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Found 166 results

  1. I have been battling pimples my entire adult life. But for the last 14 months I have been experiencing the worst acne of my life. This time there is something different, this acne is more persistent. In my future blog posts you will read about my history with acne medications, birth control pills, treatments, ointments, the list goes on. I was recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which I will elaborate on in another post. But for my first entry, I thought I would discus
  2. I have been doing this herbal supplement thing for three weeks all together now which is very early days but I want to log my progress as much as possible so that I can keep track of this. One thing that I have noticed is that my acne seems a lot more...contained. This happened on accutane. My breakouts would be predominantly around my jawline and chin but they would spread about my cheeks and in the past I get spots on like...the very top side of my nose bridge ALWAYS in the same play like whe
  3. Have been on Metformin for one month now. I was prescribed it by my endocrinologist as I was diagnosed with P.C.O.S and my acne is hormonal and tends to flare before I get my period (only when it is late. regular periods see my skin improve massivley - therefore, if my periods can be regulated hopefully so can my skin). Metformin works by treating the insulin resistance in your body, which sends your hormones out of whack and causes raised androgens which in turn creates raised testosterone whi
  4. It's been almost a month since my last entry. Unfortunately, my skin has gone worse. It has been incredibly frustrating to be in this position and I am seriously starting to get a little bit depressed. not too serious. But serious enough that I would avoid seeing anyone else but my boyfriend. It doesn't help that my family (mum especially) scrutinizes my face every single day. I remember one day we were at the dining table and for a good 20 minutes, we talked about my acne. I am on oral med
  5. I hate being too positive and I hate getting excited and the past few days I've been really down and panicking about my skin (I don't know why?) but I've seen a big improvement. My skin seems glowy and nice around my cheekbones and forehead. My cheeks stopped breaking out a while ago. I do have a small cluster of cysts around my lower chin/jawline (about 4/5 small ones) on my right side (My right side has caused me the most grief. It always is this side that breaks out the worst ...anyone know
  6. jbw883


    Background: I am 33 years old and have been struggling with some form of acne for as long as I can remember. I have a family history of acne on both sides. My Mother's acne was a mild form and was cystic in nature, but well managed with birth control and antibiotics. She was/is beautiful and I really never noticed she had a problem. She said it finally subsided when she went through menopause. My Father is in his 60's and still has blackheads and enlarged pores on his nose and consistently
  7. So, since I already had bloods taken I'm having them repeated just because the doctor wants to make sure, which is happening next Wendesday, and then my Ultrasound scan is next Thursday. I will make a post with what happens. I will also post some pictures after this weekend of what my skin currently looks like.
  8. I've been taking spiro for just about 3 months, currently taking 100 mg. My acne is clearing up but I don't know how well the spiro works. I still get some random smaller cysts, Not nearly as bad as what it used to be like. Usually I always get cystic acne in Winter, I started the spiro in December i also have PCOS so thanks to that cause my acne Here's I thing, I don't see many reviews of girls who taken spiro just alone, no birth control. I don't take birth control because it either
  9. From the album: PCOS ACNE Battle

    March 2, 2018
  10. Joone


    From the album: My Acne Scar Healing Process

    This was about 2 and a half weeks ago, where I had acne and was on my GP prescription of Duac Gel and an antibiotic. It took very long to start to function and my acne and scarring was blue and purple. It's disgusting. I guess the medication they prescribe in the UK is very mild and hardly ever make a difference, as opposed to the Indian medication which works wonders, however - does dry the skin out. I can smell bleach (Domestos) when I am applying the face wash which makes me very scared
  11. hi guys i brought my blood test results to my dermatologist and she is convinced that my testosterone levels are slightly high (even though im on Diane 35) and they are the reason behind my monthly flare ups. So she suggested some dietary changes such as: consuming more organic soy products eating less animal products avoidind dairy eating flaxseed so my question is to ladies who have high testosterone like me:Do you guys did any dietary changes?Has it helped?What can i do about tha
  12. Hi there... I could really use some advice. I'm almost 40 and so sick and tired of my skin. I have been on Orthocyclen for over a year and 75 mg of Spironolactone since June. I have great months and rough months with my skin. An endocrinologist diagnosed PCOS. I also have endometriosis. I'm in the midst of a breakout AGAIN and ready to lose it. I saw my derm this am and he recommended increasing from 75mg to 100mg. I am terrified of making things worse, but I do not have any other options. Anyo
  13. Hello! I'm 17 years old and I'm struggling with pimples on my chin and on the sides of my chin. It's not cystic acne, just regular pimples and most of them start as small clogged pores. I'm so sad because one year ago I used to have almost flawless skin and now I just hate it. I've always been really thin so no weight gain, no irregular periods and no excess body and facial hair (or at least the hair level doesn't bother me), it's just pimples that won't go away. One or two heal completely then
  14. I truly need some insights into starting Spironolactone and an initial breakout. I am depressed and worried. [GreenGables, if you are still around I am desperate to speak with you about this!] To start off, I am 5'7, 140-ish pounds, never had bad acne/only a bump or two before my period. I took Lo Loestrin Fe for about 10 months in 2015; the progestin in it is androgenic, which I didn't know...guess I'm androgen or progestin sensitive. I went from having 90% clear skin to a new painful chin c
  15. Hi guys, so I have been on the contraceptive pill Yasmin for 9 days now in order to treat my acne and I regret it to some extent because since taking it my acne has just gone 1000x worse. It's probably worth mentioning that I have PCOS. I'm going to update my progress on here if anyone is interested in following it I'd like to hear some of your experiences with Yasmin too! What im currently taking: Duac Yasmin I just started taking Vitamin A supplements because I have heard many
  16. Hi im just wondering if anyone on here has tried Yasmin for adult hormonal acne? I have had a blood test and am waiting for a scan for PCOS as the doctor thinks i have it. I was given yaz to try before any of this came to light but I decided against it after reading horror stories online. Im currently on the acne.org regimen and I really don't think it's working and ive seen mixed reviews on its effectiveness for hormonal acne.
  17. Hi ladies, Yes, I was told today that I no longer fit the PCOS patient profile!!! I'm not sure how long this will last, but for now I'm pleased with my progress ;D I don't think one can "outgrow" or fully treat PCOS, but I certainly think it can be kept under control and cysts can lessen with the right holistic approach (as in, considering the WHOLE body and tailoring a treatment accordingly). Some of you have been following my journey for a while now. Acne helped me figure out a lot of th
  18. Hello All! Like all of you I am on a quest to clear my skin and bring my body to some form of hormonal balance. A little about my acne i actually never had acne issue until I went on another bcp (for PCOS and irregular cycles) called Lutera. I was on that for 2 months or so and came off of it because I was getting really weird side effects like night sweats, nausea and mild acne of course. When I came off of it all hell broke loose and I started experiencing hot flashes, more acne, extremely
  19. Hello. I've been part of acne.org for the longest time, I've tried pretty much everything over the course of many years, 20 years. Too long if you ask me. A year ago, I had an "aha" moment. I asked my gyno if I could try Yasmin/Yaz but I didn't think about it for acne, I thinking about it because of my weight, I'll get into more later. Something remarkable happened that year. My acne vanished. My hair and skin were no longer crazy oily. At the time I didn't even think it was the BCP beca
  20. I have some questions regarding hormonal acne and the use of Yasmin and Spironolactone.. Hopefully this won't be too long-winded and lengthy.. Has anyone here had luck with replacing Yasmin with spironolactone to treat their (adult) hormonal acne? I don't want to be on Yasmin anymore because I believe that hormonal birth control leaves me with anxiety issues, I also experienced this on the NuvaRing as well. I am 26 and have PCOS which I believe is the root cause of my acne, so I need to be on
  21. Hey! So I decided to start a new log in order to keep track on my progress on Yasmin and Spiro. Hopefully someone out there could find something useful here too, but it's mostly for personal records. Comments are welcomed though, especially if you have similar experiences/effects etc I started taking Yasmin on 20th of August, still continuing. Had an initial cystic breakout on the second month. I was still on Androcur, (another anti-androgen drug) back then, which didn't seem to clear me up
  22. So I'm 18 weeks pregnant with hormonal acne from PCOS & had to stop spironolactone obviously (although this is truly the best medication for hormonal acne! I weighed 125 while on and was taking 100mg... ). Now I'm using benzoyl peroxide 2% along with proactive, as well as tea tree oil and it's not working! I still have horrible break-outs, mostly around my cheeks. Basically, what RX medications work best for women with hormonal acne that is also safe during pregnancy? I was thinking possibly
  23. Im 20 years old and I have had severe acne cysts on my face for about a year now. One year ago I literally did not even get pimples, but when I turned 19 it all changed. I have tried EVERYTHING there is to try (various topicals, 3 oral antibiotics, loestrin, retin a, clindamycin). Nothing works on my acne because my cysts are so deep and they never go away on their own. I also tried spironolactone but only for a month so i dont know if it would have worked or not but it did give me a major break
  24. I have persistent red marks (some active, some are scars that never faded). I posted recent pics on my log, along with my current regimen: Any suggestions on what would be the most effective treatment for fading the red marks on my face???
  25. So, my skin has been pretty bad for a while now, but the last few days it has gotten significantly worse. Then today, I got my period and now I'm laid up in bed with the WORST cramps, possibly an ovarian cyst. A little backstory... my mom and several other female relatives have PCOS. I'm pretty sure I do as well, though I've never had an x-ray to prove it, but my last OBGYN always referred to me as having it, and I've experienced (very, very painful) ovarian cysts a handful of times in the past.