin always feels dirty. Whenever I'm stressed, I just have to pick at my skin. I've tried benzoyl peroxide, retin-A, antibiotics, birth control.. So many
  12. racheljai

    Dried Blood Under Skin

    Hey! So of course I would pick something on my nose that was so miniscule, and make it into a HUGE black mark on my nose!! It's pretty much dried blood under my skin. How do I get rid of it? Topical solutions don't seem very helpful because it's below the skin. Help!!
  13. MissReid

    Day 6

    Day 6 The scarring is really starting to clear up now which makes doing my makeup a lot easier! There’s so much I would normally squeeze out of my pores but keeping this blog up to date helps me to leave my skin alone. H x
  14. Hi everyone, I'm Beck and this is my "stop picking" journal. Needless to say, I am a picker. I've been picking at my skin pretty much every night before bed for the past 15 years. I'm 24 now and I want to do something about this. I just feel awful. This makes me stress out badly almost every day, the makeup I cover my face in is uncomfortable and over all I just feel embarassed. I avoid taking showers at the gym, I always carry concealer in my pocket. I don't think I've allowed people to ta
  15. Hello! I've been heavily researching the topic of scar removal for my face. I have less than one month left of my isotretinoin course, so I can't do any treatments yet; just planning for the future. I wouldn't consider my scars "acne scars", but rather scars from me picking at acne. I have several indented fingernail print scars, and one long, raised fingernail-picking scar on my chin as well. I would consider them minor/shallow. When I brought this up to my dermatologist, her advice was b
  16. analiese23

    Day 3

    Day three was awful. I picked at everything. I stopped myself after a few blackheads and a pimple and then right after I showered I found a Bobby pin and got everything I could out. I'm so mad at myself and I know I'm not supposed to beat myself up about it but I am so disappointed in me. I feel awful and I know I won't be able to really cover this up tomorrow and I go back to school from winter break tomorrow. I'm not sure I can do this but I mean I'm still gonna try. Yeah I stood in front of
  17. Picky Nicki


    Bad day today, so I'll keep it brief. My bad day started at work... I felt sick to my stomach all day, even though it wasn't anything serious, just made a mistake. Came home and my sister was incredibly rude to me and then to my friend (who has self-esteem issues) and the thing fucking escalated into a cluster-fuck. SIGH. I broke my rules and I picked at my face. I feel like a huge fuck up and I just want to be left alone. Eight days, nothing. And then I fuck up. Today was just bad in general.
  18. Hi, I'm new to this site. I honestly wasn't sure where else to turn. Sorry in advance for the long post... So for the last year I've had issues with my nose. I would get little bubbles/whiteheads that wouldn't pop unless I squeezed deep and really hard, which would result in the skin ripping open and taking forever to heal. It was also very common for it to spread to other areas nearby. I was told by my doctor it was impetigo. Usually, taking double strength bactrim would work really well for
  19. I dont know how to start this... Im well into my 6th month of accutane and still breakout a lot - i am fine with that, but those breakouts are getting worse and worse and so does my skin....It goes well sometimes, but strikes back in double the effect. People tell me it gets better and i have to wait, but after 6 months i feel like im taking those pills just to destroy my lips. I am afraid to go out, afraid to meet people i wouldnt be afraid of meeting, i cant really care about my future a
  20. hey guys. something i struggle with a lot is acne scabbing and wounds. No matter if i pick at my skin or not, due to the thinness of just having come off accutane my skin scabs. My scabs aren't the tiny "hard" kind that flake away, they're more really thin layers of skin peeled away and is now bright red and dry (if i let it dry). since accutane did not work for me, i now get the same amount of breakouts but my skin is severely compromised in terms of how well it can heal...and I've had to face
  21. My dermatologist is terrible and won't do anything or even tell me a diagnosis. He just acts all nonchalant like I am OCD and shouldn't worry about these things when as many of you know they can be very stressful energy draining to deal with. For 6-8 months I have had this pea sized red mark that is slightly raised on my upper arm and at the moment as you can see in the picture it looks like a crater, it is healing from the outside to the center. When completely healed it is just red rai
  22. OMGmahface

    Day 15

    Day 15 - didn't pick today either. but I got a tiny tiny pimple around my eye... its a couple mm above the inner corner of my left eye.... and it hurts like a mother! its really tiny and I can see the white head, but its pretty deep, I think, cuz I cant pick it! and any pressure on it hurts! im hoping this wont turn into a cyst! its such an odd placing. ahhhh plz just be a regular pimple or go away.. I don't want a cyst T_T