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Found 33 results

  1. iCogito


    Hi there! My first entry in this blog, so I hope it goes well. Happy Monday! How was your Monday? I hope it was great. I mostly love my Mondays, it changes up your routine after the weekend. I love getting dressed, making plans and just getting excited for work. Last couple weeks my skin was acting up, and it got me a tad worried. I kept getting tiny zits that were easily covered with makeup, but still...I am so focused on my body these days with the summer approaching that I forgot about my f
  2. For example when I was in high school I wanted to kill everyone who bullied me for it. I also use to punch and break things because of how it wrecked my life. Now a few years later I still have violent thoughts in general because of it and constant anger.
  3. What angers me most about acne is all the missed opportunities it caused me to have during my teen years that I will never get back. I had no friends and never did anything exciting as a teen because I lived in isolation not by choice. I'm 21 now and have pretty much clear skin and I feel like I'm years behind everyone else because it socially stunted me and it's hard to start a social life from scratch as you get older.
  4. I will never sympathize with cancer patients or people who have HIV/AIDS or diabetes etc. They get all these charities and donations and support and I get stared at like a freak. After years of anxiety humiliation and bullying nothing will ever change my mind about this. I couldn't care less about them while we get nothing
  5. So I'm currently a sophomore in college and had managed to get through high school and my first year of college with pretty clear skin. But last semester, my skin broke out like crazy all of a sudden. I got on ortho tri cyclen birth control and it managed to clear up my forehead after a few months pretty well, but left red marks everywhere. The area around my mouth also got some pretty big red marks that don't seem to go away or even fade! I just started Differin about a month ago, and it caused
  6. My skin looks gross been a month since my 50% glycol peel I burned my cheeks and temples then , it was not so bad but my skin looks worse like light brownish spots pinking skin tones what can I use to correct or even , I read about Retain A and hydroquinone , are they good for light skin , I'm 28 and my skin is awful I been using spray tan to mask it ,
  7. I want fast results to remove hyperpigmentation. I have brown marks that are acne hyperpigmentation. I still have active acne but wanted to sort as much hyperpigmentation out as I can before roaccutane as I know you can’t use peels for a long time after roaccutane. Should I get a glycolic or salicylic peel? Or some sort of lasering? Where is the best place in the London area to get a chemical peel/laser done. Does it have to be done by my actual dermatologist or can I just v
  8. Hi everyone, I suffered from cystic acne from the age of 16 it has now cleared up thankfully I only get an occasional whitehead but I was left with scarring. I did have some boxcar scarring and also some rolling scars so I researched and decided to get derma rolling (micro rolling) done, I done it once with a dermatologist but then started doing it myself at home and had some good results as my boxcar and rolling scars are now gone. Unfortunately I am still left with small pitted holes that
  9. Share ANY idea about chemical peeling. Please! My dermatologist said to make an appointment for chemical peeling and I would be glad if I could gt an idea about it.
  10. Hello, I'm posting here to inquire about the effectiveness of a weekly glycolic (70%) peel. Would the effects of such a regimen be comparable to a monthly TCA peel (15-25%)? Some time ago I had a TCA peel done but the solution was unevenly applied (my fault) and some parts of my face were lighter than others. Fortunately my face has recovered from the botched peel but the root problem (that I was trying to fix with the peel) remains. I believe it would be prudent to adopt a slow, methodical
  11. I went to my derm yesterday and he recommended the medical grade chemical peels performed by the nurses for hyperpigmentation, and smoothbeam laser for acne and scarring. I am mostly concerned with scarring - I have a bumpy, wrinkly texture to my skin after years of acne which is my biggest concern. It's not really atrophic or hypertrophic. There are some very old threads where people are claiming success with smoothbeam for scarring, although I know the general wisdom is that non-ablative lase
  12. Ok so...just rewinding a lil bit for my own memory... Back in October i went home for a visit and my skin magically got really good while i was home. Came back and had a picking spree riht off the bat (probably was a treat to myself after not picking the whole week i was at home - hence why my skin was so good). After that picking spree i got an IPL facial and my skin was great after that. Then started picking again, and just now (like a month later) my skin is finally getting "good" again. Anyw
  13. Hello everyone. I have numerous small pin prick scars and tiny little ice picks and small indents all over my forehead and temples and cheeks and stuff. I have some larger scarring, but I have already been working to get rid of that with some success, and I'm hoping to find a way top do something about all of the smaller scars that cover my face. Will doing a series of full face peels help smooth those out? Any recommendations? Anyone had success with that or have any advice? Please help.
  14. Hi ive been on the regimen for about a month and the results are quite good. i only have about 2 or 3 active pimples right now which is pretty extraordinary.. Before i started the regimen i was experimenting with salycic acid peels.. I was using 20% then i moved my way up to 30%.. i was quite impressed with the way it faded away my old acne marks.. My question is can i start using this peel maybe about once a week to start to clear some old marks? if so then would i still have to apply bp twice
  15. even though this is not from an acne scar sufferer, reading this really helped me to gain hope for my acne scars, and also to learn a thing or two. this guy did a lot of work to improve his scarring from an attack. http://www.truthinaging.com/face/healing-and-removing-scars
  16. Hi guys I have awful indented acne scars all over my cheeks and chin as well as large pores and dark spots. The only decent part of my face is my forehead and it's getting really depressing. I had spots as a teenager and had one ice pick scar but i could deal with that... then last year i started to get horrific cystic acne from the birth control i was using (nexplanon implant) and since they have heeled i have had lots of 'ice pick' scars. (i rarely break out any more - but if i do
  17. A couple weeks ago I gave myself a glycolic peel and my face was red for a couple days and peeling. I felt it wasn't the right peel for me so I gave myself a salicylic peel and my face wasn't peeling or red as I didnt feel it really do anything. I know salicylic peels are for people who are more acne prone which my skin is. I'm not as worried about acne as my skin has gotten a heck of a lot better and mostly clear. The only thing that I am concerned about now are hyperpigmentation. About five ye
  18. Hi, I have been suffering from acne scarring since I was 13. I'm almost 22 now so it's almost been a decade with these little bastards. My acne scarring is pretty moderate maybe even severe and I have skin texture problems. yes it probably looks as bad it sounds lol. Anywho I tried TCA cross around 7-8 rounds but my last round of TCA cross with Howard Bargman in Toronto left me with 4 hummmmoooungousss craters .. You know ones that acne scars can't cause. They were HUGE right on my forehead
  19. I have typical red and brown marks from acne and some little icepicks (they dont seem that deep) on my cheeks. Would several microdermabrasions or a couple vitalize peels help me more? Does the vitalize peel have bad effects on dark skin? And does it stimulate collage production so maybe my icepicks/shallow dents might be improved?
  20. Hello all, I have some legitimate questions regarding using a chemical peel. So, first off, some background- 18, male, 155 lbs, very active bodybuilder with moderate acne/scars/red marks. I am also a fair skinned Caucasian. Now, I've ordered a beginner level chemical peel, containing 15% TCA gel and 5% salicylic acid from Amazon, which is meant to be used at home. I'm not concerned about it being on my face, but I have heard a great deal of controversy regarding using chemical peels on the bac
  21. I'm looking to get some high % DIY peels - I wrote 50% in the topic because that's the one I've seen mentioned a lot on this site, but if there are lesser % ones I'd go for those too. I want to speed up the process of getting rid of my PIH. I use Dan's 10% AHA+ every night and it's been yielding magnificent results, but it's been about 2 months now and I know I've still got a ways to go. Peronsally, I'd prefer using a glycolic acid peel as opposed to another acid just because I feel like my
  22. I want fast results to remove hyperpigmentation. I have brown marks that are acne hyperpigmentation. I still have active acne but wanted to sort as much hyperpigmentation out as I can before roaccutane as I know you can’t use peels for a long time after roaccutane. Should I get a glycolic or salicylic peel? Or some sort of lasering? Where is the best place in the London area to get a chemical peel/laser done. Does it have to be done by my actual dermatologist or can I just v
  23. I am 46 years old and have been dealing with Acne in some form since I was 12. At 24 I went on Accutane and it made a huge difference but I still have contended with plenty of pimples since then, through pregnancy and now hormonal perimenopause. I know many of the people reading this are much younger so I feel as if I finally have some good advice to share. I think the main problem with most regimens is that they do one or two things, but not the three most important things that I think are nece
  24. Why is it compulsory to apply Adaferin for atleast 2 weeks before a chemical peel? Or is it not compulsory? However the dermatologist said so.
  25. Hi! I'm a fourteen year old girl and I've had the war with acne about two years. It's mildly bad. It's been getting better but, I'm stuck with this white heads and weird little many Bumps around my face? I heard chemical peels will help with the problem. I don't know what the bumps are. Some of them are my skin color and some are white. Should I get a chemical peel? I'm planning to get one in August! Please let me know asap