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Found 21 results

  1. Helloo Since around the beginning of September, I have been breaking out. Normally, I have relatively nice skin and only get around 1-3 pimples a month. Before school started, my skin was the best its ever been. There was a point where I had no pimples! But now I broke out badly. I think its partly from the stress because this school year has brought on more stress than I've ever encountered. But because of this bad breakout I went to the derm for the first time and she prescribed me 0.1% Tazor
  2. Hello! So I've been on Epidou and Doxycycling since January 12th of this year. I'm getting quite disappointed because I haven't had much relief although my cystic acne has turned into more superficial acne. (White heads and a tad smaller) I take 100 ml twice a day and use the Epidou once a day as instructed. I also take tons of vitiams. It's discouraging to read most people claim to have their skin much better by 4-6 weeks with both medications. I get at least one pimple a day which definetly ad
  3. I live in the United States. I'm a nineteen year old male college student. I don't have insurance, but I know I'm going to find a plan that works to get accutane. My question is how hard is it to get accutane? I don't want to mess around with antibiotics or creams/ anything that I will have to use continuously. I know some people need a second course or so with accutane, but honestly short term relief sounds dandy to me right now. I can't take the social anxiety anymore. So, if I'm uninsured
  4. HI, So, I've been on Accutane ( Amnesteem 40 mg, once a day) for 2 full months now, starting my 3rd today. My experience with Accutane has been amazing - pretty much a life savior. I had pretty bad acne, but after a month of Accutane it was gone. Since then I've had maybe 7 pimples (which is awesome considering my past). Anyways, my derm doesn't let people continue Accutane in the summer because of sun exposure (honestly, I really really hate this) so I have to stop in June. That means I will
  5. So it's day 45 on accutane and I'm still waking up with cystic below-the-skin acne, as well as smaller, sometimes painful whiteheads. I'm so bad with picking at them too, I just think they look so gross! My skin is worse now than it ever was before accutane. I read that the less severe your acne is, the less severe your IB will be - clearly this is not always the case! I'm experiencing almost 0 side effects minus kinda dry lips. Is my dosage high enough? Is this normal/what can I do to fix this?
  6. Hi there, So, I'm new to this whole accutane business and I have asked all my questions to my google search bar, and to no avail, have received 0 reassurance or certainty in the answers I have found. So, here we are. Welcome. What's my story? Well I've suffered from hormonal and genetically induced acne since about the age of 12 or 13. It started as localized breakouts mainly in my T-zone (forehead, chin and multiple blackheads on the nose). Those on my forehead and chin were often cystic,
  7. Around two days ago I started using a pea sized amount of Tretinoin 0.1% after cleansing. Since then my "normal" acne (whiteheads, red but unpainful pustules, blackheads) has become painful, blaring red cystic acne. My face looks worse than it ever has. When I went in to my doctors office to discuss treatment he never noted that this would be one of the side affects of the medication, so I'm a little concerned. Should I discontinue use? Or is this normal and should I carry on?
  8. Before starting (9.12.14): Skin has had the worst cystic breakout ever, around 8 cysts on shoulders upper back, 2 cysts near waist line, a lot of clogged pores and small red pimples/ whiteheads. Before I start I just want to say that I apply 3 pie sized drops all over my upper middle back and only apply moisturizer 2-3 times a week. I apply the medication at least 15 minutes after my shower otherwise my skin becomes very irritated and itchy. Week 1 (16.12.14): Have alternated days so th
  9. (16, female) I've been suffering with acne for over a year now, but it feels like a lifetime, I honestly don't remember what it feels like to have clear skin, though I don't have acne any where near as worse as a lot of people, it's still there and it still knocks my confidence, though I try to forget about it. My acne is mainly on my cheeks, which, because there's no bone, hyperpigmentation is left behind after every. single. spot. And stays for such a long time, it looks horrendous. I've tried
  10. Im 14 years old and have mild acne. I'm currently on minocycline, and Adapalene gel as my perscriptions to treat my acne. I started using the acne.org regimen during the day. Im following the instructions, but I'm not using it at night. Instead, im using my topigraphical gel at night. The regimen says that the treatment should also be applied at night. Should i be using them both? Or just adapalene gel? Or just the regimen so i can get the most out of the treatment? Please help!!
  11. So currently, I am on Tazorac and Clindamycin. Before, my face was clear I had minimal break outs and before that I was using Tretinon 0.5 and I stopped. I started using Tazorac 0.05 on February 7th and ever since then, my face hasn't gotten better. It has gotten worse and worse. I am on the verge of giving up. I also just recently started using clindamycin again and I am hoping it will help my face. However, I am still getting breakouts! Ive always been the type of person who takes good care of
  12. ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE I am a 20 year old girl in higher education and I am suffering with moderate acne, mainly on my cheeks and my chin. I have been taking Lymecycline capsules once a day for just under 2 months now while using Acnecide over night and nothing seems to be working, if anything it is getting worse. I have never had any side effects to the antibiotics or the cream other than a few times I have been dry around the mouth area in the first few days of using it but my skin seems to al
  13. Is stopping accutane midway for reasons such as some symptoms being too great dangerous? Maybe not dangerous but say if you were to be seeing good results but not a total acne cured recovery and you started to get paranoid about the side effects; if you stopped, would the acne turn back to normal like when taking antibiotics? Or does the course HAVE to finish? And even after stopping accutane, does its effects still work cuz of the retinol being in the liver??? Its all to do with causing p
  14. Quick Recap: I was on epiduo all of high school and then went off if it my senior year. I had completely clear skin with only using mario badescu enzyme cleansing gel and cetaphil moisturizing cream for about 4 years. Then, junior year of college I come back from winter break and my skin breaks out worse than it has ever broken out before. I changed nothing ( no new products, nothing reformulated), but my skin continued to get worse. Over winter break my senior year (december 2014) I went to
  15. Hello! My name is Zoë and I’m 15. Before I start talking about the effects of this medication,I will start off with talking about the medication and later about my skin before I started taking it. When I first picked up the bottle of spirolactone from the pharmacy, I thought it was just another antibiotic. I had no idea about a peak breakout or that it takes three months to even begin to kick in. I wish I knew these things before I agreed to take it, so this blog is not only for me to track my p
  16. Hi everyone, I've been on this website for a little while but I haven't posted in over a year. I was updating a post with my acne journey until September, 2017, but just lost track of time. My skin has cleared up so incredibly much. I had normal acne on combination skin and now I have very few typical breakouts. I do have some occasional cystic acne now that I'm working on a routine for, but this post is about general acne. My original post focused on the prescription products my dermatolo
  17. In December 2017, my doctor put me on spironolactone for my hormonal acne. It's been about three months to the date since I started it and it's done wonders! I know that it can take around 3 months to really work so I've waited to make this post until now. Currently, I'm on 100mg a day. For the most part, my acne is completely clear, considering what it used to be. I had the rocky mountains on pretty much every inch of my face except for my nose. I will still have 3-4 active blemishes at a time
  18. I live in Canada and have mild to moderate acne. I have tried about 10 products topical gels, pills etc... and I have had 0 progress. Sometimes these products work for a short amount of time but never have lasting results. After about 5 years of acne I'm just so exhausted.(and in football the helmet rapes my acne giving me some painful war paint) I asked my derm about accutane and the response was imagine a puerto rican woman voice "No no no not for you, that it for severe acne too risky for yo
  19. Hey guys just a few quick questions. I have been on Retin-A micro 0.1% for 9 weeks now. For the past 2 1/2 weeks now i have been completely acne free! But by the end of today I now have about 3 white heads and two cystic pimples . So my questions are: Is it normal for breakouts this late in the process? Would it be good to use another acne fighting medication in the morning, now that my skin has adjusted to Retin-a micro? And does acne become immune to Retin-a after a period of tim
  20. Hi guys, This is my first post on here and I thought I would join the acne.org community after being put on Roaccutane (I live in the UK) or Accutane. This is my 4th day taking 30mg once a day of Accutane and just have a question on what is the best way to take Accutane. I read the instruction leaflet given with my Accutane and it said to take it with food or milk which I have been doing. Do you need to take Accutane with water whilst you are take it with your food? Because, I've bee
  21. Hi! Yesterday I got prescribed a form of antibiotic called Lymecycline to help eliminate my minor-medium acne problem. I've been struggling with acne from around the age of 13-14 (I'm now 18) and so I thought that with university coming up, I should probably try and sort my acne out (as waiting for it to die out on its own hasn't done any good). 4 years ago -around the time my acne bombed my face and body- I was put on a liquid antibiotic that tasted a bit like paracetamol (I have no idea what