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Found 30 results

  1. Hi, So aside from my regular (mild/moderate persistent) acne I've had this weird breakout that started last week monday. I'm used to suddenly getting lots of acne on my chin but this time it's different. After the pictures I'm about to show, which was taken last week, it has spread to my nose and cheek area. In the sunlight: You can see the bumps * The other side. This happens after it's been red and itchy for a while. They start out as itchy red bumps and in a few days they turn int
  2. Hey guys, So I have just had a flare up of what my dermatologist has confirmed as perioral dermatitis. I have recently suffered from this about 4 months ago except I had a cluster of red bumps/red rash next to my nose but this time around I have a white, flakey rash around my mouth. It is very very sore, feels super tight and burns/itches. Does anyone have any advice on what to do and how to treat it? My dermatologist prescribed me an erythromycin/cetaphil lotion (the antibiotic is mixed with
  3. Hey everyone, So I am going to go on a rant here. I've been analyzing others posts for a couple of years and have decided to make one which describes my personal battle with acne/perioral dermatitis. I have been dealing with this problem for a long time and I am determined to find a cure or treat myself since I cannot let this take over my life and let it affect my confidence. I know I will be able to cure myself soon and help others. I will save the emotional trauma I went through due to th
  4. Hi I am new to the boards and I apologize if this isn't the right forum for this but I could really use some input I am 19 and I have had dark spots on the corners of my mouth and the crease of my chin for about 6 years. The corners of mouth would sometimes get extremely red and irritated, followed by dry and very flaky, before they would finally "heal" and go back to dark spots. The line on my chin always stays about the same, sometimes getting dry and flaky. I went t
  5. New blog so I can post photos! Duh! For your reference... this is me: Meet Natalie! Today at work...I'm dead. I'm so sleep deprived I have no idea how I'm still functioning. I ate and I feel sick. It's about 4pm. I'm ready to go home and sleep. I had to start this blog because my other one ran out of MB??? I don't even know. Ain't nothin' changed...Drinkin' tea...Workin'...YOU already KNOOOOW. photos with my hair down are last night and today with my hair up at work looking like death hah
  6. It started off as a red rash around mouth and now these tiny pin sized whitehead’s are multiplying and getting bigger by the hour! I haven’t started using any new products.
  7. Hi everyone so I have been battling this frustrating skin condition called perioral dermatitis for several months. It started back in November when I started get red bumps around my mouth and was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis by a dermatologist. She then prescribed me a cream and a 6 week dose of doxycycline. The doxy cleared my skin and for 6 months, I had no breakouts. However, in late June I noticed the dermatitis returning. Now it is back to how it was. I am using Osmia Organics black c
  8. Hi everyone, I have been struggling with perioral dermatitis for about 3 months now. it is flaky and dry around my mouth with small bumps and redness. It got a lot worse so I went to the derm and she prescribed doxycline and an antibiotic cream. it has seemed to go down a little but is still present and flares up badly sometimes. I don't want to be on this drug forever. I am using Osmia organics to cleanse. Does anyone know if sweating or heat can make it worse? I love hot yoga but I think it ma
  9. I have been on accutane for 2.5 months now. 20mg for the 1st month. 30mg for the 2nd month. and i am currently on 50mg now, for the last 2 weeks. I am now on holiday in spain and will be for the next to weeks but i have developed blisters on the corners of my mouth as well as dry, red scaly skin around my mouth with red bumps/spots and is very sore. It is particularly painful when i open my mouth. After research, i believe this is perioral dermatitis but am unsure what to do as i am abroad and c
  10. Okay, here goes. All my life, I've had great skin up until about the age of 20 and began having on again off again periods of hormonal acne. Usually going on birth control would clear it up completely and I haven't had acne for about three years. So around this time last year I developed an itchy bumpy red rash around my nose and was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. Easy fix! Doctor gave me Finacea in the am and Elotone and night and the rash was gone in less than a week. Fast forw
  11. Hi, I could really, really use some advice, please. I’ve had PD for years that was controlled via hydrocortisone. As soon as I learned how bad that was, I stopped using it, and have since been given several Rxs: antibiotics, metro, finacea, etc. Nothing helped, so I stopped the antibiotic (azithromycin) 5 days ago and have just been using all-natural face soap, serums and lotion from an organic skincare company. At the present time, my face is relatively calm (which I attribute to the fa
  12. Here's my story. I went to the dermatologists in January (an estimate, don't really remember when). I went because I had a bad rash under my nose, and under my mouth. By the time I went to the dermatologist for that problem my rash was already gone, I only had about two pimples on my chin caused by the things I used to clear my rash. The dermatologist asked me if I usually break out around my menstrual, I said yes (doesn't everyone?). He prescribed me Spironolactone. I took it for a month and
  13. Hey guys, I'm really at a short fuse that's just about to give up everything - school, work, family, life. I don't know what to do anymore. With school coming back in a week, I'm really at the end of the tunnel but there's no light. I am just wondering if anyone can give me some advices, tips, pointers for the following problems that I have. I feel that someone providing me suggestions can help me at times because it gives me another option to handle my skin. So basically, here's the gist of i
  14. Last night was the same mask as usual-- I tried the rosehip oil out finally, after the Argan and before the aloe. It's 5:55am right now and it's time to punch today in the face haha!! It's 10:25am right now...Work is KA-RAZZZZY. I'm going on my walk after I eat a snack. Yayyyy. its almost 8:30pm I'm going to lay down and rest I'm dead I'll deal with life tomorrow
  15. Hey y'all. Same ish as usual. Just working my butt off. For the past week or so, I have been taking my walk around the lake in the mornings usually at 10:45-11:45 or sometimes 11:45-12:45. Depends on how work is goin and if shit pops off. I've been getting good sun. The morning sun is the BEST. It's currently 93 degrees where I'm at. AND NO BREEZE LOL. I have not been putting argan oil on my face in the mornings-- just at night before I put on my aloe. So my routine for the past two nights ha
  16. Hi all. I’ve posted my fair share of desperate pleas on this board, asking for help with my perioral dermatitis, and so far, nothing has worked. It appeared about four years ago, and for three, I used a derm rx’d metro + hydrocortisone lotion that totally suppressed it. Over the past year I’ve tried antibiotics (oral and topical), antifungals, sulfur creams, black soap, demodex treatments, countless natural topicals like ACV and tea tree, and oral supplements like zinc and probiotics. I’ve also
  17. From the album: Azelaic Acid success

    August 2017. Perioral dermatitis. My skin felt like it was on fire. I knew this was something more than "just" acne.
  18. Alrighty well I can't remember the last time I ever posted on this website but I have returned from the dead...well not really but if I am posting on here that means of course another problem has occurred. In early 2011 I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. I have been trying to deal with it for the better part of this year now and since I am posting on here it means I haven't quite found the right cure yet. I'll take you back though to what I have been dealing with this past year. Basic
  19. Hey guys, Quick background - I have been dealing with cystic acne around my mouth for 10 years. If you want to read a detailed background, its here Anyways, I have been on Minocycline (100mg) for 6 months but I knew I was on borrowed time so I decided to make sure I do enough research to prevent getting acne around my mouth by the time I become resistant to it. SO what I realized by trial and error was that when I cut out all refined sugars, white rice and bread and SPICES from m
  20. Hi there, For about a year on and off I was using hydrocortisone cream on my face on my eczema which my GP prescribed. Last week I work up to little papules and pustules all down my mouth around my nose and smile lines. I knew it was perioral dermatitis and stopped the cream immediately. It has now been about 5/6 days and my face is the worst it has ever ever been. I've always had severe acne but this is taking the piss. Everything has just exploded on my face and I now have (I kid you not)
  21. ***** Editing the original post ********* hey guys! Thanks for keeping healthy discussion. I apologize for being away... I broke up with my gf and i went into depression so I couldnt keep track of this thread. few updates. I am learning ways to minimize these symptoms and live with it. 6 months ago or so I developed gastritis issues (acidity) due to which doctor suggested me to cut down all acidic foods, coffee etc and prescribed prilosec (USA ...u can look up medication). And all of
  22. Hi everyone! I really hope I get at least one reply! lol I have been browsing this site for a while and reading up about many treatments I have tried to treat my hormonal acne! Unforuntaely, I also suffer from rosacea and perioral dermatitis (though these are pretty much under control now THANK GOODNESS). Anyway, my new derm just gave me Spiro. I am to take 100 mg a day (50 mg in the morning. 50 mg in the evening.) MY QUESTIONS: * Has anyone here started Spiro on 100 mg?? What should expec
  23. Hi all, I have always believed in sharing experiences so I thought I would share my current saga. For a bit of history, I had cystic acne a few years ago after having acne ever since I was about 12. I was around 20 when I went on accutane and it really worked wonders for me. Ever since then I had been using a consistent routine of epiduo, salicylic acid, physohex and moisturising. My skin was perfect for a few years. However, 5 months ago I developed perioral dermatitis to which a course o
  24. Hey guys, I have been dealing with cystic acne for 10 years and I am wondering if this is actually folliculitis or perioral dermatitis or hormonal acne. I have attached the pics here. Whenever i take antibiotics, it seems to disappear completely. Please let me know what you guys think!! I am on minocycline right now(100mg) so it is not as inflamed or as spread out as it used to be. I have highlighted the areas of problem with a blue marker where i get most of my acne. They usually form
  25. Hey y'all. Happy thursday! I did not take my N-A-C this morning. And I'm going to be taking a break off taking that, for a little while. I ate like 10,000 calories today. Not really more like 2700 but I walked over 5 miles for sure because I charged my phone so I didn't have it on me for an hour and I still walked almost 5 miles today. Plus most of those calories are from nuts lol, deeeeez nuts. im looking into what it takes to be a paralegal. So yeah, that's what ya girl Natalie is do