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Found 28 results

  1. Hi! i've read many logs about accutane and have found them to be extremely helpful, and i figured i'd make one not just for myself but for people to see another perspective on this medicine and how it works. speaking as a teenage girl, acne is just the worst. probably similar to most of you reading this, i've tried everything possible. i've gone through 3 different antibiotic's, many topicals, almost all available store bought products, proactiv, X-out, etc... and needless to say my famil
  2. Hi guys, So I have found out that if I eat all sorts of chocolade, I get acne on and around my nose, which is fine by me (I stop eating it) I also noticed whenever I drink milk, I get acne on my chin. When I eat a protein bar, I get acne above my lip. These are all avoidable for me and I can live with it. But the problem is that I get persistent acne on my cheeks only! I am allergic to house dust mite, so I change my pillow cases and bed cases regurarly. They are not cysts or pi
  3. Okay I’m 22 years old and have had persistent cheek acne for 3 years... I’m allergic to accutane so that is not an option. I’ve gotten laser treatments as well. Please help! Also how long did it take for people to notice change when they changed their diets?
  4. Hey everyone!!I've had moderate acne for the past 4 years and after endless medications and prescriptions I have built up the courage to go on Accutane! I've read so so many threads and logs and so many people have had great results! For the past 3 months this summer my acne took a turn for the worst after I got bronchitis and had to take a lot of medication (i thought antibiotics would help me??). Anyway, I've been even more depressed than usual and I barely leave the house so I don't pigment m
  5. Hi to whoever is reading this. I am a 22 year old female who has been battling acne since the age of 13. My acne was only on my forehead and my back until I reached the age of 15, at which point it spread to my cheeks. After high school, it spread to all areas of my face, back and chest. However, the acne on my face has always been pretty "mild", while my back acne was moderate. Even though I technically have mild acne, it is extremely persistent and never fully goes away. It also scars my face
  6. Hi, i wouldn’t say my acne is bad bad but it’s persistent bad. I’ve had tiny skin bumps in mid 2017 after my overseas trip to a tropical country which I don’t think is the cause of it cause I always travel there. Back story: I don’t have acne before that other than one or two pimples when I’m on my period. I’ve also went for facials after the trip which honestly only made it worse. The beautician says it’s normal that my face is abnormally red (it’s my first facial so
  7. Hi. My name it Tyler. I'm a 22 year old male and have suffered from acne since I was ~16. At first my acne consisted of cysts, about 1 every month, along with your typical white head and nodular acne. It was never severe but it was always persistent and enough to where someone would be like "hey this kid doesn't have a clear face". So I took all your standard antibiotics and tried all the standard topicals and nothing worked; I was miserable. So at age 19 I went on accutane. One of the best
  8. So my question is has anybody tried the Acne.org Moisurizer with Licochalcone while being on Accutane? What was the outcome? So the doubt I have is maybe it's the E45 moisturizer intense recovery spray that I'm using is giving me too many oils which is why I keep getting outbreaks frequently despite me being on 60mg of Accutane for nearly 5 months. So I took the plunge today and invested in trying out Acne.org 8 oz. Moisturizer with licochalcone It will be arriving today and hop
  9. Hello there. Currently i’m 15 years of age. I’ve had acne since probably age 12. I’ve used many over the counter products such at BP and minocycline and all this other stuff. When i first got on BP (benzoyl peroxide) I just slathered that stuff on my face. For the past 2 years my skin has been pretty darn red, dry, super sun sensitive, and irritated. To me it looks super bad and it’s kind of depressing. I kept using BP cuz if i stopped then my face would breakout. I do not have cystic acne or ba
  10. Persistent patch of acne that won't go away! I've had a patch of acne that won't go away. It's very red and quite bumpy!
  11. Hey everyone, So I have decided to finally go on the dreaded accutane. I'm in 2nd year university, and I had trouble with acne in grade 8 and 9 but took accutane back then and my skin cleared up for a few years. In first year it started to flare up around christmas time, and got progressively worse. By this past summer, my skin was about as bad as it has ever been. This was really embarrassing for me, and it made me hermit from a lot of my friends, not by choice but by necessity. I'm su
  12. Hi! Welcome to my log! So a little introduction: This is my first time going on Accutane. I've suffered from extremely persistent acne for about 6 years, and I've decided that enough is enough! Throughout my struggle, I've tried probably every single medication there is on the market. I've been using the Regimen for the past 2 years or so, and it's helped me immensely. Although my acne is relatively mild (borderline severe) now, my face is still extremely oily to the point where I need to wip
  13. Let me start off by saying acne is a b****, and I respect and understand ALL of you on this site, and have frequently come on here to learn about my acne. However this is my first post on this site, so I hope I can relay my information the best I can. Few things about me: 22 years old Male 5'10 160 lbs (athletic build/low body fat) Workout 5 times a week (weightlifting) Ill start with a brief overview of my acne. I never had too much of an acne problem in high school. I would get
  14. Hi I have this red pimple under my skin that feels hard and looks real noticeable. I haven't touched it in months and left it alone and still no difference. This month I used some Duac once daily gel and still no difference. I finished accutane a month ago and brilliantly I don't get any more pimples any more but now I'm just waiting for the marks to fade. But this one won't go away, like I got it 4 or 5 months ago and it still bad as it was then. I didn't pick at it or anything but it won't go
  15. A month closer to clear skin!!! I got through the initial breakout, it only lasted about a week. Though I got some leftover hyperpigmentation and scars that are still red but at least flat! My skin is much less oily and my hair is too. I just use water to rinse my face in the morning followed by a ph balancing toner and soothing moisturizer. I have a cyst on my upper lip that came up a few days ago. I'm using all my willpower to just leave it alone because it's really irritating! I also broke ou
  16. Hi So I've had skin problems on and off since I was 13 years old and now I'm mid twenties. Some days my skin is clear I'll have some blocked pores which never go away but in terms of actual bumps and pimples I can be clear most of the time. I'm starting to think I might had fungal acne, they can be small closed pimples that never come to a head but are red and not painful, or little whiteheads that always come in groups mostly on the forehead and cheeks but if you out pop one it Just spreads
  17. I feel like I've run out of options when it comes to clearing up my persistent forehead acne. I'm a 17 year old girl and I've had acne on my forehead consistently since I was 12. I occasionally break out on my chin (right below lip, never on jawline/any of the hormonal areas - although my acne does get worse around that time of the month) and sometimes tiny bumps (clogged pores) right next to my nose. The main problem, however, is my forehead. It's this constant spattering of small, red bumps,
  18. Finshed my 4th month of Accutane! Time really has flown - I remember reading that & hearing that on YouTube videos and thinking "Yeah, right! Your in throes of Accutane desert dryness!" but it really has flown by! Day 107-118: I have a few spots that aren't completely flat but no big ones! That time of the month came & went with only 2 new pimples coming in & they were just little - came & went within a couple of days. To not break out dramatically at my time of month is complet
  19. Hello, I have very persistant Hyperpigmentation on my forehead and chin which have been there for months. It's extremely annoying I'm wondering what are some things I can do to speed up the healing process.
  20. I have just been searching on the internet for advice on whether a dietitian might be able to help me with my acne. Since I was about 15 I have had acne, at times it has been so bad on my back that I have had to wear clothing that hides it even in hot weather. I have been through various treatments which have worked but are not lasting. The current breakout I'm experiencing is particularly nasty, it seems that every poor on my face is affected, and a few spots are extremely inflamed. It's very u
  21. Hello everyone, I am a 23 years old and looking back, I never thought my acne would ever be classified as "severe" enough to go on Accutane. I have struggled with breakouts since I was 12, starting on the area beside my nose, eventually migrating up to my forehead and then most recently, (within the last 6 months) my chin. I feel like I have exhausted most available topical's from the dermatologist/doctor to little to no avail. I have also dabbled in several holistic options from implementin
  22. Day 34-62 - Finished Month 2 - Dermatologist Appointment 40-80 mg Day 34: The inside of my nose is so much drier! It hasn't bled but its close... more annoying than anything. Nasal spray & Vaseline = life savers. I noticed 2 little pimples last night - one on my forehead & one on my chin. Just little dudes so not even stressin' about them! My jaw line is for sure better! The cystic acne is a lot flatter, a little bumpy but nothing like before. My neck just has the red spots from
  23. Not much new to report today. Side effects really still haven't come, and neither has the IB. Well, I did get a few small pimples (one on each sideburnish area) but they're pretty small and I hope the dryness will zone in on them and get rid of them quickly. @ItsAllGoodFellas thanks for your comment, it felt like I was writing to myself beforehand! Nice to know someone is actually reading this. But point taken. I guess I just hope that since I'm only on 0.5mg/1kg for 4 months (6 if ne
  24. Hello fellow warriors! ABOUT ME: AGE: 20 HEIGHT: 175cm WEIGHT: 75kg BEGINNING OF ACNE: 2012, age 15 (RO)ACCUTANE ROUND: 2 ACNE TYPE (*current course): mild, persistent = annoying/disturbing/noticeable (*1st round I had horrible back,neck,shoulders,face acne) DAILY DOSAGE: 40mg (2x20mg) MY STORY I'm 20 years old. My acne started destroying my life back in 2012, right when I started high school. I had horrible spots on my upper back, shoulders, back o
  25. Hey guys, Im a 16 year old Male and I have had whiteheads, blackheads and pustules since the age of about 13. Ive tried many creams antibiotics, BP, Azelaic acid etc, and im frankly bored. My problem is mild but extremely irritating. I wake up to like 3 new whiteheads every morning and the beginings of a pustule. I dont know what im doing wrong, i cleanse twice a day and apply Azelaic Acid, BP didn't do anything for me. Please if any of you know any good tips to cure persistent pustular acne