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Found 81 results

  1. Hi there guys I was just wondering if someone could tell me what severity of acne I have. I have had acne since I was about 12-13 much worse than it is now. Currently I use epiduo every night with aveeno moisturiser afterwards and I use a black pore mask once a week. However despite this I continue to suffer with large red pimples under the skin that are painful and take a long time to go away. Does anyone have any tips to help get rid of these because they make me extremely unhappy and make me
  2. Ok guys .. so I'm on my second week of tretinoin and my skin just gets WORSE AND WORSE and I'm crying everyday and not going out anymore . I don't have much drying anymore . I have deep cysts with no head on my left cheek . Please help and comment if you think anything can help .. I'm desperate do you think I should go on Accutane ? Or continue the retin a cream ? Or try something else ? Thank you guys so much
  3. Those of us revisiting this thread once again for answers, for a product that works, for another human to relate, we all have one thing in common. We suffer daily, or once monthly, or for the lucky ones once a year. Regardless of the frequency or intensity of your breakouts we all know how painful and embarrassing this condition can be. The thing is when you make the choice to go out the door in the morning and face the day, you have just made a very important choice whether you realize it
  4. i have this really bright red pimple at the tip of my nose. it has no head and is sort of painful. i tried popping it but nothing came out. unfortunately, going to a dermatologist isn't an option:( what can i do to get rid of this horrible pimple? it's so annoying and sooooo hard to cover up:( from what i've read, i think i have a blind pimple. i've seen some websites saying tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, or hot water will help. what will get this out the quickest? thank you.
  5. Is it normal for my skin to be this read after applying benzyl peroxide and moisturizer? It burns and the redness does not go away stays this way all day
  6. The top of my back is clear, and the very bottom of my back is clear. But the whole middle of my back is always breaking out in huge pimples. Their not cysts, but their huge and leave bad hyperpigmentation. What can be causing this? Is it my bra maybe? I only break out on my chin which is hormonal.
  7. I'm starting accutane on February 13th. Wish me success!
  8. So I've had this super sensitive mark on my chin area for about 2 months. For pretty much the whole 2 months it was just a super sensitive raised area that had purple dots and just seemed like an area with extra fluid in it. Didn't look like a cyst or pimple. Just very sensitive. Poked it with a pin and some puss and blood came out but still so much more. How do I get rid of this... What is it....HELP! Thank you!!!
  9. Hello friends! Im 26 and new to this site. A few days ago I had a sudden breakout of probably ten whiteheads overnight. Today I have over 40, and my face is very bumpy (washing it feels crazy). It's starting to itch and sting a bit, but I try my best not to touch my face. My acne is all over my cheeks, around the mouth and some down on my neck. My forehead and temple are flawless. Before breaking out, I had switched my cleanser from Neutrogena stress free cream to Alba deep pore gel (becau
  10. I have mild acne on my forehead and chin but have recently got 2-3 tiny whiteheads above my lip and one underneath. My lips are extremely sore. I've had this in the past but can't remember how they went or if they went on their own. They are visible but not majorly but they are so painful. They are NOT cold sores so please don't suggest this, what can I do?
  11. Hi, after reading many posts of different types and severity of acne i wanted to post my own acne story. I'm 19 and began experiencing acne at the age of 13. My acne consisted mainly of whiteheads and blackheads (nothing too serious). It was predominantly situated across my forhead and nose. After going to the doctor and being prescribed several topical treatments including; isotrexin gel, my acne persisted and began to intensify (age 16/17). My forhead literally expolded. Whenever I felt a spot
  12. Eh1996

    Please Help

    I have been experiencing acne for years now. I was on birth control for quite awhile and it only made it worse. After going through a surgery and having to be on narcotics for over 2 months I found myself with an incredibly red rash all over my face and linked it to eating gluten. Unfortunately after a year of cutting out gluten and being able to control my face, my skin condition has come back. I went to the dermatologist and they told me to try to eat gluten again and prescribed me adaplene (d
  13. I really need help figuring out what is going on with my skin. Ever since I was a pre teen I remember having pimples on my chin, but only on my chin. I figured it was just hormones and it never really bothered me. Then I started breaking out on my back. Just in this past year or two, I've been experiencing a LOT of nausea and motion sickness that I never had as a child. I also feel very dizzy when I do things when I never used to have a problem even at amusement parks on every single ride.
  14. I'm 62 days into my course now (30mg) and everytime I get a spot, which is rarely now, it ends up being deep-set, large and can be painful. When it pops it leaks a green liquid and there seems to be a lot of it. Because these spots are appearing in places where I'd usually get recurring spots before Accutane I was wondering if it was just the drug kind of pushing out all the gunk from the deep 'infected' pores. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal for this to happen? :S
  15. Im a 14 years old male, and I think I have moderate acne since I was 12? I started taking Accutane about a month ago. My blackheads on my nose has almost fully cleared. I am on a 10mg capsule which I take everyday after a meal. At first my skin got really dry like my lips started to crack, my skin got much less oily but it got really itchy and then my hand was so dry it cracked and bled. I got my first breakout like 7 days after I first took Accutane. It wasn't that bad, then it healed and had l
  16. Hi everyone! I am a 20 year old female who never had acne before my sophomore year in college. Then the summer of my sophomore year, I suddenly started getting very large red bumps on my forehead that could not be popped and were painful to squeeze. Squeezing them only resulted in a water-like liquid oozing out. I get them in waves of 5, wait for them to heal, only to have 5 more pop up on my forehead before the previous wave completely disappears. This has been going on for two years. I hav
  17. Hello. I have suffered from mild acne for a few years. I was put on birth control by my derm for the past three months. My acne has only gotten worse each day. I've developed these painful, pimple-like lumps on my jawline since starting the birth control. I have attached a picture. Sorry for the bad lighting. What is it? How can I get rid of it quickly? It's so painful and I can't sleep because it's constantly throbbing. Luckily I see my derm next week.
  18. Can anyone suggest tips on how to get rid of this painful cyst? The placement of it dominates my whole face! I have an even this weekend and need a quick remedy. Not sure what caused it, i may have had some dairy by accident or it could be due to a new product i started (Ole Henreiksen night treatment) which ive stopped using now! Please help, im cutting out coffee and tea and starting to drink lemon water from tomorrow! Any other suggestions on how to make it go down?
  19. So iv'e been on accutane for nearly 3 weeks now and I haven't noticed any improvement at all. No dryness, no side effects at all. However my skin is the worst I have ever seen it. Like, I can count now about 15 large, painful red cysts that honestly look like I have a disease. Now I have never suffered form this many cysts at any point in my life - and the problem is they don't seem to heal, they just linger and get bigger. With pus and all kinds of gunk in them. Now I know that the intial bre
  20. So I may or may not have popped a pimple... and I tend to have a really bad habit of picking scabs while it is healing. Due to this, I have now got a raised bump underneath it. I seems quite large and it is very painful and red. Is there any way to get rid of this, what is it and how to stop me from picking at them. xCrissyx
  21. Hi there, So, I'm new to this whole accutane business and I have asked all my questions to my google search bar, and to no avail, have received 0 reassurance or certainty in the answers I have found. So, here we are. Welcome. What's my story? Well I've suffered from hormonal and genetically induced acne since about the age of 12 or 13. It started as localized breakouts mainly in my T-zone (forehead, chin and multiple blackheads on the nose). Those on my forehead and chin were often cystic,
  22. Going into my second week on the regimen . I am starting to purge which I know is normal but also the acne is a bit painful . I can feel it when I speak and move my jaw. Is this normal? Is this part of purging? How long does purging last? Please anyone.
  23. Hey guys, this is my first real post on here even though I've been stalking this place for a good while now. I'm a 15yo male and I want to start off by saying I have some of the absolute worst acne I've ever seen. Much worse then most I see on the gallery. It's a combination of cysts/nodules, blackheads, zits and whiteheads. It's super inflamed more than 80% of the time as well.... I tend to have dry skin most of the time but it gets oily too. Currently I'm using a cleanser called derma clear in
  24. Hello. I'm a 19 year old female taking TriNessa for acne and have been for the past 2 months and week. My skin is the worst it has ever been, my jaw line and cheeks are covered in inflamed, red and purple pimples and weird patches of inflammation that burn and are sore and nauseatingly painful to the touch, even when I shower. Ever since I started Trinessa, my moderate acne has become severe. Should I stop using Trinessa and try switching to the brand name Ortho Tri Cyclen, or should I wait out
  25. I've been on the regimen for about 2 years now (I'm 18) and my skin is getting worse by the day. Using benzoyl peroxide has annoyingly never worked well for me, I have never seen a significant improvement in my skin and a lot of people ask me why I use it, and that is because whenever I stop using it, my skin breaks out like never before. I cleanse my skin in the morning with Johnson's Top-to-Toe Wash, and then exfoliate with St. Ives Apricot Scrub, these products work fine with my skin and