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Found 184 results

  1. After a real bad breakout, I researched more and more for something which would help until I found Pantothen. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford the brand but I read that Pantothenic Acid capsules work just as well. If you're thinking about taking B5, maybe give this a read first. Pros: Cleared skin within a week, keeps spots and breakouts at bay, reduces spots quickly, slightly improves complexion, any annoying under the skin threatening spots do not emerge. Made me feel a lot happier and co
  2. Has anyone megadosed this vitamin? I would say my acne is mild. I have taken about 1 gram for the past 2 days with no change to my oily skin. anyone megdosed? any reccomendations ? thanks.
  3. Hi everybody! I would like to share my experience on how I got rid of my annoying acne problem for good. Maybe it is helpful for some of you as well.... Since acne can have many causes and I had been through most of the alternative and prescription meds (incl. accutane and antibiotics), I decided to approach my disease from several angles: - in case that it was caused by digestive problems I started eating prebiotics, such as sauerkraut, miso and kefir (probiotic supplements made my breakouts w
  4. I just bought Finest Natural Zinc and Niacin(no flush) and GNC's Pantothenic Acid I was planning on taking 50 mg of zinc twice a day(wakeup, bedtime) 500 mg of Niacin once a day at night before bed and 500 mg of Pantothenic Acid 4 times a day(2 morning, 2 night) How does this sound, please let me know if I should change anything.
  5. I've suffered from mild/moderate acne for 10 years (23/F), and a friend of my mom's recently suggested a regimen that apparently worked wonders for her teenage son. It consists of Zinc, Pantothenic Acid, and a Rainbow Light Teen Multivitamin. I've been using Differin .1% cream for a little over 3 months (and I recently began applying it twice a day about a week ago) with minimal results, and I'm supposed to begin Accutane (this will be my 3rd round) in a month. Since Accutane is really a last
  6. Hey guys and girls I have moderate acne I guess mostly on my face with very mild acne on my chest and back, I'm a 21 year old male. So as you can probably guess I'm trying to clear my acne, I've tried antibiotics, BP, and the usual OTC stuff but the only thing that will happen is my face with dry up really bad even when using a strong moisturiser like double base. I decided not to go for accutane as I'm not keen on the side effects so started searching for an alternative and came acros
  7. I am making this thread to consolidate together information about using pantothenic acid plus methionine to very successfully treat acne. I myself have had acne for a little over 10 years and this treament regimen has worked better on a consistent basis than anything else I have ever tried. You kind find all the details here http://elqalatawy.hubpages.com/hub/Acne-Cure-Guarantee. I am using the pantothenic acid + cysteine (or methionine) method, and I'm currently using methionine. While I s
  8. (Per day) Iron - 14mg Vitamin D - 25µg Omega 3 fish oil - 600mg Zinc - 20mg Multivitamin - (Vit A 800µg, Vit D 5µg, Vit E 10mg, Vit C, 60mg, B1 1.4mg, B2 1.6mg, Niacin 18mg, Folic Acid 200µg, B12 1µg, Pantothenic 6mg)
  9. I just started taking B5 along with a B complex vitamin today and I have two questions. First, do I need to take more than the recommended one B complex a day and 2) should I not take the other vitamins I normally take? (zinc, niacin, and fish oil) The B complex has Vitamin C 300 mg 500% Thiamin 15 mg 1,000% Niacin 50mg 250% Vitamin B6 5 mg 250%
  10. Here are some B-5 liquid/creams ive found: http://www.cosmeticskinsolutions.com/B5.htm http://store.nexternal.com/shared/StoreFro...et=products.asp http://www.dynamichealth.com/dh/pavc.asp
  11. Hello People I Will Like To Have Your Opinion About All This Supplements Im Taking I Think They Are Too Much , I Will Like To Know If You Think They Are Too Much Or WhateVer You Think I Will Like To Know ....Thanx Multivitamin Serrapeptase Emu Oil Fish Oil Guggulsterones Pantothenic acid Acidophilous
  12. Everybody has a different biological composition and everyone will react to acne regimens in their own way for someone might not be lacking what the next person is. So I think It's important I put my little story out there, because it might help 1 or 2 people. In late 2008, i found out about pantothenic acid on the internet.I bought it even though at that time, my acne had been sort of mild. To characterize my skin, it's safe to say its thick, cause these pores seem to go down forever. It's
  13. Since I've had limited success with topicals I decided it's time to try a different route...vitamins! I collected some information from this forum and from googling and decided to buy: B-Complex [contains Riboflavin, Niacin, B6, B12, Pantothenic Acid] Vitamin A 10,000 IU Vitamin D3 1,000 IU
  14. Ok, i'm really going to town on my mild-moderate acne this year and i'm determined to try and figure out what's causing this problem and how i can help myself. I'm going to try the no sugar/ yeast diet (i guess you'd call it the anti-candida diet) but i'm a little worried if the supplements i'm taking are excessive and might hinder my progress. What do any of you guys think? I take the following: 25mg of zinc twice a day Cod liver Oil 1000 mg twice a day Probiotic Acidophilus (with petcin) tw
  15. I've been taking B5 for about a week and a half? Possibly a little longer more towards the2 week mark. Last week everything was AMAZING. I went almost a week with basically breakout free skin. It was wonderful! Thenon friday I got a nodule on my cheek which wasn't horrible and i dealt with it. Well as soon as it was dying and now just a redmark I noticed 2 new spots forming in the center of my forehead. (yay) SO frustrating. The next morning two new painful lesions popped up above them. I went c
  16. Heres my story: I had been suffering with acne until I discovered that Pantothenic Acid worked if I megadosed it daily. I was taking 3-6 grams per day and it worked to clear a good 90% of it up. But after years of that I developed some sort of Bvitamin imbalance and started getting dizzy and having panic attacks and even got gout in my foot. Those symptoms went away right when I quit the pantothenic acid, but My face started breaking out again. Over the past 3 weeks I experimented with s
  17. I've been using 10 grams of pantothenic acid a day for over a week now. When I started my skin seemed to be very less oily. Infact, it seemed to be clearing up dramatically. It's now day 9 and my skin is breaking out and it feels oily again. I'm not sure if this is due to an initial breakout or perhaps the effectiveness is just wearing off very quickly. Maybe I'm one of the few who won't be treated successfully with B5. When should the initial breakout occur? If I resume the treatment will I eve
  18. ok so i am pretty convinced of the derivative form of B5, pantethine (not pantothenic acid), to help with my post-tane skin that is slowly coming back to its acne-prone state but i want to know where i can find the supplements? my nearby rite-aid pharmacy has GNC section but i haven't been there so...
  19. Hi everyone, I'm new to the boards and would like to ask a question and would really appreciate an answer if anyone knows. It's a question that I'm sure has been asked before! Anyway, I am going to start taking vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), and everyone is saying to take a B complex vitamin along with it. Is this what you should do? And what kind of B complex should I take, there's so many? 50,100, etc? I will be taking 10 grams a day of the B5. So that's my question that I need to know, please
  20. So I stumbled upon this thread. http://www.healthboards.com/boards/showthread.php?t=539087 Then I looked up some reviews on Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Frutels-4-Pack-Vitam...e/dp/B000GHHULO Seems very promising. Here are the ingredients. per 2 frutels Vitamin C 50 mg E 27 IU thiamine 7 mg riboflavin 7 mg niacin 7 mg B6 7 mg folic acid 27 mcg B12 7 mcg biotin 7 mg pantothenic acid 7 mg zinc 3.34 mg PABA 7 mg choline 7 mg inositol 7 mg Any thoughts? Anyone experimented with these?
  21. does anyone really know how much b5(pantothenic acid) to take on the first day? i weigh about 115,male im going to give this vitamin a shot, does anyone have any advice or anything on it? help me out please and thank you
  22. My mom bought me 500 mg of Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) I'm about 5'2 and weigh around 95 lbs, don't you think this is a high MG to be taking daily according to my height and weight?
  23. I've been on antibiotics for a long time about 11 years and i finally got off it recently because of the long term effects it might have and killing the good bacteria in your body. I've also been taking b5 for about a year and it showed pretty good results considering i only take about 1 g a day of it. But i finally had the guts to get off antibiotics because usually i would break out immediately after stopping it. What im taking now are these vitamins below and is working for me, i know many