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Found 185 results

  1. I've been using B5 for about 4 weeks now. I'm taking NOW Pantothenic Acid (500 mg). I take 10g a day, split on 3 times during the day. I take 3 x B-100 during the day as well. Before starting I never had more than 2 active pimples. I can't remember having more for many years. Now I have about 5-10 cystic (but not so big, some are tho). I read B5 have an "initial purge effect" but it didn't happen the first week, it came slowly during the 4 weeks up until the point now. Is this really how it s
  2. I've had moderate acne since 7th grade and I'm about to complete my freshman year of college. I started doing these things 8 months ago. The progressive has been slow with many ups and downs. I finally feel like I've got somewhat of a hold on my acne. My face is still reddish from scars or whatever but I haven't had a breakout it about a month and get only some small pimples here and there. I feel like I owe it to people to post this since I got a lot of helpful information in posts like this.
  3. Hi, Im currently on 300mg lymecyline a day and skinoren 20% azelaic acid. Bought some pantothenic acid today and intend to start mega dosing to control my oil production cos my face gets horribly greasy a few hours after ive washed and applied skinoren in the mornigs/evenings. Just wondering if its alright to mix these medications and that they wont interfere with one another. Had 5 grams today and intend to hit the 10gram mark in next couple of days. Acne is under control, really just the oilin
  4. It is only a temporary solution and your skin may even get worse after stopping. Just dropping in to share my experience with it.
  5. I just began to fast today, and about an hour ago took the supplements Zinc, fourteen 500mg Pantothenic Acid capsules, and one B-50 complex. My stomach sometimes feels nautious after taking zinc, but tonight, this caused me to puke:/ So..pretty much there was no point in even taking those supplements. Should I take supplements while fasting? Or is it bad to do?
  6. I use to take a multivitamin, b complex, and other supplements and vitamins. I got really bad cystic acne all over my face after going on birth control. I don't know if it was the vitamins, BC, or soemthing else entirely, but I stopped taking everything, including vitamins and birth control. I'm now only taking Doxycycline and SAM-e. I feel great since stopping birth control and I really like the SAM-e. It's recommended that you take a good B complex with SAM-e and I'd like to take one anyway. I
  7. Hey sorry for making another thread >.<... I really should slow down... but soo many problems. Anyways i've noticed that starting maybe a month ago my skin will get all red and itchy, but its not a smooth red all across my face... its towards the areas that tend to be drier/more irritated(like an outline), every time after I have a big meal....... I understand that this has something to do with the circulation of blood in the capillaries/veins.. but anyone know why my body has begun doing
  8. (Better Nutrition Magazine) Beauty Boost, by Brandy Colbert ADD THESE FIVE ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS TO YOUR DAILY REGIME FOR HEALTHY, GLOWING SKIN Check the label of just about any natural beauty product, and you’ll see most formulas contain vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. It’s not just a marketing ploy; these nutrients play a big role in the health of our skin. “Virtually all of the skin’s beauty functions depend on nourishment from the nutrients you consume,â
  9. I just wanted to post to anyone suffering from acne. I myself, have for 16 years. It looks like I may have found something that actually works, finally! I can't believe it, to be honest with you. I have tried everything, topically and orally that you can ever imagine. I even did that Apple fast for 3 days. Nothing has ever worked. Then I read on here about Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid). I started it December 15th. I don't have a zit on my face. A couple whiteheads, but nothing to worry about. I
  10. SOOOO here I am, after I've been on a very healthy diet within the past two weeks in comparison to what it used to be. I think the main reason I ate really poor foods was because I would never get fat regardless of how much fatty foods or processed foods I ate. Anyways, I would like to recieve some opinions regarding the vitamins and supplements I am taking, and if they should be doing some good for me. So far, for the past 2 weeks, I've been taking 1) Daily multivitamin - once a day 2) Zinc
  11. Which brands of b5 have you guys tried and recommend? I'm looking for a brand that will dry up my face and decrease the size of my pores. For the past year I've used b5 by Solaray with great results. My skin had been 95% clear for the past year until I went to the store in February and learned that Solaray was banned in Canada. I used to buy my bottles from Nutrition House and Noah's Health Store but both of them gave me the exact same story. I even went to a 3rd nutrition store and they to
  12. I always notice that when I first start using a topical it works awesome and then after a week or two, sometimes even longer, it loses its effectiveness. Anyone else notice this? So what I'm doing now is switching my topicals every couple weeks. This includes cleansers, daytime treatment, and night treatment. I started with a great Tea Tree Oil Soap, which worked great, but now doesn't seem to help. I was using Green Cream at night, which still is effective in healing redmarks, but its eff
  13. Hello guys and gals just to let you know i ve seen some vendors on ebay selling the kilo powder of pantothenic acid for about $50 bucks,looks like a deal, one vendor was in AUS 340g for 30 bucks (sold out) the other i saw was in California usp grade pure pantothenic acid powder, one kilo for $50 bucks best deal ive seen.
  14. I just ordered B5 Pills with Time Release. http://www.puritan.com/pages/file.asp?xs=7...008&PID=372 Very Good Deal - 5 Bottles for $14.00 - I was wondering if anyone has tried B5 Time Released? Time Released Some supplements are Time Released. This means that instead of a peak of absorbed in the body, Time Released will make absorption more constant. Some articles say that Time Released does not work as good as it should do. Most people don't use Time Released and most "vitamin B5 for acn
  15. I was wondering if taking vitamins would help the process of acne and acne scars. Currently I'm taking: Vitamin E 400 I.U. Vitamin B With C (includes Vitamin E (30IU), Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Biotin, and Pantothenic Acid) Vitamin A 8000 I.U. Vitamin D 400 I.U. Should I keep taking this or should I leave some out? What are your opinions.
  16. I have Mega Men® Sport Multivitamin from GNC for working out and it has Pantothenic Acid (as Calcium d-Pantothenate) 50.00 mg which I think is B5 so is it good for acne?It also has Iodine (as Potassium Iodide)150.00 mcg which I heard is bad for acne?and is also has Zinc.So should I take these pills?Also is staying away from Milk a good idea?
  17. Hey again! Im going to start with B5 (Solgar pantothenic acid 550mg) , can you guys tell me which dosage in mg should I take in the beggining? I heard we should take (while at B5) a good multi vitamin (solgar multi. vit. is good?) and a B-COMPLEX supplement, is this last supplement included in the solgar multi vitamin.? if there are more than 1 which one you recommend? THANKS for the help! P.S: Some1 said in a post that its risky to take B5 supplement for a long period, why? how many mont
  18. I've suffered with oily skin for many years and I see no end in sight at the moment. I've tried various things to stop it but nothing apart from Pantothenic Acid has been any help and I understand the risks of taking this long term. My doctor refuses to go down the Accutane route as my acne is apparantly not that bad, even though you could probably cook using the oil that comes off my face when I'm not on B5! I'm therefore trying to find some supplements that can be taken to help reduce oily sk
  19. Hi All, Despite many attempts at changing my diet, taking vitamin, mineral supplements, trying different topicals, etc, I keep finding that the only thing that's ever made a difference to my skin is megadosing on B5 with around 6 - 10 grams. Generally without it my skin is really really oily, so much so I can see the sebum oozing out of my pores on my face at times if I've just washed. As a result I can get severe acne and find it's generally very high maintenance. I jumped on the Pantotheni
  20. Hey all this is my first post go easy! I bought some vitamins that I think I might need can you guys recommend how I should take them and when I should take them. 1. Vitamin C - EsterC 2. Pantothenic Acid 550 mg - Solgar 3. Evening Primrose gammaoil 1000mg - Quest 4. Calcium Pantothenate - Rosemarys brand 575mg with b5 500mg 5. Zinc gluconate - Solagar 50 mg Currently Im takeing one of each 2 times a day with meals. Just wondering if this is ok , its only been 2 days and looking ok.. Btw
  21. [15 DEC 2012] My hair has never been thick and always quite thin but i have noticed it has definitely got much thinner during the last couple of months which also happens to coincide with the time i have been taking Vitamin B5 [Pantothenic Acid]. I have been taking ~ 1.2 grams Vitamin B5 [Pantothenic Acid] with ~1.2 Acetyl-L-Carnitine since the beginning of October. My skin has gotten better but there has also been other factors such as taking turmeric for the last month or so, s