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Found 185 results

  1. Hello All . So I'm a 17 year old and have had moderate to severe acne. I HAVE TAKEN EVERYTHING YOU HAVE NO IDEA. OXY WHATVER TO RETIN A TO DOXCYCLINE just everything everything. You have no idea i've done everything.Well I finally got prescribed Accutane (Claravis) took it for id say 2-3 weeks (40 MG) and OMG IT WAS NEARLY ALL GONE SERIOUSLY EVERYTHING a girl even said my skin looked "FLAWLESS" but it insanely chapped my lips and made them peel and cracked the corners of my lips.Howver at times
  2. Hi all, I recently purchased 3 bottles of Pantothen from pantothen-au.com in the hopes it will clear my acne which I have had for many years. The bottles I received state that the amount of pantothenic acid per serving of capsules is 2200 mcg, which I understand to mean micrograms. As there are 1000 micrograms in a milligram, this means there is 2.2 mg of pantothenic acid per serving. The bottle states that this is 22,000% of the RDI for pantothenic acid, which I can't make sense of as most sou
  3. I am about to start using Pantothenic Acid (B5) for my acne, and I was wondering if people that have actually USED this product can comment on how it worked for them. Also comment on how you used it. Please and Thank You.
  4. I was wondering if anyone had some solid advice about dealing with the internal causes of acne. There is so much information out there that it is confusing with all of the vitamins and supplements people mention. I've always known that a good diet, multivitamin, and exercise are good not only for acne but health in general. But I am totally new to the idea of trying to treat acne internally using supplements or remedies. Two supplements that keep popping up while I research are Zinc and B5(pant
  5. i took pantothenic acid (b5) 10g for two weeks. nothing rly happend. it couldnt tell if it helped or not. but nor did i experience any side effects (chapped lip? loss hair, diarrhea). a few days ago, i started taking pantethine. 900mg/day. i have been having diarrhea for the last two days. any comments would be great.
  6. i have a question, i just started taking pantothenic acid(B5) and b-complex, also vitamins a,c,d,e and zinc. i started all of them the same day and also started megadosing the pantothenic acid the same day, i have found out i got synthetic pantothenic acid i beleive, its just calcium pantothenate not d-calcium pantothenate, the brand is NOW. its the second day and my kidneys are hurting i dont know what it is but they have been all day and yesterday, is it because i am megadosing synthetic b5 or
  7. Ok, so I have a bottle labeled B-Complex "50" and from what I have read on the forum is that B5/Pantothenic Acid should be taken ina B-Complex. The back label reads: %DV Thiamin 50mg 3333% Riboflavin 50mg 2941% Niacin 50mg 250% B6 50mg 2500% Folic Acid 400mcg 100% B12 50mcg 833% Biotin 50mcg 17% Pantothenic Acid 50mg
  8. Below is a link that has intrigued me because this doctor says that if you use the amino acid l-carnitine along with your pantethine that it would improve it's effectiveness in clearing acne! I did some digging and found that pantethine is absorbed twice as well as pantothenic acid (that also has to be converted to pantethine) so according to this finding you would use as much pantethine to acheive the same results as twice the amount of pantothenic acid. For example you would need to ingest
  9. And this is vitamin B5? Can I find it in capsule form or where do I get it It's kind of hard to read due to our different styles in replying to PMs, but should be straightforward. A guy is claiming that 10 G of Vitamin B5 per day will cure acne completely for a year or more then stop working. Is this true? Surely if something so great were to work I would have heard about it :o? Oh and - sorry if the person sees this post, I don't mean to question your reputation, but I have to have
  10. Alright guys im 17 and i just got my breakouts, i bought Dan's regimen and it is working well. Now i want to take some supplements, i am really confuse on what to use because there are different testimonies and debates on each supplent while browsing the board. any suggestion please, doubting on zinc , vitamin c, fish oil and pantothenic acid. Thank You, Jad
  11. I just recieved my order of vilantae. Its my second day of taking the pills. I did some research and i saw some bad things about vilantae...hair loss...loss of bone density...etc. I know that Regular vitamin b5 has Pantothenic acid in it and vilantae has d-Calcium Pantothenate. Whats the difference? Who has has success with these? which is better. Also has anyone tried skin b5? is it the same thing? same ingrediants? help help help!
  12. I was just thinking since Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin b5) or Pantethine causes the oil production to decrease..wouldn't a few months regimen of this before going on accutane reduce the severity of your initial breakout?
  13. I have moderate acne that has been getting worse and worse. I have gone to many dermatologists and i know it is hormonal. I have tried mny antibiotics with not very much success. Ih ave a healthy eating habit to begin with. I just want to know which do u think i should try ... the clearcomplex supplements or cosmedix clarity supplements? here are the ingredients for each im just confused aobut which to take. clearcomplex Ingredients D-Alphatocopherol L-Selenomethionine Zinc Picolinate Dic
  14. I've heard some numbers thrown around that something like 1g Pantethine = 6g Pantothenic Acid in terms of CoA production. I've tried researching this online but so far have come up short. I did happen to find this link on the subject, http://aem.asm.org/cgi/reprint/48/6/1118.pdf but it was a bit over my head. The answer may be in there if anyone wants to take a look. Otherwise, if anyone has any information on this I'd like to know, just out of curiosity. Thanks.
  15. ok my Question is how much to take In day ? this what i bought : SOLGAR PANTOTHENIC ACID VITAMIN B5 200/500 mg thanks FoR helping:D http://www.drugstore.co.il/images/products/36850.jpg
  16. (Better Nutrition Magazine) Beauty Boost, by Brandy Colbert ADD THESE FIVE ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS TO YOUR DAILY REGIME FOR HEALTHY, GLOWING SKIN Check the label of just about any natural beauty product, and you’ll see most formulas contain vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. It’s not just a marketing ploy; these nutrients play a big role in the health of our skin. “Virtually all of the skin’s beauty functions depend on nourishment from the nutrients you consume,â
  17. I've never had ANY acne in my whole life. I come from an asian household so my parents are very lactose intolerant. We don't consume much dairy at all. Now I come to college so I'm buying my own food and its cheaper to go to the grocery and eat american food than to eat korean food (my diet was probably 50% american 50% korean food before coming to college). In June of 2006 I started working out again and started following a workout diet. I increased my dairy intake so I could feed my muscles
  18. I'm looking for a multivitamin that is iron free and iodine free. It must contain a relatively high amount vitamin C and Pantothenic Acid (RDA-wise). It must be organic, natural, or form a strictly regulated company. I would prefer for it to have some goodies added like bioflavonoids, green food extracts, amino acids? Can anyone help me find my dream multivitamin? Or tell me what you had/have success using?
  19. so a few days after I started eating raw energy bars, or whatever, some live granola, and almond milk, all of which made me break out but then my body got used to them, i started taking B5 again, pantothenic acid. The first day I probably took about 4000 mg if that, the next day, I took about 8000mg. and that day into the next morning I got an itchy rash consisting of small red marks primarily on my arms. Someone said it resembled heat rash?? Anyone know anything about this... this morning
  20. So i've did and read the research...i'm going to start out on 2-3g's of B5 then move to a max of 5g because my acne isn't that bad. So the questions lie in this...what other vitamins do i need to take with it? I've heard i need a B-complex to make up for taking all the B5, and well that's fine. But i've also heard something about Vitamin A helping absorbsion...among other things. Now exactly what other Vitamins should i take with B5....weither they be benefitical or needed...if they'll help how
  21. I'd like to try the B5 cure and I would like to know if you could advice me a good brand of B5. Also, if possible, a brand I could order over the internet because Pantothenic Acid is very hard to find in stores. thanks, Sebastian
  22. I'm writting this post for you guys so please appreciate it. I will break this down into a couple of sections, that way you can decide if you want to read each part: 1. History (what worked/didn't) 2. The new routine 3. The why? why do I think this works. Let me also preface that statement with this. I have journaled my skin routine for the passed 5 months. I've wrote what affected it positively and negatively and what seemed to have no effect. Let me also say that, what works for one
  23. I used to have about 8 cups of tea a day with 2 sugars in and since stopping this my sebum production is down ALOT, i wake up in the morning and i dont have a greasy face anymore i do however have some sebum on my nose noticablly. Does anyone know/have experience that would tell me that there is an ongoing effect from eating healthily, im guessing all that sugar and crap stays in your body for some time and ill see better results in more days time. Idealy i want a dry face, i long for the day
  24. hi all, is there any certain way to take these supplements, can u just take them all at the same time? or do u have to spread them out throughout the day or what ? any help would b great. thanks. - beta carotene (25,000 IU) - Vitamin A (10,000 IU) -Vitamin B complex (50-100mg) - Pantothenic Acid (pro-Vitamin B5) (25 mg, four times a day) - Vitamin B6 (50mg) -Propolis (500 mg) - Zinc (50mg) -Borage oil capsules daily - Vitamin C (1000 mg twice daily) -Acidophilus with Bifidus to promote colon h