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Found 16 results

  1. So yeah, I decided to keep a weekly accutane diary. Normally I'm not really into sharing these things with people, but since I've read a lot of accutane diaries during my research on the drug, I thought why not return the favor So hope it's useful for someone. I'm not a native speaker, so excuse me for any mistakes I've had acne since the age of 14, and at 16 I started this 'heavy - especially for acne- birth control pill, which helped. But a few years ago I stopped taking it, because it was
  2. My background: Does anybody have any success with curing CYSTIC acne by abstaining from over masturbation? I've read that over masturbation is considered once every day. Constantly busting a nut everyday throws your body into stress and the adrenal glands are constantly producing hormones because of it. Bellow are sources that support my claim: http://www.yourbrainrebalanced.com/index.php?topic=10006.0 ( over masturbation causes increase in prolactin, prolactin supposedly causes acne
  3. Hi So, I had clear skin since I was about 22 until three months ago (so about 5 years). For whatever reason, 3 months ago, my skin went haywire and I've had HORRIBLE acne on my jaw and the hollows of my cheeks ever since. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that: a) I went vegan around that time, eliminating the synthetic hormones in most meat and dairy products, which may have thrown my androgen balance off. b) went through brand training with Sephora which was 2 weeks of pu
  4. Introduction Quite new to all of this, so I'll start of by introducing myself - I'm Daniel and 18 years old. Evidently by embarking on this blog, I'm sure you've guessed I've had an uphill battle with acne, roughly since the onset of puberty. A bit about my background is that I'm of African heritage, Nigerian to be specific and born and bred in England, I've researched a bit into the epidemiology of acne relating to ethnicity, and I'm aware there are certain things my skin type is more prone to
  5. Hello everyone! I'm about to start my 2nd course of accutane and I figured I might as well keep a log of my progress. I suppose I should start this off by saying I don't really need to take accutane again. Before my first course I had moderate to severe acne and definitely needed to take it, but the first course cleared me up nicely after being on it for roughly 6 months and for a while after finishing I didn't break out at all and everything was good. That was 2 years ago. Since then my acne ha
  6. Alright so i decided to start a log ..... Ive read several on here that has given me a lot of hope , so im hoping if this works for me it ll do the same for others .... Ive got a blog going on but for some reason a log makes more since Im currently on day 15 Well i guess ill start off with my prier two weeks to give an update on my journey with this reg Now after finding this site i quickly ran to the nearest drug store and found some bp .... yea realized i got 10% which dan says try
  7. Hi all! This is my first post ever, although I've spent hours reading this forum since years ago... Three years ago I thought that my nightmare with acne was over, and that I wouldn't come back here, but I was wrong. And this time I want to share my experience, I feel like I owe posting something. So if I can help feel better someone as I did reading other people's posts, I will be really really happy. I am 19 years old. My journey with acne started about 9 years ago, and I have had enough
  8. Hello all, I'm about 1 month in to my 2nd course of roaccutane, my first was 9 years ago. I took it for moderate to severe cystic acne which was all over my face, the course lasted 7 months and I enjoyed clear skin for the past 7 1/2 years. Ive done a lot in that time and not least had 2 children, and even then my skin was great throughout. I developed BP related complications with my last pregnancy and my Dr wasn't keen for me to be on go back onto the pill I had been on so switched me to the
  9. I'm getting my blood test done in less than 1hr! I'm super excited about my decision and I can't imagine what life would be for the next couple of months to half year without having to apply any topical/treatment on my skin http:////dn4iqhjvtt39e.cloudfront.net/messageboard//public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.png It feels good having birthday cake without acting weird around people and not worrying that it may theoretically break me out, hehe Cheerios
  10. I decided to start a log to help others and myself through the next several months. If anyone wants to join in on the journey, please do! About five and a half months ago, my full blown acne started for the first time in my life. I am 27 and have never had acne issues. I moved from Texas to Colorado a little while before that and perhaps due to stress/change in hormones that often happens to women in their late 20s and who knows what else, my normally nearly completely clear complexion start
  11. Hey guys. I know proactiv isn't so popular on here, but I'm going to be trying the new proactiv+ and reporting back my results. -fingers crossed- I wanted to post pictures originally, but I looked too bad... I don't want to leave traces of how I look right now. I will do a before and after if/when I get noticeably clearer. ㅠㅡㅠ Note: I originally started with the product as intended, but it got over-drying so I modified it a bit. Morning: 1) Proactiv+ Cleanser, pat dry 2) CeraVe moistur
  12. Hello! So, this is my accutane log. Seeing others logs and activity on this forum has really helped me in the past so I wanted to give back myself. I have dealt with mild acne for the past three or for years (as one might expect in adolescence) but in the past six months it has become far more severe and cystic and painful. I have tried all sorts of OTC medication, diet/lifestyle changes, supplements, doxycycline, perscription BP/Clindamycin/Retin-A/Sulfacetamide Sodium Sulfur, and so on. So, I
  13. first and foremost here's a little bit about my skin: (I think this is helpful to know because different things work for different skin types) I'm fairly oily in my t-zone with no dryness anywhere else or oiliness. My biggest problem areas are clusters of pimples on my cheek, chin, and forehead. I rarely get cysts - so when I do they are caused by certain foods or stress. The pimples I mostly get are "clogged pores" seemingly unpoppable making my skin look bumpy. I am a picker so I do have hype
  14. Hello everyone. I've decided to start keeping track of my progress on my latest acne routine. It is the last option my derm wants me to try before going on accutane. To be honest, I kind of just want the accutane because I'm so tired of trying things that don't work and accutane seems to be much more of a permanent solution. So here goes... History: I have had acne since the 7th grade (I am now 20 years old) with incredibly oily skin. I broke out all over my T-zone. I was prescribed retin-a
  15. Hello everybody! I made this topic to talk about my skin improvement after starting taking Yasmin BCP. I started to have acne about march of this year (2018) when I stopped BCP and started taking some psychiatric stuff to control physical issues related to stress. I started to get very sad and I looked for a dermatologist asap. I tried everything: spironolactone, topic retinoids, natural stuff and a lot of different types of BCP's; my exams were alright and even so my dermatologist insisted on t
  16. Day 1: Acne is pretty bad since i've been masturbating a few times and decided to start this log because of it. But not beating off for 7 Days! End of Week 1: Face is completely clear, only got scars on me right now(Fading fast with the help of turmeric mask)! Feels amazing to be clear.. But im beating off tonight to test this! Day 8: Acne is PRETTY Bad. Got like 3 big whiteheads and got some more during the day (Pretty sure to say this works!) Day 9: Soon to come! Im doing thi