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Found 36 results

  1. 10/28/15 No notable difference this week. I continue to have days where I break out and days where it starts to clear up. This morning, the inflammation was not nearly as bad as it had been, and I have fewer active pimples on my face. Yay! My cheeks are absolutely covered in acne scars that are darker than they have been (almost a blue/purple color). But, I am starting to regain some hope that my acne may clear up…trying to stay patient.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new to the site! After reading a couple of posts I wanted to ask for advice specific to my situation. Starting at the age of 18 my teenage acne started to turn cystic and I turned to birth control pills to cure my acne. After a process of trying a few pills and going up a few steps I ended up on Generess Fe up until this year (I am 24 now). It never fully cured my acne so I was on benzoyl peroxide-clindamycin gel in the mornings and tetrenoin at night. I had really clear sk
  3. blip

    Birth Control

    Hello all, So I get hormonal acne along my jaw line and after about about a year of trying naturopathy with no success I said screw it and went back on birth control. I got on Ortho Tri Cyclen. My skin completely cleared up in only about a month but I felt so drugged and severely depressed from the OTC that I couldn't enjoy it. My doctor switched me to Microgestin. Depression went away, and acne came back. Then I asked to switch to Estrostep, which I have been on for almost 2 months. No
  4. i started ortho tri cyclen almost 3 months ago for my acne. i had taken yaz for years before with great results but had to switch after insurance issues. my skin has seemed to keep getting worse (a lot more deep pimples, mostly on my cheeks and around my mouth) since starting the OTC, but I don't know if that's the cause. I deal with dermatillomania so my skin also reflects how well I'm doing with the picking at the moment. Everyone says to give it time, but how long do I have to wait until I ca
  5. Hey guys! Sooo I've been on Sronyx (which I believe is basically Alesse) for 3 months now. It hasn't wreaked havoc on my skin, but it hasn't been helping it either. It's hard to say. I've been seriously considering switching birth control, especially because I'm afraid of the higher androgen levels affecting me. I've read so many mixed reviews on BCP, but would a switch to Ortho Tri Cyclen-Lo maybe help? I have no idea where to go from here.
  6. Hello there. I have been on generic ortho tri cyclen for over a year, and last Aug, it started to give me occasional cystic chin again. I switched to Ortho-cyclen in October, and between October and January I didn't break out at all. At this time I was also using Duac, Retina Micro, and Oracea. In January, I stopped Oracea and began to break out. My derm wants to switch my birth control to Estrostep or Ortho Tri-Cyclen(brand name). Any thoughts on what I should do? I am also taking solodyn.
  7. I need some help. So I had been clear for a long time(over a year) on the following regimen: Am: cetaphil normal-oily skin cleanser Duac Cetaphil moisturizer Oracea Pm: cetaphil cleanser again Retin a micro .04 Cetaphil moisturizer Ortho tri cyclen Then, I started getting occasional cysts on my chin, so I went to ortho cyclen. This cleared me up completely for two months. I stopped taking oracea, and my skin went downhill quickly. I started getting lots of little pimples al
  8. I posted about this a while ago, but it's still bugging me. Does anyone else have relatively clear skin when they're not taking birth control, but then IMMEDIATELY break out on the pill? I broke out moderately on both Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo and Ortho Tri Cyclen and SEVERELY on Loestrin 24 fe, which I'm on right now. I've been taking it for 4 or 5 months and have been taking Spiro for the past month with only mild improvements so far. From my research, I've learned that Loestrin is very androgenic,
  9. 11/11/15 My face is getting better little by little. I made the terrible mistake of picking at my pimples and scars a few days ago, and it has made huge and noticeable scabs on my cheek and chin. No more picking for me; this girl learned her lesson. My breakouts have not been as frequent as they were before, and I am not in nearly as much discomfort as I have been. I did have a noticeable breakout along my jawline several days ago. I had about 8 pimples that popped up along my lower jawline, whi
  10. 10/01/2015 I started with my ziana gel last night before bed. I noticed that the gel was really sticky and it made it hard to spread all over my face. I probably ended up using more than the “pea size” amount recommended to make sure I applied some to my whole face. The next morning, my face looked okay. It was a little oilier that normal, and I noticed a few more little acne spots that popped up overnight, but I actually noticed some of the large, painful, deep “under the skin” cysts had reduce
  11. I was on Seasonale for years, but suffered from acne around my mouth and jaw line which no medication would clear. After much research I found out that this acne was hormonal and was likely caused by an excess of androgen. Seasonale is very androgenic so I switched to Ortho Tri Cyclen which is very low in androgenic activity. I just finished my third pack and my face is finally almost 100% clear!!!! However, all 3 of my periods on OTC have been very heavy. For my entire life my periods
  12. I am in the first week of my fourth month on Ortho Tri cyclen bcp. My skin has never done this before: I now am covered in post acne red marks. Where once a pimple was I am now left with red marks almost 3 months later. WHY I am struggling a lot I am not sure what to do anymore
  13. Okay, so I went on TriNessa (a generic version of ortho-tri-cylen) about 5 months ago, it cleared up my mild hormonal cysts right away and I continued using it without any problems and hardly any breakouts. I went out of town near the end of one of my packs, and ended up forgetting to call in a scrip for my new pack before I left. When I realized what I had done, I called to try and get my scrip filled out of town, only to find out I had no refills yet. Long story short, it was about 5-6 days w
  14. Just went to my doctors for the treatment of my hormonal acne. I ONLY breakout when my period is nearing .Usually, the first 2 weeks before my actual cyle my skin normally goes pretty crazy. (1-4 big, inflamed, under the surface, kind of acne breakout) The breakouts are ONLY on my chin, seriously, the rest of my face in entirely clear. My doctor said that my acne was not severe enough for spiro, and also that my blood pressure was already pretty low and that taking spiro could cause it to dro
  15. 11/4/15 Things are about the same for me this week. I went 2 days without any new pimples forming. I guess that’s progress. I have broken out again on my cheeks. The pimples are not as deep or big as they have been and came to a head in less than a day, but they are very painful and it is very difficult for me not to try and pop them or pick at them. Maybe it is itching and uncomfortable because it is healing? Besides that, I am flaking a little more than usual…probably due to the colder weather
  16. 10/14/2015 It got even worse. At its worse, I had 7 or 8 under the skin cysts and about 25 red, inflamed pimples. It was incredibly painful, embarrassing, and uncomfortable. At this point, I hated ziana, a lot. Fortunately, it did not last more than 2 days and then began to clear up. This morning, I only have a couple of cysts on my cheeks that have greatly reduced in size, and about 15 active pimples that are getting better, slowly. My face is still worse than it was before I started ziana, but
  17. For more background on why I'm no longer on Accutane, check out my profile or first blog post "No Longer on Accutane. Started a New Regimen." The Reason for My Current Regimen (How it Works): To control an excess amount of Testosterone from being absorbed into the blood (on a regular basis) but also during that time of the month, she has prescribed Spironolactone. I took 1 pill (25 mg) for 3 days & then 2 pills for 3 days for my body to get used to it. I will now stay at 3 pills each d
  18. I've been on 50mg of Spiro for 4 days now. So far, I haven't noticed any difference, but I have been on it once before so I know I will start to see a decrease in oil production very soon. Because it is dangerous to get pregnant on Spiro, my derm is making me get back on birth control. She started me on TriNessa because my insurance won't cover regular Ortho. Anyone have any experience with this? I've been reading up online and the consensus doesn't seem to be too promising...
  19. From the album: ortho tri cyclen

    First week of third pack of orth tri cyclen. Before this pill, I had VERY mild acne. It seems to have gotten worse on ortho. This is one of the worst breakouts I've had
  20. Hey guys. So I've been on ortho tri cyclen birth control pills for almost 4 years now. It's worked well for me up until last year really. Over the last maybe year and a half I've been getting cystic acne on the sides of my chin. Before BC I always had acne but it was more spread all over the face and not these super deep cysts that hurt like a mother and look like an active volcano on my face. I initially would get one every could months really and the rest of my face remained relatively cl
  21. Hello everyone, New to this site, but hoping someone out there might be able to give some advice! I'm 29, and I've suffered from bad acne since I can remember. I went on Ortho Tri-Cyclen and it cleared up beautifully. I started breaking out again at 26, and my dermatologist in San Francisco prescribed Spiro on top of the OTC. I'm not a fan of drugs in general, but Spiro has been such a miracle drug for me. My skin is clearer than it's ever been, and the diuretic component helped me shed the
  22. 11/25/15 Well, the Bactrim is making me really sick. I have stayed dizzy and nauseated since I started taking this. It is not fun. I’m continuing to break out like I usually do, but it seems that some of the inflammation on my cheeks is down but that might just be wishful thinking. I’m depressed. I cry when I look at myself in the mirror. I don’t want to go out or be around people. I don’t want my boyfriend to touch my face or kiss me. It’s taking an emotional toll on me at this point. I just
  23. Ok so I switched from the birth control lo loestrin fe to ortho tri cyclen, I have been on ortho for 11 days. Initially I saw a decrease in the size and number of closed comedones on my forehead, I also did not get a large inital breakout like I expected to. About three days ago I noticed the inflammation of the CCs coming back and some of them have turned in to large pimples. Where I had 0 pimples last week now I have 6. Is this breakout still me adjusting to the medicine? Should I stick wi
  24. I'm one week into using Ortho Tri Cyclen and I've been getting lots of cystic acne on my jawline (obviously hormonal). Since I use Epiduo, it's been sort of controlled and such and I know it's probably because of the huge hormonal change. But anyways, I just wanted to see if anyone else who has taken OTC had an IB and then cleared up after 2-3 packs. I really don't want to switch BCP because I had a bad experience freshman year using one that didn't agree with me and aside from the break out, th
  25. So I am on my 5th month of (Norgestimate-ETH Estradiol Tab) GENERIC for Ortho Tri Cyclen...and I am STILL having breakouts! My skin was mild before I started this stuff, then BAM I get moderate and painful flare-ups along my jawline and chin. Even occasionally the cheek area. I will occasionally experience "decent skin days" but still nothing like it was half a year ago. They start off as tiny, flesh colored bumps, then they become hard and infected, inflamed and red. I have yet to find a