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Found 500 results

  1. Guest

    acne vs diet study

    i've posted this message in the acne scar forum but i thought some people might benefit from this: So I'll cut and paste what I wrote: hey good news buddies... I've changed my diet to a low glycemic load diet. Glycemic Load (GL) just measures how quickly the sugar in food are metabolised in the body. So a low GL is good, a high GL is bad. So basically my diet consists of: all meat, all fruits and vegetables, drink just water. avoid all of the following food, processed food like br
  2. I am 35 years and have been haunted by acne until very recently. My acne has been eliminated through dietery changes. It turns out that the source of my acne was refined carbs and fast foods. Once those were eliminated........my acne disappeared. The results were immediate. I can not tell you how liberated I feel. I encourage every sufferer to give it a shot. I hope it works for you as well as it did for me. This is not just my observation. Please refer to www.archdermatol.com the de
  3. From the album: PALEO Before & After

    Before - approx 3 months before starting the Paleo diet. After - approx 6 months after starting the Paleo diet.
  4. UPDATE: Unfortunately, this diet didn´t work for me. I had already followed an extremely healthy diet for three months, and I kept going for another month, but I achieved nothing, only extreme weight loss even when I ate big portions and several times a day. For me, it isn´t worth it, but I was desperate like most people here, so I tried it as a last resort. I want to say this to anyone who reads the post because I don´t want anyone to be deceived. I think healthy diet can help some people with
  5. First of all, i woud like to say that being an acne sufferer, i totally understand the pains, feelings and other several emotions which effect to our daily life activities. It took me 4 years plus to find a cure which i can say I found a cure to acne. I read this forum and learnt a lot. So, I decided to make an account and give back to this forum for what I have learnt these years. Long stroy to short, I got the first acne on 2009 which was severe. I had no experiences so my sister brought m
  6. Dear Reader tonight 11/09/16 marks the first night/day into something I have been meaning to try for a long time. A Paleo diet CURRENT STATUS. Mild acne: Both cheeks, forehead, chin. I want to keep this short and sweet throughout my journey. I will post daily. updating the content untill 1 month mark. I will be 100% Strict. I say this as many users have tried to review said diet. how ever failed in their attempts. Supplements 1x 5000ui Vitamin d 1x multi vitamin 2x Omega 3. Ski
  7. I'm testing something new and while too soon to say for certain, it does seem to help. Doing nothing.. specifically, avoiding soil based bacteria by cooking or thoroughly washing all vegetables, and also not taking probiotics. Here's my long journey... Nearly 40 y/o m, I've been able to clear my skin completely via diet changes stemming from IgE skin prick testing. (The IgG blood testing had tons of false results) All of the most common food allergens and about 10 others were +. So no diary
  8. Hi and Thank-you for dropping by, My name is Hannah, a 22 year old female looking for allies to support each other through our difficult journey in battling acne. I had acne since my teens, but got 90% clear through changes in diet and taking supplements. I've tried from paleo to low-fat vegan, and I am still looking for what works best for me and my life style. (Of course I don't neglect traditional medicine, I've experience great results from anti-biotic topicals and dan's regime) I
  9. Hi girls. As I've posted before, I tried Spiro for 1 week and I believe it caused me to start to break out much worse than I already was. My acne is relatively mild, and I do not get cysts or nodules. However 5 days on Spiro and I got a deep nodule that is still there after 3 months - this has never happened to me before. So I took a 3 month break to get all my bloodwork done and do tons of research. I've decided to give it another go, however I know that I cannot tolerate an "initial breakout"
  10. Hello everyone, I just have a few questions for anyone that is interested in helping me out. To give a little bit of background information: I eat a paleo-based diet (lean meat, vegetables, fruits, some dairy here and there, seeds nuts - so, no gluten, only little bit of rice, little bit of corn - also I drink occasionally, trying to stick to wine and beer). I exercise daily, in the form of olympic lifting and crossfit-based workouts. I drink coffee daily. I take some vitamins (Vitamin A, B5 (
  11. Hello everyone! I'll start this new log with a very brief/non long-winded history on my acne and then I'll go into details about how I'm trying to improve my skin naturally. The past: So, where do I start?? On a negative, unfortunately. The year 2009, the month June, and on the morning of my High School leavers party I woke up to find three pimples had invaded my chin. In a blind panic I slathered on Freederm 4hr blitz cream, however a few hours later when it was time for me to leave for the p
  12. if you're bulking are you SOL as far as dietary control of acne is concerned? Obviously when you bulk the entire point is to build muscle, and to do that you need to try to get your insulin and testosterone/DHT levels as high as possible... other than steroids the best way to do that is to load up on as much carbs as possible, as much dairy as possible, and as much red meat as possible... but steroids or diet at the end of the day you've got a great anabolic environment for muscle growth but als
  13. So. My current diet is not horrible (I try to stay away from food packed with preservatives and chemicals, although my diet isn't completely natural,) but I am willing to try anything at this point. I always thought that I would never have the strength to change my diet... but I want clear skin so badly. I'll set my goal for one month, and see whether I should continue after that. There are so many diets on this site, just so much information. What I have gathered is gluten and dairy is bad..
  14. Okay, so I'm at a point in my life where I know that my skin issues will not be solved by a topical. I accepted that a long time ago. As a teen, I suffered from acne and very oily skin. As an adult, I very rarely get pimples, but even at age 28, I still get SUCH OVERLY OILY SKIN. Seriously, it gets to be like an oil slick sometimes. My hair gets overly oily, too, when I sleep and wake up (all clumpy looking, bleh!) For a long time, I thought it would slow down once I got out of my teens an
  15. OK guys, after spending about 3-4 months trying to figure this out myself, I'm officially sending out a cry of help! History: *21 yr old female. *Acne for about 8 years now. *Started off mild, then was medium/severe when I was 14-17, toned down a bit at 18 but WAS NEVER EVER completely clear. *Have been battling with VERY persistent mild/moderate acne. *Rarely get cysts, maybe 2/3 times a year. *Mostly pustules/whiteheads/blackheads etc. *NO SPECIFIC ONE AREA OF BREAKOUTS.. that is I get
  16. I've been on the paleo diet for around 6 months now after having severe acne on my chin. At first I didn't notice much difference til I cut out fruit not that long ago and things started improving quite well. However now things are just getting worse again.. I think it may be after a meal with wholegrain basmati rice but that was atleast 3 weeks ago.. My diet consists of: breakfast- 2or3 boiled eggs, handful of nuts containing brazil
  17. Hi Guys I have been on a version of the paleo diet for a few weeks now and I think it's helping, amongst other things. I used to have the birth control implant (just had it removed a few months ago) which I think was contributing to my acne, which the Dr's told me to control with Doxy, Differin and Eryacne gel. Well they stopped working eventually, and I got such bad cystic acne I couldnt believe it. I went to a naturopath who tested my hormones and put me on herbal medication to balance the
  18. Not sure if I'm doing this right, since I'm a new user. I will start posting about my new paleo diet which I am starting tomorrow. But anyway I'm 15 and female I've always kind of had acne since about 10 but it really peaked at 13 with cysts on my forehead and chin. Now I no longer have cysts and very rarely have acne on my forehead just seemed to clear up by itself but do still get a LOT of whiteheads on my chin and jawline so I'm guessing my acnes hormonal. So I'll start posting about my d
  19. I'm gonna try out eating a paleo-ish diet and see if it helps my acne. However I am not quite sure if I understand this thing completely, so I would appreciate it if some of the diet gurus here made suggestions or commented on this. Have I got something bad on the list or should I perhaps add something? I'm suspicious about the coconut oil and dates and stuff... Can I eat big portions? How much fruit should I eat? Anyways, here's what I'm gonna be eating from now on: Eggs Chicken, pan fried wi
  20. The cure is in your diet, to cure your acne you need to change it completely to the diet of those that existed before agricultural practices began, if you look back in history how come there aren't any people with acne? obesity? Any chronic or degenerative disease? I have the answer it's called the paleo diet. If your interested in learning about the diet message me, or there's google. I have beeen paleoing for a very long time and I don't have to worry about pimples anymore I used to have sever
  21. My Post will be succinct. Bio 22Male 68kg178cm Extremely Oily Skin (Copious Blackheads and Stuck Plugs, Resistance is Futile) Severe Acne to be on Accutane by 16 10 years of Antibiotics Normal Westernized Diet Sedentary Avoided the Sun I have tried all forms of diet, medications and cleansing methods. Oil Cleansing Method -- It's a drag. The science of Oil dissolves Oil is true but it's too troublesome for me and oxidised plugs are diffcult to be dissolved or cleansed entirely.
  22. Hi everyone, i have been going to this site for many years and i really have never posted anything but i have found my 90% cure for my acne and I decided to maybe help someone out there who might benefit from Vitamin D. I have had acne for about 3 to 4 years and it has ruined my life. I have used all the treatments and antibiotics you could imagine including accutane. I have been on every single acne diet possible and the paleo diet worked the best but still got acne. Dan's treatment has helped
  23. I have recently started the paleo diet, and I was planning on having three cheat meals a week. But then I realised that this may not be appropriate if I'm elimination foods to see if it will improve my ance. From what I've read, my main concerns are to eat a low GI diet free of dairy. So I was thinking it might be better to switch to a low-GI deit instead of paleo, so that I'm more likely to stick to it, if I can't have cheat meals. I'm on the third day in it now and I'm feeling pretty tired, so
  24. i've been reading about the paleo diet but im still uncertain about some foods. so can anyone tell me if these are allowed on the diet: dijon mustard apple cider vinegar red wine vinegar balsamic vinegar kalamata olives (i read somewhere that olives aren't allowed..but would it be ok if i just ate them every once in awhile? like just add a couple to a salad?) and can someone tell me some low gi fruits? every site i go to, they tell me something different. like one listed strawberries