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Found 197 results

  1. Phelps2012

    Need advice for excuses for scabs

    I need help with excuses that I can use for the scabs on my face that have formed from picking my acne too much. Everyone is always onto me about my picking because it leaves nasty scabs on my face and tomorrow morning I’m going to a family reunion. I will see family I haven’t seen in a long time and I’m looking for excuses for what the scabs may be on my face instead of having to explain that I have a problem picking my face and can’t stop. PLEASE HELP
  2. Hello! I had a nasty zit a couple days ago which I popped before it was ready. Then trying to fix the issue yesterday I tried picking at it just a bit, which of course made it much worse. I have been using polysporin triple and Lamaisl as a treatment so far but no improvements. Really need some help guys!! I have attached photos of the progression. Any tips or tricks are welcomed. Thank you!!
  3. sh1234

    For Pickers

    Also, i forgot to mention a new cream i just got that in 2 days has healed picking wounds like nothing ive ever tried! (ive said his before about Derma E Psorzema cream, and maybe the Dermatouch retinol day cream) but this one is FOR REAL, better than everything else!!!! IS Clinical sHEALd Balm. OMG. You guys. Pickers out there....we are all looking for some magical lotion to put on after a picking spree. This is it. I thought ive found it before, but no. THIS is the one. A
  4. sh1234

    Stepping up my game

    Ok so...just rewinding a lil bit for my own memory... Back in October i went home for a visit and my skin magically got really good while i was home. Came back and had a picking spree riht off the bat (probably was a treat to myself after not picking the whole week i was at home - hence why my skin was so good). After that picking spree i got an IPL facial and my skin was great after that. Then started picking again, and just now (like a month later) my skin is finally getting "good" again. Anyw
  5. Just yesterday I had some pretty deep blackheads on my forehead so I kinda lost myself in picking at them and now there are bright red fingernail marks all over my forehead but I didn't cause my skin to bleed. (some of the marks even feel a little raised and kind of sting) How can I get rid of them ASAP!!! even makeup can barely cover them
  6. So I recently started working at a Dermatology clinic. I've struggled with intermittent moderate acne for years, I haven't had much of an issue lately but started to break out a little this past week on the right side of my face. I had a very deep cyst develop on my right upper cheek and I did a big no no.. I've watched the doctor at work slice open and drain cysts on patients countless times at this point and I thought I'd be able to drain my own at home. So last night, with a crappy give dolla
  7. MissReid

    Days 8-11

    Days 8 - 11 Hello!! Apologies for the lack of entries - It’s been my birthday weekend so I have been so so busy! It’s so sunny in England this week and I feel like the sun is helping my skin a bit. I still have not picked my skin, despite having pores that look pretty tempting! H x
  8. MissReid

    Day 7

    Day 7!! one week down already! Woo! I had a few moments today where my anxiety started to bubble up and when that happens I tend to stare at myself in the mirror a lot. I become very self critical and this usually leads to a huge picking session. however, I managed to make myself stand back when I felt the urge to squeeze out my pores. Success! Here’s a comparison between day one and day 7. (Today’s pics were taken just after a mud face mask hence the tomato red face!!) H x
  9. MissReid

    Day 6

    Day 6 The scarring is really starting to clear up now which makes doing my makeup a lot easier! There’s so much I would normally squeeze out of my pores but keeping this blog up to date helps me to leave my skin alone. H x
  10. MissReid

    Day 5

    Day 5 I treated myself to a deep pore mud mask which helped suck out some of the oil from my pores. I didn’t pick at all today, even though there is so much that I usually would. My scars are clearing up furthur and looking at the comparison between today and day 1 I think I can see improvement already! what do you think? H x
  11. I dont know how to start this... Im well into my 6th month of accutane and still breakout a lot - i am fine with that, but those breakouts are getting worse and worse and so does my skin....It goes well sometimes, but strikes back in double the effect. People tell me it gets better and i have to wait, but after 6 months i feel like im taking those pills just to destroy my lips. I am afraid to go out, afraid to meet people i wouldnt be afraid of meeting, i cant really care about my future a
  12. MissReid

    Day 4

    Day 4 Hello! Zero picking today! I think being super busy really helped with that. It’s my birthday in less than a week so I met up with my mother after work and we went out to dinner. The scarring seems to be clearing up but my pores are definitely starting to fill up too. I know that most of it is just sebaceaous filliaments (or however you spell it) but the texture is awful and reeeally makes me want to squeeze them all out. H x
  13. MissReid

    Day 3

    Day 3 Back to work today so I’ve had make up on all day. Also I’ve been too busy to really have the time to inspect my face and pores so there’s been zero picking today! Here’s what I look like with some makeup on - I can hide the spots reasonably well but the texture of the clogged pores shows in some angles and light. H x
  14. MissReid

    Day 2

    Day 2 Hello! Hope you all had a good day. Thanks to it being a sunday I had another day without makeup. Even though it’s only been one day without touching my face there is already an improvement. My skin is less red, some scabs have healed and flaked away and there are no new spots today. I did knock the head off of one tiny whitehead under my eyebrow today before I realised what I was doing. But that was it, and everytime I found myself leaning in towards the mirror to inspect the
  15. MissReid

    Day 1

    Day 1 Hello readers! I hope that by keeping a daily blog on my progress that I can motivate myself through this challenge and help combat my utter lack of self control. Today has been a stay at home day so I’ve not worn makeup which is nice. I picked and squeezed the hell out of my face these last few days so right now my face is a red, scarred, blotchy, scabby dry mess. I tend to pick when I look in the mirror. I always find myself looking for imperfections as I suffer from low confiden
  16. GracieP


    hi. I always find myself in the same position. I finally get to a stage where I am satisfied with my skin then ill get a few pimples pop up and i just attack. I cant help myself. I'm wondering if anyone has any remedies for when this happens. It keeps me inside and super upset for days. I have tried just bandaids and neosporin but I dont feel like that does anything special. For this episode in particular it wasnt SO bad and then i put fresh aloe on the two spots and they turned dark and ver
  17. Anna524

    60 Days of No Skin Picking

    I have dealt with acne for the past 4-5 years (I am now 25). My acne started when I went off my birth control. I know some people go back on it to fix their acne again, but I was didn’t want to use a band-aid and I knew one day I would want to have kids so I bit the bullet. The first 2-3 years I believe the acne was my hormones adjusting, but this past year and a half I don’t get anything cystic and I notice my breakouts get really annoying once I’ve been on a picking spree and squeezing all of
  18. sh1234

    Dec 23rd Report

    Okie dokie well here i am, the day after my December 22nd challenge.. and i must say im pretty happy with where my skins at right now. It was *decent enough* for my hair appt yesterday, and i found something while shopping yesterday that i think will hit it home. Its a retinol cream i found at winners, i used it last night and already could see an improvement this morning. Will keep using! My picking has been pretty under control since theres not much to pick at right now. However, I did have an
  19. acne babe

    10 days picking free

    this is an update for compulsivee picking i thinkk im doing preety good i didnt excpect that i'll make it this far the longest i've stayed for 5 years now is like 5/4 Days so kinda feeeling proud i setted my calenderrr and i crossed a cross everyday kinda determined to end upp with my dream skin by summer hope so ( my skin is tooo damagedd) IM Just cleansing and moistrising sometimes i gently exfoiliate like once a weeek maximum and i had some activveee pimplessss go
  20. ever since i was a kid i’ve picked on my arms, badly. there was always a lot of whitehead’s and i’d spend hours picking at every single one. now years later i’ve finally stopped but now the dark spots are horrible. how can i get rid of these? they bring my self esteem down so much:( please help
  21. sh1234

    No picking DAY 1

    Well its been a whole day since this mornings' promise of quitting. While i did not pick, persay, i must admit that i did, as i usually do, "scan" my face in the car driving home from work. I always do this, once i hit the road on the way home and im alone in the car, i mindlessly start feeling my skin for anything dry or flaky i can easily get off without looking. And i did it today.. does that count or no? I figure no. Now i still have to go into the bathroom and clean up for bed tonight so h
  22. sh1234

    I'm DONE PICKING (again)

    OK. As i am writing this it is the morning after a big pick, after I was on a pretty good roll with nice skin. Yep, I played myself again. It started how it always does, went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Was going to remove one tiny flake off of a healed spot, very meticulously and controlled..... and BAM !!!!! 30 mins later my whole face has been extracted and is beet red. My favorite cream has mitigated some of the damages, its not the worst its ever been by any means but like c
  23. i have pretty moderate acne, especially on my forehead. i'm in highschool and get SO many pimples on my face (forehead and nose especially) and ever since i was smaller, my mom would pop my arm pimples. i was very small and i developed a habit for popping my arm pimples. it was so bad, i would lock myself in the bathroom to pop everything i could, and i would be left with open wounds. this was daily, and eventually my mom found out. she told me to stop but i did not have the self control to do i
  24. labinara

    can't stop picking forehead

    when i was small, i had a LOT of pimples on my arms, and my mom used to pop them, after that i thought it was good to pop them so sometimes i'd lock myself up in the bathroom and pop every thing i could. this lasted years and now i'm left with ugly dark scars:( that was just to show how obsessive i am with popping. well now i'm a teenager and get quite a lot of pimples on my forehead, nose, etc. but i cannot control popping every single thing on my forehead, it ends up looking worse that what i
  25. hi! i have a lot of questions and need some quick advice but i'm going to give some background info / my personal experience first (just skip down to the questions if you would like!) BACKGROUND INFO- okay so i've had mild to moderate acne on and off since i was about 12 (in 15 now). i used to get pimples only on my forehead and they were never big at all. usually skin colored so they never really bothered me. i would also get blackheads around my nose but they were not noticeable. ( my mot