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Found 410 results

  1. Can Omega-3 help with acne? Did anynone get a breakout from fish oil capsules? What dosage should i take to see results?
  2. Hi Dan and everyone, First of all, Dan I commend you on your site. It's great. With so much crap and commercialism on the internet, I am thrilled to find an acne site I trust. I'm a 31-year-old caucasian woman, and I suffer from chronic cystic acne mostly on the lower part of my face but sometimes on my temples and behind my ears, too. I started breaking out in college when I was about 18 or 19. Ever since then -- for years -- I've battled acne. This is what I've tried: Chinese herbs (nope, d
  3. As of yesterday, I've begun taking 50 mg of Zinc and two 445 mg capsules of Omega-3s twice a day. Will I see some results in a few months?
  4. For those of you worried about your Omega-3 intake, here's something to ease your mind. Did you know vegetables also contains Omega-3s? Here's a short list of common vegetables and their Omega-3 : Omega-6 amounts. I'll probably update this list with more foods. Most people say strive for a ratio of 1:2 Omega-3s to Omega-6s, but anywhere from 1:1 to 1:4 is generally acceptable. All Omega-3/6 amounts are in Milligrams (mg) and a serving size of 1 cup. Omega-3 : Omega-6 Left side : Right side
  5. http://ezinearticles.com/?Omega-3-Suppleme...&id=5510105 I stopped taking omega 3's because well, it didn't "cure my acne," being silly and naive, just thought it wasn't working. But now I know that not getting enough vitamins and minerals from diet, and the right fat balance (too much bad bad fats, and bad bad hormones injected from cows and other meats). Oil, is not a natural substance when you think about it, it's man manipulated! But not all oils are evil coconut and olive oil are go
  6. The cure is in your diet, to cure your acne you need to change it completely to the diet of those that existed before agricultural practices began, if you look back in history how come there aren't any people with acne? obesity? Any chronic or degenerative disease? I have the answer it's called the paleo diet. If your interested in learning about the diet message me, or there's google. I have beeen paleoing for a very long time and I don't have to worry about pimples anymore I used to have sever
  7. Hi guys! My skin is quite sensitive and I've become a bit fed up with all the chemicals and soaps I've been using to clear up my breakouts/ As a result, I've recently started the water only regime for my skin + taking 2 omega-3 pills everyday. Is anyone else on this regime? I've been wondering if washing should be followed by a moisturiser? (e.g Neutrogena sensitive skin lotion) Or should I just stick with water only? Flaking has been an issue for me ever since I started the r
  8. Linoleic acid is a vital component in normal sebum that does what it is supposed to: Protect the skin. Skin/sebum in people (and other mammals) prone to acne and other skin problems have been found to be deficient in linoleic Acid. Sebum deficient in linoleic acid is hard and sticky and clogs pores. It looks greasy and has fewer protective and anti-inflammatory properties. Key points: Acne and other problem prone skin (in people and animals) are lacking in linoleic acid. Linoleic acid is a c
  9. http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/11246548 http://ndt.oxfordjou.../13/3/679.short http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/16188207 http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/21785178 http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14611189 http://www.ncbi.nlm..../pubmed/8480680 http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/20492236 http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/18165452 http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/16804134 http://www.ncbi.nlm....pubmed/19277245 -EVOO has a higher fat absorption rate than sunflower. Better absorption of fat-solubl
  10. Hello everybody, First, I would like to state that I am in no way affiliated to DKR or whatever. But when I like something I want to review it and to give motivation and support to you all. About me... I am 26 yo, living in France, and acne has always been a burden for me. It started at 15 yo, getting quickly nodular cystic acne, and my whole face was covered. I did not care at this time. I was enjoying myself, blowing the zits, and everything. My mother brought me to a derm in order to ge
  11. Hi, it's me again Since my last post here, I've been trying a few things. Here is a short list with everything I have tried (nutrition wise) so far: Strict low carb for three months, vegetarian, vegan with only whole wheat. Avoiding milk/cheese/dairy, avoiding oranges, avoiding fruits altogether, no added sugar, no fruit juices. Drinking lots of tea, changing the pillow/towel on it every day. Not masturbating for three weeks. Drinking only water. Changing cooking oils to more saturated or
  12. Hey all. I've been on this forum for a long time, and have read alot of the information about low gi diet, lectins, sleep, etc etc. I have been extremely strict about my diet for the past year now with a month of slip up in between when I had to have surgery after my appendix ruptured. My acne has been mildly under control, but I just can't get past about 85% clear no matter what I try. When I went to China this summer, I repeatedly had food allergy problems, so I started to break out big time
  13. Hi, i have mild acne, well not really acne, i have LOTS of clogged pores.. i would say about 70-80% of my face is clogged, i tried almost every product and even visited a dermatolagist who put me on anti biotic pills and trecteinal cream. It took about 3 weeks to see improvement, but i quit going because it wasn't worth the trip, so i began using apricot scrub from St.Ives, WORST IDEA EVER!!!! I was close to flawless skin till i used this, this is where my whole entire face became clogged..
  14. I've been asking my mom for awhile to buy me fish oil but for some reason, she seems hesitant to buy me some. So, instead, she bought me Barlean's Organic Oils Essential Woman capsules. She only lets me take one a day (the recommended amount is 3-9 per day) because these capsules are meant for women ages 18+ and I think she's afraid I'll have some weird reaction to it since I'm still underage. I've been taking it for 3 days so far and I haven't seen much improvement, but I'm still going to take
  15. I just had a hunch that I am lacking Omega 6 fatty acids, so I started taking Evening Primrose Oil (3-4 g/day). I think it's going to improve my skin as well as my overall health. One article that is interesting on this topic: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/185294.php Lack Of Omega-6 Fatty Acid Linked To Severe Dermatitis Main Category: Dermatology Also Included In: Nutrition / Diet; Genetics Article Date: 14 Apr 2010 - 1:00 PDT University of Illinois scientists have learned that
  16. I am 21 years old. I took Accutane for approximately 4 months from January to May (40mg for 1st month & 60mg for the rest) and decided to stop due to the onset of hair loss and dry eye symptoms that came about suddenly. I do wear contact lenses. I was diagnosed with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction from an ophthalmologist, on top of having inadequate tear production. I had no dry eye symptoms before taking Accutane. I am currently and have been ,since the beginning of May, experiencing the f
  17. Has anyone noticed this effect? Since I added in supplements my skin seems to have gotten more oily, and the worst of it happens when I intermittently take fish oil pills.
  18. So I added Flaxseed and Almonds to my diet recently. I needed to gain some weight so I thought fats such as almonds would be a healthy and tasty method. But looking at almonds, it has about 3400 mg of Omega 6 and like no omega-3 (per ounce) So, I also found flaxseeds which contains about 6500mg omega 3 and 1650 mg of omega 6. So i decided I would eat about a 1:1 ratio of Almonds to Flaxseeds. And I am wondering how much I can eat, like aslong as I keep it a 1:1 ratio, would I be able to eat as m
  19. so I just finished accutane (2nd course) and this time im using retin-a as a maintenance product+to help red marks. I've also tried bio-oil for a month and it has not broke me out so I will continue to use it. My question: What are all the other little things I can do to help me fade my marks? Drink lots of water? Omega-3s etc. I really want to try hard to make it work this time.
  20. I haven't been on this forum in a while, mainly because my skin is totally clear and my health is really good so I don't need to do much research on it anymore. But I notice that there are still a lot of people struggling here, so I'm going to create this cheat sheet below on how to really get clear skin: The Clear Skin Cheat Sheet Theory: Cavemen, humans living in their natural environment did not have acne. Mimic the natural environment of your ancestors and you will not have acne either.
  21. Okay. Soooooo.... I’ve been hearing that the first month will be tough. I received a message saying "try to keep your head up during your first month...†--So what should I expect? --What side affects did you all go through? --What did you do to control it? --Did you have any mood swings? I’m currently taking 40mg once a day. .............................................................. Morning Regimen:[/u] Wash Face w/ Cetaphil Neutrogena SPF 75 Moisturize w/ Origins Plantidote Mega M
  22. Hi all I'm 99% clear now after eating properly for two months.. anyone who tells you food is not related to acne is out of their mind. I thought I'd come back and post because this diet forum has helped immensely. I've tried pretty much every OTC product out there including Dan's products (the BP does work but takes serious discipline and wastes a lot of time -- I was getting sick of it bleaching my clothes though and if I missed a dose I would breakout the next day) Also I spent thousands o
  23. kucan

    My regimen

    Greetings... Fortunately I don't break out anymore. I still do have red marks and my skin just doesn't look nice. Here is my regimen to try and make my skin look like a babies : I swim everyday for 3 hours. After I swim I take a shower, and that is the only two times where my face makes contact with any water. No chemicals, No moisturizers, nothing.. I was never into those peels, cleansers, w/e; I never believed they would really help. I am also going to steam my face 3x a week for 10 mi
  24. Arrggh.. Fuck. First of all I want to apologize my english. Okay, well I have had acne for about 4 years now. I'm too lazy to tell every little detail of my journey. but I've seen it all from super acne with gigantic pimples covering the whole face to milder acne blablablabla. At the moment I'm taking antibiotics (tetralysal) couple times a week (slowly trying to change it to natural products, b-vitamin, lactoferrin, zinc, omega-3, etc.) and using Avicid 0,025% cream (changing it to Clindoxyl).
  25. I take 3 softgels a day of 1000 mg fish oil, which is an omega-3. Should I be taking an omega-6 supplement, like evening primrose oil, to balance it out? I don't know what the proper balance would be. I've heard that an imbalance can promote inflammation, which causes skin cells to clump together and jam pores. I also know that it's more important to take omega-3s because they're anti-inflammatory. So, I don't know if I should be taking evening primrose oil with my fish oil. I don't know i