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Found 33 results

  1. Hey there, I've always had mild body acne, mostly on my back, but currently I'm going through a pretty bad breakout for some reason. I was using Head and Shoulders for my back, but since it didn't seem to be working I tried switching to the Panoxyl 10% bar. I don't seem to be having much luck with that either. Has anyone tried using both Head and Shoulders and Panoxyl at the same time? I realize it might be a little drying, but it seems like this might work to combat both regular acne an
  2. Hi all, just a quick question....has anyone tried panoxyl face wash.....with maximum strength benzoyl peroxide? Is it any good? It costs much more than ide normally pay for a face wash so wanted to be sure....Tia xxx
  3. I started using PanOxyl gel (10%) 3 days ago and so far it's pretty much fine. When I put the gel on it burns a little and continues burning for a few hours but eventually stops, my whole face gets really red but that also stops eventually and my skin feels really tight and dry (moisturizer helps). On day one it just barely had a burning sensation but I've noticed it gets worse everyday. Although it doesn't really bother me that much.
  4. Hi Everyone, Just joined up and thought I would share my experiences so far ... I've suffered from acne on and off since about the age of 15, and I'm now almost 25. I've tried many things, but it always seems like a constant battle. When I was 15, I used topical erythromycyin which worked really well. After a while of using it, my acne didn't come back until I was 18, and I started taking the pill. This had good results, however completely messed up my menstrual cycle, so I stopped t
  5. tinygiraffe

    Back Again

    After a successful year of nearly banishing acne it appears to be back the form is moderate to mild down from severe after roaccutane four years ago. I think the main cause of the flair up was a switch from panoxyl 2.5% gel to quinoderm 5% it's made my skin irritable and unpredictable I actually switched ahead and still have a tube of in date panoxyl left so have switched to that currently using neutrogena producs oil free and spot free ha! Moisturiser and cleanser as well. I also use Paul
  6. hi there. I'm so angry about GSK withdrawing Panoxyl that I've started a campaign on Facebook. please search for 'bring back panoxyl'. theres so many of us out there but i don't know how to find people! any help or tips gratefully received. thanks guys x
  7. Hello! I've read some of these posts before but now I have a question that has not already been answered here. I'm 16 and I have what I think is moderate acne. I just started my period over the summer and suddenly have bad skin, when it used to be pretty much completely clear. I usually get spots (and have old red marks...) on my cheeks, chin, and jawline now and it really doesn't look nice. So, I decided to go to the dermatologist 3 months ago where he gave me "Adapalene cream 0.1%" to
  8. I went to the dermatologist last Monday and after looking at my skin briefly and talking to me, she prescribed me Epiduo, as well as a facial wash called PanOxyl. The first two or so days, I noticed a little drying, but nothing major, but now, on Sunday my skin is on FIRE. It's red, and very dry/itchy and painful around the mouth and next to my nose. My face just feels tight. The PanOxyl is 10% BP which is I believe the highest you can go without a prescription... and the Epiduo is quite str
  9. I've recently started using PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash - 10% Benzoyl Peroxide on my face for my acne at several people's recommendations. Since I've started using it once a day (for about 5 days now), I've had a small breakout on my chin. I usually break out a bit when I start using a new product (even if it ends up being helpful) so I'm not really concerned about that. BUT. I have the driest skin I've ever had in my life. I moisturize in the morning and before bed, but it doesn't seem to make a
  10. I've been using Pan Oxyl 2.5% for over two years and love it. Obviously, it's stopped being made now and the only thing that's available in my chemist is Pan Oxyl 10%. A few people have mentioned using the 10% in small amounts with moisturiser might be OK. Do you combine the two? Or is it that you put moisturiser on first and then the gel, or the other way round? I'm not really considering Quinoderm Cream unless that would be a better alternative. Pan Oxyl took a long time for my skin to get
  11. Hi! My name is Brooke. Let me start out with describing my (within the past 6 months) skin type. On my worst days, my skin is only moderately severe. But, to me, It was awful: I've never had blemishes for (pretty much) my whole life. I gave it a good six months before I took a visit to my dermatologist yesterday. These little guys are really stubborn, and they follow the contour of my cheek bones pretty severely. Being a fresh, new-to-the-industry cosmetologist (hair and makeup artist) I need a
  12. ThriftyC

    Initial Blog Entry

    Current acne status: mild, adult, mostly closed comedones, mostly non-inflamed, PIH on chin and jaw. Current skincare regimen: Morning Rinse face and pre-wash eyes, nose, other oily areas with Eucerin Sensitive Skin Gentle Hydrating cleanser Treat entire face (minus eyes) and decollatage with Panoxyl Creamy Wash 4% and rinse off Apply CeraVe AM moisturizer with SPF to dry face optional: Spot treat dry areas with Olay Regenerist serum if needed Bedtime optional: Remove mak
  13. stephzoars


    I need to pick up some vitamins after this Candida cleanse that I'm on. :\ It sucks that everything is trial and error and that my skin seems to be so sensitive to so very many ingredients! It can be discouraging, that's a fact! I plan on stopping at Walgreen's to get these few things, which I will review in a week or two.. 1- PanOxyl acne wash 2- Vitamin D 3- Zinc Gluconate As well as take my existing Women's Multivitamin, L-Lysine, and Biotin. If anyone reading this has AN
  14. Hi everyone! I've been struggling with bacne for a long time, and I've tried many methods of getting rid of it- none of which seemed to work. Salicylic acid, gold bond, head and shoulders- none of them could clear me up. Now I'm trying benzoyl peroxide in the form of panoxyl 10% strength bar. I've seen good reviews so I'm hoping it'll work. My only worry is that the benzoyl peroxide in the soap will bleach my clothes. I've heard that it will bleach towels, which I am fine with- I'll jus
  15. Panoxyl's Benzoyl Peroxide gel has been absent from the UK's shelves for about six months now. Has anyone managed to find a good alternative? An Amazon UK search for 'Benzoyl Peroxide Gel' yields the following results: http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=benzoyl+peroxide+gel&sprefix=benzoyl+pe%2Caps%2C240 Up pops Benzac, Rugby, Enzoxid, and Zapzyt brands of BP gel. Rugby's product has a number of positive reviews from satisfied cus
  16. I finally made a trip to the derm and wanted to share the regimen she put me on...but first; Background: 31 yr old Male; physically fit and a balanced diet. I started getting very mild, random pimples between the ages of 22-24 (just spot treated). From 24-26 I would get larger, more cystic spots but only 1 - 3 at a time...The acne started multiplying and spreading right before I turned 27 and has been an issue ever since. I was getting married that year so I went to a derm and got prescribe
  17. Sta

    Adult acne

    Adult acne. There is nothing I could do to make them two words any less distressing. I know this and you know this. As a woman in her twenties I assumed my hormonal teen days were over, boy was I wrong. After coming off a progesterone only medication,I noticed in a matter of weeks my skin going from glowing and hydrated to cystic These weren't your run of the hill white heads, these were red puss filled boils all over my face. I could not understand it. Yea I would get a spot or two here and
  18. tinygiraffe

    Guess Who's Back!

    Well I was all prepped to come on here a declare my acne clearing up but after a Five AM start, wash and regime at 5.30 -6am and full working day ending at 6pm including four hours driving and crappy food for lunch I've had a white head on my nose and four pimples appear in my 'tzone' this evening! I was feeling tired but confident that my skin was getting back into its old routine obviously I was wrong I've ignored it most of the day which is a good thing and showed my confidence was back a
  19. Here's some background: For the past 8+ years, I tried everything--all different types of face washes/ scrubs/ masks/etc. Nothing ever really seemed to work. My Accutane ExperienceFinally, last year, I decided to start Accutane. I was on Accutane for 3 months, but stopped because of the side effects. I waited a few months and restarted Accutane and was on it for about 6 months (40 -60 mg per day). I had a REALLY rough Initial Breakout (IB) with Accutane within the first couple of months &amp
  20. So week 3. Pictures will go in my gallery some point today or tomorrow when I get a chance. I got my jojoba oil in the post. PERFECT. does the job. flakiness issue gone. To be fair it was mildly resolving itself, but the jojoba oil got rid of it completely after 2 days of use. The best bit about the jojoba oil- I now only have to moisturise once during the day- no more multiple trips to the bathroom to stick my face back on...gross. I'm using 3 "drops" (place bottle on palm, tip upside-down,
  21. Hi Everyone, WARNING- LONG FIRST POST! I am fairly new to the site, and once I had started reading round I thought I should give the regime a go. I had been prescribed benzoyl peroxide before by my doctors, but gave up when it made my skin so dry! especially using soap before hand as suggested! I recently went back to see if they had invented a new miracle cure. sadly not. I genuinely cried when I came out the doctors as I felt hopeless, and it just wasn't FAIR. Once I got a grip and stopped
  22. For more background on why I'm no longer on Accutane, check out my profile or first blog post "No Longer on Accutane. Started a New Regimen." The Reason for My Current Regimen (How it Works): To control an excess amount of Testosterone from being absorbed into the blood (on a regular basis) but also during that time of the month, she has prescribed Spironolactone. I took 1 pill (25 mg) for 3 days & then 2 pills for 3 days for my body to get used to it. I will now stay at 3 pills each d
  23. I've just started using the PanOxyl Gel in the last three days. I've looked up reviews on the product and many say the same thing, dryness and such before seeing signs of it working. I realize it's only been 2 days that i've used this but today it seems that my acne on my chin (where I applied it to) has gotten more red and noticeable. I was wondering if anyone had the same reaction with this product in the first few days or if it's a sign I should stop using. Any recommendations would be h
  24. I've been looking to start using BP again and I've narrowed it down to two products. Both have pros and cons. Panoxyl - Pro: Comes as a gel, easier to apply. Con: Comes in 10% BP. Quite high when I haven't used BP for 5 years. Quinoderm - Pro: Comes as 5% BP. Con: Comes as a cream and I've read that cream + sweating = white sweat. Does anyone have any thoughts as to which product is better?