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Found 58 results

  1. My face turns red after applying sunblock on over benzoyl peroxide; this didn't happen a couple of months ago. What can/should I do to relieve the redness?
  2. Hello everyone ! I have always had sensitive skin but have suffered with acne since I was about 13, all over my face and the rare occasion on my neck or chest area. I tried everything to stop it, scrubbing my face, all of the over the counter soaps, scrubs and creams I could get my hands on. I stopped eating sweets/candy and drank nothing but water for 2.5 years. None of it made any difference until I found Benzoyl Peroxide. I can across it in an online forum and decided it was worth a try, what did I have to lose ? I bought some Benzoyl Peroxide along with the required face wash/cleanser and moisturiser and It worked amazingly at first ! I applied it gradually till I was applying it twice a day, once in the morning and once at night and was amazed as I got to sit and watch my spots disappear to nothing ! I was so happy that I could of go out makeup free, however, it was short lived as time went on my face was getting increasingly red and dry to the point it was super painful 8months after its first application I could could barely move my face because of the pain, I tried everything I could to make it right ! I reduced the amount I was applying, then only applied once per day then gradually down to not at all. I have now been off of Benzoyl Peroxide for 3 month, and my spots have all came back and I feel like I am at my wits end ! I have provided a skin analysis at below, does anyone have any suggestions on treatments I could try ? Age: 24 Acne: Is visible consistently (no correlation with hormone changes ect) skin type: sensitive - combination skin Most recently used treatments: Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% Clean & Clear (multiple types) Nutragina Wave (Made significant impact but has been discontinued) Additional info: I work in a bakery with a lot dry ingredients which does dry my skin out a little Any help or assistance anyone could give would be great ! P.s I apologise for any spelling/grammar mistakes, I’m trying to write this as quickly possible while on my break !
  3. abrieldelatorre

    Reddish-Brown Bump On My Nose

    Okay so I really really need advices and stuff because I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE. I have this reddish-brown bump on my nose after I put Benzoyl Peroxide (5%) on my pimple which never really came to a head. IT DOESN'T HURT AT ALL. Like at all!! It's so strange. I think it got burned from BP??? I don't know. But I've had it for like 3 weeks now and I have an event in 2 weeks so I need it to go away already or at least flatten (even with a scar) because then I can just put concealer but with this bump?? There's no way I can hide it (((( and yes, I've been looking through other topics but none of them really fit my situation. Please help ( I am willing to have a scar, I just need it to flatten and all.
  4. Hi all, Not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot (new user here) and I just wanted to ask anyone who has used the Regimen, should my skin be burning from the benzoyl peroxide? I've been using it for 2 weeks (this is my second I think) and I've just upped the dosage of BP and now my skin is starting to burn and feel tight, as if I've been badly sunburnt. Thing is, I've used BP before (years ago) and it was 5% and nothing like this happened. So is this just normal? It just burns. Even after hours of being applied. Cheers
  5. nick-o-lass

    Day 107!

    So I have been completely acne free for like 2 weeks now. Ive been using the Bio Oil every day and Im starting to see results from that with my acne scars. its making my skin super hydrated and not oily suprisingly. I switched my face wash to Giovanna Dtox and I dont really know how I feel about it yet as it isn't as sudsy as my Basis Cleaner clean face wash but the Giovanni face wash has activated charcoal and goji berry so it sounds good to me. Oh and it has volcanic ash too. I even put the Bio Oil into my body lotion (about 30 drops in a small bottle its not enough to make your skin oily at all.) and my skin tone on my whole body seems to be really even like my elbows were all dry before and discolored but now they look great. haha. Thats really all I have to say. Im glad my acne is gone hopefully it stays this way.
  6. Hi, Not sure what to do now been battling acne for a few years now, (I'm an 18 year old male) and it is really effecting my confidence and making life difficult. I would say that the current state of my acne now is moderate to serve still get cysts and noduals but has calmed done a bit from its worst state earlier on in the year. I also have widespread acne on the chest and back. Both my body and chest acne seem to go through major breakout phases every few weeks. I have less active zitz although still get new ones pretty much each day, but I have lots of red and purplish marks. I have tried lots of things from the acne org regimen to topical retinoids (they made it far worse I know it gets worse before it gets better but it broke me out for 6 weeks so I stopped) I used to put BP over whole face stopped that a few months ago and only use it as a spot treatment mainly on cysts as putting it on constantly was making me break out. My current main cleanser is gamophen soap ( which is quite harsh but ha worked better than cetaphil and acne org cleanser) My GP also gave me a solution that include sulphur and sylicytic acid which i apply to the skin twice a day for 15mins and then rinse off this has helped a bit although I still get cysts, but has made my skin dry and flakey ( I am terrified of using a moisturiser although i know that I should) I have been on doxy and erythromycin, the erythromycin for about 5 months helped a little. Anyway it is not really getting me clear at all I want to be clear because it is really effecting me. I finally got into see a derm in 2 weeks time.... I know like all the GPs that they will say accutane. The big issue for me here is contacts, I use orthkryotlogy lenses during the nigh (they reshape the eye temporally for short sighted people) t. I love these I dont want to not be able to wear them because of tane, this is what is putting me off starting a course of it. I heard that lens wear is possible with eye drops but not at night... Would a small dose accutane still clear me up but not give me major dry eyes????
  7. Ok lets just get straight down to business. I've had acne for not even a year and it has already amounted to this. Cystic acne started developing within 5 months of me getting acne and they haven't stopped since. I currently have 15 cysts on my face and I cannot touch my face without a pinch or throb of pain. Started Roaccutane (or accutane) 11 days ago and would like to share some photos with you guys to show you my progress throughout the 6-9 month course. I'm currently on 10mg for 1 month then bumping to 20mg. I am currently experiencing an initial breakout (or flare) like reaction and my lips are starting to dry up. This photo here ^ is well before I started accutane and was when I decided to do something about my acne. This is my first day on minocycline ^ , it had no effect - in fact (not the drugs fault) it got worse. I was getting acne on my jaw line I was so disappointed and made me so anxious to start accutane and get rid of this awful acne. So I did it's been 11 days, here is my week 1 progress photo(s). Please stay tuned for the weeks to come! Week 2 has arrived here are the photos for my second week of accutane, dry lips, dry eyes and very itchy legs. xD I don't know why but yeah.
  8. So I'm three weeks into the regimen at the moment. As frustrating as it is still seeing no significant positive results, I'm continuing to follow the regimen diligently and trying my best to be patient. I'm having quite a significant reaction to the benzoyl peroxide however, and I was looking for further clarification regarding applying the regimen. As is apparently typical even in the third week, my skin is horrifying at the moment. It's dry, very red, and extremely flakey - as in, every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror, my entire chin and around my nose is literally covered by stiff, dry skin that sometimes flakes off to touch and is sometimes still a little stuck. While the normal acne I had is gone, I'm now getting this bizarre kind of whitehead which is not infected, but involves large amounts of pus being trapped by the dead skin layer. I know, gross right? Anyway, even gently sloughing off most of this skin in a warm shower with nothing but my hands causes my skin to go bright red for a full 24 hours, and not all the skin comes off - plenty of it is still attached and I'd really have to scrub to remove it - not a good idea. What I was wondering is whether I should change how I'm applying the regimen due to the current state of my skin. Most days I just leave any skin that doesn't come off easily attached to my face so I don't cause any further irritation and apply the rest of the regimen on top of it, but will this possibly be making my problem worse somehow? Any suggestions you have to combat this would be great - I don't want to give up on the regimen, but it's really taking its toll on my self-esteem right now - it's way worse than the acne I had! Please help! --- Just to preempt these suggestions - I've already massively increased the amount of moisturiser I use to attempt to combat this to no avail. I apply moisturiser after the bp until my skin no longer feels dry, which can be three or even four pumps, and sometimes in two separate applications. I also started with a very small amount of bp and am still not up to the full dosage.
  9. Hi, I am 15 years old and suffer from acne. I have started my skincare routine which is made up of African black soap, a pore unclogging face scrub that contains sacrylic acid, a toner, and a moisturizer which is just cocoa butter. after these products, i apply benzoyl peroxide and go to sleep. I am on day 3 of this routine and am noticing my skin is very very dry throughout the day. I lather lotion and it dries up 20 minutes later. I'm experiencing a lot of skin flaking, occasional burning, and itching. But what stresses me out most is the wrinkles around my mouth and under my eyes. does this mean it's working or should I stop? and most importantly (which stresses me out the most) are these wrinkles permanent? Will they go away? Thank you.
  10. Guitar89

    Skin Frustration and Vitamin A

    This year, I've become increasingly frustrated with my acne since it has started appearing more frequently in strange places - like my forearms, hands, fingers, and stomach. While in the past I put my acne concerns on the back burner, recent events have made fighting this acne a much higher priority. It's at least somewhat socially acceptable to have acne on the face - or on the back and chest - but not other weird places. It's just scary and frustrating to think that I might not have any clear skin whatsoever. Facial acne is at least somewhat socially acceptable, and back and chest acne can be hidden with clothes, but what about areas that can't be hidden? It's as if acne is determined to win this fight. It's as if it's trying to give me a clear signal that I am not allowed to have any clear skin - and that my social and employment prospects are dead. Having face and back acne all these years wasn't enough, so it had to spread to my whole body. When I was young, I was normal and healthy. Not so anymore. By spreading to my whole body, it's almost as if acne is erasing my very existence. I doubt that I can be accepted in society without looking at least somewhat healthy. When I was young and healthy, I had prospects, but I've feared that those prospects would become non-existant if my acne spread to my whole body - and became particularly severe. My acne spreading is especially scary because I've feared that this would be permanent. With the exception of my forehead, once my acne has established itself in a certain place, it's there to stay. I cannot get rid of it. So imagine being stuck with acne on the forearms, hands, and stomach the rest of my life. It's just absolutely horrible. It's horrible to imagine not having a single square inch of clear skin - having absolutely no way to cure it - and having potentially diminished social and employment prospects as a result. Anyway, as it started getting out of control, I started more actively seeking solutions to cure - or at least control - my acne. I first looked into benzoyl peroxide - but eventually became skeptical since I had sometimes used hand sanitizer with 70% ethyl alcohol, and I still got pimples where I rubbed the sanitizer. It seemed to have no effect whatsoever. I think that I had seen some posts on this forum - saying that hand sanitizer was just as good - if not better than - benzoyl peroxide. If true, then if hand sanitizer didn't work, then why would benzoyl peroxide be any different? Then, I became interested in spearmint tea to lower my testosterone (yes, I'm a guy, and I think that my acne is hormone-related). However, as of now, I haven't yet tried it. Recently, I became interested in Vitamin A supplements because I had heard that Accutane is basically a form of Vitamin A. I had been on Accutane, and it was only one of two drugs that had any significant effect on my acne (the other was doxycycline). Accutane worked great for me, but my acne gradually came back after I stopped taking it. If Accutane was a form of Vitamin A, then "normal" Vitamin A might work similarly. Finally, after putting it off for a long time, I bought some Spring Valley Vitamin A supplements a few days ago. I took my first softgel pill on October 25th at around 4:00 PM. Each pill supposedly has 8,000 IU of Vitamin A, and I was aware of the potential toxicity that could arise from taking too much Vitamin A. More than two days later, and so far, the results have been inconclusive. A number of pimples on my back and chest have hardened, but the ones on my back were like that BEFORE taking Vitamin A, so I don't know if Vitamin A really has been helping - or if my body is just continuing the process that took place before taking Vitamin A. In any case, I've still gotten a few small pimples on my upper arms and stomach, and I've had some cysts on my face that haven't gone away. I realize that I shouldn't expect results overnight since, when I was on Accutane, it took a few weeks before my skin got clear, but I would think that I would at least not get any new little pimples. Due to this lack of definite effect - and my skin gradually getting worse, I've felt so frustrated. There just seems to be nothing that I can do. The worst part is that I'm getting acne in places that I can't easily hide. What am I supposed to do - wear long-sleeved shirts and gloves in the boiling-hot summer? Given the fact that nothing seems to help my acne, I've resigned to the fact that I might have to. Yesterday, I tried some Neutrogena SkinClearing Complexion Perfector to experiment with hiding the spots on my stomach - and some scars on my right thumb and forearm. I really wanted to get some Dermablend, but people were coming in and out of the makeup aisle, and it was embarrassing being there, so I eventually just grabbed something to experiment with. It didn't blend perfectly with my skin, but I didn't care since I just wanted something to hide the horrible red spots. I was fairly satisfied with it on my stomach, but my forearm was a different story. The Neutrogena seemed like it wouldn't dry well, and it probably wouldn't be as durable as the Dermablend that I wanted, but I felt that I could still have problems with Dermablend, too. I've decided that if I ever permanently got acne on my hands, I'd just have to wear gloves. Makeup for the hands just isn't practical. My skin is so pathetic. As far as I'm concerned, my natural, organic skin doesn't exist anymore. It's dead, pathetic, and useless to me. I've written it off. It's too far gone. As far as I'm concerned, my clothes are my real skin. That's sad. It's sad to think that my clothes make a better skin than my real skin. My real skin is living supposed to be durable - and able to protect itself against the environment. But it can't. My skin is just a weak, broken, and worthless organ. I wish that I could beat the ever-living crap out of it and destroy it. I wish that I could teach it a lesson for being such a worthless piece of crap and make it wish that it never existed. I wish that I could trade it in for some REAL skin that wouldn't be so weak and pathetic. But for now, I just have my clothes. My clothes make a better skin than my real skin. They don't get pimples - but my real skin does get pimples - and can't get rid of them. That is so pathetic. I'm sorry for ranting, but I just really am frustrated with my skin since I've been getting acne (yes, I do think it's actual acne) in weird places. I intend to try Vitamin A a while longer - and maybe some other things, but I am also prepared to just give up on my so-called skin and cover it up almost completely. However, I hope that I can find a real solution for my acne.
  11. So I've been using Jojoba oil, zinc oxide and benzoyl peroxide for the past week. Zinc with benzoyl does not seem like a good idea since my skin got super dry after I washed it. I've got cystic acne on me cheeks, I believe its from touching/pillow but the oil production hasn't decreased yet and zinc is working like a charm(not sure if it's good in the long-run tho). Has anybody else tried doing this? How can I modify this routine to get more results? btw going to stop using bp and see if anything changes.
  12. I was reading posts about the few people who found success with Compound W on keloid scars but instead of salicyclic acid I was wondering if anyone ever just tried to dab some Benzoyl Peroxide on their keloid scars to see what would happen?
  13. p0paoas

    One Month

    FEAR ME! Yes! I quit benzoyl peroxide cold turkey.. One day I just .. STOPPED. OK. Well, I am at 1 month. I thought my acne was bad while on the REGIMEN. HOLY COW. This last month has been awful. I've broke out on my forehead and on my chin; places I've NEVER EVER got acne before. Not on my nose, however...strange. Not to exclude my cheeks and the sides of my face. During this last month I've had to prepare myself for college which means being out in public and showing them my ugly mug. I'm no stranger to a red bumpy face, I've had acne for the last 7 years. I've gone to junior high and high school with it, but never to such an intense degree. I'm super embarrassed and super ashamed. That does not stop me from continuing on, however. I've realized with great clarity that having acne is not just a physical thing, but very much an internal ... thing. Your perception on looks and who judges yo - yadadada i won't get into that who care.s Let me just say first off that I've been taking the acne.org regimen for about 6 months? I think. Maybe 7 and a half. It cleared up my skin by the very end, but my skin was TERRIBLE. As in, very very dry and irritated and looked like the desert dunes. You heard it here, folks. Benzoyl peroxide also causes aging. At least it does for me. My laugh marks (and that fine line beneath your eye that runes down to your cheek) are more defined and very noticeable. I look about 25 (I'm 19). Before the regimen, I will also add, I was on EXPOSED SKIN CARE (which is an overpriced overrated acne over the counter treatment). AND BEFORE THAT, I was on proactive. Back on route. So my skin was acne free when I stopped. It came back with vengeance in a week and a half. It happened over night. BAM. 4 white heads on my cheeks. The dream was dead. A few days later my forehead and chin started breaking out. I knew by then I was in for a deal of hurt. From then on till now I've had about 35 different pimples come and go. All of them were white heads, never the BIG DADDY. Those are the pimples that have been charging their power level for weeks deep beneath your skin. A GIANT bump that sits there on your face for a long time. None of those thankfully. When I lay in bed at night I can feel the pimples on my forehead pound. Whenever I accidentally brush my face with my hand, my acne stings for a few moments. Horrible, I'm sure this is hell. I'm also sure that I will be experiencing this for a very long time... I want to see this to the end. I want to be able to come back here, a year later or 2 years later and finally write - HEY GUYS I'M FREE! Or will I write; hey guys. I still have acne and it sucks... I've gotten those little sebum things on my face almost everyday, so I have to use some facial cleanser. I've decided my weapon of choice...Cetaphil daily cleanser. It's okay. I've been using it for about a week and it's whatever. Sad it doesn't help my acne at all, but also grateful it doesn't cause breakouts. Just cleans pretty well. A personal reason why I quit was because one weekend I traveled to Vancouver. It was a bright sunny day out and I took a small boat to travel with these other people. I sat across from a young woman and she had this pretty white dress on and a matching bonnet. Then I saw her skin. I've never seen a condition like that before..She was covered in these large red bumps. Not just her face, but all over her body; her legs, her arms, and her face. They looked very painful. I didn't want to stare, so I kept my eyes glued to the water. But, I did sneak one quick look at her facial features. She was smiling at something I didn't see. 'She is very brave,' was all I thought of during the boat trip. She was out trying to enjoying herself despite how she looked. That really hit me hard because I knew if I had her skin, I wouldn't be out on a boat with a lot of people on a bright sunny hot day. I would be in my room, yes yup. With the light off. I realized then that that was true beauty. She was incredibly beautiful, she outshined everyone I saw that day. So, I admire her and I also want to be beautiful in that way. I'm going to go rogue on this regimen and try to let my skin heal itself. I'll write in a month, maybe show some before and after photos. For sure I will come back, that is a promise. TL;DR : FACE BROKE OUT HORRIBLY - SURPRISE!
  14. Jorgem1009

    19 Days After Using Persa Gel 10

    From the album: Persa gel 10 Benzoyl peroxide

    I took this picture today (September 27th) and my skin broke out some more. Ugh. But those white spots are actually small pimples that have come to a head so I guess that is a good thing. do you think my skin is getting better, is the same, worse, or I still need to give it some time? This Tuesday makes 3 weeks and since then I don't know if it has gotten better or worse.
  15. Im doing a 3 part acne program that I have found online from a person who has studied acne over the years. For the 3rd step for mild-moderate acne he reccommends a topical 5% benzoyl peroxide cream. For more severe acne he reccommends using Epiduo (Tactuo) which is a prescription topical cream that contains 0.1% Adapalene and 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Unfortunately I have not seen a dermatologist in over a year and an appointment can take months to get. On hand I have benzoyl peroxide 5% and I have a tube of Differin XP Gel (Adapalene 0.3%) that a dermotologist prescribed to me last year that I barely used. I feel my acne is probably worse than moderate but its not crazy severe like it was a few years back. After researching both ingredients (benzoyl peroxide and Adapalene). It appears they are both important. One de-inflammes and renews, while one kills bacteria and causes skin peeling. What I am wondering is for the 3rd step since either of these creams can be used. Although a mix of both (epiduo) is prefered.....which should I use?
  16. I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I recently started using the Acne.org regimen that includes the face wash, the benzoyl peroxide treatment, the moisturizer, and the 10% glycolic acid moisturizer. My problem is that I keep breaking out in what I can tell to be whiteheads and cystic pimples that eventually come to the surface as whiteheads. My skin is extremely oily but I don't know what is causing my skin to breakout like this. My face typically only has one or two bumps but after using this regimen, these bumps have multiplied to about 7-10 on varies parts of my face. I don't know if I'm doing the regimen wrong. I have been sticking to it religiously and have noticed certain portions of my face clearing up, however, these breakouts that keep occurring happen on my lower cheeks and chin. Is this an allergic reaction to he benzoyl peroxide? I've used this medication before and have never experienced these types of side effects. Or could it be my skin adjusting to the treatment? Please if anyone could help me I'd greatly appreciate it!!!
  17. About 5 days ago, I began using a benzoyl peroxide face wash from Kasier Permanente at the advice of my dermatologist. Other reviews say that bp face washes cleared up their skin almost within a week but I don't see any results yet (although, I will keep using it for a few more weeks since everyone has different skin types). I've only been using washing with it for 30 seconds a day and using a lotion (Johnson&Johnson) or sunscreen after, but it seems that it might be worsening my acne. I mainly have groups of small bumps (I stopped getting cysts & large pimples before using bp and still don't have them) on my cheeks, that hurt a little if I press on them. I don't know if the bp wash is bringing up these bumps to clear out oils and bacteria underneath my skin. Has anyone experienced this? And does it really worsen your acne before improving it? I don't have any dryness or swelling at all, maybe a little itching. I also use a cerave facewash with salicylic acid at night. Should I be using the bp wash for longer amount of time (1-2 minutes?) for greater effect? Thank you if you read all of this and any advice will be greatly appreciated
  18. I'm 19 years old male and I've been suffering acne for the past 5 years. During this time I've used almost everything (bp, salicylic acid, zinc oxide you name it), now my skin looks really old, flaky and most of all oily on the top but looks dehydrated AF on the bottom. I've used bp for the past 2 years which helped with acne but it never solved the problem. Looking now I believe that it was bp that damaged my skin permanently. Now I'm going as natural as possible. My routine: AM - wash face with warm water, tone, moisturise and jojoba oil to avoid water loss. PM - wash face with gentle soap, tone, moisturise (more) and jojoba oil. Has anybody experienced or is going through this. My face is red most of the times and now im really losing hope..
  19. I know that you can't use retinol and retinoids with BP, but can I use a moisturizer with retinyl palmitate in it on top of my BP, or would they cancel eachother out? I can't find anything about it online. Thanks!
  20. Do I've just started the regimen yesterday, and when browsing these forms the first thing everyone seems to say is that it burns, flakes, or makes the skin itch... I'm not getting any of these reactions. I'm starting slow liek Daniel Kern said, now because it's not burning, flaking, or itching, does that mean i'm doing it wrong then?
  21. Could anyone review what has been going on for me? I've been doing the regimen for almost 3 weeks. On the guide chart on the main regimen page it says in week 1 skin is red and itchy but by the end of week 2/3 it becomes less so. I do think that my spots are a little better, but not so noticeably. For example is was not uncommon for my skin to fluctuate between being fairly good and being horrendous - the change is no different to a fairly good influx. But what is noticeable, is that true to the guidance in the first week my skin was itchy and a little red. But now almost in week 3, my skin seriously burns. I've only increased the amount of Benzoyl Peroxide by a miniscule amount because of how much it hurts, but since I started doing it twice a day, my skin is very red and very itchy, and it hurts - a lot. It is a Sunday night while I write this, and last Friday evening, after doing the regimen; I have never experienced so much pain in my face in my life, as I did then. It was the single worst night of my life. I got through it without ripping my face to shreds, which was a small consideration, and have now reduced the amount slightly. One thing I also noticed, is that I have very small spots on my temples (not particularly close to the eye area it says to avoid) but I have had to stop using it on my temples because the pain became too much. I still have flaky skin around my eye sockets too. My skin is super itchy and really quite red and I'm getting really tired of my face just constantly hurting all day and all night. Is everything I have done up to par with the regimen? And also given how much it hurts it is hard to make myself continue - will it ease because I thought it would have by now? Thank you if you have read this far!
  22. As evidenced in my last post, I’ve smeared a lot of crap on my face. But, what do I use now? And do I like it? CURRENT ROUTINE: AM: 1. I wake up, pissed off because I haven’t figured out a way to safely inject coffee into my blood stream. 2. Shuffle to bathroom. Shuffle to closet. Shuffle to dresser. Forget what I was doing. Groan. 3. Wash with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Okay, so let’s be honest. I bought the knockoff Wal-Mart Equate Skin Cleanser and I honestly am not too thrilled with it. It’s too thin and watery. While cleansers shouldn’t produce a ton of foam or have 10,000 scented scrub beads, I think this cleanser is too simple for my taste. Alas, I am cheap as hell and will use it until it runs out, at which I will replace it with something else. 4. Apply CeraVe AM Moisturizer. This is a brand new product that has been added this week. It has some great “features”—including the all important SPF and also niacinamide to reduce redness. Before, I was applying the PM version (despite its name, perfectly acceptable for AM as well.) I will say the AM has that sunscreen smell, but it doesn’t particularly bother me. The thing that I’m not sold on just yet is its consistency. I find it very thick, hard to spread, and I’m not sure how great it’s doing at moisturizing. But I need a sunscreen to protect my red marks from getting darker, so if anything I might just combine this with some plain Cetaphil moisturizer I already have. 5. Maybe put a dab of benzoyl peroxide or clindamyacin gel on any doozy of a zit and let everything dry before applying makeup. PM: 1. Realize it’s way past my bedtime. 2. Curse self for staying up late as I always do. 3. Wash face (usually in shower) with same Cetaphil cleanser from morning routine. 4. Dry face and apply CeraVe PM. Love this product. It’s smooth, it’s creamy…wait, am I describing ice cream or a face moisturizer? My bad. But really, I love the texture of this and it does a great job. At first, I was a bit worried that it wasn’t as great as I was expecting because it doesn’t make your face look or feel like an oil slick, but I now realize that’s a good thing. I think adding this product is a big help in the reduction of redness I see in my scars/pigmentation issues. 5. Apply benzoyl peroxide gel and let dry completely before going night-night. Man, this stuff sucks and is awesome at the same time. I was using free samples of EpiDuo for a while and for some reason, that didn’t dry out my skin like straight up BP does. At least, I think that’s what my current issue is. My BP is only 2.5% but it has dried out my face the past couple of nights. CURRENT STATE OF ACNE USING THIS ROUTINE: Uhhhh, I don’t know. Can I phone a friend? The cysts continue to stay at bay which I am very happy about. The CeraVe PM and BP have helped the redness in my post inflammatory marks. I only have two lumps on my face that just appeared yesterday that are deep and might be potential cystic acne. I hope it’s not caused by the addition of my CeraVe AM moisturizer, but I suppose I will keep an eye on them and use it as a judgment of how my skin is. If they go away quickly then I guess that’s a good thing! I just have to resist the urge to pick and poke them Around my mouth and near my chin is very dry and flaky. I don’t know why to be honest, but when I applied the CeraVe AM moisturizer for the first time the other day, my face lit up bright red and near my eyes was stinging. Has been happening for the past three days, so I have held off on using the BP. I hope that goes away once my skin has adjusted.
  23. I want to start the acne.org regimen but I can't find 2.5% benzoyl peroxide anywhere. I only found 4% benzoyl peroxide on two places. I saw in the video that he said "use only 2.5% benzoyl peroxide". Will it be ok if I use the 4% one? Also, I can't seem to find a gentle cleanser either. Should it really be gentle? Thank you!
  24. Searched for it to no avail. I just got some new BP a couple weeks ago because I thought it was because of old products, the BP I have, in the tube, comes out sliding over my hand and it's like there is a clear liquid that separates from the BP, it makes it very difficult to apply. I shake the bottle endlessly but to no luck, I keep the BP in a cool dry place (My bathroom cupboard.) Does anyone else have this problem and know what to do? -Kyle
  25. So... What are your thoughts on using HP for a face toner? And I say toner because I don't know of a better way to describe the method of applying something to the skin and not washing it off.... My main question is: is this going to over-dry my skin? And/or is this a dumb idea? All comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.