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Found 42 results

  1. Hi. I have had acne since my preteens and have used prescription medication in an attempt to treat it for just as long. After a failed bout with Epiduo, my primary doctor sent me to a formal dermatologist. After a while, I settled into a regimen of Tazorac and Acanya gel, which was sometimes accompanied by an oral antibiotic. Despite the harshness of the combo, my acne persisted. Earlier this year, my dermatologist changed the Tazorac to a stronger dose. Two appointments ago, he replaced the Acy
  2. By time I mean like during the weekdays I wake up at 7 a.m. and then do my regimen. So I was wondering if I should wash like every 12 hours so I would wash at 7 p.m. on weekdays. I just thought of doing this since my skin now tends to be a little sensitive in the morning but not at night. Usually I cleanse at 7 a.m. then at 10 p.m. Would this make any difference? Also I bought some witch hazel today for combating irritation, it's 100% natural. http://www.dickinsonsusa.com/products/toners
  3. Hey guys im just wondering what kind of acne do i have, i mean i know i do have cyst and all that, but theres like these massive bumps on my right cheek.... and its like a cluster on the jawline and another a few cm away from my lip. This is my right cheek if you can see there are these big bumps... its been there for like a year now.... at first i thought they were keloids... i dont know what they are, but before they become these they were nodules (they dont hurt now btw)... Can someone
  4. right cheek(worse) left cheek (not as bad as right) ps i don't know if the pics will show up because I'm new to this site and don't really know how to use it... and sorry for not rotating the pics. Anyways.. I get papules that turn into pustules. They take about 2 weeks or more to go away and leave this horrible bright red mark, and I don't even pop it. I ordered Dan's BP treatment and Purpose cleanser and Olay moisturizer (the one he recommends) and I'm going to start The Regimen when my o
  5. shapkalolly

    Sudden Breakout

    Help!!! I'm 21 and I haven't had clear skin since I was 18. I had a terrible breakout this summer. It was really horrible, pimples just spread in my face and I was finally able to clear it up a month ago when I started using proactiv, though there are still marks. I was starting to hope that I can be acne free too. When I ran out of proactiv, my mom's friend gave me free arbonne products to test. It was going well for the first two weeks. I even started to wear less make up. I was so ha
  6. I was considering posting daily pictures but I thought it would be more effective if I shared them weekly- that way if there's any form of improvement it'll probably be more noticeable. Besides, there's probably only so many shots of my flaky, red chin that a human can handle! I'm not going to photograph the acne on my forehead either because the pimples are small, closed comedones, which I can deal with in comparison to my hot mess of a jawline! Yesterday evening I came home to see that th
  7. The three pustules on the right hand side of my chin are drying up and crusting over nicely, the skin getting increasingly flat. However I woke up this morning and found five new red painful under the skin lumps (papules?) on the left hand side. I now have something resembling a red, lumpy, crusty beard. I'm trying to find the comedy in how ridiculous I look at the minute but it's hard. Especially since I've started developing lumps on my jawbone, just before my face becomes my neck, which was a
  8. Okay. I just need to vent a little here. I apologize in advance. WHY is my skin doing this? The initial clearing was absolutely a tease. There's this decently-sized red bump on my cheek and whiteheads on both my forehead and cheeks. This is so uncool. I have to admit that yes, my skin is getting less inflamed and these breakouts will heal like the rest, but goodness this is saddening. Especially without the aid of face makeup. I can't stop looking at my skin. Look at my photo
  9. I am desperate for an all natural cure for my acne! I had really bad acne three years ago because i was working at a french fry restaurant. After I quit I started using chemicals on my face & then i also went on birth control so my skin was completely blemish free. I'm trying to switch to a more natural lifestyle now. I've stopped using the chemicals & I went off birth control 3-4 months ago. My skin is COVERED in papules, pustules, blackheads and whiteheads. It's been hard finding all
  10. dancer64

    Sudden Breakout?

    Hello everyone. I am 20 years old, and haven't had problem skin for about a year now. I got put on birth control and found out I was allergic to gluten and dairy, and ever since then my skin has been perfectly clear. However, a couple weeks ago I woke up with tiny red bumps all over my forehead (I think they're papules). They're really only noticeable when you look really close or touch my forehead. I also noticed that the sides of my nose are bumpy as well, but those bumps aren't visible at all
  11. I've had inflammatory acne for a few months, mainly pustules, now I'm on antibiotics (clindamycin). A few weeks ago I got a small, flat, red thing on my cheek. It was about the size of a papule, but seemed shinier. It didn't hurt at all though. It lasted a couple weeks, seemed to dry up, and then I kinda rubbed it off, maybe too early. It left a small dent in my cheek and I was shocked because my papules never leave dents. Is this the beginning of cystic acne? I'm so scared. Do antibiotics have
  12. I've an appointment schedule for 20 May to see the derm, and I was wondering if you all thought I'd be prescribed Accutane (check images and read the entire post). I've got some acne that's deep and hurts, as well as my entire cheeks being covered by papules; deep, painful, headless pimples; and small, hard blackheads. My acne has started to make me not want to leave my house, or eat for that matter, and it's affected my self-esteem in every way, i.e, I can't sit a certain way because my acne
  13. Hello acne.org menbers!! I rarely write here since I found a way to control my acne but Im suffering with a new "skin desease". So I would be thankful for some help *Pardon for my bad writting, Im swiss and Portuguese* To resume it I think I suffer from chronic urticaria. Since a year now I started to get red patches/pimples on my face and chest that stays 24 hours or less, their size can change and some of them have clear liquid inside without reason. At first It didnt really bother me sin
  14. Okay so here's the breakdown. I just finished a Accutane course in June, but now my acne is starting to come back. There aren't any cysts or nodules but it is getting pretty bad. Getting to moderately severe I would say. I chalk it up to stress and my not so good diet. Anyways my derm prescribed me tretinoin gel. I've used tretinoin before but it was the cream. I have done a little research and I came across that you should slowly introduce it to your skin. I didn't do that when I used it before
  15. Hey guys , its my first time posting here because i really need help. a few weeks ago , i went to a dermatolagist because my skin started getting wounds all over for no reason at all and the derm told me that it was allergies to acne cream i was using , so he prescribed me with what I think is petroleum jelly and an acne medicine.So after using the petroleum jelly for about a week , all my wounds were healed and supeisingly all my acne were healed too and my clean was very clear.Following the
  16. I used to use EPIDUO gel but then I stopped because my skin didnt look as clear in the beginning and I didnt want to have to use it my entire life... so i slowly discontinued it. However, it was a slow process but slowly littly bumps started resurfacing and BAM now look at me! Ive never had a breakout this bad in my life...... ever. What type of acne is this? severe, mild or moderate? Also... would I be elligible for accutane? I would really like to take it, ive heard wonders! This pict
  17. I wish it didn't have to come to this but I think my acne is becoming immune to clindimycin or something is continually causing me to breakout. I know the retin-a cream has isotroply mayistate and that can cause it. This is the worse my skin has been in a while and I'm starting to be self conscious again, which I hate. I'm experimenting with differin 0.1 gel and I also used Murad exfoliating acne treatment gel. When I put the gel on it stung a little bit and it's been a while since I've had that
  18. jackiwoj

    Cystic Acne Help!

    Hello Everyone, At age 26, I recently started suffering from horrible cystic pimples. I've had breakouts from time to time prior to now, but not these type of pimples. I can feel the bumps deep under my skin and they just get larger and larger. They never actually come to a head, but they leave a big red mark. It's almost like they inflate, then deflate, then inflate in the exact same spots. I've made the mistake of trying to pop a couple of them and created a huge red open wound on my
  19. jesuislouise


    It's been a week since I've started using Accutane again. So far, so good! My skin doesn't look too different RN, I've had a couple of new spots but the ones from pre Accutane are still there but slowly drying out! My skin just looks really red and blotchy though which I feel is just as bad as having spots. I have noticed my skin to be a lot less greasy though. As far as side effects go, the first 3/4 days were fine, I didn't really notice a change in my skin, but in the past couple days my
  20. Hi everyone! I am a 21 year old girl with medium-beige skin (East-Indian) and wanted to share my accutane story. firstly --> sorry that I did not take pics every month, i really didn't have the self-esteem to look at them again and again...but now i am grateful.. I had clear skin throughout my teens, but developed little pimples on my forehead the summer of 2011. I tried minocycline, it worked for a few months, then the acne came back, and it was worse. I was then put on erythromycin tab
  21. Can anyone tell me the difference between a cyst and a papule? Before I went on BC I had these huge painful types of acne that I believe are cystic - they left a lot of hyperpigmentation as well. After going on BC I occasionally still have these small red pimples that are kind of itchy but not as painful as the cysts - are these papules or just tiny cysts? And can papules leave behind red marks as well? I've looked online to see if there was any noticeable difference but I've gotten mixed th
  22. Post as of 18/02/2016 Hello folks, I am 18(5'8"and weigh 65 kg)and of Southeast Asian-American descent.After battling with acne for over five years,I finally got accutane!You can think that my acne isn't bad enough to start accutane,but the real reason for starting the drug is that I'm extremely prone to scarring(whether I pick or not),even from whiteheads!I have also got body acne-nothing bad but quite extensive.Another thing that bothers me is that the scars also have Post Inflammatory Erythe