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Found 157 results

  1. Hi All I finally get it no chemical peel or lasers can fix enlarged nose pores. I did all the extreme things to control or improve my large nose pores and scars. I had done more than 10 sessions of co2 with erbium which improved the scars and texture by 25%, atropic scars still there. These pores are crazy they are simply stubborn. They have affected my self esteem big time and have been a recluse for a while now. I don’t wish this to happen to anyone. Anybody who successfully cured enlarged p
  2. Lisa

    In tears

    My derm got me in tears today.. I have tried derm after derm only to be disappointed. I feel like they just dont care or they just want money. I am beginning to feel that derms are simply salesmen. I've had one who told me there was nothing I can do about my red marks..Another wanted to give me v-beam for my scars, another charged me more then they quoted me..the list honestly goes on... Needless to say, I never want to give up..so, I made an appointment with a doctor in San Diego who does s
  3. It's amazing what you find when trawling pubmed http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20692602 The key point is that a reduction in sebum was found through taking lactoferrin: a milk protein. I'm about to start a 400mg per day experiment of lactoferrin and see if there's a reduction in sebum. My sebum is out of control and systemic retinoids and topical polyphenols are unfortunately out of the question for me!
  4. i'm so stupid, i didn't use retin-A 6 weeks prior, and i'm having my chemical (hetter/phenol) peel/dermabrasion tomorrow! i want to kick myself in the head. the doctor didn't discuss it with me or give me a prescription so i didn't think that i needed it... but after i read through my 'instructions' today, it said that i was supposed to have started using it weeks ago. do you guys think i'll be ok? will i heal alright?
  5. NOTE: To keep this thread organized, it is not open for discussion. If you have information that you think should be added here, please PM a moderator with a link and a short description of the (scientific) article about rosacea. We will post it here for easy access if we find it relevant. If you find a broken link in this article, please PM a moderator, so it can be fixed. Rosacea an overview The Basics Acne.org's Information about Rosacea (Acne.org) Frequently Asked Questio
  6. Hello guys, I havent posted here in aged and today I thought I would write a little considering the amount of troubles I have gone thru to rid my scars. First I would like to mention I have created majority of my scars myself, if not all, all to fight 2 tiny pic scars that now looking back I think look awesome. Scarring can really take over your life as it did for me for almost 3 years or more. I feel your pain. No matter how little your scarring is, it can really cause you some grief.
  7. Hello, I wanted to know if anyone else has had horrible results from TCA-Cross? After getting rid of almost all my scars, I tried tca cross for some ice picks. I had 3 icepick scars, that after tca cross treatment went from hardly noticeable ice pick scars to huge wide scars. One ice pick turned into a thick keloid. The other two became larger and wider, never filled in after a year, and the skin that did fill in is shiny and red, looks worse than a normal acne scar. I've had deep deep treatmen
  8. It is called Multi+ Daily Trim from Genuine Health. I have heard about people using the Multi+ Daily Glow (also by Genuine Health) which helped their acne, but this was on sale at the time. Besides, I compared the too, and they are basically the same. This seems to be a great multi-vitamin! And I think I may like it better as it has green tea extract in it - and green tea is known to help detox! ...So I figured it was a win-win, right? Anyway, I'm just wondering if this is a good enough multi-v
  9. My pocks marks are...very shallow. Even a little improvement would mean big results for me. They're rolling scars,and honestly,they're barely noticeable. Except to me. I'm already planning to do dermarolls on 'em in the future,but as I want the smoothest skin possible without spending thousands on a good laser treatment,I was considering phenol peels or a dermabrasion. I rarely ever hear anything anbout phenol peels here and I always hear horrible stuff about derambrasions,but my mother had o
  10. Hey all, my scars are currently bothering more than ever. Unfortunately i look at myself under bad light and just seem to think that is how i look all the time which i know is not the case but i am sure most of you can understand how i feel. Now my scars are not that bad ill admit, its pretty mild, my friends and parents say they dont notice it unless i point it out and my dermatologist says they are negligble. However, i look in the mirror and i can plainly see them especially when fully shave
  11. Now, Use Wine For That Flawless Skin The indigenous wines that are made from everything ranging from saunf (fennel seeds), kesar (saffron), strawberry, cardamom, rose and orange are fast making its way into beauty salons and how! Beauty therapists in Jaipur are using these wines to give their clients a glowing skin, and those getting the facials seem to love the effect! Beauty expert Sabeljeet Singh has been using aromatic heritage wines sourced from wine makers in and around Jaipur to give f
  12. Ok, I started using Benzoyl peroxide recently. So far I like it. But i need a good moisturizer, I cant find one that doesnt have at least 1 or 2 pore clogging ingredients in it. I decided to try Dans. I decided since Im using his BP and Moisturizer when it comes out, I might as well buy the kit. But im concerned about his cleanser. Some of the ingredients bother me. White oak bark -- "May have antibacterial properties on skin but can also be a skin irritant" Journal from American Academy of Der
  13. This Anti-Oxident in Red wine and Green Tea and other herbal Teas seem to break me out...anyone else notice this or just me and my stupid body? Could Anti-oxidents even cause a breakout? lol or is this the wrong place to ask that...
  14. Sam


    As any1 had the phenol peel,it's the deepest peel any1 can have.
  15. can someone please help me, i have very very mild scarring that wont go away, after my third obagi peel i noticed a big difference in my scarred pores but i peeled it off before it was ready and im left with more scars that look like lots of wrinkles, ive tried tca cross on one of those scars (wrinkle scars) and thought it worked but it was as the weeks have passed its still the same, i made an appointment with a derm and she said my skin wasnt bad enough for a tca or phenol but i personally bel
  16. has anyone had a successful phenol peel?
  17. Why you should take the preparation "MATCHA" (powdered) Green Tea and why is it the best type of green tea? "the polyphenols in matcha (powdered Japanese green tea) are drastically better absorbed than from any other kind of green tea (as much as 137 times!)" READ THE STUDY: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...8774&query_hl=1 i got mine at ebay for the meantinme
  18. hello peple, I have mild-moderate acne scars and I've tried different treatments such as tca peels, dermabrassion, cool touch peel, etc. etc. Nothing has worked out so far. So I've been doing some research about PHENOL peels and they seem to work better and have more everlasting results. So has anyone tried this? or know of a friend who has undergone this procedure?? What are the results? what are the side effects?? What carries more risk: a full 50% TCA peel or a PHENOL peel . Eventhou
  19. DAY 0 (01/26/07) 8.00 PM I’m a 30 yr old Asian Indian from Atlanta about to get married in March. Like any other bride-to-be, my New Year resolution was to improve my physical appearance in prep for my wedding. So I did a lot of research on chemical peels and decided to use a 10% TCA peel the first time. I bought the 30% TCA kit from makeupartist.com. (I work at a research lab and TCA/ phenol/Baking Soda etc are all readily available…lol) So I had the 30% TCA diluted out to a 10%, washed my
  20. Sam

    Phenol Peel

    Is there any1 on this site ever had a phenol peel done? A phenol peel is the deepest peel you can have done.
  21. Hi, I'm new on the boards and would like some advice on methods for reducing acne scarring. My problem area is my cheeks. I'm looking into either dermabrasion, chemobrasion (tca plus dermabrasion) or needling? I'm in the UK, near London and really not sure where to go to for this. I keep hearing good things about Dr Chu, is he any good? I've already had Erbium laser resurfacing with minimal results and I almost had a phenol peel last year, but decided against it as it was just too drastic an
  22. As all of you are probably aware the taste of green tea is vile. However I know lots of people like the Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino so I thought I would share copy-cat recipes I found. Below is recipe that I found posted by on another website who worked at Starbucks. She says that the recipe which actually comes from a Starbucks-type summer drink book 2 filterbags green tea 1/2 cup boiling water 1/2 cold filtered water juice of 1/4 medium grapefruit 1/2 teaspoon grated ginger 1/16 serran
  23. @beautifulambition I'm currently about a week out of my very first Infini and subcision-suction treatment and despite mad gridmarks and PIH I'm certainly optimistic about these results in the next two months compared to my three prior Fractora Firm (RF microneedling) treatments in 2014. As of now I'm planning what should be the strategy going forward. My rolling and boxcar scars are slowly being less visible at angled lighting but I was thinking another round of Infini in three months
  24. I just sent my photos to a well know doctor. Have had cystic Acne for two years, multiple steroid injections. I thought treatment would likely be subcision and filler, maybe laser. But Phenol peel?Anyone had this? He says this will give better results then subcision.
  25. i can't find any real 'before and afters' of dermabrasion (NOT microdermabrasion) on the interwebs. ....or of chemical peel results for acne scarring. it's incredibly frustrating. i don't know what i've gotten myself into. i had mild boxcar/icepick scarring all over my face. does anyone know what i should/could expect from having a 'medium and modified' croton oil (hetter) phenol peel with dermabrasion?