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Found 16 results

  1. Hi there. I just started Sprintec birth control (generic of ortho cyclen) about 2 weeks ago. Also, I've been using epiduo for a little over two months now. I am a teenage girl with mild to moderate acne on my chin, middle checks, and a spot or two on my forehead. I used epiduo last year and cleared in 3 months (along with doxy) but became resistant and took a 5 month break. Now I'm still experiencing breakouts and not seeing much improvement in my skin. Birth control was my last hope because I d
  2. taylorswiftlover123

    Birth Control Help

    Hello there. I have been on generic ortho tri cyclen for over a year, and last Aug, it started to give me occasional cystic chin again. I switched to Ortho-cyclen in October, and between October and January I didn't break out at all. At this time I was also using Duac, Retina Micro, and Oracea. In January, I stopped Oracea and began to break out. My derm wants to switch my birth control to Estrostep or Ortho Tri-Cyclen(brand name). Any thoughts on what I should do? I am also taking solodyn.
  3. Krissy990

    Ortho Cyclen Log

    Hello All! Like all of you I am on a quest to clear my skin and bring my body to some form of hormonal balance. A little about my acne i actually never had acne issue until I went on another bcp (for PCOS and irregular cycles) called Lutera. I was on that for 2 months or so and came off of it because I was getting really weird side effects like night sweats, nausea and mild acne of course. When I came off of it all hell broke loose and I started experiencing hot flashes, more acne, extremely
  4. cloudydreamer

    Day 6 [Depressed]

    Today sucked for a lot of reasons. I've been having a ton of stress from moving soon and not sleeping well and I'm sure that did nothing to help my face. The Neutrogena cleanser is necessary to prevent worse acne, but I'm just so dry...and it's making me way more oily than I ever was, plus cold weather isn't helping. I haven't looked this bad in at least 2 months. I feel beyond down. I never had this awful cheek acne until I began Spiro and it still hasn't subsided. It's like almost all the cc
  5. ANY EXPERIENCE WITH ANY OF THESE? Ortho cyclen or sprintec(the generic) ? Or any birth control for acne for that matter! I'm 17 and starting sprintec next month and want to know what to expect! Thanks(:
  6. Hey everyone, I've been getting horrible cysts and nodules every month before my period. I've been on Ortho Tri-Cyclen for a few years now, at least three, and I'm finally fed up with my intense breakouts before my period every month. I've read that being on a monophasic pill, i.e. Ortho Cyclen can really help. So I've made the switch to Sprintec, the generic of Ortho Cyclen. I've read a ton of horror stories. I did well on Yaz but was nervous about blood clots so I switched. I was o
  7. Hey guys, I need some help here..I have a few questions. I was on Alesse for 4 years when I was switched to Seasonale in Jan 2013- my acne never got any worse when the switch was made, but never got better either. I was dealing with super oily skin and clogged pores. I did start noticing some back breakouts and chest breakouts around May-June. After reading the high androgenic acitivty in these birth controls could be causing the excessive oily skin and breakouts- I switched to Ortho Cyc
  8. sosickofzitz

    Ortho Cyclen experiences?

    Hey ladies! I've been trolling around looking for everyone's experiences on the birth control pill ortho cyclen. i just switched over to this pill from loestrin. did it help your skin? did you have an initial breakout? any other symptoms? anything you can share would be great!
  9. Looking for advice from anyone who might understand which hormone is most likely to relate to overly oily skin and clogged pores! Tonight is the night I'm going to be starting the Ortho Cyclen! I'm doing some research on which hormone relates to overly oily skin and clogging- and I keep coming across Estrogen dominance. How people with too much bad estrogen will see in increase in sebum and therefore skin issues. Is it possible at all that the increase in estrogen from the Alesse(0.2) and Season
  10. bunnybunny

    Ortho Cyclen + spiro

    At 24 I am not new to adult hormonal acne but after starting hormonal birth control about 6 weeks ago I am having the worst hormonal breakout of my life. I started taking Lo Loestrin FE and switched to Ortho Cyclen after 1 pack because I was getting so many cysts on my jawline. I am almost at the end of my second week on Ortho Cyclen and am still breaking out daily. My derm has started me on spiro - I am taking 75 mg daily (started 4 days ago) - and I am also taking 100mg doxycycline since 6 day
  11. This is my fourth month of being on OTC lo and it is helping, but only a little bit, and mainly at the end of the pack, when I am on the highest level of hormones. I am considering switching to Ortho Cyclen because it has that level of hormones consistently throughout the pack. it also has 35 mcg of estrogen as opposed to ortho tri cyclen lo, which has 25 mcg. I am considering switching but I am scared that switching will bring my acne back from the minor improvement it made AND I am worried abo
  12. CS99

    Birth Control Questions

    Hi! I am nearing the end of pack 2 of ortho cyclen and while I know I need to give it at least three months, I'm getting a little annoyed at my progress (Got an annoying ovulation breakout) So my questions are 1) I noticed that although I am still getting new blemishes, my skin is a lot drier. Does this indicate that it will work? Did anyone else see a reduction in oil before they started to clear? 2) How many months do you stay on a bc pill to give it a chance but not waste too much time?
  13. taylorswiftlover123

    Long Term Retin A And Duac?

    Hello all- Please help. So I have been using Duac(Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin) and Retin a .04% for atleast over a year. That paired with Oracea(doxycycline 40 mg) and birth control (Ortho Cyclen) kept me clear for a very long time. I stopped taking my Oracea for 2 weeks, and my skin went crazy. I broke out on my chin with a cyst and some smaller ones. I started taking the medicine again, and it has been five weeks. I guess it is getting better, but I am still breaking out, especially o
  14. Krissy990

    3 months on Ortho

    Hi all, I need either support or words of encouragement because seriously idk anymore. I'm nearing the end of the 3rd pack with ortho cyclen and idk if it's helping or hindering at this point. I had no initial break out (thank the lord) and my face was getting better. My body acne cleared up. Now ending my 3rd pack and some of my acne has returned and my face is becoming more and more congested. Granted I haven't been experiencing cystic acne since starting (plus!). Also the new pimples I
  15. cloudydreamer

    Day 4

    I took my 4th pill today. The closed comedone rash I had on my inner right cheek from Spiro is now more prominent and pinkish...it's purging, I guess. Some were inflamed near my ear/outer cheek the other day and cleared, now it's slowly moving inward. Depressing, but there is nothing I can do. I'll pay close attention to how my skin progresses to make sure no actual brand new spots are forming from Sprintec. I'm going to use Bentonite clay and hopefully these inflamed cc's will be calmed down by
  16. I recently started Sprintec 2 weeks & 3 days ago. I was prescribed this for my PCOS and my acne. I have had hormonal cystic acne since I was 15, now being 17. My skin wasn't clear before I started the Sprintec, but there wasn't much acne either. It was mainly scars and redness which doesn't bother me as much. It didn't break out as bad as I'm seeing it now though. It was always like 2-3 cysts. Ever since I started the Sprintec, , my face is breaking out instead. They are hard, red cysts all