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Found 156 results

  1. I just sent my photos to a well know doctor. Have had cystic Acne for two years, multiple steroid injections. I thought treatment would likely be subcision and filler, maybe laser. But Phenol peel?Anyone had this? He says this will give better results then subcision.
  2. Hi All I finally get it no chemical peel or lasers can fix enlarged nose pores. I did all the extreme things to control or improve my large nose pores and scars. I had done more than 10 sessions of co2 with erbium which improved the scars and texture by 25%, atropic scars still there. These pores are crazy they are simply stubborn. They have affected my self esteem big time and have been a recluse for a while now. I don’t wish this to happen to anyone. Anybody who successfully cured enlarged p
  3. Does anyone know what a 'Unideep' peel is? I'm looking at the following website, it seems to be between TCA and Phenol in terms of strength. Anyone had it done? https://www.transforminglives.co.uk/non-surgical/facial-treatments/chemical-facial-peels/
  4. Sam

    Phenol Peel

    As anyone had a Phenol peel done for acne sacrs? I am considering whether to have this treatment done for my acne scars.
  5. From Yale's Environmental 360 Scientists Warn of Low-Dose Risks of Chemical Exposure A new study finds that even low doses of hormone-disrupting chemicals — used in everything from plastics to pesticides – can have serious effects on human health. These findings, the researchers say, point to the need for basic changes in how chemical safety testing is conducted. by elizabeth grossman Since before the publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring 50 years ago, scientists have known
  6. Hello guys, I havent posted here in aged and today I thought I would write a little considering the amount of troubles I have gone thru to rid my scars. First I would like to mention I have created majority of my scars myself, if not all, all to fight 2 tiny pic scars that now looking back I think look awesome. Scarring can really take over your life as it did for me for almost 3 years or more. I feel your pain. No matter how little your scarring is, it can really cause you some grief.
  7. As a companion to the The Bad List. This contains products whose formulation does not contain a single ingredient that has a comedogenic ingredient of 3 or higher. This is purely informational. I am not making any blanket statements concerning any particular product. Use this post to inform yourself. What you choose to slather on your face is your own business. If any products change their formulation or if you have cross-checked a product yourself that you'd like to add, please let me know.
  8. I am looking for something to add to my green smoothies I make in the morning. I purchased the Supergreen Powder from Trader Joe's for 19.99 and am wondering if the ingredients are good for skin, or if there is a better green powder you may know of out there! Prop. Antioxidant blend - 2010mg organic barley grass juice, chlorella, spirulina, alfalfa concentrate, ioinic trace minerals Prop Antiox blend 2000mg Organic carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, parsley powdered juices Prop
  9. Hi, all. Please respond if you had fractional ablative resurfacing to treat acne scars If you had minimal results or adverse effects, please mention whether you went to an experienced doctor and severity/type of scars. I am seeing conflicting reviews on these lasers. I am thinking of asking for a test spot on my chin to see how my skin responds. I will not be bargain shopping for this treatment. I will only take a chance with a very experienced doctor but I know my olive, Fitzpatrick type III-I
  10. I thought I'd make a list of products that work best to fight acne and the cause of acne. Preventing Acne: Sebum Production Inhibitors/Suppressors: Topical: - Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo - No conditioner - HydraZinc: Zinc Carbonate & Zinc Pyrithione 1% Apply to areas and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse off. AM/PM or 3 times a day Note: You may wet skin prior to application. Reviews - DHS Zinc Shampoo - No Conditioner - Zinc pyrithione 2% New Heavy Artillary for our acne
  11. I thought I'd make a list of products that work best to fight acne and the cause of acne. Preventing Acne: Sebum Production Inhibitors/Suppressors: Topical: - Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Shampoo - No conditioner - HydraZinc: Zinc Carbonate & Zinc Pyrithione 1% Apply to areas and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse off. AM/PM or 3 times a day Note: You may wet skin prior to application. Reviews - DHS Zinc Shampoo - No Conditioner - Zinc pyrithione 2% New Heavy Artillary for our acne
  12. So the more I'm looking into my own sensitivities to phenols and amines as they relate to other issues, including acne, the more I'm learning about their relationship with broader health problems (nevermind that salicylates, phenols, and amines are in practically everything). Having gotten nice and comfy in a place with my diet as it is, looking into these particular sensitivities was kind of alarming. Giving up tea and spices? A lot of fruits and vegetables? Coconut oil?! I haven't undergone a
  13. Dear Friends, I am 35 years old Indian so I have a brown skin but my skin is not an average Indian skin, as in I have a little fairer skin compared to an average Indian Skin. I have been having Acne Scars since my Teens. I have a very, very sensitive skin. I also have Rosacea which keeps aggrevating on and off. Like I have days when it is very intense and days when it is absolutely not visible. I have had almost all sorts of treatments so far to elevate the scars on my cheeks from Dermabrasi
  14. Hi. I'm a 40 year old, caucasian guy. My acne scarring is somewhat unique in that I suffered most of it as an infant. I had severe acne as a newborn that caused box car scarring on my cheeks. Teenage acne gave me a few more scars, but in general they weren't as deep. Finally, as I've gotten older, I've gotten big pores on my forehead, cheeks and nose, as well as some small bumps which have been diagnosed as sebacious hyperplasia. Three years ago I had 5 Fraxel sessions, followed up with 3 times
  15. Has anyone tried the exoderm peel? It is a phenol-based peel, so very strong. I'm considering seeing a top PS in Costa Rica who performs this peel on acne scar sufferers for 2,000 as opposed to 5,000 in the states. I have read very mixed reviews about this peel from past members. Anyone?
  16. NOTE: To keep this thread organized, it is not open for discussion. If you have information that you think should be added here, please PM a moderator with a link and a short description of the (scientific) article about rosacea. We will post it here for easy access if we find it relevant. If you find a broken link in this article, please PM a moderator, so it can be fixed. Rosacea an overview The Basics Acne.org's Information about Rosacea (Acne.org) Frequently Asked Questio
  17. i can't find any real 'before and afters' of dermabrasion (NOT microdermabrasion) on the interwebs. ....or of chemical peel results for acne scarring. it's incredibly frustrating. i don't know what i've gotten myself into. i had mild boxcar/icepick scarring all over my face. does anyone know what i should/could expect from having a 'medium and modified' croton oil (hetter) phenol peel with dermabrasion?
  18. Hey peeps, my name is Michelle. I have just turned 20 not too long ago. I used to have super amazing complexion that my friends always talk about. They always ask me: Michelle how do you get such nice skin? Well, truth is, my skin has not been that nice. When I was 9, I had tonnes of blackheads on my nose. For a 9 year old, that's pretty scary. My mom felt strange that I had blackheads at such a young age! So, I used clean and clear products up until I turned 14, when I first got my period. I s
  19. i'm so stupid, i didn't use retin-A 6 weeks prior, and i'm having my chemical (hetter/phenol) peel/dermabrasion tomorrow! i want to kick myself in the head. the doctor didn't discuss it with me or give me a prescription so i didn't think that i needed it... but after i read through my 'instructions' today, it said that i was supposed to have started using it weeks ago. do you guys think i'll be ok? will i heal alright?
  20. It's amazing what you find when trawling pubmed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20692602 The key point is that a reduction in sebum was found through taking lactoferrin: a milk protein. I'm about to start a 400mg per day experiment of lactoferrin and see if there's a reduction in sebum. My sebum is out of control and systemic retinoids and topical polyphenols are unfortunately out of the question for me!
  21. I just read this "chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) - a compound used in the production of plastics that damages the endocrine system," from a magasine. and Have looked it up it turns out drinking from plastic bottles can screw up your hormones and your thyroid function! I just can't believe we are being fed this poison, i drink from plastic almost daily! And now that i think about it, whenever i've gone on holiday where the tap water is undrinkable and i drink bottled I have big break outs! From now
  22. Both of them have a very great antioxidant properties. Still, they are on the top list of fruits containing the most powerful Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant supplies. A pure tremendous rival for its great nutrition for skin. Here's a short brief record for both toughest anti-disease fighter : Blueberries Blueberries are sold fresh or processed as individually quick frozen (IQF) fruit, purée, juice, or dried or infused berries which in turn may be used in a variety of consumer goods such
  23. Hello, Just wanted to share my melasma regimen as it has helped clear a good deal of my epidermal melasma. My melasma covers my forehead, a portion of both cheeks and my upper lip ( sadly the dermal kind). I've been living with it for nearly three years and have dedicated the last two years to combating it in earnest. The products that have proven most effective for me are: 1. Retin-a (0.05) 2. Azeliac Acid (not Skinoren as it contains Phenol and has a six month useage limit) 3. Monthly chem
  24. The manufacturer of the MTS roller says that: