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Found 549 results

  1. I have been on Yaz about a year- switched from OrthoTriCyclen- when i saw ads that it helped acne.. I didn't even realize my BC could be causing all these side effects- but i did some research and there are so many people that also have simlar effects w/ yaz-- high anxiety, tiredness, low sex drive, cause of cystic acne..also excessive bloating... though haven't noticed weight gain.. i'm going to my gyno next week and hopefully will be switching to something else.. any suggestions to what
  2. http://www.dermadoctor.com/pages/newsletter225.asp It explains how the different hormone levels can help improve acne. It takes some comprehension to make sense of this article... but i found it VERY helpful and FYI.... i took ortho tri cyclen for REALLY BAD acne when in was younger and it cleared me almost completely. I swtitched becuase I was having break through bleeding... but looking back that would have been worth clear skin. Ive switched pills like 5 times and nothing has worked so well
  3. Hey all, Well, it's been a month (give or take) since I finished my 6 month course of Accutane. My reactions are... well, mixed. Sorry if this ends up being lengthy, I just need to vent I guess. My oil has come back almost entirely, which is really frustrating since I just experienced 6 months of the glory that is "normal" skin while I was taking Tane. Now my skin is oily when I wake up every morning, and after applying makeup I'm greasy within half an hour - just like usual. *sigh*. I'm prett
  4. Hey everyone, Well, I started my Accutane treatment on September 11th, and started noticing more than normal hairloss exactly one week later (the 18th). I was put on Ortho Tricyclen in late July to get me ready for Accutane.... anyways.....my hair has been falling out at an alarming rate ever since. I saw my derm on Oct. 8th and he took me off Accutane, but told me to keep taking the Ortho Tri. Yeah, right. I stopped taking that along with the Accutane. I've done some research and read th
  5. i have lived with semi-moderate acne on my face, chest, back and arms for over 15 years. i've tried a lot of things. ortho tri-cylcen was the first thing i'd ever found that worked rather well.....but ever since i switched to the generic, tri-sprintec, it's done nothing. i've given it 6 months, and it's just about as bad as it's ever been....am i crazy? should i switch back to ortho? maybe ortho won't work anymore? anyone else had this experience? to be honest, i don't really want to rely on c
  6. Whatever-and-Ever


    Hi, I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow and am getting a prescription for Yasmin. I've been on other birth control pills in the past, like Ortho-try whatever and it broke me pretty bad so I eventually had to stop taking it. I've heard great things about Yasmin, but I'm wondering if I'll get an initial breakout from it.
  7. I've been on Benzaclin for almost 2 years, and just recently I started developing stomach/intestinal problems which I believe are from it. So with that said, has anyone else had any experience like this from Benzaclin? And what are some other topical meds that may help with cystic acne in addition to Ortho-Tri-Cyclin pills?
  8. I started taking ortho tri cyclen a few weeks ago to help with my acne. My face is actually broken out pretty bad at this point. But I was just curious, how long does it usually take to start getting your hormones regulated? Thanks...
  9. Has anyone done better on the lo than the regular orthotricyclen. My daughter wants to switch because she feels she's getting too moody. Also her skin has not cleared after 4 almost months on it.
  10. Hi, I am a 25 years old female and I have had acne since my early teens. My acne turned to adult acne about 5 years ago and has shifted to the cheeks, jaw and area around the mouth. I have been on many different kinds of drugs for it and so far nothing has worked and possibly made it worst (ex. long term use of antibiotics and topical). Right now my face is okay....although most people would probably think it's severe.... with about ~15 cystic nodule and LOTS of little blocked pores (whitehe
  11. fml-

    BCP & blackheads???

    so I've been on ortho tri cyclen for about 3 months. and it has slowly helped with the cystic acne. Now i'm just wondering if the blackheads will clear also with more time? pleasseee share your experience! right now i'm just trying every kind of cleansers/scrubs/exfoliators to try to help. but nothing seems to work. my nose/chin are the worst...i have scarring & redness on both from before that doesn't seem to ever go away due to oil in my pores...blackheads/etc. in the meantime, has an
  12. I have been on Ocella (yasmin generic) for almost 2 months..and I go to the doctor tomorrow to see about switching. I think it's making my heart all wonky...and it beats really fast at random times...and I think I'm losing more hair than usual. I'm not having HORRIBLE side effects...but I want to switch pills because being on this one makes me nervous...because of all of the lawsuits. I still want one that will help with acne and oil...so I'm thinking of asking for ortho tri-cyclen or ortho cycl
  13. })({amber

    any bcp suggestions?

    Since I'm nervous about the new generic YAZ and the fact that it hasn't been out a month and the company already admitted to LYING on the product label and I can't afford YAZ I think its time I try a new pill. I was on the generic Ortho Tri Cyclen before and that made me breakout and gave me a lot of other problems, so I don't think I want to go with that even though they don't have a generic for it anymore still worries me =/ So are there any other pills that anyone has tried that are approved
  14. Ok so I have done my research and I know that Ortho Tri Cyclen is FDA approved to treat hormonal acne (which I have.) But I know if affects everyone differently. But I have come up with a solution to see how it effects me! I want advice from girls who are similar to myself I am 18 years old. Very healthy as far as diet and exercise goes. I am also taking Solodyn anti biotic tablets and Nature's Cure. I weigh about 118. I have fair and sensitive skin, oily at times as well. If any of yo
  15. Starlitskies

    What Bc Worked Best For You?

    Hey all Well, I've been researching BC heavily lately (my bf thinks I went insane because it's all I do lately, lol). I'm not on BC at the moment because my bf and I are waiting until we get married for er..that stuff. But, we're planning on getting married next summer (w00t!), so I've been looking into BC because I want to start the long, painful process of finding one my body likes. So! I've narrowed it down to three choices. I either want the Implanon/Nexplanon, the NuvaRing, or a com
  16. Mesilla

    Switching BCP mid cycle???

    Hi everyone, I have been on Alesse for about 3 years and I have decided to switch to Ortho-Tricyclen. I have pretty severe acne especially in my chin/jawline region which makes me believe its hormonally related. Aless has done nothing for my skin. I went off of it a few months ago and then when I started back with Alesse my breakouts have been much much worse. My doctor suggested orthotricyclen so hopefully that helps. I am also starting Acnepril. I am about 1.5 weeks into my cycle with Alesse
  17. Dancer15


    I used to have BAD acne my senior year in high school. My acne experience ruined my year. I NEVER wanted to go out. All I wanted to do was stay home and treat my skin. I tried anit- biotics (Solodyn) and almost every kind of OTC product available. I was so frustrated that nothing worked. Especially since I was used to having clear skin. When you have acne, as a lady, all you think about is your skin. Putting on make up just made me feel uglier because I knew I wasn't as beautiful as I us
  18. I'm 35 and still trying to find the right regimen, as I know many of you can relate! I've been trying to find info on Sprintec (the monophasic pill, generic of Ortho Cyclen), but all I can find is Tri Sprintec (which I was on for over 10 years) or Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. My skin did really well on Tri Sprintec, but it caused other side effects (extreme bloating, vaginal dryness, major fatigue, etc), so I got off it in November '09. I've been off the pill completely before and done okay, but thi
  19. Hi everyone, I've been looking for a birth control that will help control my acne since it seems to be hormone related as my results depended more on the birth control I was taking than the topical treatments and antibiotics my dermatologist prescribed. I've tried several birth controls with varying results. It seems like whenever the birth control works for my skin, it makes me an emotional wreck and kills my libido. This has been ongoing for several years. I am now 27. I am currently on Avia
  20. ubmuaer

    When can I start BCP?

    I picked up my prescription of Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and my doctor told me to start it on the first day of my next period. That is about 3 weeks away and I am anxious to start immediately so it can help clear my skin faster. I currently don't have any significant other to have sex with, so preventing pregnancy is not my concern. Do you think it's ok to begin right away instead of waiting for period to start? Thanks.
  21. So I've got 2 pills left of my second packet of Dianette, and my skin does seem to be improving, slowly but surely. I've had less whiteheads, less pustules, and my general skin tone seems to have improved. I'm still having breakouts but they're not as bad as they were before Dianette. I'm currently going through a bad few days (not helped by picking) but I'm hoping it's all healing up again now. But, I've put on about 4 pounds during this time which is a crazy amount to put on in just under 2 mo
  22. hey everyone! so here's a little history: went to college (3 yrs ago), started seasonale, began to have acne for the FIRST TIME ever. after a year of trying to just cope with acne, i started doing some research and figured that seasonale was probably causing all of my skin problems because it started about a month after i took my first pill. (still not sure.) so i then switched to ortho tri cyclen. still had skin problems. then switched to yasmin, and finally went to a derm, who prescri
  23. Mommy & Wife

    An Ortho Cyclen Question

    I am taking Ortho Cyclen(no generic form)and am on the second week of pack two. I have been on OTC, Trinessa, Yasmine, Tri Previfim, and Ortho Tricyclen-Lo so I am very well aware of how BCPs work, side effects(good and bad), and their treatment in regards to acne. What I have never experienced until now are bumps all along my forehead...not quite pimples but bumps that could become pimples if you will. Bumps that are not painful but would resemble the beginnings of acne in that area. I have
  24. turtle27


    I've started my 6th week of Ortho tricyclen lo and so far it has, if anything, made my acne WORSE, especially around my chin. I haven't read too many good reviews of it and I'm starting to think I should stop taking it. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I thought that it would help by evening out my testosterone levels, so I'm confused as to why it seems to break so many people out. Does anyone have any theory on why this is happening? Would Ortho tri-cyclen be better, or Yasmin? For t
  25. bluebillie

    Yaz to Lo-Ovrel to Yaz again

    Hello everyone. I am new to the forum but glad to find such a great website full of resources. I am now 24, and am having some BPC acne problems and seeking advice. As a teen (13-16) I had moderate acne, blackheads and whiteheads on face and very mild on back/neck/chest, no cystic or nodules. I went on Ortho as a teen, then switched to Cyclessa until last year. Last year I went on Yaz, and though I had mostly clear skin on Cyclessa (a few pimples around my period in T-zone, etc), the Yaz made