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Found 13 results

  1. So, since I already had bloods taken I'm having them repeated just because the doctor wants to make sure, which is happening next Wendesday, and then my Ultrasound scan is next Thursday. I will make a post with what happens. I will also post some pictures after this weekend of what my skin currently looks like.
  2. Hi, I have been on spiro for quite some time but was always on birth control. As I got older I discovered how bad this all is for you so came of birth control and spiro as my skin was doing great. Over time my skin got worse so I decided to start taking spiro again but without birth control.. I’ve been on it for a year or so now and have basically had no periods. I know spiro causes irregularities but this seems extreme and I actually want my periods! Anyone else out there not on bc and have sim
  3. So..for the past month and a half my skin has been going downhill progressively. It's driving me crazy as I have been trying everything I can think of but nothing is helping! All through highschool i would get the odd pimple but nothing crazy. During my final few months of highschool however, I broke out the worst I ever had and I'm pretty sure it was due to stress ( I had also had my mirena IUD for six months) Now a year and a half later, my skin has gone on a roller coaster of okay (never as
  4. Hi. I'm due to start my dose of Accutane in 2 weeks. My dose is 20mg due to my weight of 46kg and my height of 5'4. So my biggest concern is does accutane affect the reproductive system? Currently my periods are SO REGULAR. SCARILY REGULAR. Thankfully. They come on the 21st of each month. I'm scared that accutane will disrupt my cycle. Could someone please confirm if my worries are legitimate? And if the cycle messes up during accutane... will the menstrual cycle return to normal after the cours
  5. Hello, I am looking for a little bit of help or advice I am a 22 year old female and I have been suffering with acne for about a year now. About 2 years ago I started suffering from bulimia. Although never underweight, I didn't have a period (TMI, I know!) for about a year. About a year ago I started fully recovering from my eating disorder (frequency reduced dramatically) and have been completely free of it for about 3 months. As soon as my periods came back a year ago, I developed
  6. Hi everyone, I have a question for the girls. It's kind of icky so please bear with me and give me some advice and set my mind at ease. This is my third day on Accutane (30mg/day) and I started taking the drug like the day before I was due for my period. I got my period yesterday and I barely got anything on the first day apart from some brown spotting. This is normal for me and I did not think much of it. But today, I noticed my flow got all of a sudden became very heavy. However
  7. Hey, everyone! I have PCOS and, about 2 months ago, I started a new treatment with spironolactone, prescribed by my dermatologist, to treat mild acne. I'm taking 50 mg daily and, right after starting it, about 3 days later, my skin began to clear. I was loving spiro and everything was pretty amazing until my period started to become extremely irregular. I now get bleedings 2 times per month, with a duration of 5 or 6 days each, which I heard is a common side effect of this drug. The problem is
  8. A week before my period my face COMPLETELY changes. It looks oily, discoloured, inflamed, bumpy and acne prone. I had a hormone test before my period which showed high androgens but then after I took the test again it was okay, so basically my androgens are high before my periods. I don't want to take the pill for many health concern reasons and I had really bad side effects when I tried. Diet never seems to help me. What do I do? My doctor suggested some type of minocycline or something. I aske
  9. Hello everyone, So I struggled with cystic acne all over my face and decided to go on the medication Accutane. I am taking a 40mg dosage and this is my 3rd month on the medication. I am also on a birth control pill as well. This month was weird... my period came a week early so I decided to skip my placebo pills( because who wants their period twice in one month)? Anyways, since then I have been "spotting" ever since its like my period is never ending. Its been about 2 -3 weeks now and I am ge
  10. Hi, I am new to this thread. I started taking Spironolactone for hormonal acne about a month ago. I took it for about ten days but then I felt so winded and weak and started bleeding (like a period- sorry if TMI). So I stopped taking the medication. Well ever since then, I have had spotting/bleeding for about 8-10 days and then it stops for a week and then comes back. I believe my hormones were thrown out of wack. How long until they level out? Anyone have experiences with this? Any f
  11. Two months ago: today: So this girly needs some advice from women who have or are suffering from hormonal acne and have used birth control to control their acne breakouts. Background: I have suffered from anorexia for the last 6 years (since I was 16) and due to this I have never properly had my periods, only the occasional one every now and again. However since maintaining my weight, still low but healthy enough (BMI 15, if that is any help to anyone), I have had a massive hormonal breakou
  12. Hi girls! I'm 16 years old and I started Acutane (or Claravis the generic version) on December 24th about 14 days ago. I also started birth control when I got my period on the 27th. I missed one day of acutane and my prescription got messed up (i was given enough for only 15 days...it's a mess) but I'm worried about my period. I usually have my period for 6 days and some spotting the 7th and 8th day. But today is the 12th day of me spotting. I'm not bleeding enough to need a pad but it's stainin
  13. Ok here goes. I'll probably just call my doctor anyway, but maybe someone else has the same issues as me. I started taking 150mg of spiro july 2011. It worked GREAT. May of 2012 I was a wreck. I felt like I was in a perpetual state of PMS. Since taking spiro I had been irregular. But it had been like 3 months since my last period. I told my doc about my face in june and how it was breaking out really bad and wasn't going away like it usually did. He upped me to 200mg a day. Two days later I s