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Found 27 results

  1. *This week I mainly experienced more/new side effects rather than a change in my acne. Acne Results: Don't see much of an acne change from last week. I got one or two on my shoulders and another on my left cheek but nothing too bad. Side Effects: In addition to previous side effects I've mentioned, my scalp became super dry and I have dandruff like crazy. I didn't think I scratched my head that hard but i started bleeding (photo). The inside of my nose has become super dry and there is alwa
  2. I haven't been able to write for a while as I was on vacation. I bumped my dosage up to 30 mg for the second month, so I have been on that for about 20 days now. I will be seeing my dermatologist next week and I want to go up to 60 mg a day, which would be about my max, and would mean I could finish my cumulative dose by October. I know that low dosing provides less symptoms, but I do NOT want to be on this stuff for a whole year. We want to get pregnant next year, so... There has
  3. So i've been on Accutane for a week (20mg a day) I don't think i've had any side affects, but my lips are starting to become a little dry, and my back gets really sore :/ On the fourth day i started breaking out really bad on my jawline and chin, which has been extremely painful and keep getting worse. They are really hard lumps, like a blind pimples, and super itchy :/ I dont know if it is part of the initial breakout, or what. But I will see what changes in the second week. Hope everyone i
  4. I have said this in many of my other posts on this website but I will say it again for those of you who have not read my other posts. Almost 4 months ago I started a new birth control called ortho try cyclin. I went on it strictly for bad Cramps and acne. Before the birth control my acne was mild to moderate. Now almost finishing my fourth month I have the worst skin I have ever had and I need your help. I am left with the worst red marks from pimples that have left my skin almost 2 to 3 month
  5. *Warning - I will not be shy about the side effects. Take it or leave it. 23 y/o Female. Just completed my first month on Accutane (Claravis) 40mg. First image is a "before" image. Week 1: Progress: 1 or 2 new pimples - shocked I was already seeing improvements. Side Effects: Dry Lips and hands, bright yellow urine, irregular bowel movements (no pain). Week 2: Progress: Less white heads but more blackheads on the nose and corner chin areas. Healing after picking at the skin SUCKS - forcing mys
  6. Hello hello, It has been well over a month since my last post. I think as the tablets become a daily routine and as your skin starts to clear up, you just seem to forget how big of a deal it was when starting on them and therefore forget to update! So lets just recap... Month 1 I was on 20mg a day - had a horrendous breakout (worst I've very had in my life) Month 2 I was upped to 30mg a day - Breakout continued and was not seeing much improvement. I was almost givi
  7. clairec

    DAY 29

    I put make up on today for the first time in a few days and I'm really happy with how my skin looks underneath It kind of just looks like I'm somebody who has had a breakout! No dryness either! I get a little on my cheek and eyelids the odd time, but nothing that moisturiser won't fix
  8. Here's an adeeeshional peeeecture (read in a Russian accent) I've been really into Russian stuff lately I dunno.
  9. Hi guys! So I am at work right now & I'm not wearing any make up! (From the photos I am obviously wearing lipstick but I mean no make up to cover my skin ie foundation or concealer!) I just wanted to share a quick update with everyone, because I'm so so excited about this! I have never come to work without make up on, even before my skin got bad. So this is an AMAZING step for me & my confidence! It's been 2 weeks since I've had even a small pimple & my face is completely cl
  10. I've had acne for 12 years at this stage. I'm so down. I have done two courses of Accutane in the past 3 years for my acne (both at full mg per kg targets). I have been on every topical retinoid, Accutane, OTC stuff, benzoyl peroxide, AHA, BHA, LHA, niacinamide, sulfur, zinc, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, various birth controls, vegan diets, chemical peels at the derm - washed my face with various weird and wonderful things. You name it I have done it during my 12 years with acne.
  11. Behold! My poor face that has not known unblemished bliss since age 14. I realized the other day that as bad as my face looks, probably 70% of the yuck on my face is actually red/dark marks as opposed to active acne. I've never found a good solution to outbreaks or whatever (I tried desperately as a teen but everything seemed to do more harm than good and really dried out/irritated my skin) but if my evaluation of the percentage of red scars or whatever is correct, it'd be a HECK of a hu
  12. Well, I'm not feeling particulaly eloquent or funny tonight, so I thought I'd throw some photos at you guys until I can do a proper blog. So for Movember (fundraising event for men's health, for those not in the mo know), on Sunday morning I helped Flatemate cook biscuits to take in for morning tea. He's not very adept at cooking (yet), and was also more than a trifle hungover under the weather, which meant that I pretty much did all the mixture-making and the cleaning, and four trays' worth
  13. I'm late on this post... oops! Acne Results: I am definitely noticing less acne. I am still getting pimples here and there ( a deep one on my back, one or two on my chest) but nothing like I used too. My biggest problem area is my left cheek where I am still getting them but again, not at bad. My anxiety still gets to me so I will pick at my acne or the scabs after the acne and it makes that area a lot worse. I have also noticed a more black heads on my nose and chin area but not super notice
  14. Hello! New to this forum. Looking forward to learning more, and posting. However, I was on the Acne.Org Regimen for a few months. While it did help clear me up, I'm slightly afraid it wasn't helping my Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. There are many studies that show that Benzoyl Peroxide can actually PROLONG PIH and make it worse! I have somewhat tan skin, and PIH is more noticeable and harder to eradicate on darker skin types. Most of my current acne is cleared up (still have just a
  15. I thought I would post some photographs of my progress since I started taking Isotretinoin 6 months ago. I have 1 month left to go and still no spots, so I am incredibly happy with the results so far! Photos 1 and 2 were taken before treatment started in mid-April 2016. Photos 3 and 4 were taken in June 2016, 3 weeks after starting treatment. Photo 5 was taken in August 2016, just over 2 months into treatment and Photo 6 was taken in November 2016, so after 6 months of treatment.
  16. So Ive had a few nasty pimples a few months ago, some time between the months of September-November. They were really big and so I popped them. sometimes pick at them as an anxious habit, because sometimes I would feel really disgusting. It took a few weeks for them to go away/heal but there are marks left. It's mostly my lower right cheek I'm concerned about, marks are very noticeable and red/purple. I normally put makeup over them when I'm going out and then they aren't very noticeable.
  17. If i had to take an educated guess into the facial aesthetic appeal of men in today's society - 2016 I would confidently say that I would be pleasantly good looking, even as a young teenager(14-16) I had been asked out multiple times by girls, now that i am 20 - with my facial bone structure all developed and mature jawline and hairline in place I could literally be a model - that is, if I did not have this severe scarring. I wonder how life would be differently if I never had this sh*t. I cert
  18. Ugh! I have another cyst on my face, there are two MASSSIVE ones on my chin, literally jutting out like mountains. I tried polysporin trick and it sorta helped one but the other is a monster. Suggestions?? I have pics on both sides of my chin
  19. Okay guys, so this is a post thats VERY hard to share but im hoping that if i can give at least one person hope ill be succeeding with what i initially wanted to do with this post. So if you guys have been following my posts ive talked about having very bad nodular cystic acne and up until now i was so afraid to post any photos just because looking at them hurts me, the pictures show a different person than who i am. And i know thats weird to say considering its been a month and a half but that
  20. Hello ello ello, So today marks my 1 week of being on Roaccutane. So far, I haven't had many side effects apart from the dry skin which is mainly around my nose and mouth. My skin is a little red but nothing major, kinda just looks I've a bit of a tan on my face so I can't complain! The last few days I've been getting white heads in places I wouldn't usually get them like higher on my cheeks and 2 on my forehead where I NEVER get spots. I find some of them go and come back in the same place
  21. Please answer the week 4 poll! WEEK 3 RECAP By day 22-23, i saw major improvement. Minimal redness and my skin looked its best in a long time! On day 24 i got 3 little whiteheads near the corner of my mouth that stayed quite inflamed, even today (the 28th). On Day 26 i went to the dermatologist By day 27 i was still seeing lots of improvement aside from the 3 whiteheads mentioned before Day 28 i suddenly broke out on my chin Skin Condition My chin is b
  22. Hi everybody! After scavenging through the internet looking for people with similar stories to my own, I thought the right thing to do would be to contribute my own story and progress for other people to benefit from. I didn't post anything my first day but just decided to start this now. My name is Dalton, and I am 18 years old. I am 6'2" and weigh 190 pounds. A little info about my acne being treated: My acne is typically on my chin and forehead, with a great deal of black heads on my chin
  23. I just started my 4th month of Accutane (60 mg/day) and have pretty severe back acne that has prevented me from swimming, tanning, or doing anything without a shirt on for over a year now. It's a major confidence issue for sure, and is absolutely disgusting to anyone who sees it. I'm talking ruined shirts and sheets from cysts on my back on a regular basis. Anyway, I'm looking for a glimmer of hope. My face is clearing up nicely but my back has yet to see improvement. I was hoping someone wi
  24. Hi All, im new here but ive been lurking for quite a while, im 26 yr old male, non smoker, social drinker, good diet. This site has helped me a lot enduring this situation. I must say im very thankful that my acne is completely gone, thanks to accutane( i ocassionally have some here and there but just the norm) I need help on a few things, first to help me determine what type of scarring i have, second to help me find the best way to improve the scars( im kinda leaning towards subsicion and tca
  25. Guest

    Acne? Or Redmarks?

    Hi everyone on week 10 of the regimen and month and a half of accutane just went up to 20 mg a week ago, need help with identifying if the acne on my cheeks is red marks starting to fade or still acne, the two big red patches in the photos attached on eother side of my face were massive cysts, that long they have gone down to be bassically flat but i can still feel a bit of stuff inside them but not rock hard or anything, sorry to groce anyone out, and also i have two new pimples/cysts on each s