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Found 46 results

  1. yechani

    Day 1~2

    I decided to document my 6 months journey on Oratane (isotretinoin) and I just this website so I decided it'll be done here! I'm 21 years old and I had acne ever since I reached puberty so it's like since ever! Honestly my acne was never so bad. I had the normal few on my face, but it was when I was in the 8th grade when I had a horrible breakout on my arms, they were tiny pimples and there was at least a couple hundred of them on each arm, they were so small and harmless I thought they'd go
  2. I almost forgot to post this, but then I remembered, TWO MONTHS! YAY!!! So, two months on Roaccutane. Hopefully it's going to be uphill from here on out. You'd be surprised to know that I finally got my script sent out, but it's the WRONG DAMN SCRIPT. So it will probably be another 6-10 years before the correct one will arrive. So, I'm still on 60mg. My skin isn't looking too bad at the moment. It is definitely smoother, for sure. I'm very, very dry all over my body though. My arms, my
  3. SIXSIXSIXSIXSIXSIX. Okay, okay. So currently on 60mg a day. I was meant to be bumped up 10mg but my derms handwriting is so illegible that the script got lost in the mail. What is with health specialist and their crappy handwriting? Hello, I'm paying you $145 a visit, can you at least make it possible for a piece of paper to get to me? Anyway, my skin's kind of meh. I've had about 5 breakouts come up this week, and all of the have been on the right side of my face. It sucks. My lips have be
  4. Do you remember that course on Mario Kart called "Wario Stadium" where all throughout the track, you were faced with massive bumps to ride over? Well that's my face. Not only are there bumps everywhere, but if they were just the slightest bit bigger, I swear a car actually could drive over them. So week two on Oratane/Roaccutane. Probably one of the hardest weeks with my skin I've had to face in a long time. I'm guessing week three with be much of the same. In my last post, I asked whether p
  5. Hey guys, So I finished a 6 month course of Oratane/Accutane in November last year & now on my 5th month post course I have started getting pimples again. Needless to say, I am SO. GUTTED!!!! I started a new job this week & what is most probably due to the stress of the change I have broken out crazy I have gone from having almost perfect skin since I finished the oratane to having like 15 pimples on my face in the space of the week. Does anyone else have any experienc
  6. Hey guys!! Haven't done an update in a couple of months, so I thought I better let you all know how things are going! So I have been on Oratane (Accutane) for 5 & a half months (25 weeks, 172 days) now and I had a dermatologist appointment last week. He told me that once I have completed the rest of my pack that I have left - I'm done!! Only 8 more pills left! So that's 6 months, 3 on 20mg & 3 on 10mg. & I couldn't be more happier to be back to normal!! He told me if I wa
  7. Hi! So I finished a full Accutane (Oratane) course about a month back with a cumulative dosage of around 6000mg. Skin was great, zero oil, flawless. However, the day after I took my last pill, I noticed the oil returning almost IMMEDIATELY and 5 days later, became significantly oily mostly on my T-zone. Talked to my derm, and he prescribed me 0.025% tretinoin cream (Retacnyl). Have been trying it out for a month and it has not helped with the oiliness at all. I also have an increase in blackhead
  8. I'm sure you guys probably see these posts all the time but I felt that I needed somebody else's opinion on my personal situation. So recently my dermatologist prescribed me oratane to treat my acne. He explained to me about the common side effects briefly and the ways in which I need to take care of my skin during the course. I happily agreed at the time but it wasn't until I got home and began to do some research online when I began having some second thoughts about it. I have read how the
  9. Hi I'm Lex and I have been taking Accutane for 2 Months now. My acne has been controlled from day one of the pills, it almost feels too good to be true. I haven't experienced any serious side effects such as; depression, confusion, stress or any other mental side effects, for which I am grateful. I have some tips on the less serious side effects. I have experienced dry skin, scarring, dry hair and liver discomfort, all of which I have been able to control with my routine, which is why I thought
  10. I forgot to post last week! I've been super busy, and it didn't cross my mind until just then. Any who, I FINALLY GOT THE EXTRA 10mg. It was a long and traumatic journey, but we got there in the end. So now I am currently taking 70mg per day, the set amount my derm had planned for me. It's all going pretty well. I have the occasional breakout, but otherwise it just stays calm. I feel like I've reached the stage where it's fighting the acne that I have had set for years, not just the pimples
  11. So, I've decided that I'm going to be featuring two weeks in one blog from now on. I really feel like the treatments drastic climax has reached its end, so now it's just boring. 3 months on Roaccutane! Woo hoo, halfway there! Nothing has changed really. My body acne is almost gone, I've had the odd occasional breakout, otherwise that's all fading pretty quickly. I've had a couple of breakouts under my chin, which may be because I forgot to take my make-up off the night before, but other than
  12. I am into my third month!! Wooo so happy about that. So I'll start with the good news: I am still completely clear! It almost seems years ago that I was obsessing over & so upset about my skin, & no matter the side effects I get I have to remember that it's the whole reason I'm on Oratane & it's doing what I want it to! But there are definitely side effects I'm getting. At the moment the main ones are: Eczema: It is OUT OF CONTROL!!! It's the worst it's ever been in my who
  13. Hi guys! So I am at work right now & I'm not wearing any make up! (From the photos I am obviously wearing lipstick but I mean no make up to cover my skin ie foundation or concealer!) I just wanted to share a quick update with everyone, because I'm so so excited about this! I have never come to work without make up on, even before my skin got bad. So this is an AMAZING step for me & my confidence! It's been 2 weeks since I've had even a small pimple & my face is completely cl
  14. Day 14, two weeks in woop woop. Everything is much the same. Spending most of the day trying to refresh lips. Couple of new breakouts but hopefully nearing the end of the dreaded initial breakout. I think there is some improvement but its going to take a while for these annoying red hyper pigmentation marks to go away. Pics taken on day 14
  15. Hi there, I have finally reached this stage of getting my hands on Accutane... I so want to finally begin my path to clear skin and start my life. I have such low esteem, I say no to social outings, I struggle to look people in the eye, my entire headspace is filled about thoughts of my skin. A little info about me: I'm 17 turning 18 this year, Asian, female, from Australia. My height is 168cm and I weigh 50kg or 110lb. The derm has prescribed me 10mg of Oratane 3 times a week. I eat very health
  16. The papers seem to be solid, I really don't know what to think of this? All the dermatologist seem to practice old school method, expect for the ones select ones in the US and UK. It now seems that acne scars can be prevented or treated early with safe outcomes on patients on Accutane. It make sense to prevent scars, rather than treat them in the first place? I wonder how many dermatologist and plastics actually read and follow the latest research ? I think its a controversial video as most derm
  17. Hi! 23/f here! I have been lurking on this site for months now and have gained so much insight into other people's experiences with tackling acne that I thought I would document my progress now I have been prescribed Oratane 20mg a day. I hope someone finds the information that I post useful! Bit of background: Like alot of you here I struggled with the odd pimple as a teen. Looking back I dont believe it bothered me too much as I saw having acne as a process of growing up that everyone h
  18. Alright so I went to the dermatologist today and she prescribed me a very low dose of oratane. That is 20 mg per week. So what I'm asking is, will it be as effective as taking it daily? I'm still in high school so I figured that she might've wanted to minimize the side effects of oratane. That's great, But I hate acne too so... Thanks for your time! I'm 17 by the way if that matters.
  19. Hey all you wonderful people So I have been on Oratane for the last 7 months. At month 4 I was clear till month 6. Now for some strange and mystical reason my acne has returned. Its weird acne as well, like it stays in my face for like a week before it surfaces. It’s just before it would not surface but now it does so I am curious what has changed. Because my diet has stayed the same so has my level of stress. Anybody experience anything similar? I am still on Oratane now at month 8 an
  20. ndemalmanche

    Day 16!

    Hey guys! So I just took my 16th pill! Halfway through my first month already! When you look at it like that, 6 months really isn't that long. My skin was doing really well I have only had about 5 or so new, small pimples since I started the oratane BUT this morning I woke up with one of those really sore lumpy pimples that covers like a whole half of my chin I'm so sad I hardly ever get those kind of pimples : (I'm so scared more are gonna come!! Apart from my disappointing breakout, the
  21. Finally on time for once, woo! Last weekend I went camping and my goal was to not get sun burnt... Talk about a broken promise. All weekend I wore at hat, layers and layers of sunscreen, zinc and sunglasses, yet I still managed to get out of it looking like a lobster breeding ground. Because I got so burnt, my face is now peeling like theres no tomorrow, including places like my eyelids. So rank. Sun sensitivity is my biggest problem at the moment, especially now that summer is here. My li
  22. First posts are always the scariest. It's like the before to your after, you know? So I'm sure that most of you continually scroll past hundreds of posts saying "Day 1 of my acne treatment!" Well this is another one of those. Not so much for everyone to read, I mean you're welcome to read it, but mainly for myself as I plow through (hopefully what will be the last) of my acne treatment. Okay. So first, I'll start with my past and acne. I am currently 15 years old, the prime teenage years. Mo
  23. Back story: I am a 17 year old female who has suffered from very light acne and the odd pimple since I was about 10. At the start of this year, being about 4 months ago my face has exploded with cysts, clogged pores, white head and black heads. Firstly beginning with a few on my chin then spreading to jaw, neck and check and occasionally on my fore head. It had gotten to the point where I couldn't even wear makeup and leaving the house was a nightmare! I was sexually active so I decided
  24. Hey, so I've been on 20mg of Roaccutane for nearly a week now, and I haven't really started showing any side effects. I was just wondering how long it took you all to start getting your side effects? Thanks