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Found 575 results

  1. Packerfan785


    Next Monday I am going to start working out and I am currently following the Paleo diet. I need to be eating 2700 calories to gain a pound per week while lifting so I need to add in additional calories. I was hoping some of the posters here would be able to help me add foods that are easy to prepare and Paleo friendly. Here is what I currently have. Broccoli – 31 Calories Carrots (16) – 244 Calories Apples (2) – 130 Calories Pumpkin Seeds (1/2 cup) 142 Calories Olive Oil (3 tbsp) – 3
  2. I am 35 years and have been haunted by acne until very recently. My acne has been eliminated through dietery changes. It turns out that the source of my acne was refined carbs and fast foods. Once those were eliminated........my acne disappeared. The results were immediate. I can not tell you how liberated I feel. I encourage every sufferer to give it a shot. I hope it works for you as well as it did for me. This is not just my observation. Please refer to www.archdermatol.com the de
  3. I'm gonna try out eating a paleo-ish diet and see if it helps my acne. However I am not quite sure if I understand this thing completely, so I would appreciate it if some of the diet gurus here made suggestions or commented on this. Have I got something bad on the list or should I perhaps add something? I'm suspicious about the coconut oil and dates and stuff... Can I eat big portions? How much fruit should I eat? Anyways, here's what I'm gonna be eating from now on: Eggs Chicken, pan fried wi
  4. So I am removing grains and legumes from my diet - trying to copy the paleolithic diet. My only grain was brown rice. Basically, I am trying to do a veganized paleolithic diet (its so close to the raw vegan diet so its no big deal). I also am removing potatoes. I am trying to make squash the staple of my diet. How does this sound? Sounds healthy to me. They don't play with the blood sugar, they aren't known for too many lectins and they are on the "FOODS TO EAT" list of the paleo die
  5. I just noticed how similar the paleo diet and raw vegan diets are. Aside from meat, raw vegans do not eat grain or legumes. The raw vegan recipes would certainly enrich the menu of those who are on the paleo diet. For example, raw vegans make cream sauces out of nuts (takes 1 minute with a blender), spaghetti out of vegetables (takes 1 minute) or lasanga from fresh zucchini noodles, marinara sauce and various veggies. For example, a raw vegan recipe for caesar dressing is 1 cup of avoca
  6. I stopped masturbating for about a month. Overall my complexion was healing up and looking better. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it plateaued and continued to get acne. A lot of of it on my neck and around my mouth and chin/jaw. It wasn't as severe as when masturbating a lot but still not good. I'm underweight. I'm very tall and skinny. So I drink weight gainers. I still had acne way before weight gainers so I never made any sort of connection. I did try to get the highest quality. Anyw
  7. Breakfast: - 4 pteradactyl eggs cooked under the sun on a slab of shale (you can substitute slate for shale if you don't have any) - one handful of cinnamon-minced dates garnished with olive twigs - at least three mouthfuls of rainwater (some dirt in it is ok) - 2 pebbles to aid in digestion Lunch: - one large helping of dirt-encrusted locusts marinated in red palm oil - one mouthful of honey - two handfuls of tumeric and cadmaron (also aids in maintaining shiny shoulder hair) Dinner: - one m
  8. jess1228

    Paleo = worse acne?

    Has anyone's skin actually become worse since eating a Paleo diet? I already didn't eat dairy, so I just cut grains and refined sugar. I was eating probably two to four servings of grains a day and refined sugar mainly on the weekend. My diet was pretty healthy and balanced. I now have several new zits, but my skin was almost clear before starting. I have increased my consumption of fruit and nuts though -- could this be the problem? I have read about the high Omega 6 content of nuts. I a
  9. lovelolita

    The Ideal Diet

    What would be considered the most ideal diet for most people (this is not about acne, but i would presume if you were eating an ideal diet you wouldn't have acne)? I've read about raw vegan diets, paleolithic diets, blood type diets, standard vegan and vegetarian diets, metabolic typing, and whole foods diets... I think that common sense and scientific fact would lead me to believe that we should be consuming meat as well as fruits and vegetables... I'm not so sure about grains. Though the blo
  10. So, I am trying to cut back on sugar for sure. And dairy. If I'm lucky and that does the trick, I'll try to add back some dairy, but I do realize I will likely never be able to eat sugar again. I was reading the Paleo book, and it makes perfect sense, but cutting out legumes, wheat, etc. just seems like too much. Anyway, I am wondering, if you have found that dietary changes cleared your skin, are you able to maintain with moderation, or did you have to give up all those things permanent
  11. The Great Reizo

    Internal Honey Use

    I am starting my paleo diet and I ate a bunch of honey because I heard it was okay, what are your reactions to consuming honey? I ate 5-6 little packets of grade A honey, there is nothing else I can eat here right now
  12. Recently I took an ALCAT test which tests for all kinds of food and substance intolerances. An intolerance is not necessarily an allergy; food intolerances causes a reaction in the digestive system as opposed to an immune system reaction...Sometimes a food does cause an allergic reaction, which is severe. However intolerances such as being lactose intolerant causes lesser symptoms such as gas, bloating, diarrhea. Anyhow, I found out I am severely intolerant to cane sugar but moderately gluten
  13. Im still trying to adjust my diet the best as possible, so I got some questions: Which kind of meat and oils should I add to my low carb/high prot diet? I cant go with a Low GI diet since grains make me break out (not Brown rice though). So far im eating turkey, chicken and adding flax seed and olive oil. Can I use coconut oil for cooking? And which fish oils should I aim for, so I can get enough of that? I think that cod liver oil makes me break out, but I might try with nordic naturals. Ca
  14. Yes, my skin is clearer than it used to be. However, when my skin was breaking out really bad, I made an extra effort to be confident as much as possible. Now that my skin is clearing up (as a result of a quasi paleo diet), my confidence is starting to skyrocket. Yesterday, I initiated a converation with a girl who went to my primary school (I'm now at uni!) She was in the grade above me, and I have never really spoke to her before! This is just one example. I am now the guy who will intr
  15. strawberries

    Paleo Diet

    Can some please list all the foods that you CAN NOT eat during the Paleo Diet? Thanks!!!!
  16. I just went out shopping (to fit more foods into my new "paleo" diet) and picked up some manuka honey while I was there. I've heard that manuka honey can help out with acne, but I'm not sure if I should be putting it actually on my face (the stuff is pretty darn expensive for a little bottle, by the way!) or ingesting it. Could anyone help me out?
  17. Hello everyone. I am a paleo-gut healing type diet right now, and I just wanted to share this for anyone also on the gut-healing road. Wings. I have a costco membership, and I get their only bag that's huge. It costs $20 and has 80-120 wings. The only thing in the ingredients is "chicken". I stick it in the freezer and then take them out and put them right in the oven when I'm hungry. They take around 50-70 minutes depending on your oven and how you like them, but you should just follow the d
  18. JoshuaIlove

    Paleo + Regimen = Result?

    Hey guys, I have been on the Daniel Kern regimen for about 4.5 weeks and the paleo diet just under 3 weeks and although results were not dramatic, I am seeing results, something I haven't experienced in about 8 years of having moderate to severe acne. Not only this but I am also losing a lot of fat/weight! For the paleo plan I just followed White Fox's post with probiotic supplements, lots of meat and veg, minimal carbs/processed foods/dairy. Good luck! EDIT: and avoiding most gra
  19. I think my acne is just too severe for everything iand is too severe for the CSR to be clear 100%. I used to have either severe or just about severe acne on my face couple years ago before i started the csr. i had cysts and nodules in every part of my face, back, arms; tons of them. The csr has helped alot but its still to the point that i can never hold my head up or go out and do anything. ive tried everything including filtering all the water i use to wash my face and hands, trying the dip re
  20. Bellita716

    Elisa's Paleo Diet Log....

    So I started Reading the book today......and I'm really exhausted to tell you the truth ok...ok..ok.. I've been reading all these Paleo Diet logs and I've decided "what the heck" I can do this..right? So starting tomorrow am. I will be starting this diet... Everyone please pray for me because this is going to be something very new, especially since I always eat out all the time... So basically this is what my meals where today...before the diet....ok...I'm a pig...Ms.Piggy. Breakfast 6
  21. Hi all. I have a question about the Paleo Diet, which I have already started. Dr. Cordain answers many questions in his book, but there is 1 question I did not see the answer to. If these specific foods (wheat, potatoes, rice, etc, etc) cause these particular effects in skin, why do they only cause the effects in some people and not all? Why can my husband eat whatever he wants and not have a single clogged pore or spot, yet those foods supposedly cause full-blown acne on my face? Does anyo
  22. i've been reading about the paleo diet but im still uncertain about some foods. so can anyone tell me if these are allowed on the diet: dijon mustard apple cider vinegar red wine vinegar balsamic vinegar kalamata olives (i read somewhere that olives aren't allowed..but would it be ok if i just ate them every once in awhile? like just add a couple to a salad?) and can someone tell me some low gi fruits? every site i go to, they tell me something different. like one listed strawberries
  23. this guy's website is pretty awesome....check it out. He lives a very organic lifestyle, and is flippin' 53! you would never guess by looking at his pictures. Marksdailyapple
  24. I been on an anti-candida/paleo diet for the last 3 weeks. First of all, I'd just like to say that I have seen TREMENDOUS results.. My inflammation has reduced, and new breakouts seem to be under control. However, I still get MILDLY inflammed and it seems like it could be eggs or bacon. I have been reading that eggs is a common allergen. I'm just confused because I have been healing, but I still get inflammation. So, I'm not sure if it's just me being paranoid, or if the eggs/bacon are slowing
  25. I've been eating paleo for the last two months, and my skin has gotten progressively worse. My diet basically consisted of the following: organic eggs, nuts, fruit, veggies and free range chicken, beef and lamb. This diet didn't really work for me, apart from the acne returning, I felt depressed and dissociated from everything. This has lead me to believe that there is some major problem with either my liver / digestion system / parasites. The only three avenues I have not yet exhausted.