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Found 19 results

  1. Today is the day. At 10:00pm (Mtn time) I will be taking my FIRST Ortho Lo pill and let me tell you...I AM SOOO SCARED! What if I... Breakout? Gain weight? ETC... I guess it's just a chance I have to take it. I have no choice but to do this. I just hope my body responds well to it and doesn't panic...
  2. So. For 9 months I have been on LOSEASONIQUE. Third pack. Two weeks into it...MY SKIN FREAKED OUT!!! Acne kept popping up. Leaving scars. INDENTED ONES. I was panicked for I didn't want it to get WORSE. Went to the doc. She told me to try Ortho Lo. Not too high in hormones and suppose to help with acne. Now, that I have 10 days left 'til I start I am getting worried... So many reported breaking out like crazy. Gaining weight! Ugh. I am so afraid to take a new BC. The only major
  3. So, 2 pimples I had by my nose: Gone 1 I had by my nostril: Going away... 3 i had in a nice diagonal line on my cheek: one is leaving a scar I think. One still is a bump. The other is flat and going away. And now there are two new bumps coming in! YAY!!!! : | Not. Ugh...it's depressing me. Sighs...I just hope they don't get big and red like the rest. :\ UGH! I still just want to rip off my face...
  4. Hey guys! Sooo I've been on Sronyx (which I believe is basically Alesse) for 3 months now. It hasn't wreaked havoc on my skin, but it hasn't been helping it either. It's hard to say. I've been seriously considering switching birth control, especially because I'm afraid of the higher androgen levels affecting me. I've read so many mixed reviews on BCP, but would a switch to Ortho Tri Cyclen-Lo maybe help? I have no idea where to go from here.
  5. So I started on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo a couple of days ago. I have bad acne and I have since the 6th grade. Currently, I am a sophomore in high school. I have tried everything and saw no results at all. My acne is hormonal. My doctor then put me on birth control. The side effects have kicked in, where I do feel nauseous. Not fun at all! I just wanted to know is there really any improvement especially to face and body acne? How long does it take? Thanks!
  6. I don't know if anything has happened. I do feel really tired...I don't know if it's bc of the BC or what... :\
  7. So far nothing has happened. But I have only taken two pills. :\ When I do take the BC I take Aleve with it to stop inflamation or at least prevent some of it. In other news, I don't if it was bc of the BC, but I had an old cyst that has been under my skin since JUNE that is gone...I got a new pimple/cyst thing on it. I used baking soda on it and it came to a head. I didn't pop it. Now I cannot feel the hardness that use to be under my skin and the pimple is almost gone...Would the Ortho
  8. So, The old pimples I had gotten while on the BC are going away and no new ones are popping up. Yet... Those new ones that were coming up and were just skin colored bumps have been stopped by using BP (Clean and Clear Persa Gel) It's going good right now. I'm glad. While on my period, I had slight cramps and not that bad of a flow. I am pleased. WOOT! No spotting. No weight gain! Awesome!
  9. So I've been on Spiro for 7 and a half weeks now. I started at 25 mg for the first near three weeks and then was at 50 mg the remainder. I saw my derm after the 2-3 weeks of being on 25mg and she was ecstatic. She said everything was already looking so much better and she seemed very genuinely happy for me. The oil production on my face slowed down SO dramatically. So at that time, she upped my dose to 50 mg. Meanwhile, I went to an internist and got prescribed Ortho Lo. I really wanted to be on
  10. It def broke me out. I have gotten...maybe 6 zits in the past two weeks. I blame the BC. Sighs. I don't see an improvement in my skin... BUT I am not spotting. Not gaining weight that i noticed. I don't have terrible cravings...i mean I do crave things but that's just because I use to be pudgy and dieted... I had to kick out foods from my life and now I crave them Anywho, I use to spot a lot on my old BC all throughout it. I hope this bc doesn't make me do that. Peace
  11. So I just woke up a few hours ago I looked at myself in the mirror and I was a huge oily mess. My dermatologist said I have moderate to severe acne but I think I'm leaning more on the severe side. I currently have a mostly clear forehead just one or two scars. My unibrow has two dark cystic acne scars and one juicy,bumpy cycstic pimple. (Its so attractive) I have a have centimeter scar on the point of my nose. My left cheek has to many cystic acne I honestly can count how many there are plus sca
  12. Hi! I'm Shay & I used to blog on here back when I suffered with awful, hormonal, cystic acne (that left me with tons of scars). I do not suffer with acne anymore (I get the occasional small zit but it's no big deal) but I still have the scars - especially on my cheek areas. I'm hoping to share some knowledge, or even just support, for those needing it. I KNOW how horrible it is to go through this. I remember spending most of my free time on acne.org either blogging or desperately sea
  13. Hi everyone! I've been a lurker of these boards on and off over the years looking for help (and encouragement) at various points on my acne rollercoaster ride. This is my first time posting on these boards and reaching out directly for help. My skin has never looked worse in my 10 year battle with acne. I suspect that stress is a MAJOR trigger for me because the worst of my flare-ups occur during periods of transition or change in my life (going to college, graduating college, starting a new j
  14. Hi, I have a question that is really important. I am financially not doing great. I am getting bad cystic acne. I need to try Ortho Tri- Cyclen lo after much research. Insurance doesn't cover the brand name, only generic. I can't tolerate the generics, I have tried. Anyway, what I am wondering is....I have seen a lot of people on here saying they received BC pills from Planned Parenthood for FREE, not only for FREE but like a year's worth. I called and I am not getting that at all. They said i
  15. Ok I started to use Epiduo gel and I already have a big underneath pimple it's not cystic because its raised and you can pop it and it hurts so much. And tonight was my first night using clindamycin pledgets and needles to say I really hope I don't have to take the antibiotic (which my insurance isn't sure they want to cover) because of all the reviews I hear about it and its freaking me out about the breaking out after getting off the pill. I'm on bcp. Ortho tri cyclen lo and its helped my acne
  16. sooooooo, i havent been on much...since my stupid effing keyboard broke... I am using the on screen one WHICH SUCKS. UGH.... Everything started to suck this week. NOt just because of the BC though... But my face did really depress me... but, i stopped breaking out! my last placebo pill is today! ONly side effect I got was the breaking out...well at least so far. The flow isn't bad...it's very normal and only lasted 4 days!
  17. Well, still getting pimples. One will come up. As soon as that one starts going away...ANOTHER ONE POPS UP!!! : | Kinda gets annoying yo... :\ It's mostly on the right side of my face... sighs. It's a never ending battle. GAH! CURSE YOU MISTER ACNE! Anywhos, no spotting! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD WHICH MAKES ME EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! EX TO THE TREMELY! :DI am soooo use to spotting for just about 2 months. Loseasonique was LAME. Thanks Loseasonique... it also caused some cramps for me...so we'll see when
  18. (I hope this is in the right section) Anyway, as the title would suggest, I'm on ortho tri cyclen lo, aka birth control. I'm on my second pack, so my fifth week using it. My skin hasn't gotten any better, and honestly may be getting worse, as I'm getting acne in places I don't get it in (around mouth, jawline) so it's kind of worrying me. Also though I did get a few cysts here and there, the ones I'm getting now are out of control. Could this just be an initial breakout? I've heard that could
  19. A little more than a year ago I was prescribed Spironolactone for cystic acne. I had it very deep around my chin and mouth. Before, I of course had very oily skin. It was basically uncontrollable. I had tried a few things for it, but my derm basically jumped straight to the Spiro. A couple months before, I was also put on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. I had a good year with this combo. I literally don't have any acne left, but there is a huge problem, my hair is literally just falling out. I have never e