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Found 114 results

  1. Skin Condition The acne marks on my cheeks have gone back on track to improvement The discoloration on my lip is also looking improved this morning My chin looking better too. It used to be quite bumpy but this morning it looks really smooth and the any bumps have condensed to 4 tiny whiteheads The most irritation and acne is at the corners of my mouth I have some painful areas on my cheeks and around my mouth. I have lots of tiny hard pimp
  2. Skin Condition The acne marks on my cheeks still improving, but today they seem to have taken a slight step back The discoloration on my lip is looking better than ever though My chin looking the most inflammed this morning with some new pimples popping up around my mouth. this is where i focused most of yesterdays exfoliation. So i think it was to blame. No dry skin this morning but my skin feels a little irritated. my forehead has lots of little red bu
  3. My dermatologist told me it was not uncommon for women to experience adult acne issues after having children. Kids completely change your bodies chemistry and hormone levels. After having a boy, I had elevated testosterone levels. My doctor perscribed me tretitonin .05% and told me to apply it at night, everyday, and use benzoyl peroxide in the mornings if my skin tolerated it. The first 3 months with the Tretitonin was HORRIBLE. My acne was so severe and painful that I didn't want to leave th
  4. I am just past week 3 and my lips are officially feeling the full side affects of accutane. They are constantly peeling and hurt. I can't really eat anything acidic because it hurts. Even applying aquaphor every 30 minutes isn't seeming to help anymore. I was before too. I am currently awaiting my order of Dr. Dan's Cortibalm. I've heard great things about it and am hoping that that in combination with aquaphor will help! Other than that, my skin has been flaky, but I've been layering lotions
  5. Just took a shower this morning and looked in the mirror and in horror my whole scalp is peeling. I don't know if I maybe burnt my head on holiday but it looks like I have dandruff all over my head . If anyone has had the same thing please let me know as I haven't seen anything like this on the side effects sheet i was given.
  6. Hey everyone! It's been about 3 years since my last post and I must say my face is looking way better! I get small breakouts here and there but I haven't had any full blown painful as hell clusters in ages! I mostly owe that too being very strict with my face cleaning habits and the products I use. Sadly I still haven't found the perfect face wash, toner and moisturizer system but I make do with the random ones I purchase. I use the Mia 2 now and it really helps get every bit of makeup off my
  7. I just need to say, WOW, my skin was flaky yesterday. I have no idea what happened. I washed my face and flakes came off on my towel! I could've peeled so much of my face off. It was weird, but I suppose it's better to let some layers shed and keep my skin as fresh as possible. Gotta get all of the rest of that buried acne out of there! Speaking of such, I'm very irked by a cluster of bumps under my skin on my problem cheek. The other side of my face is SO much clearer, what's going o
  8. Hello ! Above all, I want to apologize for my horrible English, I am French and not very talented in foreign language haha! So, it's been a whole month now that I started The Acne Regimen (you should know that I do not have severe acne, my pimples are persistent, they are located exclusively on my T-zone, the upper cheeks and chin but not on the jaw or in the neck). I know that it's not much time that I started the treatment but I found that my skin became worse than before, at first everythin
  9. So, day 5-16 were interesting. I no longer feel anxious and can sleep at night, which is quite a relief. I just make sure to take the 2nd dose of accutane before 3pm, Does anyone know how much time you are supposed to keep between doses? In other news, my skin is SERIOUSLY DRYING UP. This is great for acne treatment, but truly itchy and even a bit painful. My face is peeling and my lips are extremely dry. I cannot go anywhere without lip balm and lotion my skin about 5-6 times a day My
  10. Face is still peeling, and I moisturize a couple times a day. It's not terribly noticeable, but I will get a couple flakes and my face feels a bit tight at times. Oh and the dandruff stays away as long as I don't pick at my hairline. Other than dry skin and dry lips, all is going pretty well. No active pimples on my face currently, just some healing spots and 2 relatively small zits that are shrinking! It's funny, there is such a huge difference in the confidence that I have when my fac
  11. hi guys! i recently had a break out on my forehead and few pimples on my chin. and then a friend from a salon offered me to put some peeling agent, only on those area which had the pimples. after few days, it peeled. the pimples were gone but some parts of my skin were burned. i dont know if it is hyperpigmentation or what. but my main problem is how can i remove the dark marks? i used to have clear skin but now i cannot even go out without make up. can someone recommend me a scar cream or am
  12. Okay a friend invited me to her Zumba class tomorrow but I'm insecure about my skin because I had a bad reaction to some soap I used so my face is red peeling n my eyelids are raw n red plus I like her , what should I do, I want to go but my mind is so lost on what I should do. Should I wear makeup idk , thinking about making sorry excuse not to go. Sorry if this is not in the right thread but I'm lost.
  13. Hi everyone, I started using Differin .1% about five or six months ago. I had moderate acne that always got much worse in the winter, and Differin has done a lot to clear up my acne. However, the irritation on my forehead is killing me. Every other part of my face can handle Differin just fine, but literally every week, my forehead will go berserk and become red, blotchy, and itchy. Originally, I applied Differin every night. After my acne cleared up, I thought it would be a good idea to app
  14. I’ve been using Paula’s Choice benzoyl peroxide 2.5%. It works great, it’s keeping me for the most part pretty clear. However, the dry skin is miserable. And I’m 33 so it makes me look older. It’s flaky, peeling, just not so good. It itches like hell too. After I wash my face I moisturize, then wait about 15 minutes to apply the BP. I do it morning and night. Still having issues with the irritation. What can I do to lessen the irritation? Maybe instead of twice a day just once? Idk. I also don’
  15. From the album: Accutane (Zenatane) Journey

    So, based on the picture I posted yesterday, you can 100% see that my acne is getting worse more along my cheeks and forehead now though there are some heads popping up along the very bottom of my chin and jawline. Pictures on the Left are of the peeling (both of my face and lips) on a daily basis even after a good mask worth of moisturizing lotion. Pictures on the Right are of my face AFTER washing it with my Neutrogena Gentle Face Wash, exfoliating with just a towel while the skin is still
  16. Okay so I started using benzoyl peroxide (2.5%) overnight about 3 weeks ago and I had built up to it effectively - no red, flakiness, etc. then I went to Florida and had to stop applying my benzoyl peroxide + clindamycin overnight for a week. When I started back up, my skin got red and peely again. I picked off the peely skin and applied clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide last night and woke up this morning with BRIGHT PINK skin directly where I'd applied it. I'm scared I applied it on raw skin an
  17. So I've been using the Regimen for over 5 months now. I'm very good at following the instructions and have seen great results. I breakout here and there but it goes away within a few days, and I know it's mostly hormonal. I used to have more on the severe side of acne, but I'm in my early twenties (did Acctuane for awhile) so I'd say it's mild now. But OH MY GOODNESS the flaking will just not let up. I use AHA twice a week and it helps for about a day. Soon enough, the dryness and flakiness is b
  18. Im on mo.2 of accutane and am taking 80mg a day - 1 in the morning 1 at night. its a pretty high dose in my opinion, but whatever works... However, I'm getting some real possible side effects now. I got 3 nose bleeds in one day, I'm having moderate back pain, feeling weak, and every part of my body BUT MY FACE decides to lock in moisture. My face is peeling and scabbing like no other. On top of that, even though I'm constantly lubricating my lips with chapstick ("carmex healing" and other va
  19. So I've been using the acne treatment for four days now, it's actually been pretty good so far however I started getting flaky skin on my third day of using it, cheeks, nose and chin. I've been seeing a lot of post about the flaky skin or peeling but those people have been on the treatment for weeks already and I don't even have a week yet. Is it too soon to get that reaction? I've been using the product exactly how they said. I just wanna know if it happened to anybody else so soon or should I
  20. Hi everyone! I am currently on my 5th week of the Acne.org Regimen. I use water to cleanse my face, then use a 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide and moisturize with 2-3 pumps of Cerave Moisturizing Lotion+Jojoba Oil. My face is starting to really clear up now, but I was outside yesterday and got sunburned. I applied the Regimen as usual last night and this morning but was wondering if this is ok since I am sunburned, or if I should take a day or two off from BP. Thanks for your help!
  21. Hi fellow acne sufferers, I started the regimen almost 4 weeks ago and I am experiencing extreme extreme, redness, tight skin, swelling, cracking and skin constantly peeling off from dryness. I follow the regimen very strictly (cleanse gently, bp, then 2 full pumps of moisturizer). The first week, I started with a small about of bp, then slowy ramped up to 1 full pump day and night. I have probably been doing the one full pump day and night for 4 days and my skin is freaking out. My breakouts
  22. So I've had moderate acne for a little over a year now and finally decided to go a dermatologist after I tried LOTS of different over the counter products. My doctor prescribed me Perrigo Clindamycin Phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel,1.2%/5%. It seems to be paying off a little after two months of use. I started off with applying it once every night, then worked my way up to at morning and night. About 75% of my acne is clear besides my main problem area, my mouth/chin area. My problem is that m
  23. So after a disastrous recent run-in with my now-sworn-enemy, Biotin, months of skin-clearing progress went down the drain in a matter of 3 days. My entire face, neck, and chest were covered with oily, plugged pores, comedones, black heads, cysts...you name it. I was back to square one. After getting back on track immediately with a a full metal jacket megadose of Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Lysine, and 2 nightly sulfur masks, just about all of the active acne was gone in 2 days. However, I was lef
  24. Hey! I've been using the BP as spot treatment. The spots where i apply it are clear again, but with a price; my face is tomato red and peeling! Everytime i go without makeup, people ask if im sunburnt. If i wear makeup to cover up the redness, my peeling is even more noticeable and looks worse. Can you guys recommend something to get rid of this redness and peeling? I dont want to stop the BP, it's too good for my skin. It is 10% though, so should i go to a lower %? What should i do for redness?
  25. Hey guys, help me out here. I've been in the regimen for 3 weeks now. I started last June 16. Having a broken time of work here in Saudi (8/9AM-12NN then 4-8/9PM), I have to do some cleansing in between time. I wake at 7/8AM for 9AM-12NN shift then I sleep from 1:30-3PM for 4-9PM shift. I'll show you how I do my routine so you can have an idea and correct me if I'm doing something wrong. This is my routine: >Week 1 (JUNE 15 - 21) 12MN: cleanser, less than half a