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Found 20 results

  1. Ever since I was 10, I've had acne, which 10 seems like a young age but it happened. In middle school, it got worse (one reason was bc I didn't really have a skin care routine). But in high school, it absolutely EXPLODED. Zits covered every square inch of my face (my forehead didn't really break out tho). So I was prescribed Minocycline and Birth Control & I used a Clinque skin care line, which all 3 helped get my acne minimal for about half a year or so. Then, it came back!!! So I switched
  2. Hi everyone! I have been following this site and it has been the place I go to when I don't know where else to seek help. I'm fairly new to posting anything on here, and I think this is the right forum for what I want to say. This may be long. I started having acne in middle school, it started in 7th grade (2012), probably also influenced by hormones since I got my period in 7th grade as well. Looking back at what I had, it was NOTHING. I was young and I thought these face demons were ending
  3. Hi I am an 18 (turning 19 this year) old female. I have moderately bad acne and no matter what I do I can't seem to make it better. I eat healthy, drink a lot of water and take good care of my skin as far as I know. I wash it twice a day gently in the morning to try and avoid over washing it and once again at night. I do wear foundation but always take it off completely, different foundations has never really seemed to make my acne better or worse. I also apply lotion and topical cream from
  4. Hi, I've recently started Roaccutane (accutane) and I'm on my fifth day. I'm starting on a dosage of 20mg for the 1st month then upping it to 40mg for the 2nd month. The dermatologist said i will probably need a 4 month course but I'm not sure how high my dosage will go to. I've had acne since i was 10 and I'm now 22 It's never been severe but it's moderate acne and ALWAYS there. Going on Roaccutane as a last-ditch attempt. Just wondering about how people found the drug who have suf
  5. Hi everyone, I'm getting desperate and have been struggling with acne for years. It eats my self esteem and has affected me emotionally and socially and it's getting worse. I have no self esteem because of it, and no doctors can help. They treat me like just another person with "acne" and get me out of the office as soon as possible. I'm a 23 year old female and have had acne since I was 18. I get it persistently on my forehead, in between my eyebrows, my temples, the sides of my face (in
  6. Hi everyone! I'm coming here for some ideas on what to do to help my skin now. Here is the quick run down: -I'm 19 - Have had acne for 5 years -Visited a dermatologist for 4 of those 5 years -I have been on finacea, clindamycin gel and lotion, minocycline, epiduo forte (this did help quite a bit but I still got frequent small breakouts), tretinoin .5%, retin-A micro .08%, Tazorac .1%, bactrim, onexton, benzefoam, tried Navan skincare vitamins (honestly don't know if these helped) -I had an
  7. Hey all! I had this thought the other day. I have come to realize that I have this immense fear of getting a new pimple. My gut sinks, anxiety peaks, sweat, when I merely notice a tender area on my face that I think will be yet another pimple. I have a pretty awful case of persistent acne. One finally goes away, another one immediately follows. However, I experience this fear of getting another one. I fear getting another pimple so much, that sometimes I will vomit at the mere thought of it. (
  8. I'm about to start Roaccutane after having persistent moderate acne for 23 years. But what if I've just being doing everything wrong until now? I just had a look at The Regimen - I have been much rougher with my skin, even when I thought I was being gentle, and I also didn't allow time before or after putting on BP whenever I have used it. I have also realised that my daily face sunscreen has alcohol in it (Phenethyl Alcohol). Though I still get body acne, so this couldn't be the main ca
  9. I am a returning Accutane user. This does not need much of an introduction; I know what it's like to have mild-moderate, yet extremely persistent acne. One thing works for a few months and then it's back to square one. Well, Accutane and birth control worked for over a year but those are both not options for me to continue due to certain health risk factors. Anyway, I want to relate my experience because having acne is bad, but being old enough with all the clear-faced friends and them l
  10. Hello! I'll try to keep this short and sweet. I'm 17 and literally JUST finished my 2nd round of Accutane (2 weeks ago) Took 1st round at 14, and acne came back something terrible. This 2nd course, I was on 40mg for 7 months, along with antibiotics, zinc supplements, and birth control. I am still taking the antibiotics, zinc, and birth control. However, I am now developing acne again!! After just a measly TWO WEEKS of Accutane, which has gave me clear skin for 3 months straight. The
  11. After years of mild-moderate cystic acne that persisted through over two years of antibiotics (doxy, mino, bactrim, etc) and every topical retinoid under the sun, I decided to go on isotretinoin at the age of 22. I am 155 LB male, exercise daily, eat healthy, etc. Majority of my acne is around the chin and mouth, occasionally on the cheeks. Been suffering from it for about 5 years total. Every dermatologist that I have ever seen has recommended accutane due to the limited efficacy of nearly e
  12. So I've been prescribed 100mg of monocycline and ziana to help with my mild acne. My acne is far from severe but it is persistent and I do sometimes get cystic acne. My dermatologist looked at my skin and after telling her I have very sensitive skin, that benzoyl peroxide drys me out she prescribed ziana. Now I've never been on a prescribed medication let alone a retinal ( is that how it's spelled?) and she did not inform me what so ever about the possible side effects or that you shouldn't be i
  13. Hi. I'm new here and I need some help... I've had acne for 6 years now (since I was 12). In the first 3 years it was very severe, I had big swollen pimples under my skin everywhere in my T-zone. They were so big and there were so many that I swear they made my face look deformed. I used to be very outgoing before that, I had a lot of friends and I liked going out. After the acne started I was so embarrassed that I couldn't look anyone in the face, I avoided social contact at all costs, but I obv
  14. I would say I have moderate acne, but it's been extremely persistent. It has gotten better, albeit slowly, over the last few years - but I'm fed up. I'm currently on the regimen using my own products (cetaphil cleanser, benzoyl peroxide prescription cream - Clindoxyl, cetaphil moisturizer and stieva-a cream). The stieva-a, for those not familiar, is a tretinoin-based cream used to treat acne by alleviating the inflamation/soreness, redness and preventing acne scarring. I've found this stuff to b
  15. Ive been testing methods to help my persistant moderate acne for YEARS and YEARS and i managed to follow some really good routines that helpd me to keep my acne under control like, BP, Salycilic acid, but the last 4 months my acne started to get worse and worse and i went desperate again. So i begin to scavenge something, anything that could help me without popping to accutane again(I already did 2 cycles of accutane in my life, each cycle took 1year). I came to something that is unbeliveabl
  16. Hi so basically a couple days ago I went to the doctors office and was turned down to be prescribed accutane, this was heartbreaking to me as I have had acne since I was 5 years old (I'm now 15) and I have tried pretty much anything from high end products to just soap, an abundance of topical and oral medications, I've gotten opinions from dermatologist and doctors and so far nothing has worked, the reason he turned me down is because My acne is fairly moderate and in his opinion my skin needs t
  17. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I believe my struggle with acne is over and I finally found something which works! Things I tried for 3 month periods at a time which did not work: 20 grams a day of activated charcol, helped at first for my oily skin and acne but stopped working. 20 grams a day of B5 panothenic acid. Again helped at first but stopped working after a couple months. 120,000mg of vitamin a retinol, it helped a little with my oily skin but I still had breako
  18. Hey guys, I'm going to try to not make this too long. I visited my dermatologist and her resident in mid-January for severe and persistent cystic acne. After the resident got me all excited about the possibility of finally getting accutane, my dermatologist decided I should try doxycycline 100mg twice a day in combination with Diane 35 and a benzoyl peroxide cream. I reluctantly agreed, knowing she's the professional and that accutane is a pretty intense drug. I started taking it right away and
  19. Hi everyone, I'd like to share my experience with hormonal acne and how I cleared it up completely with the contraceptive patch, Ortho Evra. I've only ever read negative reviews of the patch in relation to acne so wanted to get a positive version out in the hope that this will help others ! I have suffered from acne since I was about 13. Antibiotics never worked for me so at 17 I was suggested the contraceptive pill. Dianette cleared this up completely however after 2 years the emotional si
  20. Hi all, I am 17 years old and am male. For over a year I have persistently been getting acne (shown in picture) around specifically just my mouth and on my chin. I had used benzoyl peroxide medicated face wash for over a month and it has not cleared it up in any way. Is this acne caused by my diet or hormones as I am still a teenager? One of my friends had a similar condition and got medication from their doctor and it cleared up gradually. Could anyone please provide any suggestions as to how